Graduate Testimonials

Copywriting Essentials

“I absolutely LOVED Copywriting Essentials. I couldn’t wait each Monday for the next module to be released. I particularly love Bernadette’s teaching style. Thanks again, it is great to be part of your writing community.”

Megan Slattery

“I especially enjoyed the section on SEO and I think it will prove to be particularly useful in my small business. Bernadette has a pleasant speaking voice. I’d highly recommend it. Thank you Australian Writers’ Centre!”

Sue Springford

“I enjoyed the structure and content. Bernadette was excellent. You should just do it!”

Gemma King

“I enjoyed being able to do the course when it suited me. I liked Bernadette – she seemed friendly and knowledgeable on the subject, and always gave extensive feedback. The courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre offer a good platform and knowledge base to get you started on you career as a writer.”

Toni Krasicki

“I loved how I could download the audio and listen to the course while I was walking along the beach. It helped me kill two birds with one stone, exercise and study! I found Bernadette to be highly knowledgeable and I enjoyed her sense of humour. I also enjoyed her honest and supportive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course material was well laid out and easy to navigate through. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not sure you are supposed to have fun while learning but I did and gained useful newfound knowledge in the process. I would say it is definitely worth it. You will learn something new.”

Fiona Reading

“What I enjoyed most about the course was the challenge posed by each of the homework assignments. These increased in length and complexity over the five weeks, so that by the end of the course we had all the tools we needed to write a complete advertisement. Bernadette came across as very passionate and knowledgeable. Her friendly, conversational tone and personal anecdotes not only made the tutorials easy to listen to, but enjoyable as well, and she went out of her way to ensure that each participant received personalised feedback for every assignment. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about copywriting. Having studied writing at university and online through the Australian Writers’ Centre, I believe AWC courses are the best way to go for anyone who is serious about their writing career. Since no grades are given, the atmosphere is less rigid, allowing for greater creative freedom. I felt less pressured to “get it right” than I did when I knew my degree was depending on it. Completing this course gave me the courage to start my own blog, which is something I had always wanted to do, but put off due to lack of confidence. Now, after two weeks, I have more followers than posts! Bernadette’s insistence on being proactive also convinced me to start sending out pitches. I have already had one success in this area after a prominent international website agreed to publish my piece. I can’t thank you all enough!”

Samara Rowling

“Right from the start Bernadette encouraged us to have fun with with the course and that’s exactly what it felt like – fun. I most enjoyed being able to let the creative juices flow around the structure that Bernadette provided. Bernadette was a fantastic tutor. She clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was extremely open to sharing that with the group. Her audio feedback made it feel very personalised and warm. She provided a professional yet relaxed approach which made it very easy to participate in the course. She continually encouraged us throughout the course and always gave constructive feedback. She is also the first tutor that has made me feel like learning something new – that could lead to something more in my career, was truly possible and achievable. She has inspired me to pursue copywriting. The process to enrol and get started in the course was clear and easy to follow – I think AWC does that very well. It felt quite personalised which is more than I expect from an online course. Bernadette was inspiring as a tutor. I think overall we were provided with a safe and supportive learning environment. Thank you. Worth doing, you cannot lose and you’ll learn more than you think possible – just give it a go!”

Kerry Pickles

“It was practical, to the point and very relevant. Bernadette presented the course in a very professional and very informative manner. She provided a lot of industry experience and knowledge. The whole course was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me. The industry experience made this course more realistic and the tips provided along the way we’re very helpful. Do any course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. They are all fabulous and you will get a lot out of them.”

Vesna Pinchen

“The structure was paced in a way that made it much less ‘hard work’ than other courses I’ve done. The mystery around copywriting was also removed. I found it easy and pleasurable to do the course. I really looked forward to each module. I loved Bernadette’s easy, stress-free manner. I felt encouraged all the way, even when I submitted a poor assignment. Perhaps that’s when you learn the most! Anyway, I do appreciate her kindness and tolerance for dummies! It was a ‘fundamentals’ course, but exceeded that expectation, taking things further. Copywriting Essentials at AWC is the best online copywriting course that I have ever done, and highly recommend it. Thanks again to Bernadette for giving me the knowledge and confidence to step forward and start to think seriously about a career in the copywriting industry.”

