Graduate Reviews

Writing for the Web and Mobile

Grant was extremely knowledgeable. We worked at a really manageable pace. The course formulated really natural discussions with the group. I felt very inspired when I left because Grant equipped us with fabulous resources and simple key messages.

Emily Fredrickson

A world class course – the AWC equips you with great tools and you walk out feeling like a pro.

Emily Fredrickson

“I enjoyed the collaborative and interactive nature of the day. As it was a small class, there was a lot of opportunity to all have input, and to view and critique each other’s websites and learn together. Grant asked us for input throughout the day as well as imparting a lot of knowledge as well. Grant obviously has lots of knowledge in this area and is an engaging presenter. He took people’s ideas on board and used natural segues to other content when the opportunity arose rather than strictly following the set order of the material. That provided a nice natural flow of learning. The course I attended was interesting, full of great information and presented in an engaging and relaxed way. The location is lovely, and as an organisation they seem to have a good sense of humour.”

Sarah Taylor

“Grant had a knack of engaging the class as a whole to create a more intimate atmosphere.
The Meta data was fun. He was experienced, knowledgeable and a took genuine interest in each individual. Happy to answer and do anything for us. Grant was also very encouraging! If you’re into any kind of writing, I recommend doing a course with AWC – they cover everything!”

Terri Kozlik

“I liked Grant’s presentation skills and ability to deliver the information in such a practical and generous manner. I had NO knowledge of writing for the web and this course has given me so much confidence. AWC have a huge array of courses that are tailored to anyone and everyone. A great community of writers that are really supportive.”

Tanya Nellestein

“Grant was relaxed and very approachable. I learnt so much. He is a great presenter. I really connected with his teaching style and was inspired by what he had to say. I enjoyed learning new things and feeling that I can come back to work with solid understanding and the ability to execute my website project with confident. Grant was engaging and professional. AWC offers excellent courses that are value for money. They employ quality presenters. You’ll come away with a sense of accomplishment.”

Michelle Favero

“Grant is a great teacher and has the perfect personality for this kind of work. Patient, engaging, knowledgeable. Grant has a truly diverse range of work experiences, coupled with a data-driven well of knowledge to draw on when teaching this course.”

Fiona Forsyth

“Exceptional teaching, great interaction in the class. Learnt so much. Grant was knowledgeable, great at engaging with the audience and kept a good learning pace. It is so worth it. You learn a heck of a lot in a fun and friendly learning environment.”

Ben Moroney

“I enjoyed the focus on planning writing in complex environments with many stakeholders, and Grant’s examples from current clients. Grant was really good – he challenged without ever offending, and seemed extremely experienced and knowledgeable.”

Dean Williamson

“The presenter was skilled at managing people from many different sectors. Good balance of anecdotes and information. They kept it at a good pace, moved us on and kept to time. Very well -un course. A great learning experience and well worth the cost.”

Mairin Gibbes

“Grant was experienced, knowledgeable and a took genuine interest in each individual. He also had a knack of engaging the class as a whole to create a more intimate atmosphere, and was very encouraging! If you’re into any kind of writing, I recommend doing a course with the Australian Writers’ Centre – they cover everything!”

Terri Kozlik

Great course and very knowledgeable instructor! I found the whole day to be very enjoyable and beneficial to help me with my current job. I liked that Grant asked us for examples from our workplace. He obviously keeps updated with the web and this was reflected in the course.


Catherine Z

“All of it was great! Grant was a very knowledgeable presenter. He packed a great amount into the day and yet it never felt rushed. Book in! The course definitely exceeded my expectations.”

Yvette Barry

Grant was professional, approachable, knowledgeable with good industry experience. He responded thoughtfully to questions and provided valuable feedback. The course was very informative and current and it was a good opportunity to hear about current practices and trends across industries. Excellent facilities and location, with relaxed learning environment.

Alana Seymour

Grant had a relaxed and friendly style, obviously knows his subject matter well, used lots of real-world examples, and he paced the day well.

Alexandra Abrahams

“I thought the Writing for the Web course was very informative, comprehensive and Grant was an engaging instructor who has lots of real-world experience to draw from.

I know I will use what I have learned as I expand my business as a freelance writer/editor.”

Alex Abrahams

“I really enjoyed the focus on the way people take in information on the web. I went back to work and redesigned our website. I now feel like I have a better idea of how to effectively arrange and write website copy.”

Marina Cilona

“Good presenter and excellent and well structured course content.”

Leanne Anderson

“The presenter has a wealth of knowledge and experience in copywriting for the web, demonstrated through his references to past and current formats for online copy, technology influencers, as well as the timelessness of grammar and structure of the English language. It was a really well-structured course that moved through the four stages to produce user-friendly web copy across a broad spectrum of audiences, with some hands-on exercises to practice your technique and learn from others.”

Carolyn Eade

“For me, the seminar highlighted that I am writing for my audience, not myself. Grant maintained interest; involved the participants and inspired confidence. He is a good teacher and communicator.”

Max Warren