Graduate Reviews

Creative Writing Stage 1

“Thank you for making this course possible. It was such a wonderful eye-opener for me. I was glad to have chosen the in-class structure, meeting people from all levels of their writing journey was such an encouragement to me.”


Pamela was fantastic – approachable, knowledgeable and gave great feedback

Lisa Giacomelli

“Well-paced course that included just what I needed to know at this stage in my writing journey. The tutor provided great feedback that will help me grow as a writer. I feel a lot more motivated to pick up my writing again.”

Linda Carson

The amount of value and knowledge packed into the Australian Writers’ Centre course options cannot be understated. I’ve completed a mere 5 x weeks of study with them and I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of what I could learn here. AWC will make you a better writer without a doubt. I’ll definitely be signing up to more courses!

Courtney Gould

Pamela was a terrific, inspiring presenter and has such a wealth of knowledge and experience the whole thing was very rewarding

Jim Piotrowski

Pamela is amazing. I learnt so much from her, from the lessons as well as the feedback she gave me and others in my course. Apart from Pamela, the other great thing about the course for me was how it broke down the writing process and the structure of a story into building blocks, so that it doesn’t look so daunting and impossible.

Uthpala Gunethilake

“Pamela Freeman is an amazing person and writer/tutor. Having read her books pre-course, I knew beforehand that she would be a superb teacher and she is.
She is kind, considerate, direct and to the point; open and honest and highly perceptive as well as skilled. “

Fox Red

If you have a passion for writing, this is definitely a course I’d recommend you do. You’ll definitely get a lot out of it which can help you with your books and it will help build your confidence in creative writing in a fun, comfortable and entertaining environment with other like-minded people.


Huon Thompson

I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in being published or just writing for a hobby. I found the course has given me the inspiration to continue writing.

Prue Lavell

“I recently left the Australian Defence Force having served over 30 years combined military and police. I suffer severe
depression, PTSD and anxiety. This course has given me hope as it aids me in having less stress by being creative.
I have found that writing benefits me immensely. I just want to say I cannot thank you enough. It has given me something to live for. You probably have saved my life.”

Robert Pepers

I really had no expectations except that I’d learn more about writing. I didn’t just learn about writing, it got me inspired to start my novel. Every week I got very enthusiastic and my imagination was thinking up lots of ideas faster than I could type them down. In that sense it exceeded my expectations because I didn’t just learn I got inspired as well.

Katherine Przybylski

I learnt so much, Nicole Hayes our presenter was amazing and the other people in the course was fantastic. I learnt so much in 2 days.

Melissa Doolan

I enjoyed everything about it, really. I loved being able to learn about the different aspects of writing a novel and tools that I can use, and being able to share my skills and ideas with other like-minded people. I also enjoyed hearing about the presenter’s experiences and their advice and being able to ask questions.


Angela was incredibly knowledgeable, generous and accessible. Her presentation of the material flowed and made sense.

Sally Bartley

Angela Slatter was amazing. She was very helpful and had a good sense of humour which made the course even more fun and light-hearted. She was willing to answer any questions and I was very impressed by the short story she shared with us ‘Skin’. Slatter suggested great tips and tools for us to use and was very encouraging. Her willingness to help other writers and share her experiences was also inspiring and appreciated.


“I’ve been intending and hoping to do this course and others for a very long time. Now that I have experienced AWC and this course, I can’t believe how wonderful it is. I love it. I might even do it again one day, who knows. It’s brilliant. Every step of the way, how it is structured, great ease of access, the content and tuition – all, exceptional. Highly commended. My only regret: I did not do it sooner. Excellent. Invaluable.”

Fox Red

“In the two weeks since I completed the Creative Writing course, I’ve been so energised to write and I’ve completed two short stories, one of 19 pages and one of 55 pages, and I’ve written over 15,000 words. The most important thing I got from this course was self belief, I now feel that my writing has value.”

Philip Nicholls

“Nicole was fantastic. Her feedback kind but always spot on. She really enabled me to progress through this course. I would do another class with Nicole in a heartbeat.”

Marie-Claude Polglaze

“The course was fabulous. It was well structured and gave me enough information to be able to look at my manuscript with new eyes. It introduced me to all the important aspects of the craft for beginner’s including things like the 3 act structure, characters and scenes. I now look at my writing from a more commercial perspective.”

Melanie Nattrass