Graduate Reviews

Freelance Writing Stage 1

“Six years ago I did the Freelance Writing course with the aim of promoting rural Australia. In the current edition of RM Williams Outback I have the major story, a profile piece and a travel piece – all up 27 pages of words and photos. Thanks AWC for giving me the impetus to do this as a profession.”

Mandy McKeesick

“Engage, get feedback, get serious, learn, move forward, be a part of a writing community.”

Sharon Emmett

“I liked that we got to see each other’s work. It was interesting to see different takes on the same assignments. I also liked the ease of doing the work and listening to the tutorials in my own time, while still having the structure of assignment deadlines.”

Barbara Skeggs

“Alex had so much practical advice! She was very experienced, knowledgeable and generous with her sharing.”

Fay Foster

“I was originally looking to do a degree in journalism or communications, but my friend recommended the course as she had recently completed it and enjoyed it. Alexandra was brilliant, she was so motivating and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed learning from her and made me feel as if I could absolutely do this. I enjoyed the fast pace of the learning and how as each section unfolded, I could visualise how it would fit into my life and how realistic it is that I could become a freelance writer. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but this course proved me wrong! Absolutely do this course if you want to become a writer. It is informative and practical and empowering.”

Julia Baker

“I truly learnt so much and have come away inspired and wanting to know more. You really can’t ask for much more than that. Alex was a wonderful presenter and really positive and engaging. There were a beautiful bunch of supportive women at the course. You attract a nice group of attendees! I’m already looking into dates for the Grammar and Punctuation Essential and Editing Essentials course. AWC is a really great place to start to take your writing more seriously.”

Rachel Harman

“The course was a small group of lovely people and an informative, great presenter. Cindy knows her stuff! I always feel better being given information from an industry professional and Cindy is that in spades. Thanks Australian Writers’ Centre!”

Elizabeth Dracopoulos

“Having not been formally trained as a journalist, it made this dream of mine achievable. We all have a voice of value. The course has given me tools to use it.”

Aisha O’Donoughue

“I really enjoyed the ease of accessing the information each week and ability to communicate with my classmates and my tutor. Alex was knowledgeable and very positive about people’s work.”

Jacqueline Burrell

“The course exceeded my expectations mainly in the feedback received for the interview assignment. I experienced first-hand what was taught in the audio and the handouts. Linking with the Business Course was good in that it gave the finer points of being in business. The pitch scripts are great and a real confidence booster. Alex was professional, knowledgeable and the feedback was spot on with all the assignments. The Australian Writers’ Centre provides excellent courses that are focused on delivering what they say they are going to. There are all sorts of bonuses being a member like the Facebook page, Furious Fiction and other fun and challenging activities.”

Trish Armstrong

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I was surprised how much I learned in such a short time. The course was well-paced and the assignments were not only relevant but helped me to move through my own fears around each stage of the process. Valerie’s lectures and handouts were engaging and felt more like a face-to-face classroom than simply pre-recorded lectures that get trotted out each month. I appreciated Valerie’s willingness to share her wealth of experience and I valued Sue’s recorded feedback. By recording the feedback, I felt I was able to engage with her comments. I feel well-prepared to begin pitching ideas to Editors now (still scary, but the opportunity for another week to ask questions and refine the first pitch is like still holding a hand while moving in to a completely unknown world, letting go a bit by bit until I am ready at the end of the week). Thank you Valerie for putting together a wonderful course and to Sue for your insightful comments and encouragement.”

Natalie Hunter

“Sue was good, knowledgeable and responsive. The Australian Writers’ Centre courses are run by experienced people who give practical tips on improving your writing skills and your job prospects.”

Denise Beecroft

“The course content was very informative and I feel I learnt a lot in the five weeks. Sue was excellent – very knowledgeable and gave great constructive criticism and advice! I would definitely recommend Australian Writers’ Centre and say the content is really engaging and comprehensive. I feel like I’ve ambled along career-wise in recent years and accidentally ended up in an industry unsuited to my skills and interests. When I finally took the time to think about what I wanted to do, writing was the only thing that made sense. This course has been an absolute revelation for me; I couldn’t wait to study each week and it’s the first time I’ve been excited about my future career prospects in many, many years. Thank you Australian Writers’ Centre!”

Kristy Miller

“Great course. Very motivating. Alex was very knowledgeable. This is a practical, achievable course. Do it.”

Melissa Gerke

“Sue was always very positive – yet constructive – in her criticism and comments, validating our work and offering very practical and helpful advice on how to improve our writing. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

Kerry Bellett

“I have never done an online course like this before so felt a little vulnerable in the ‘online classroom’. After the first week, though, I realised everyone was in the same boat and all the other participants in my group seemed like lovely people who were genuinely interested in getting the most out of each week’s lesson. It was clearly structured and easy to navigate each week. From the start, our tutor, Sue White, established a very welcoming and friendly course environment and encouraged everyone within the group to share, question and support each other.”

Kerry Bellett

“The course has been invaluable in many respects: I now know the different types of articles, how to structure an article and much more. Sue is very knowledgeable and an experienced writer. She was very helpful and always answered my questions in detail.”

Vicki Drozdowski

“Great course. Steps you through the elements of writing feature articles and how to get published. Plus they provide loads of examples and information sheets.”

Frith Fairley

“I really enjoyed that the course was informal and extremely informative. Cindy was very knowledgeable and had a relaxed teaching style which meant that as a participant I felt very comfortable. If you want to further your writing ability and potential freelance work then this is a must do. I highly recommend the course.”

Nicole Poole

“Cindy was an engaging facilitator. I particularly loved the deconstruction of published articles Cindy provided a great balance of wry humour, sharing of real experiences and trade knowledge. The Australian Writers’ Centre offers a non-threatening, non-academic approach to writing workshops – a safe place to give writing a go.”

Julie Pearce