Graduate Reviews

Travel Writing

“Sue was great. We all know that she is a renowned freelancer but the way she put the course together and presented it really exceeded my expectations. All 5 modules presented were great insights into the industry. For me, the most valuable part was being able to ask questions to an industry expert and have these answered.”

Lisa Griplas

“I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the ability to have an open conversation with Sue and other participants. I thought that Sue was very knowledgeable and approachable. She made you feel welcome the moment you walked in the door. Her experience definitely shined through. I would say that it’s definitely worth your time and you can learn a lot even if it’s in such a short amount of time.”

Jessica Sykes

“The course gave me great insider knowledge and the confidence to embark on my travel writing journey. Sue was very professional, very knowledgeable and gave excellent feedback. An all round excellent experience. I will be back for more.”

Stella Collier

“I didn’t realise I would actually come away with everything I needed to know about the industry and getting started. Most courses help you get an idea, but I came away from this one with exact steps of how to succeed. The rest is up to me. Sue was fantastic. She had bundles of experience and energy and was happy to share anything and everything. There was nothing she couldn’t answer. She is now a role model for me.”

Catherine Warboys

“I thought that I would be writing an article each week but realise now that the way the assignments were structured was more helpful in preparing me to write good articles. The course is well-structured and well-presented and very industry-relevant.”

Ingrid Gaiotto

“I enjoyed receiving personal feedback on my article (homework). This provided me with guidance and direction to help influence my personal writing style. Sue’s presentation style made me feel like she was reminding me of things that I already know. Her insight and industry specific knowledge and most specifically her enthusiasm is paramount.”

Lisa Gibbs

“I had no idea what to expect but was super impressed with the content of the course. Sue is an excellent teacher and has a lot of information to share. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and she imparts this in a manner that keeps you interested and motivated. The class moves along at a fast pace, but the pace felt perfect for what was being taught. Participation and questions are encouraged. It’s a great course with a great teacher, great location, value for money, and you learn a lot!”

Diane Compton

“Small class group size meant very targeted individual learning with plenty of opportunity to ask and learn. Sue engaged with our group with a warm encouraging and authoritative style. It was very well done considering volume of work covered.”

Debra Howse

“Very informative and created a full insight as to how I could commence writing travel reviews. I enjoyed the contact and open discussion with other participants. Sue was very easy to follow in her approach especially as some of us were real novices. Her explanations were very clear and easily understood.”

Hans van Roosendaal

“The assignment and fast feedback were amazing. So much learning over the 2 days. Sue was very conscientious and passionate. Very generous in her feedback and tips. Great course for learning about travel writing.”

Kate Hill

“Sue was great – very approachable and extremely knowledgeable. She was positive and encouraging, explaining how best to avoid possible setbacks. As she is currently working as a successful travel writer, her expertise proved invaluable. These courses are a great way to jump start your writing career!”

Bronwyn Mason

“Sue gave us all the information we needed to know to get started and achieve our dream of travel writing! The atmosphere was informative yet relaxed, so it was easy to take in the information without feeling overwhelmed with the content. Sue was warm and friendly and very approachable when I had any questions. Her feedback on my essay was practical and useful, now I can judge my own writing with a fresh outlook so much that I want to edit my essay for my own benefit. If you want to learn how to break into the industry, this is a great course. From your style of writing to pitching, there’s so much more to learn.”

Janet Irmler

“Sue was very specific, and she didn’t let you off lightly. I enjoyed listening to all of her feedback on everyone’s work. I felt it helped me learn a lot. AWC runs industry-standard, practical courses that provide you with the necessary tools to embark on a career in communications. You learn through doing and receiving in-depth feedback. Highly recommended.”

Kay Harrison

“I loved how practical the course was. Using real examples distinguishes this course from other information that is available via Google. Getting feedback on the pitch and article was invaluable. Sue was brilliant. Her feedback was excellent and it’s great to know that she’s well published and knows what she’s talking about. Thanks Sue!”

Rebecca Olsen

“I enjoyed doing the exercises and getting a taste of what to expect in the real world. Also doing it in a time that suits me at my own pace. I loved having access to an accomplished writer that writes for the type of publications I aspire to write for in the future. Sue gave honest and constructive feedback and clearly has the experience to do this. It’s a convenient way to expand your knowledge in a field of your interest, that gives you access to experts and constructive feedback, helping you achieve your goals.”

Sandra Shakespeare

“The course was well-staged and scaffolded with a manageable workload. Very much appreciated Sue White’s individual feedback – particularly the audio feedback which was invaluable.

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Valerie Khoo’s audio casts – she speaks with such enthusiasm and passion! Online course delivery was convenient and time-efficient. Very well-organised and easy to use. The best thing about this mode of delivery is the convenience.”

David Sotir

“I really enjoyed the course, the feedback following the submission of assignments was excellent – being able to view feedback on other participant’s writing was very useful. The lessons were easy to listen to, clear and information presented at a good pace to follow and understand. Excellent easy-to-follow course with knowledgeable tutors. Excellent practical feedback and suggestions for story structure improvements great. If you are looking to get your work published, then this is course offers practical advice and examples on the steps to get there.”

Catherine Young

“I enjoyed seeing the ‘theory’ in practice by published writers in the clippings/handouts, and the diversity of ideas from within our group. I appreciated Sue’s approach – professional, constructive and intelligent feedback. Her experience as a successful writer was invaluable and she was very generous in her willingness to share her knowledge. Good value for money, practical information and advice in a really supportive environment.”

Kathy Bowden

“Top course, top tutor, terrific value for money. I loved the instant and constructive feedback. Sue White was exceptional. Her feedback was always succinct, constructive and encouraging. She was patient when we missed the mark on assignments and very generous in sharing her own work, knowledge and ideas. Sue is an admirable blend of knowledgeable, nurturing and challenging. If you came to this course to learn, you couldn’t escape without doing so. If you really want to improve your writing, sign up, and suck up everything an AWC course offers.”

Bronwyn Boekenstein

“It was great to gain an insight into how the travel writing industry works. Sue was very knowledgeable, honest and to-the-point. I found it useful when there was some ‘banter’ or chatting on the online site between participants. It enhanced the learning environment and online classroom. An insightful, value for money course.”

Mal Keeble