Graduate Reviews

Writing Picture Books

An excellent online course – practical, positive and useful feedback.

Dianne Scotte

“I did the online Writing Picture Books course 6 months ago.
Six months later and I’m 10 picture book manuscripts down. Four still with our editor at A Worded Life (amazing by the way) and 6 with our agent Alex Adsett being pitched to publishers.
The course was just what I needed to give me the structure and clarity around pictures book writing.”

Hakea Hustler

Zanni was incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge and understanding, and really took the time to consider my stories and provide useful and constructive feedback. I was impressed by her passion for picture books and her commitment to helping aspiring writers to achieve their goals.

Talitha Sawley

Zanni was absolutely committed to our success, compassionate, and brilliantly knowledgeable. I was delighted and astounded by the breadth of her insight.

Deborah Huff-Horwood

Zanni is an excellent tutor! Her feedback was always very useful, she delivered it in such a reassuring way, providing much positive reinforcement balanced with excellent and constructive criticism. I was very inspired by her advice and ideas.

Emma Kate Phillips

This is the best online course I have ever done. I normally feel like I am just reading a text book and teaching myself with online study, but with this course, I definitely felt I was receiving input from a teacher and I learnt a lot.

Jennifer Reeks

This course exceeded my expectations because of two things. 1) Jude was a wonderful presenter and her enthusiasm and encouragement made for a great space, especially when sharing work. 2) The attendees were fantastic. A great group of people who already possess wonderful stories (and I am sure will be published). It was great to meet like minded people and the entire weekend inspired me.

Emma Armstrong

The Australian Writers’ Centre delivers an excellent Picture Book Writing course which combines high quality content, resources and materials with expert tutors. Aspiring writers couldn’t find a better place to begin, develop and refine their picture book writing craft.

Talitha Sawley

Thank you for providing such valuable tools and making them so easily accessible no matter where you are in Australia and what time you have. It makes such a difference. So thank you.

Kristy Sumich

Thank you Australian Writers Centre for taking me one huge step closer to achieving my dream of publishing my own picture story book one day. This has been an experience I’ll never forget.

Kass Papuga

So much more than I expected! Cathie has a wealth of knowledge and I was interested and engaged from start to finish. Cathie went above and beyond to tailor each section to the attendees, even making an extra effort to bring in specific books on the second day that were similar to what we were all aiming for.

Mistie Dal Molin

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and now feel very inspired to take my writing to the next level. It was the perfect mix of practical and theoretical content. I loved it so much that I have enrolled in the Picture Books Masterclass.

Emma Kate Phillips

I loved the assignments and it was exactly what I wanted. I have gotten in the habit of writing every week. I love Zanni’s feedback. She is very good at delivering feedback that is practical. The assignments and handouts were great too!

Danielle Palm

Honestly, the AWC is the best place to start your writing career, especially if you’re like me and have zero, nada, zilch writing experience. This is the 3rd course I’ve completed through the centre and this one was definitely the best.

Natasha D’Arcy

Australian Writers’ Centre is THE PLACE to learn about children’s picture books. The face to face experience was amazing.

Mistie Dal Molin

I enrolled in your ‘Writing for Picture Books’ course in 2017 and absolutely loved it. I just wanted to share that after eighteen months and over 300 hours of work, I have written, illustrated and published my first picture book! Thank you for delivering outstanding courses. I would not have gotten anywhere without those as a launching pad.

Kasey Baines

“It was surprising how much content was covered in the audio and I loved the handouts to scribble on while listening. This was my first ever online course and it just flowed very nicely from one module to the next. I was nervous about posting assignments for everyone to read at first, but after awhile it just gave me more confidence and encouraged a supportive group environment.”

Kelly Hunter

“It’s a really thorough course which takes you through all the elements with great audio and handouts. I think it is world-class.”

Pip Eve

“Do not submit a manuscript until you do this course. Absolutely a must do! I’ve come away with so much knowledge that I didn’t know I needed. It was great fun too! Thank you so much for giving me a fabulous five weeks to try something for myself. It was fabulous.”

Donna Louise Jones

“Amazing online learning environment where you have a tutor that gives you personal feedback along with your peers.”

Natalie Klein