Graduate Testimonials

Writing Picture Books

“The content in Writing Picture Books was detailed, clearly worked through, and there were lots of opportunities to ask questions. The take home notes were a strong point of the course for me, I know I will refer to them again and again in the future. I enjoyed meeting the presenter and the other participants. I also enjoyed the challenge of writing a book, presenting it and receiving feedback. Zanni Louise was excellent. She was humble, though she has a lot of experience and success in the field. She was knowledgable, sensitive in the way she gave us feedback on our work, and encouraging. If you’re serious about taking their writing to the next level, then do the course.”

Lynelle Kendall

“At Writing Picture Books I enjoyed meeting other aspiring authors and hearing the stories they had written. I really liked listening to Zanni Louise as she was very warm and generous with her experiences and knowledge. She treated us all as equals capable of being published. She understood our passion for writing picture books and demonstrated her own passion and love for her craft. I would say that it is a course well worth doing where you are treated as a peer and welcomed into the fold. The depth of information provided is invaluable. All the people doing the course were lovely and we all learnt from each other under Zanni’s guidance.”

Jennifer Jennings

“Writing Picture Books had a quality presenter, strong resources, generosity of delivery, and a great space. Zanni Louise has a beautiful mix of knowledge, experience and truth – wrapped up in a very warm and encouraging persona. It’s an achievable course that provides the tools and resources to really understand crafting picture books at a professional level. A huge thank you.”

Katie O’Connell

“The Writing Picture Books course exceeded my expectations. Zanni Louise is an excellent presenter for this genre! I enjoyed her real-world experience and being able to share ideas in a group setting. She’s a lovely presenter – easy to listen to and approachable. The Australian Writers’ Centre offer excellent courses with a lot of very useful content in a short timeframe.”

Wendy Andrews

“Judith Rossell was knowledgeable, encouraging and affirming. I also found the interaction with other aspiring and experienced writers most enlightening. I have lots of ideas but needed the structure and practical advice provided in this course. I enjoyed exploring a wide range of picture books for children, from the perspective of the audience, including the design, text and illustrations. Doing a course at the Australian Writers’ Centre is well worthwhile, they offer creative and practical advice which might just be the catalyst you need to overcome writers block.”

Anne Carolin

“Writing Picture Books took away that daunting factor of  ‘how do I go about writing a book?’. The course was laid out in a very easy to follow and comprehend way. I enjoyed the clarity of presentation and being able to express myself in a friendly environment. Judith Rossell was an excellent guide and I felt very comfortable being back in a classroom environment after more years than I care to remember! She loves her subject, and had the perfect balance between being serious and amusing at the same time. This course tears down the wall of fear and lays out how simple the task is, except of course the missing ingredient, which is you own original idea.”

David Richards

“The presenter was very knowledgeable and approachable. I enjoyed the interaction, camaraderie and relationships formed. My one major learning moment during this course was that I worked out what works for me, and what kind of books I should write.”


“It was well worth giving up a weekend for – I felt supported and was given great feedback as well as vital information and leads to follow to pursue my dream of creating picture books. The room had a lovely relaxed feel and the venue was great with clean amenities. I enjoyed the feedback about my specific writing interest. Also that our presenter could offer such diverse advice. Cathie Tasker is a font of knowledge and experience with contacts, tips and a proven track record of coaching authors to publishing stage. Oh gosh, I had so many lightbulb moments. Thank you, Cathie. I feel honoured to have had the chance to learn from you. If you’re thinking about doing the course, you should do it! Do it for clear direction, qualified expertise and insider tips. “

Fiona Scully

“I found Cathie very approachable when we have individual questions we want to pick her brains on. She is very open and willing to provide feedback. I found that to be the most valuable part of the course. Do the course for the writing skills. It really forces you to rethink what you put down on the page in a succinct way.”

Clara Chung

“I really appreciated that the course was run over a weekend, this made it easier for me to attend. Cathie Tasker is a very down to earth and humble presenter, who makes everyone feel their dream is achievable. The course was held at a fantastic location. I enjoyed the small class size, and the classroom helped to build a connection amongst the group.”

Janet Crothers

“Cathie Tasker was incredible – honest, upfront and respectful of each student’s needs. We were all given the time to explore what could be possible through research and letting thoughts settle. The group was diverse and very communicative, making the weekend a very wonderful experience. There was lots of sharing of who they were… it felt like a community.

Cathie was professional, very knowledgeable and honest – a great contribution to the group, not just as a teacher but as part of the community that was built together. The Writing Picture Books is an opportunity to go beyond what you think is possible. It will provide you with the skills knowledge and structure to begin story telling. It will also give you permission to tell a story about your passions, sending a wonderful message to the world that will make such a difference.”

Julie Routledge

“The course was enjoyable and useful. Cathie Tasker was knowledgeable with lots of experience.”

Renee McBryde

“Thank you for an amazing course! I so wish that I’d found Cathie years ago instead of floundering around by myself trying to work it all out. I’ve read a lot of books like Ann Whitford Paul’s Writing Picture Books and have done several other short children’s writing workshops, none of which came close to the depth that your course provides. Your expertise was so valuable, and the content was specific, practical and useful. The handouts will be a resource I return to again and again. I was exhausted by the end of the weekend course, but also inspired. I feel now like I’ve got a better understanding of how it all works and some great tools to use for improving and developing my writing. Thank you so much.”

Arna Radovich

“Cathie, thank you for your insightful comments during this informative course. My dream has always been to publish my own picture books, and now I have the confidence to pursue that dream.”

Dannielle Viera

“I absolutely loved the course. Cathie gave us an in-depth and realistic perspective of the writing process and getting published, while being positive about the opportunities. Her knowledge is absolutely invaluable. She has inspired me to get back into my writing – and to put it out there! The course was definitely worth flying in for.”

Louise Creely

“Cathie’s presentation really gave us something to chew on, each module was very substantial and has given me a lot to revise and refer to after the course. She brought so much knowledge and experience to the course, she’s awesome.”

Allyson Croft

“It was so interesting learning about the process of picture book production and colouring. Cathie is thoroughly knowledgeable about picture books and gave us fantastic information about the process.”

Victoria Hannah

“The information was so valuable. Loved Cathie – she was very knowledgeable and constantly dropped gold nuggets of information that I think would be very hard to find elsewhere. I had to rewrite all my stories and now they’re much better. I’m more confident in my skills.”

Andrew Dittmer

“I never thought I’d say this, but I really enjoyed the homework assignments. They kept my mind in a place I love to be all week long. Cathie is an expert and gave valuable advice on how to improve our writing. Do the course! It will set you free. Thank you Australian Writers’ Centre!”

Kelli Thomas

“I really enjoyed the way that one section led to another and gradually gave us the full picture and the way that Judith presented examples and kept it moving involved everyone. She was so supportive but also gently firm in her expectations. Her comments on our work were encouraging, helpful and supportive. The publishing aspect was invaluable. Judith really knew what she was talking about, was very personable and freely shared from her wealth of experience in a very friendly and humorous way. Go and do it!”

Marueen Brown