Graduate Testimonials

Write Your Novel: 6-month Program

“Thank you for all your words of wisdom and guidance for the last six months. What a wonderful environment to have written what I have now, something I don’t think I could have accomplished without you and this class.”

Russell Burden

“I enjoyed meeting like minded writers that were experiencing similar issues in their writing. I met one of my classmates face to face in Shanghai when I had to go there for work, and will maintain contact. Cathie was very thorough in providing feedback. Quite direct in some of her comments as well, which in hindsight was a good thing.”

Bridget Ransome

“I liked having direct interaction with Cathie. She is clearly extremely knowledgeable and her feedback invaluable. It’s a fantastic opportunity to not only get feedback from a tutor, who is currently involved in the industry, but from peers.”

Kirstie Bedford

“My favourite parts were the structural review at the beginning, the audio feedback on each of the sections and feedback from other participants. We were very lucky to have Cathie. She was able to provide some excellent ideas and suggestions. She supports you in taking your novel to a higher level and gives you a real sense of achievement and direction so that you know what you need to do next.”

Michelle Anne Webb

“This process is wonderful. All of a sudden it’s like a light has been turned on and things seem clearer. Now my job is to translate this onto the page.”

Claire Nice

“If you want to write that novel, then the Australian Writers’ Centre is the place to begin.”

Simon Milliner

“Pamela is great. She is very generous with her time and always provides feedback in the form of questions. She leaves us to our own creative process and guides us by forcing us to ask the tough questions of our story, characters and themes. The workshopping was also invaluable.”

Anika Berkman

“I loved being surrounded by like-minded and creative people. Pamela is excellent. She shares her insights freely, encourages us and gives constructive criticism to make us the best writers we can be.”

Carolyn Francis

“The best thing about the course was getting feedback from Pamela and the students on work we submitted. Pamela really knows her genres. She always provided insightful and constructive comments which made a real difference to my work.”

Margaret Rochford

“Working with Pamela was great. She strikes the right balance between tough love and empathy and genuinely believes in helping the work. She won’t lie to make you feel better! Take this course and make the commitment to yourself. You won’t regret it.

Melissa Sargent

“This course really improved my craft and I’ve made real progress with my manuscript. Pamela was breathtaking as always – inspiring, insightful and full of wisdom.”

Maureen Collins