Graduate Testimonials

Editing Essentials

“I really enjoyed hearing about the experiences and challenges faced by the other participants as well as having the opportunity to tap into Deb’s knowledge base. Deb is great and clearly really knows her stuff. The travel from Melbourne was worth it.”

Ann Sciberras

“I enjoyed learning editing skills and doing practical examples with the class. Deb was very professional and knowledgeable, and fantastic at explaining how editing works. She is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to grammar and it was great to learn some tricks of the trade! The Australian Writers’ Centre provides great training courses in a good location.”

Elizabeth Langton

“I enjoyed the course. I found that it was challenging and covered a broad range of topics. Deb was knowledgeable on her subject. It’s a good course for someone who wants to get a feel for editing.”

Michelle Hallett

“I enjoyed the ability to ask questions and contribute easily. Deb was approachable and knowledgeable.”

Michael Kid

“The content was great and it hit the mark with what I needed to know. Deb inspired confidence as she clearly knew so much on the topic. The course presenters at Australian Writers’ Centre are all very knowledgeable and well equipped to pass their knowledge on. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience.”

Margaret Larden

“The course was a great refresher with tips to implement in the workplace. Deb was extremely knowledgeable and so willing to share information with the class. Her enthusiasm is contagious! It’s always good to do refreshers and get the mind stimulated and thinking about the why and how we do things rather than just doing them and going through the motions. The Australian Writers’ Centre run great courses that really assist in fine tuning our skills. Easy to enrol in courses, helpful – nothing is too much trouble and the location is great!”

Toni Nugent

“I most enjoyed Deb’s presenting style. Her tips and tricks for retaining information are enjoyable and memorable, making the content truly resonate. Deb was, in a word: sensational. Do it. Without hesitation. You’ll be amazed at what you’re doing wrong.”

Francesca Stevens

“Deb was professional and knowledgeable. Excellent training skills, well-prepared and someone I would study with again in a heartbeat.”

Gemma Nardone

“Beautiful location; knowledgeable presenter; and the small class size allowed for a more tailored approach and questions. Deb was friendly and very knowledgeable. The business courses suit people from all educational backgrounds. They also suit people from a range of disciplines.”

Veronica Eulate

“Thank you, I have benefited immensely from this seminar. I now have some great tips to improve my skills in my work place.”

Greti Willett

“You could tell the presenter had a lot of knowledge in editing – she was exactly what I’d hoped for. I have already recommended the course! I said it was very valuable and everyone in the office should take the time to do it.”

Sarah Riseley

“The course touched on a lot of areas of editing. It was highly informative, and we were able to ask lots of questions. Deb is excellent. She is one of the most engaging presenters who really knows her stuff. She’s very interested in how the attendees can apply the lessons learned in their workplace. A genuinely lovely person also – it’s a pleasure to spend the day with her!”

Wendy Johnston

“This seminar was an excellent refresher and a valuable resource.”

Alicia Sciberras

“Deb led enjoyable discussions and was very knowledgeable. Do this seminar!”

Lorenzo Perafan

“I felt like Deb really knew her stuff and that she enjoyed it too!”

Amber Colhoun

“I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, relevant material and good mix between theory and skill practise. The presenter was excellent, with very practical, clear, easy to understand advice. Definitely the best course of this type I’ve attended.”

Catherine Thrum

“Hearing similar issues being faced in other organisations was really beneficial. It highlighted things I could be doing better and also some things that I am currently doing right, which was a nice surprise! I found the overall session and Grant to be relaxed, informative and fun. I can now better plan my approach to web writing with the tools provided.”

Shelley Stephens

“Editing Essentials is essential!”

Tammy Wright

“I enjoyed learning new things with like-minded people, sharing experiences, and learning from a fabulous, knowledgable instructor. Deb knows her topic and obviously enjoys what she does; everyone responded to her and her inclusive style.”

Danielle Brender