Graduate Reviews

Food Writing

“Carli was fantastic and really open to sharing a wealth of knowledge. No hesitation, go for it!”

Briony Laberthonniere

“Without a doubt this course was THE best investment I have spent all year. It exceeded the expectation. Carli is outstanding. She generously shares a load of insider secrets and also lots of not so common practical sense. I’m very glad to have signed up. Thanks Carli!”

Jenny Olscher

“Do it! Just do it! You’ll walk away feeling more confident and gain skills and information that will add value to your food writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on aspects of the course. The sensory tasting and discussions really helped to bring the theory aspects to life. Carli is a true professional, her experience & knowledge were relevant & kept me interested and engaged.”

Carme Ricci

“My expectation of the course was to simply improve my writing and knowledge on food writing for my own blog. However, the course exceeded my expectations as I also developed confidence to potentially pitch my work to publications – a surprising and energising outcome! This course cemented my passion to write about food and broadened my confidence and perspective of where I could take a career in food writing. Carli’s energy and insights over the two days made for a really enjoyable learning experience – I found her inspirational! I highly recommend this course!”

Sarah Ugazio

“Carli was very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. Great life experiences allowing for authenticity of the learning material. Great tone and teaching style – she held everyone’s attention for the whole two-day duration. The course increased my food vocabulary and inside knowledge of how to approach food editor magazines, etc to have my food writing work published. I was very pleased with the insight and knowledge I gained from this course. I now have great direction of what I need to do next!”

Angela Palemo

“Carli was a wealth of information. She happily gave us insider knowledge, and she was professional and personable. Just to do it!”

Debbie Hatumale-Uy

“Carli was great! Good vibe and very encouraging. The course made me feel like I could make take my passion to a new level. I really didn’t know what to expect from the course but the practicality and skills on how to actually get published were invaluable.”

Nicole Agostino

“Carli was fantastic – enthusiastic, friendly and very approachable. The small class size was wonderful as I didn’t feel intimidated to read out my work.”

Anna Riddell

“Carli was knowledgeable, encouraging, inspirational and shared lots of colourful stories. Australian Writers’ Centre is Informative, encouraging and fun.”

Alana Maxwell

“Carli was extremely generous sharing her knowledge and experience. Very informative and positive. She answered every question I had, and I had a lot. The length, content, and class size of this course was perfect for me. We didn’t get bogged down anywhere, and it was information rich. Never a dull moment!”

Awia Markey

“Food Writing is a great course. Very professional. Carli is an excellent presenter, clear, concise and approachable. She was very happy to share information and experience.”

Katrina Lau Hammond

“The Food Writing course was excellent value, super informative, really useful and most of all, really interesting. Carli is a great presenter. She was really knowledgeable and happy to share. She answered all our questions and made the sessions interesting and enjoyable.”

Sam Colden

“The presentation was casual yet had a ‘value add’ component with broad and varied discussions. There was a good balance of this and some more structured activities. Carli was very approachable and shared typical scenarios which I could relate to. This course is a great stepping stone for those who want to enter the food writing arena.”

Deslie Ann Kasmer

“Carli was a terrific presenter. She was patient, insightful, helpful, entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. If you’re looking to get insight, advice and guidance for your writing from an industry professional, AWC is the place to go.”

Matilda Meakes

“Food Writing was interesting, entertaining and informative. I found the entire course enjoyable. There was so much to learn and it was presented in a fun way. Lots of time for questions and discussion too. Carli was a fantastic presenter. She was great at explaining the whole food writing process from generating ideas to pitching the story. I found her to be very approachable and entertaining.”

Melanie Campbell

“I enjoyed the practical aspects, such as the tastings, and then writing about the experience. I thought it was helpful to write about these and discuss the writing. Carli was relaxed, amiable and informative, which allowed for a warm open atmosphere. She was engaging and experienced, and she facilitated the conversations effectively. She tailored the content according to the interests of the class. The weekend was filled with productive activities, including discussion.”

Janeane Waters

“Carli adopted a flexible approach that enabled the needs of the group to be included into the course. She was very approachable and open, and demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter.”

Janelle Davidson

“Food Writing was a good balance of theory and practice, sharing others’ samples of writing to appreciate the differences, promoting confidence, goal setting, helping us strive towards a writing career at whatever level desired, and making the dreams a real-life possibility. Food tastings were helpful as were the best words to describe foods and those to avoid like the plague!

“Carli is a highly experienced food writer who was wonderfully supportive and encouraging in helping us aim for our goal to write about food in whatever capacity. She was particularly good at picking up the interests and skills of each of us and encouraging us to aim in that direction. she has a very ‘real’ style of presentation which was rather refreshing and some of the points she hammered home will not be forgotten and have already proven useful! She was very embracing of all our writing attempts and made us feel comfortable with our efforts. Loved the fact that Carli had done a specific food writing degree in S.A and that she had some funny and inspiring stories sprinkled throughout the sessions!

“The class size is good therefore everyone feels like they have a contribution to make. Everything is comfortable…no one is forced to share their writing unless confident in doing so. Individual styles and personalities are embraced.”

Coralie Dorringon

“I loved how Carli was upfront and incredibly honest – about expected income from an article, about how to pitch, about how to stand out from a crowd. I loved tasting things which forced us to develop our palates and really think about what we were eating and what it did to our mouths. Carli is a wealth of information. Even if you don’t plan to make a career out of writing, the course is a great way to explore new territory, learn new things and play with words.”

Georgia Leaker

“Carli was great – she was knowledgeable, approachable and very easy to learn from! The course is definitely something I’d recommend to friends who are interested in food writing. It was very informative but also practical which I liked at the same time.”

Jemma Seeger