Graduate Reviews

Copywriting Essentials

If you are interested in becoming a better writer, check out the AWC. I highly recommend doing one of their courses. It helped me immensely.

Vicki Crossley

“I have undertaken a range of courses through the Australian Writers’ Centre and each course connects you with an absolute expert in their particular field and provides you with theory and just as importantly practical application of the subject material. Immensely valuable knowledge and exercises.”

Virginia Klemt

“Absolutely loved the course. Professional, practical, well thought out and organised. Loved Bernadette’s recordings, helpful advice, handy hints and transfer of her wealth of knowledge in an accessible way.”

Virginia Klemt

This is a great introductory course that gives you confidence to apply practical copywriting skills to any area of advertising or marketing. It has helped me stop second guessing myself and write succinct copy that sells.

Liz Hannaway

The SEO component was particularly useful. I’m putting it to work already. The feedback from Bernadette was enormously helpful, very generous and comprehensive.

Alison Hill

The course got me very excited about the potential for copy writing, which for the most part I’d began to think was a dying art. Bernadette’s tuition was insightful, perceptive, intelligent and honest- a testament to her experience and passion in the craft of copy writing.

Penny McKee

I love writing and this course was another stepping stone in my writing journey. I wasn’t expecting to learn so many practical skills in such a short amount of time. I go through many periods of self doubt; the weekly feedback helped me stay on track and was validation that there is a writer in me somewhere!

Celia Drummond

Every course I have done with AWC has been of the highest quality. No time is wasted, and you have the amazing ability to cut through to exactly what is needed. This means that they are always of high value and yet time efficient. Who doesn’t love that combo! It is great to benefit from Bernadette’s extensive experience. Her insights and anecdotes add colour to the content of an online course as well as enhancing your understanding of the technical aspects. A great presenter. Thank you.

Claire Jane Knowles

Bernadette was absolutely fantastic as the online lecturer and her feedback to the assignments were incredible.

Mark Nunnari

Bernadette is fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and her experience shines through in the feedback she provides each week following the homework submissions. I was super excited to work for a ‘real’ client throughout the course to use the techniques explained. I am updating the client’s website using SEO to form the beginnings of a portfolio of work for my next client – the course will pay for itself thanks to Bernadette’s pragmatic notes, examples and valuable feedback. Thank you Bernadette.

Samantha Sutton

Bernadette is an amazing tutor. She laid out course content so that it was easy to absorb. Her detailed lessons and handouts allowed me to get the most out of the course. Her feedback was constructive, straightforward and included some great extra points to think about! This made it easier to go into the following assignments. I couldn’t praise her enough.

Claudine-Mae Mendoza

Bernadette is a wonderful mentor and coach. Her succinct style cuts to the chase and affirms everything I hoped to take away from each module in as few words as possible, highlighting the point of the course!

Jason Olbourne

AWC is brilliant. They offer very practical courses that are value for money. If you are thinking of becoming a writer or want to improve your current writing, AWC delivers.

Samantha Sutton

“This course was wonderful and I will be signing up for more. I personally found it economical as well – what I spent on this course was less than what I would have had to pay someone else to do the copywriting on my website. I now feel confident to do it myself – and also potentially do it for others.”

Jaclyn Riley-Smith

“I absolutely loved this course! I eagerly awaited each new module and found the content, assignments and feedback invaluable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their copywriting skills. I have been working as a copywriter but had not been working to a specific creative brief. The module on this, and the other documents and handy tricks to help you start and keep writing, have been invaluable. I realised I was lacking a structure to work to. Copywriting Essentials has changed the way I work for the better.”

Katrina Buttigieg

“This is a top quality course, well structured and very practical but also fun. The presenter has a lovely style and is a joy to learn from.”

Karen Large

“The Copywriting Essentials course online is so practical you can put it into practice straight away. The modules can be listened to when you’re on the go, and the assignments are actually fun to do. The lessons within the course apply to so many aspects of communication – not only writing a specific piece of content.”

Karli Franks

“Bernadette was fantastic, and her industry insight and experience really had an impact on me. I can read about ‘how to be a copywriter’ anywhere, but she gave me a sense of the reality of it. It’s really well paced. Bernadette was very fun and knowledgeable. Homework is required which really helps you embed the learnings…and also why it’s so much better than a ‘free’ copywriting course/email funnels that are out there. “

Claire Quarrell

“I thought Bernadette was very good: She combined a focussed approach with anecdotal examples and comments on her experiences. She was confident and had a congenial manner but was, importantly, very attuned to getting across what we needed to know and learn.”

Michele Dobb

“I found my writing was a little more difficult for the last module until I sat down and realised that all I needed to do was use information from other modules. Specifically, outlining the features and benefits of the product I was writing about. Once I did that, the writing came easily. So overall I think I realised that, as most things in life, having a plan and breaking down what you’re writing about before writing, is essential. I highly recommended AWC online courses as they are easy to follow and well worth the cost.”

Melissa-Jane Nguyen