Graduate Testimonials

Travel Writing

“I really enjoyed the industry insights and tutor feedback. Sue was fabulous, supporting and gave constructive feedback. It’s a good investment if you’re serious and committed to wanting to learn about travel writing. Thank you Australian Writers’ Centre and I look forward to doing another course soon.”

Janet Russell

“I really enjoyed researching and writing. Sue had plenty of hands on experience and could give practical feedback.”

Gillian Smith

“The atmosphere was informative yet relaxed, so it was easy to take in the information without feeling overwhelmed with the content. Sue was warm and friendly, and very approachable when I had any questions. Her feedback on my essay was practical and useful, and now I can judge my own writing with a fresh outlook. I also found it useful to learn about researching house styles of different magazines to adapt your writing to them! If you want to learn how to break into the industry, this is a great course. From your style of writing to pitching, there’s so much more to learn.”

Janet Irmler

“I enjoyed the small class size and ability to discuss different aspects as we went along. Sue was great – very approachable and extremely knowledgeable. She was positive and encouraging, explaining how best to avoid possible setbacks. As she is currently working as a successful travel writer, and her expertise proved invaluable. Australian Writers’ Centre courses are a great way to jump start your writing career!”

Bronwyn Mason

“Sue was great. We all know that Sue is a renowned freelancer, but the way she put the course together and presented it really exceeded my expectations. All five modules presented were great insights into the industry. For me, the most valuable part was being able to ask questions to an industry expert and have these answered.”

Lisa Griplas

“I liked the energy and empathy in the group. Do it!”

Cath Widdon

“Fantastic. I liked the practical examples and friendly atmosphere. Sue was extremely open to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. For those those who don’t know where to begin, through to someone who has had some articles published but wants to take it to the next level, this course provides the practical knowledge, tools and techniques that you wont find anywhere else.”


“I really enjoyed the course – it was super-informative, and the audio was great. Sue was also great, and her feedback was fantastic.”

Scott Bray

“I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the ability to have an open conversation with Sue and the other participants. I thought that Sue was very knowledgeable and approachable, she made you feel welcome from the moment you walked through the door. Her experience definitely shone through. It is definitely worth your time and you can learn a lot even if it is in such a short amount of time.”

Jessica Sykes

“I loved it all! Especially doing the homework. Sue was very professional, very knowledgeable and gave excellent feedback.

Stella Collier

“I liked the location, the group and the interesting content. Sue was professional, funny, experienced and generous with her information.”

Penny Bell

“I really enjoyed that it didn’t feel like a regular class with handouts that didn’t add much value or rigid powerpoint slides that the teacher couldn’t deviate from. Sue was fantastic. She had bundles of experience and energy and was happy to share anything and everything There was nothing she couldn’t answer. She is now a role model for me. Do it, you will get everything yo need to make this a possibility if it is what you really want.”

Catherine Warboys

“I learnt a lot about travel destinations which I really enjoyed. Sue was very helpful.”

Heather Willson

“Seeing the ‘theory’ in practice by published writers in the handouts, and the diversity of ideas from within the group was my favourite part of the course. I appreciated Sue’s approach – professional, constructive and intelligent feedback. Her experience as a successful writer was invaluable and she was very generous in her willingness to share her knowledge. It was good value for money, practical information and advice in a really supportive environment.”

Kathy Bowden

“It was great to have very practical advice in relation to pitching. Sue was great, helpful and very experienced. Do it!”

Catherine Pelosi

“You genuinely learn practical skills and insight into the freelance travel writing industry. Sue’s feedback was invaluable and constructive. One of the main reasons I enrolled was because the tutor was an actively published travel writer. I really enjoyed my first ever online course. It was great to feel so engaged and challenged from your own living room. The course was brilliantly engaging and practical way to learn new skills and insights. The Australian Writers’ Centre offers a contemporary approach to learning and a portal to the world of published writers.”

Kylie Roberts

“I enjoyed reading the travel articles and reading other classmates work. I also left with a great understanding of the industry and what it takes to become a part of it. I am overseas, so it was perfect for me to complete it online. It was a well structured course so online was perfect. If you are looking to get into travel writing or any other form of writing then it is worth looking at Australian Writers’ Centre as they have easy to understand courses run by professionals.”

Rohan Shaw

“I enjoyed everything about Travel Writing. The online audios were fantastic and Valerie’s commentary was extremely interesting. I also liked Sue’s honest and constructive feedback. It was very to complete the course online – I liked the fact that you could access the material early Monday morning and had a full week to complete the module.”

Kirsti Salvado

“I learnt more from Travel Writing in 5 weeks than I did completing an 18 month online travel writing course elsewhere. Sue’s feedback was always constructive. If you are interested in travel writing, this is the best course to do.”

Glenn Marshall

“This is the first online course I have done and I found it easy to follow. It gave me great flexibility on when and where to listen to the audio files. Often this was on my balcony overlooking the ocean. It’s great that a course such as this is so accessible to people. It was a thorough, well-paced and innovative course that is essential if you want to consider any form of travel writing.”

Vivien Henesey-Smith