Graduate Reviews

Creative Writing Stage 1

“In the two weeks since I completed the Creative Writing course, I’ve been so energised to write and I’ve completed two short stories, one of 19 pages and one of 55 pages, and I’ve written over 15,000 words. The most important thing I got from this course was self belief, I now feel that my writing has value.”

Philip Nicholls

“Nicole was fantastic. Her feedback kind but always spot on. She really enabled me to progress through this course. I would do another class with Nicole in a heartbeat.”

Marie-Claude Polglaze

“The course was fabulous. It was well structured and gave me enough information to be able to look at my manuscript with new eyes. It introduced me to all the important aspects of the craft for beginner’s including things like the 3 act structure, characters and scenes. I now look at my writing from a more commercial perspective.”

Melanie Nattrass

“I really enjoyed it and was especially appreciative of being able to have the transcripts as I’m hearing impaired and it’s the reason I did it online. It’s great to get you over that ‘not knowing where to start hump’. It made a big difference – thanks for being inclusive.”

Rhonda Gallagher

“Listening to the course content by audio. I could listen in the car, while working in the garden, even hanging out the washing. And I enjoy supplementing this with the podcasts.”

Julie Skerman

“I loved listening to the audio files and learning about the mechanics of writing with highly engaging content. I not only feel like I have somewhere to start with my writing but will now read books with a new appreciation.”

Kate Reid

“I had no creative writing experience. I really wanted to start writing but wasn’t sure where to begin. I was very nervous about having to write and post it within the group. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be good enough. The description of the program made it seem accessible and supportive, more so than other programs I researched, so I gave it a go. I am so glad that I did!”

Kate Reid

“Doing the Creative Writing 1 course not only taught me some basic principles of writing fiction, but even challenged my pre-conceived ideas on the genre I want to write in. It has opened worlds of new possibilities, which is really exciting. The weekly assignments were great to help form a habit of writing regularly, and the feedback was really helpful. It was so much fun reading everyone else’s assignments, and then of course the feedback on our own.

I really loved doing the assignments – they really challenged me and kept me thinking the whole week!”

Elizabeth Lamb

“Pamela has an amazing depth of knowledge across all genres and imparts her wisdom in a charismatic way. I have now attended three courses with the Australian Writers’ Centre and would highly recommend them to writers at any stage of their writing journey.”

Barbara Krefel

“Claire was able to point us in the direction of many books, blogs and podcasts to further our education and also encourage our reading prospects. The individual feedback given after we completed our tasks was also invaluable.”

Sarah Pogson

“I learnt so much from Pamela, I loved the way she engaged the class.”

Susan Walsh

“Louisa was an amazing teacher! Her tips were amazing. She was great. The Australian Writers’ Centre helps you to get a head start on your passion for writing and it really puts you in the right headspace to get started on a project of your choice.”

Kiara Huson

“This course contained so much practical advice which was exactly what I was looking for. So helpful! I liked doing the workshopping and group exercises – it really stimulated my imagination. Pamela Freeman was AMAZING! I wish I could live in her brain for a day. I’ve already recommended it to several people.”

Amy Spanton

“Absolutely loved Pamela. She is entertaining, knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring. The courses are informative, enjoyable and enlightening. The assignments encourage you to practice your skills and the workshops provide valuable feedback. I just love the classes, this was my second one and I’ll be back for more!”

Sheila Collins

“The content of the course was fantastic but it was the delivery that made it accessible and useful. It was also very motivating. The content each week was fantastic – I am a beginner so I found the information very helpful. I also found the workshopping incredibly useful – I got a lot out of it and was glad that it was part of the course. Our presenter was extremely knowledgeable – and very good at conveying her knowledge in an interesting and engaging way.”

Jessica Robertson

“Pamela Freeman was an excellent presenter. She was knowledgeable and engaging, and offered every student thoughtful feedback on their work. She did a great job of meeting the needs of a diverse group of students with very different levels of writing experience. The Australian Writers’ Centre offers good value, practical courses with excellent presenters.”

Lisa Kenway

“I loved how knowledgeable Pamela was. I feel like I really learnt about writing because she tackled important subjects that I have been struggling with, like point of view. I was truly moved by her discussions about representation and diversity in books. It was truly amazing.”

Luisana Ochoa-Petit

“Annabel was excellent, very knowledgeable. I also loved hearing about her career and experiences, plus her first-hand knowledge of the industry and publishing process. Definitely go and do it!”

Esme Wilmot

“Please pass on my thanks to Allison, Valerie and Pamela for creating a thoroughly enjoyable and helpful course. The course was well crafted and wonderfully informative. I am grateful that they have been keen to share their knowledge and expertise. I am grateful that I feel well-prepared from this course to move on and keep writing. Thank you”

Natalie Hunter

“Creative Writing Stage 1 taught that writing is a craft and a business. You don’t have to be an E.M. Forster, a Tolkien etc to write. Just write as best you can using the fundamental guidelines given in the course. Creative Writing Stage 1 as a beginner’s course is a good way to get you in the mindset for writing.”

Michael McLellan