Graduate Testimonials

Freelance Writing Stage 1

“Freelance Writing Stage 1 was fantastic. I enjoyed Cindy MacDonald’s presentation style. She was generous with her knowledge, covered great topics, and was extremely open and approachable. The Australian Writers’ Centre is professional, organised and they’re great with communication.”

Fiona McAdam

“I enrolled into Freelance Writing Stage 1 because I wanted to polish my skills learnt 20 years ago! I wanted up-to-date tips on how to get published and write better. The course covered relevant areas and the presenter was great at explaining things. The content flowed really well. Cindy MacDonald is very experienced, and still working in the industry – so she was very relevant and I valued what she had to say. Thank you Cindy for giving your time and expertise. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a great resource and educator.”

Janine Wilson

“Cindy MacDonald was very knowledgeable and gave us many examples of her experience in the industry. She was very approachable and very helpful in answering questions related to the course and journalism in general.”

Nathalie Silva

“Freelance Writing Stage 1 was practical, relevant and I really appreciated the expertise and experience of the presenter. I enjoyed the interesting mix of people. Cindy MacDonald was relaxed, entertaining and inclusive – clearly passionate about the industry with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I really liked her style and responses to people’s queries.

My biggest learning moment was that there are actually many many different publications, that would be well worth researching and considering to pitch a wide variety of stories. At Australian Writers’ Centre you get high-level expertise in quality presenters, and the courses are practical and interesting.

The information is inspiring but also realistic so it balances encouragement with making known the realities of writing as a career. I love the Australian Writers’ Centre newsletters which are always so inviting and encouraging.”

Andrea Blake

“The Magazine and Newspaper Writing course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to make it in the professional world. With industry experts leading the way it was a perfectly tailored course that provided instant satisfaction. And it was knowledge that wasn’t just confined to one genre. I went in with the desire to write an article about school teachers who go that extra distance to save their students and ended up transferring everything I learnt and more into my debut novel The Good Teacher which launched in October 2017. A big thank you to the Australian Writers Centre for sending me on my way.”

PJ Kelly

“I enjoyed the feedback. Sue didn’t sugarcoat but provided real and constructive feedback. It kept me motivated and made me realise that maybe I AM good at this writing caper and can make a career of it. Sue didn’t skimp on the detail when providing feedback and answers to our questions. I would definitely like to be tutored by Sue again.”

Kristie Armstrong

“I was provided with constructive criticism and noticed a change in the quality of my writing. Sue was great.”

Melissa Freeman

“I really enjoyed the writing exercises and interaction with other students. I enjoyed receiving feedback and found it to be helpful and timely.”

Teena van Winden

“Cindy was a very professional presenter and the class worked well together. Cindy has sound industry knowledge and is happy to share her insights. She also gave constructive feedback on our assignment. I highly recommend the AWC, they give you the tools and knowledge to allow you to reach your goals.”

Nanette Ferguson

“I really enjoyed the homework! It got the creative juices flowing again. Alex was knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and encouraging. Definitely do the course.”

Karen Simidis

“I really enjoyed the feedback and being able to see other people’s work and hear the comments from Sue was so helpful. Sue was friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging – just what a learner needs. JUST DO IT!”

Stephanie Haines

“I enjoyed learning from someone who has so much industry experience.”

Kate Daley

“I liked all the different insights about ‘show not tell’ and how to pitch to an editor. I really enjoyed interviewing and writing about a classmate. Cindy is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable, and was keen to share what she knows. If you’re thinking of doing this course, you should definitely go for it!”

Teri Foster

“I enjoyed the whole learning process. The knowledge I now have has made me even more interested in writing. Sue was fantastic and I felt very comfortable working with her.”

Yvette Frausin

“Michael was fantastic, very knowledgable and approachable. I enjoyed that the course felt like a conversation. I’ve completed two courses now and both have been fantastic experiences.”

Penny Walters

“The course was uber inspiring – it’s like someone turned on a switch in my mind and BAM! There’s a stage musical and the spotlight is on me, writing. Dancers leap across a Scrabble-like floor, covered in words, clutching books at their chest. The whole thing is so well-rehearsed, like it’s been headlining on Broadway all. this. time! The Australian Writers’ Centre bought me a ticket to my own show and I haven’t stopped writing since! I sent off my first pitch within four days of completing the course. Bravo and thanks!”

Janelle Walters

“The audio sessions were useful with relevant information and examples. Sue was attentive to what was submitted – she was thorough with her feedback and gave clear and positive direction. The online platform made it relatively easy to give as much time to the modules as my schedule allowed.”

Ben Brooks

“I enjoyed the whole course and its presentation. The audio made it feel like I was in an actual classroom and being able to interact with other students and their feedback was invaluable. Allison was excellent – I gained so much valuable information and insight from her. The online platform was very easy –I was able to access the course on all types of devices. I could study while I waited for the kids to finish their sporting activities. I felt like the course could easily be slotted into my busy lifestyle. Thank you!

Liz Young

I enjoyed getting to meet other people who have the same aspirations and dreams. Cindy was very factual and interesting. Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 is definitely beneficial to anyone who wants to be inspired into getting into/back into the field.

Julia Joubert

This course is a great way to learn the foundations in feature writing. I loved meeting other writers and learning from a industry leading editor. Cindy was great! She had so much personal experience that was valuable.

Cassie Lions