Graduate Testimonials

Life Writing

“I enjoyed discovering new ways of writing my life story. Patti was helpful, but most of all she was positive in all of her feedback. You will discover there are many ways of writing your life story.”

Sandy Morse

“I really enjoyed Patti; she connected with everyone in the room. The course provided me insight into how to turn a description of events into something someone might want to read. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a great place to meet some very interesting people in a strongly creative environment.”

Philippa Barrett

“I loved the luxury of sitting and talking about, and indulging in writing. It’s something I love, but rarely have the time to immerse myself in. Patti was very knowledgeable and supportive. It was great to know that I’ve been on the right track with lots of things and now have a whole heap of new tools to keep me going.”

Renee Bugg

“Having to write and hearing and discussing others’ writings was excellent. Patti was excellent; always positive, encouraging, open and interesting as well as very knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to go to Patti Miller as she is a marvellous teacher and you will learn a great deal and enjoy it.”

Lynn Elizabeth Barnett

“I enjoyed the tips, practice, and the feedback from Patti and the group. Patti was engaging and inspirational. The course will give you practical guidance but also provide encouragement towards continuing to write and believing you can document your own life story.”

Christine Danger

“Patti Miller is very approachable and clear – she’s obviously an experienced teacher. Life Writing is a good kick-start to memoir writing, with practical tools and practical lessons.”

Annette Freeman

“Patti Miller made everyone feel comfortable. I really enjoyed getting to know the others in the class and the ‘secret writing’ exercise. Australian Writers’ Centre is in a great location and easy to access from the railway station. The email communication from the centre is great and the course content is relevant.”

Bronwyn Eileen Gallo

“Patti Miller was super and gave constructive feedback! If you can get there… Go do it!”

Leonie Curgenven

“I found Patti Miller to be a very clear, and empathic teacher. I learned a great deal about myself as well as my writing.
I say do the course – you will find out what you are doing well and learn how to improve your weaker areas!”

Elizabeth Shadlow

“I enjoyed Patti’s teaching style, experience and encouragement. The small class of participants (12) allowed us to get to know one another, share our writing and interact.

“It has inspired me to keep writing and to learn more about writing. I feel the quality of my writing has improved. I’m certainly now aware of many things I was doing wrong!”

Kerry Osborne

“The course pinpointed the areas of writing that I’d never thought about. The homework/exercises/readings made total sense. I am rewriting another draft of my memoir and feel that I can enrich it so much!”

Lara Friedman

“I found the class very inspiring, informative and interesting. I learned so much in such little time. I also met some very wonderful people and enjoyed interacting with them each week. I feel more confident now to go ahead with my own projects as a result of the information given in the class.”

Julie Abrahams

“Patti was an excellent facilitator – grounded and down to earth. Of course, meeting and listening to the writing of others is the best possible thing to do. Patti’s feedback was supportive and constructive.”

Louise Brogan

“Patti is such a positive person and she made it a lot of fun with our group whilst learning a lot. She has an amazing way of teaching and brings out the best in you.”

Ruby Rebic

“I enjoyed the opportunity to write and to share. I was able to start writing at the course and receive valuable feedback. I found it helped enormously to start me on writing my memoirs.”

Silma Ihram

“I have been encouraged, inspired and the writing I have done so far has helped me see my life in a different light.”

Judith McIvor

“Patti Miller was great. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Quite inspiring.”

Jane Barrie

“The teacher and the students were all very encouraging and informative. It has made me get into a habit of writing and has also given me the confidence to display my thoughts on the page

Katherine Badatzanis

“It was extremely pleasant being in the company of other like-minded people going on their own life journey. I feel I have benefited enormously, giving me more of a chance of completing my story with a lot more inspiration to bring it to fruition. I think Patti presented the course beautifully and felt our needs were met.”

Jane Gilvear

“Patti is a wonderful teacher and mentor, great at making people feel relaxed and their contributions worthy.”

Helen Vatsikopoulos