Graduate Testimonials

Copywriting Essentials

“Bernadette was fantastic, and her industry insight and experience really had an impact on me. I can read about ‘how to be a copywriter’ anywhere, but she gave me a sense of the reality of it. It’s really well paced. Bernadette was very fun and knowledgeable. Homework is required which really helps you embed the learnings…and also why it’s so much better than a ‘free’ copywriting course/email funnels that are out there. “

Claire Quarrell

“I thought Bernadette was very good: She combined a focussed approach with anecdotal examples and comments on her experiences. She was confident and had a congenial manner but was, importantly, very attuned to getting across what we needed to know and learn.”

Michele Dobb

“I found my writing was a little more difficult for the last module until I sat down and realised that all I needed to do was use information from other modules. Specifically, outlining the features and benefits of the product I was writing about. Once I did that, the writing came easily. So overall I think I realised that, as most things in life, having a plan and breaking down what you’re writing about before writing, is essential. I highly recommended AWC online courses as they are easy to follow and well worth the cost.”

Melissa-Jane Nguyen

“Bernadette is very engaging. Her feedback was great. Doing the course gave me confidence in my existing skills as a copywriter and enhanced them with key marketing elements in which I had no prior training. Absolutely worthwhile. A path to being a working writer. Thank you, Bernadette! You’re an incredible mentor.”

Angie Maddison

“AWC’s ease of access, professional experienced & nurturing teacher’s and wide variety of content make the daunting steps into writing an enjoyable journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of access to materials, Bernadette’s professional, honest yet nurturing manner and the overall content. I also enjoyed the creative side of copywriting and I look forward to pursuing it further.”

Nathan Bowen

“The feedback from assignments was good. Having never worked in copywriting at all before, it was good to hear if the work I was producing was correct. Bernadette was great – I especially appreciated her honest feedback.”

Caroline Burns

“The materials provided are awesome and also the tutors feedback. Bernadette was perfect. She was very objective and professional. Copywriting Essentials is a must-take course.”

Saddek Smail

“I enjoyed the eas of access for materials. Bernadette was professional, honest and yet nurturing. I like how she cuts through the fat, keeps things simple and conversational but is so meticulous with her craft. The Australian Writers’ Centre’s ease of access, professional teachers and a wide variety of content make the daunting steps into writing an enjoyable journey.”

Nathan Bowen

“Getting feedback made me do a happy dance. Bernadette was so impressive.”

Tarla Kramer

“Bernadette was great. After looking at the templates I realised I could easily write copy about anything. Australian Writers’ Centre is great. They fast track your knowledge and your career.”

Tracey Ellis

“I love the chance to focus on writing that the course gave me. Bernadette was very personable and engaging. The Australian Writers’ Centre are very well-respected and they know their sh*t.”

Lauren Oliver

“I really enjoyed Bernadette’s constructive feedback and her friendly voice. Bernadette was exceptional. The course was very practical and provided a great foundation and tips to build your copywriting skills.”

Heather Brick

“Bernadette was extremely knowledgeable and engaging in her tutorials. I always recommend the Australian Writers’ Centre courses as they are excellent and deliver what they promise.”

Cathy Camera

“The Australian Writers’ Centre has courses on all different types of writing. You could learn how to write a novel, write travel articles, learn how to set up a blog or set up your own freelance writing business. The courses are informative and manageable, even if you have a busy lifestyle. Some online courses can be done at your own pace, so there’s no excuse not to enrol!”

Shari Wittick

“This course exceeded my expectations. Even though it was an online course, it felt very personable. It felt like Bernadette was talking straight to me. The feedback was brilliant and all constructive. It was the perfect learning environment for me. Bernadette was great! So easy to listen to and understand. The feedback was great and all constructive. It really felt like she was nurturing us through the course. “Do it! Take the course. You won’t regret it at all!”

Ann-Maree Givney

“Well delivered and completely relevant content in every module. Loved the paractical tips and tricks and the homework tasks were useful for consolidating learnings from each module. Bernadette was great, really enjoyed it. This course exceeded my expectations. Great value, practical and excellent quality.”

Amanda Wiley

“I loved learning and being able to apply it to my everyday writing. I write a blog each week and just by using one of the headline formulas, my blog had loads more traffic!! Do it!! If you’re thinking about writing and making a career out of it, find a course through the AWC – this is the second one I’ve done. I’ve invested a little bit of money and time into it and now I have a new career!”

Julia Baker

I found that I really looked forward to the new week’s course work, and then submitting assignments. The weekly workload fitted nicely within my busy week. I loved Bernadette’s constructive feedback and how she framed it. I appreciated her genuine encouragement when we fulfilled the brief. Her passion for copywriting shone through.

Wendy Davidson

“I have a demanding job but making the time to do this course has been refreshing and given me the opportunity to think creatively. I particularly valued learning how to plan and take a creative brief to understand clients’ business and goals

Danielle Arabi

“Bernadette is an incredible teacher who’s able to word anything in an understandable way. The downloadable versions of the presentations have been printed out and are now stored into Module binders above my desk, and I refer to each of them often. The Creative Brief was an instant hit with my clients, and it has made my life soooooo much easier. The innumerable tricks of the trade have literally changed my life!”

“Bernadette was the PERFECT coach for me. To be honest, her knowledge and experience were of a higher quality than I thought I would be receive on an online course. Her encouragement and constructive criticism were both delivered in a way that left you feeling really good about yourself and your improved skillset.”

“When it comes to increasing your skillset, the Australian Writers’ Centre courses are second to none. If you want real value for money, then the AWC is only way to go.”

Kathryn Cason