Graduate Reviews

Fantasy, Science Fiction and More

Pamela is 35 books worth of writing and publishing experience. She is kind, professional and hilarious!

TJ Edwards

“I was absolutely thrilled with the amount of the direct, useful, supportive and guided information related to this genre that was supplied throughout the course. Pamela effortlessly engaged the collective interaction between all participants. Pamela is an absolute gem! I have the utmost respect for her and adore her. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a professional, supportive, wealth of knowledge, it’s an engaging environment of learning with immensely knowledgeable and talented facilitators at the helm of their courses and workshops.”

Angeleah Anton

“Pamela knew everything about the subject and could always answer any questions. She was the best teacher I’ve had since school. If you want to be a writer you need to do a course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. It is so helpful and it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone in the struggle to write.

Amy Russell

“Pamela is incredibly knowledgeable, I learned a lot! Loved her! Don’t look anywhere else! The best courses in Australia are at the Australian Writers’ Centre and they’re by the best writers at a very reasonable price.”

Tere Rodriguez

“The Fantasy, Science Fiction and More course is well detailed and makes you aware of the key aspects that publishers will look for in your work. After the course you are more equipped to create believable worlds, interesting and relatable characters and how to connect this will structuring your story.”

Ben Princi

“I really enjoyed the round table discussions and the chance to meet other writers. I thought Pamela was a very thorough teacher, generous with her knowledge and made time for everyone in the class.”

Siobhan Martin

“Pamela Freeman is awesome. She’s very engaging, really knows her stuff and seemed to really care about helping us along.”

Evie Jones

“Pamela is a generous presenter sharing her knowledge and experience freely, including everyone and engaging everyone. She is a natural teacher.”

Baska Bartsch

“Pamela Freeman was extremely knowledgeable not just about writing but about the genre of speculative fiction.”

June Steward

“Pamela is engaging, knowledgeable, friendly and open. And with Pamela came tonnes of information! GO! NOW! Your writing will be all the better because of it.”

Claire Curtin

“Pamela is inspiring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Her knowledge of the genre is very impressive. Her willingness to provide individualised feedback on participants’ works-in-progress is invaluable.”

Sarah Hardie

“If you are serious about advancing your craft, AWC courses are an excellent investment. The course content is always good, and the instructors add value that you’ll never find in a ‘writing how-to’ book or You Tube clip. Also, the depth of knowledge Pamela has on the craft and previous books/facts relevant to Fantasy/Sci-fi borders on the insane (in a good way). She may possibly be an android!”

Andrew Smerdon

“AWC is the perfect place to go if you ever have a dream or desire to become a writer but not quite sure where to begin. Fantasy, Science Fiction and More was very informative and a great chance to meet like-minded people, and Pamela Freeman was excellent, very knowledgeable in her field and a great teacher.”

Adam Campbell

“Pamela was great – enthusiastic, knowledgeable and so well-read! She really knows the different genres and has insider knowledge of the publishing industry. Very inspiring and so welcoming to aspiring writers.”

Maryann Murphy

“Pamela was fabulously well-prepared with her notes and knowledge on the genres, her personal list of character archetypes. Her knowledge of other writers working in the genre meant I went away with a list of authors to read and research once the course was over. I found that Pamela’s pre-reading and exercise before the course valuable – making me organise myself before the course commenced.”

Julia Featherstone

“I enjoyed the environment created by the presenter, Pamela Freeman, and I have never been disappointed by a course I have attended at AWC, and feel that I am a better writer every time I complete a course.”

Julie James

“Pamela’s knowledge and ability to tailor it to each individual budding writer was fantastic. The opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people was great. If you are serious about improving your writing then the Australian Writers’ Centre is an amazing resource. They provide great courses on multiple topics, taught by successfully published authors, and you get to network with other like-minded souls!”

Gerrard Bowman

“Pamela is a warm, generous and enthusiastic presenter. The technical aspects of story structure were delivered clearly and Pamela provided a great deal of information that can only come from an established writer. I left the course with a much firmer sense of direction.
Pamela was highly sensitive to the students’ needs and the particular projects they were working on. It was exactly right for the participants.”

Jon Gregory

“I liked the way that Pamela was able to give us examples of tools and techniques that were relevant to our individual works and all the ‘informal’ hints and tips that I picked up along the way. That was awesome.”

JoJo Rowden

“It was enjoyable doing a course with other Speculative Fiction fans. Genre fiction often gets seen as lesser to literary fiction so can often be neglected or demeaned in other settings. Pamela was very educated, very enthusiastic, very caring.”

Robin Riedstra