Graduate Testimonials

How to Write for Children and Young Adults

“The Australian Writers’ Centre helped improve my writing skills and played a part in me becoming an author. The courses kept me motivated, brought other opportunities and connected me with other writers (who are now close friends). Self-publishing my first novel was a huge achievement in my writing career and would not have been possible had I not worked on the craft of writing through the Australian Writers Centre.”

Lisa Fleetwood

“I did take a lot away from the course. There were various ideas and tips which were lightbulb moments which were quite powerful. The written material was excellent. Listening to the audio while reading the handouts is really useful and provides a ‘double dipping’ way of reinforcing the useful information.”

Amanda Snowden

“I liked being able to chat to people in the same boat as me – hearing everyone’s ideas and being forced to confront my writing fears. Jude was fantastic – she supportive of everyone and extremely knowledgeable. I feel much more confident and inspired, and was able to pinpoint areas that had been giving me difficulty.”

Katya Dibb

“I liked the group interaction. Jude was very enthusiastic about her subject. I now know that I can do it, I just need to apply myself and do some writing every day.”

Sue Stewart

“I enjoyed sharing ideas with others. Jude was fabulous. She really created a safe space for all and encouraged everyone wholeheartedly. The way Jude had us think about voice really opened up ideas for me.”

Emma Steeper

“I really enjoyed Judith, she was knowledgeable, passionate and fun. The time just whizzed past. The Australian Writers’ Centre tutors are fabulous. Save up and go. I’m very glad I went!”

Gabi Fisher

“I loved submitting the assignments for all participants to read and feedback on. It was terrifying and satisfying all at the same time! Judith’s feedback was invaluable, thought-provoking and pointed me in the direction I need to go. It was relevant content, delivered in a professional and passionate way. The course provided me with practical tools that I can start using immediately in my writing and the online classroom, peers, and tutor inspired me to keep going.”

Meran Robinson

“Judith was fantastic! So well-balanced in her comments about assignments and always leaving her students with a sense of hope! The course was great, you will come away with a much stronger knowledge base of what you need to do to find success in your chosen field of writing.”

Trisha Wilson

“The feedback from Judith Ridge was useful and interesting, especially being able to read her feedback on other participants’ work. The examples from published books that were used in the course notes to illustrate a point in the audio were excellent”.

Rebecca Newman

“I enjoyed being able to do the course in my own time. I got a lot out of sharing my work and reading the work of my classmates. Judith Ridge was excellent! Very informative.”

Elizabeth Pigott

“I have got lots of ideas about getting started. I have gained so much knowledge and insight now. Judith and Pamela were very knowledgeable and warm presenters.”

Margaret Fitzgibbon

“I have a much clearer understanding of my own writing style preferences now thanks to the course and Judith’s invaluable sharing of information.”

Barbara Hawes

“It was lots of fun, Judith was a great teacher and it gave me the motivation and confidence I needed to write a children’s book. She was an enthusiastic, interesting and knowledgeable teacher who was a pleasure to listen to and learn from.”

Elice Coffey

“I learned a lot about how to write. I can now get writing! It was great to have inside knowledge from an experienced editor.”

Joy Mortimer

“It has encouraged me to find my writers voice and that it is ok to write and not be published straight away but to just enjoy the journey of writing.”

Karen Hendbark

“This was a thoroughly accessible, non-intimidating way to begin thinking seriously about the process of writing books for young children. Judith was excellent in all regards.”

Katherine Norbury

“I have used what we discussed in my own writing and now have a better understanding of the writing process.”

Peter Latimer

“This is the first course I have ever done on writing so it was all worthwhile. I now understand some of the pitfalls of writing and some aspects of writing that were previously intuitive. Judith Ridge is not just a very capable and knowledgeable presenter but a very approachable person willing to spend time helping people. This goes beyond the classroom.”

Annette Moran

“Judith was excellent, very experienced and could offer a broad knowledge of the industry from different perspectives (academic, publishing, writing, teaching). She was so helpful and had lots of stories to illustrate what she taught.”

Clare Cannon

“I enjoyed Judith’s wonderful enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the topic. I now have much more detailed knowledge of the children’s publishing market. The course inspired me to sign up for the Creative Writing course.”

Angharad Dalton