Graduate Reviews

Life Writing

Patti was very open and generous and clearly an expert. She also is a talented presenter/teacher keeping things moving but also answering important questions as they arose.

Jacqui Hanna

If you want to invest in your writing, invest in the AWC.

Jacqui Hanna

“I had a great time in this course. It gave me confidence, guidance and inspiration. It is clear that both Pamela and Cathie are very knowledgeable and have a huge amount of really valuable advice. I have had nothing but really positive experiences with every course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. They are well-structured, attract a high level of student and are great value.”

Laura Deverson

“Patti is so inspiring, knowledgeable and understanding and just knew how to tap into our inner creativity. An exceptional teacher. Patti was so helpful and generous in sharing her ideas and vast experience as a teacher and a writer. She is a gifted writer and teacher. What a privilege it was to be in her class! AWC has high quality teachers and workshops.”

Yvonne Jarman

“Patti is an amazing presenter; her knowledge is extensive and the way she guides her class through new territory which can be challenging and, in some cases, painful, however it is done in a very encouraging, compassionate way and creating an environment of safety. I enjoyed learning so much, being encouraged to keep going, breaking through barriers and fostering a connection with people all doing the same thing and being very supportive to one another.”

Derice McDonald

“Patti is an excellent teacher. Her techniques for writing memoir are exceptional. She invited me to tap into the poet within and then follow the heat. From that moment on, my writing improved, almost overnight. I suddenly found I was being led by a narrator within who knows where my story is going. I just need to continue with the discipline of writing now and for the first time I can see myself completing my first draft. If you want to be a writer, find the course that suits you and AWC will make sure you achieve your goal. They are as committed to making you a success.”

Bindu Narula

“I enjoyed the interaction and support that Patti provided everyone with in the class; all course participants enjoyed the class and got to know each other during the eight weeks, and the course structure was excellent. Patti really supported the groups’ learning in a safe environment and enabled each of us to ask questions and offered feedback. If you’ve thought about writing your life story, do it! Everyone has a story. Patti Millers Life Writing Course is a must do.”

Anthea Karatasoulis

“Patti’s feedback was always helpful and insightful. She was amazing in how quickly she say the personality of each of us through interaction and how we wrote our exercises. She gave herself fully and was so patient and encouraging in the tips or changes we needed to make to improve our writing, Thank you for a great course.”

Julie-Anne McIlwain

“I enjoyed the encouraging environment that was created to improve confidence and the freeing up of the writers’ minds, so the words began to flow. Patti was intelligent, articulate, caring and encouraging. If you want to write, AWC has a course for you.”

Barbara Krefel

“The course helped me sort out the differences between life writing, autobiography, biography and family history writing and how to go about life writing. I loved the knowledge and support Patti gave me. If you want to learn about the basics of life writing, do this course!”

Philip George Mahoney

“I didn’t know what to expect from the course and I was more than pleasantly surprised. I loved Patti’s facilitation of the content and having a supportive group of other people was invaluable. Patti was extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. She was respectful of everyone in the room. I really enjoyed the time with her. Thank you, Patti, for encouraging us and for your immense knowledge, I got so much out of the course and can’t wait to start writing.”

Michele Dickson

“I enjoyed Patti’s positive yet instructive feedback and the feedback from others in the group. Patti was excellent, she has a teaching manner that is encouraging and insightful.”

Anita Howard

“Patti held us tenderly then nudged us till we all began to fly. She is a sensitive, inclusive presenter with perfect skills. I appreciated how she didn’t bang on about herself the whole time, which some others do. She was genuinely there for us and I felt listened and attended to the entire time.”

Denise Litchfield

“I enjoyed learning techniques on how to tackle life writing and discovering what comes out of the subconscious mind. I learned that writing is more truthful than your inner dialogue. Patti was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, she created a comfortable and safe environment in which you could read your work. AWC is a good institution to look to for improving or starting writing projects.”

Jackie Cho

“Patti had a lot of skill in creating the space for a group of people to feel safe and share of themselves from the very beginning. Well structured, good balance of theory and application, managed the group really well, used the time well – fantastic, loved her. AWC is locally available, value for money, have a variety of courses on offer, teach like-minded people – it’s a wonderful thing.”

Suzanne Gatz

“Patti was encouraging, inspiring, informative and engaging. She brought out the best in the group and made everyone feel comfortable. Her authenticity was impactful.”

Margie Ulbrick

“The structure was good – like-minded people attended so it was easy to communicate and interact and make friends – I felt comfortable and as such enjoyed it a lot! Patti was excellent, patient and very understanding. She didn’t make anyone feel that they can’t write, she made us all feel comfortable. The way she conducted writing exercises was amazing which gave us all the confidence to write, which was excellent. She was encouraging and friendly.”

Mugdha Gadgil

“The course what exactly what I needed, and exactly what I was hoping for. The relevance of each exercise was extremely valuable to me and my future writing. Patti was an absolute dream! Not only is she incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable, but she’s also open-minded, kind and almost a little sassy! Having Patti as a presenter was really enjoyable, she brought laughter, cheekiness and warmth to each class.”

Kayla Brereton

“I liked Patti’s down to earth analysis, the way she was able to find something admirable in each person’s writing. Her own published record gives her authority and credibility. This is a great way to start writing, building confidence and overcoming any shyness about revealing one’s self.”

Garry G Lowder

“I found Pattie a very clear, and empathic teacher and learned a great deal about myself as well as my writing in the process of her class. Do the course, you will find out what you are doing well as well as learning how to improve your weaker areas!”

Elizabeth Shadlow