Graduate Reviews

Writing Picture Books

“It was surprising how much content was covered in the audio and I loved the handouts to scribble on while listening. This was my first ever online course and it just flowed very nicely from one module to the next. I was nervous about posting assignments for everyone to read at first, but after awhile it just gave me more confidence and encouraged a supportive group environment.”

Kelly Hunter

“It’s a really thorough course which takes you through all the elements with great audio and handouts. I think it is world-class.”

Pip Eve

“Do not submit a manuscript until you do this course. Absolutely a must do! I’ve come away with so much knowledge that I didn’t know I needed. It was great fun too! Thank you so much for giving me a fabulous five weeks to try something for myself. It was fabulous.”

Donna Louise Jones

“Amazing online learning environment where you have a tutor that gives you personal feedback along with your peers.”

Natalie Klein

“Never thought a children’s picture book had so many ‘rules’. This course is super helpful to put novice writers on the right track.”

Tracey Lewis

“There’s more to a picture book then you think. This is a good introduction to writing one. You don’t need any experience and sharing your work isn’t awkward. The feedback is positive and honest.”

Aster Maryse Looije

“I think I was surprised that it was so much formula..and I felt that I could do this …now to let the creative ideas run wild! Zanni was great, super positive and encouraging. Thank you, my head is spinning with ideas everyday. I am keeping a notebook handy and jotting down words & inspiring ideas. It’s like a little creative meditation that I can get lost in any spare minutes I have. I also feel I have loads of time to let all this unfold…that’s how it’s meant to be. That’s like a breath of fresh air in a world of rush rush hurry hurry.”

Kelly Guyatt

“Thank you for providing an affordable course, it really is appreciated. When studying and trying to get ahead it’s really really hard these days to be given such a great platform to learn at a price you can afford.”

Kate Maloney

“Excellent course for writers wanting to learn or hone their craft. And the online course allows you the time to process the information in your own time and way – very important for introverts!”” “”I was concerned that the online course might be second tier to a face-to face-one, however it’s the opposite! Online is such a great way for me to take the time to digest the info and to have the confidence to speak up in class.”

Catherine Meatheringham

“If they have any interest in writing picture books, this course will give them a really good start in terms of understanding the industry and what standard, rules, etc. are expected from publishers.”

Kelli Jones

“Cathie was wonderful. Very generous with her knowledge, encouragement and heaps of informative ideas. I did not realise how complex this topic was and am so pleased to have been part of the student body in the class. It certainly opened my eyes into understanding this genre. I learnt quite a lot. It has taught me how to map out a children’s story. The presenters at AWC are exceptionally experienced and enthusiastic. Their backgrounds in the genre are well established and their feedback is very encouraging.”

Beryce Beverley Kerr

“The course was full on…but in retrospect was the best way to have students go beyond what they felt they could achieve. The teacher, Cathie Tasker was incredible, firm, honest, upfront, and at the same time respectful of each students’ needs, having them explore what could be possible through research and letting their thoughts settle. The group was diverse and very communicative, making the weekend a very wonderful experience; lots of sharing of who they were and their lives – it felt like a community. This course is an opportunity to go beyond what you think is possible. It will provide you with the skills, knowledge and structure to begin story telling. It will
also give you permission to tell a story about your passions – sending a wonderful message to the world that will make such a difference”

Julie Routledge

“I found Cathie very approachable when we have individual questions that we wanted to pick her brains on. She was very open and willing to provide feedback. I found that to be the most valuable part of the course. Do it. Do it for the writing skills. It really forces you to rethink what you put down on the page in a succinct way.“

Clara Chung

“Well worth giving up a weekend for – I felt supported and was given great feedback as well as vital information and leads to follow to pursue my dream of creating picture books. Oh my gosh, Cathie is a font of knowledge and experience with contacts, tips and a proven track record of coaching authors to publishing stage. Do it! Do it for clear direction, qualified expertise and insider tips. Thank you, Cathie. I feel honoured to have had the chance to learn from you.“

Fiona Scully

“Cathie is a fabulous teacher – engaging, helpful, encouraging, honest and direct. She was also generous with her information which was obviously gained from experience. Cathie is a very giving presenter and she gave each of her students her full attention, providing feedback relevant to each of us individually.”

Jenni Vogler

“Cathie was very knowledgeable. I was particularly impressed with the professional and patient manner in which she answered questions.”

Liz Lee

“Cathie was very knowledgeable about the topic. I appreciated her honest and clear feedback. It was a great course and I would thoroughly recommend it to friends and colleagues.”

Jenni Beaumont-Hunt

“That the materials and content were very clear, both in written form and in presentation. Good variety of activities, videos, discussion etc. Cathie was extremely professional, friendly and inclusive — and really ‘knows her stuff’! If you want to improve your skills it’s necessary to ‘invest’ in your writing. This course was definitely worth doing – a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of writing picture books from go to whoa!”

Arna Radovich

“I loved Cathie. Such a warm and generous teacher with a plethora of knowledge and tips. I am so inspired by her. I also enjoyed the feedback that Cathie gave the class as we analysed everyone’s work. There was something relevant for each of us to take away. Great location and fabulous teachers.”

Sharita Russell

“Course was amazing, so much information and practical things to help with writing, go for it. Such an experienced presenter who clearly knew so much information and shared willingly. Course handouts fantastic too. Supportive other participants were nice as well.”

Larissa Collins