Louise Bennett

“Bernadette was an engaging presenter. I particularly liked the way she presented copywriting as a very real opportunity and backed it up with some tricks of the trade. Each module was useful and practical. The course has provided great foundation for me to change my career. I didn’t have to spend too many hours per week to do course work and assignments. The online component was easy and convenient. I could fit the lessons and assignments in to my week without feeling stressed, while holding down a full-time job.”

Jody Boyle

“I like how my class had that enthusiasm for learning. I also like that the audio and presentations were able to be downloaded. I was able to sync both audio and presentations to my iPad to listen and follow on the train to work. Very convenient. Bernadette is very good at what she does. I liked her humour and her ability to explain concepts simply. The Australian Writers’ Centre’s courses will get you started in writing. They give you the confidence to take your writing to the next level. Whether you want to make writing a career or take your hobby up a couple of notches, they can help you.”

Alan Taylor

“The best thing about the course was the combination of a homework deadline but the ability to complete the module in your own time during the week. I also liked the break down, step by step of how to complete copywriting tasks for clients. Bernadette was fantastic, she made copywriting accessible to us. You must complete one of these courses if you are serious about a career in writing. As someone new to the industry, you don’t know what you don’t know. The Australian Writers’ Centre gives you the grounding and information to take your writing from novice to professional in a few weeks.”

Lisa Berson

“Thank you for all the tips, techniques and templates that I can apply straight away in my own work and business. Bernadette Schwerdt had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and I appreciated the feedback she provided on each of our assignments. The convenience of being able to fit it in when it suited my schedule and commitments was a winner for me!”

Belinda Rule

“I learned so many new skills and techniques which has changed my approach to copywriting – for the better! Bernadette was fantastic – really inspiring. I got constructive feedback from my assignments. I have done several courses with the Australian Writers’ Centre; all of them have been great but this was fantastic.“

Christina Farrington

“Bernadette Schwerdt is experienced and generous with her knowledge. she broke the copywriting process into easy, manageable chunks plus gave great templates so I can get up and running immediately.”

Sue Webster

“Learning copywriting online is easy and convenient. I could view and listen in my own time but still had the structure to complete assignments on a weekly basis.“

Nick Rhoden

”Bernadette – THANK YOU! The delivery and content of Copywriting Essentials far exceeded my expectations. I hung onto every word and will revisit the lessons to glean more from the hard work and expertise you generously shared. I’m truly grateful.”

Mae Manners

“I really enjoyed Bernadette as a presenter. She has a warm and friendly nature and was very clear in her explanations. I also thought the content was great value. Wonderful! Bernadette was clear with her explanations and her personality came through even though we we never “saw” her. I love the fact that I can log on when it suits me. I also enjoy being able to go back to certain parts of the lessons that may have been unclear and taking breaks whenever I needed. I was afraid at first that I would miss out by not being a physical classroom, but I’ve now done a few online courses and I don’t feel I’m missing out. because you get personal feedback and are able to ask questions. It was super easy, the teachers are professionals with a mountain of experience and that the course worked with my schedule which makes my life easier!”

Sandra Shakespeare

The course covered a lot but in way that made sense and was easy to understand. It’s obvious that Bernadette is experienced in copywriting. The online lessons were easy to listen to and Bernadette provided lots of hints and tips along the way. The best thing was being able to view the modules in my own time. The online system is great and easy to use. The course gave me a great overview of copywriting.”

Nikki Waterfall

“Bernadette was clear and detailed in what we needed to know. I enjoyed that we could all look at each other’s work and get the feedback for everyone, so it gave me even more insight.”

Georgia Wilksch