Graduate Testimonials

Grammar and Punctuation Essentials

“I really enjoyed getting some confirmation on the things I was unsure about. Deb was very knowledgeable about the subject.”

Kelsey Nash

“The exercises that put the theory into practice really helped to clarify the learning. Deb was very knowledgeable, highly experienced and she delivered what I thought to be very complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. I have recommended the Australian Writers’ Centre to several people over the years. I have never had a bad experience with the courses on offer, nor the instructors. The experts who teach at the Centre won’t blow smoke at you. They’re knowledgeable, fair and want you to succeed almost more than you do.”

Mike Cullen

“Deb is very knowledgeable and friendly. She is authoritative but very approachable as well. Its an excellent refresher to those who are taking up more writing and editing tasks.”

Martin Tiong We Tay

“Deb knew the subject area in great depth and I enjoyed how she clarified common grammatical errors. The Australian Writers Centre is value for money.”

Kate Atkinson

I enjoyed how easy for me to understand the terms of grammar and punctuation. The course itself was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to improve either grammar and/or punctuation skills. And Deb was simply amazing! If a student understands what the teacher is talking about, then that presenter is doing an amazing job. Using simple examples and explaining what each term means in simple english, I couldn’t have asked for a better presenter. With my Samoan background, we speak two languages at home and this course has helped me to improve my English grammar and punctuation skills. I learned everything in one hit!”

Jenny Foaese

“There was a good mix of theory and examples/practice to understand how to implement what I’d learned. Deb was very relaxed and approachable and gave us lots of time to ask questions and have open conversations about content. Deb was also open to adjusting content to students and used real world examples to help long term learnings”

Sally Youngman

“Deb was fantastic. She really knows her stuff. I now have a better basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation.”

Stephanie Johnston

“The way the course was presented was fantastic. There was never a dull moment. Deb Doyle is an outstanding presenter. She made the course enjoyable and very easy to understand. Deb showed genuine interest in our desire to learn. I’ve gained knowledge as well as confidence in my grammar and punctuation skills.”

Claudia Arrage

“I feel much more confident with the basic rules of grammar and punctuation that once baffled me.”

Sunni Hughes

“The course was well presented and the course notes are an excellent reference tool. Deb was very professional and passionate about her subject matter. She is an excellent presenter.”

Madeline Gill

“The instructor knew her stuff! And when she saw some of us having trouble understanding it she either went back over the material or made it easier for us to follow. For me, it made clear some of the grammar I had already learnt but was very fuzzy on.

“As an aspiring editor this course has given me a brief glimpse into what that profession requires. It has also shown me that I can really learn and use this knowledge, especially if there was more time for it to sink in.”

Mark Quisumbing

“The content of the course was very helpful and relevant to my position. I particularly liked the exercises where we were asked to edit/correct text. Deb is obviously a master of the English language. Her knowledge is evident and her presentation style was lively and kept the class awake and enthusiastic. I would say this course is almost 100% tailored to suit anyone who edits, proofreads or is required to write material in their professional capacity.”

Angela Gilmour

“I enjoyed the seemingly limitless amount of examples Deb had on offer at the drop of a hat. Grammar and terminology have a tendency to confuse me with overwhelming detail, so relating it back to actual examples was indispensable.”

Chris Deal

“Deb was great and certainly knows her stuff.”

Mark Butterfield

“I took this course as if I was going to undertake a general health check-up. I was glad to know that though I did not have major problems, after taking this course, I feel much healthier! Deb’s course has refined and sharpened my grammar and punctuation. Now I can be more polished in my writing and when I read good books/articles I can learn and pick the good and correct styles from them because I now understand better the role and function of grammar and punctuation.”

Fourteena Pusaka Dewi Halim

“Deb was excellent! She exceeded my expectations!”

Lisa Green

“Deb was very informative and approachable. She made the whole day a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. Highly recommended.”

Julie Tran

“The presenter makes it fun and keeps it simple. In enjoyed the way she taught and she was very knowledgeable.”

Mariana von-Lucken

“Deb was excellent and really made it enjoyable as well.”

Michael Church

“There were excellent tips, a good resource to take home, and I liked workshoping lots of examples together. Deb was clear, concise, fun and very knowledgeable.”

Rebecca Hanlon