Why Australian Writers' Centre?

If you have a writing goal, we’ll have a writing course to match - with beginner courses, genre courses and advanced programs to help you achieve great things.


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Learn from world-class presenters

When you enrol in one of our classroom or tutor-led online courses, you’re not just getting practical, industry-specific content – you’ll also have the knowledge and experience of some of Australia’s top authors, publishers, journalists, bloggers and communications experts to tap into!

We hand-pick each one of our insanely talented presenters to ensure you’re learning from the best in the business. And every day our graduates tell us how that extra dollop of “know-how” or advice helped them to get published, score book deals, get promotions or change careers. We’ll be blunt. You won’t find presenters this fabulous anywhere else.

Become part of a dynamic, nurturing community

We’re proud to say that our students come from all walks of life, experiences and locations. Because great writing can, quite literally, come from anywhere. The Australian Writers’ Centre is like the complete opposite of writer’s block – a place where inspiration, encouragement and motivation don’t just reside – they thrive.

As well as the camaraderie fostered between students and presenters in the courses themselves, we also offer special graduate forums – amazing places to get advice or share successes. Add to this our regular meet-ups, weekly newsletters and incredible resources like our blog and podcast and you have one amazing and active writing community!

Meet AWC founder and CEO, Valerie Khoo


Creating a vibrant writing community was certainly the aim of founder Valerie Khoo when she launched AWC back in 2005. If you haven’t heard of Valerie, here's what you need to know. With her fingers in a ridiculous number of pies, Valerie is an award-winning feature writer, the author of six books, journalist, mentor to various writers and entrepreneurs, and has worn many other hats including that of magazine editor, business owner and public speaker.

She started her working life as an accountant, but switched careers to pursue her passion for writing, and is now passionate about helping others do the same.

When Valerie was an aspiring writer a lifetime ago, she wished a place existed where she could have learnt everything to get her started on the right foot. Not a lengthy university degree, but rather a fast-tracked “push” that gave writers the confidence to take the next step – armed with industry knowledge that would normally take years to learn on their own. So she created that exact place, and you’re on its website right now!

Valerie is an active part of the Australian Writers’ Centre, co-hosting our popular podcast So you want to be a writer and sharing her weekly insights through our newsletter.
Feel free to drop her a line and say “hi”!

But hey, don't just take our words for it...

“The Australian Writers’ Centre is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to springboard into writing – whether as a full time career, or a part time pursuit. Four years later, I look back and I’m truly thankful that I took the first step. The only person stopping you from leading the life you want is you, and if writing is part of that dream, then enrolling at AWC is a great first step to take. Just do it!”

Georgia Rickard, former editor of Australian Traveller and Australian Health Food Guide

“If you want to be a writer, the Australian Writers’ Centre is a great place to learn. You can’t force writing but you can refine it. AWC helps with this. It’s also a good way to surround yourself with people that want to be doing it, too. You get to hear from published authors that have all been there, done that. The time when I took the first writing course was definitely a landmark time in my life – and the Australian Writers’ Centre was a part of that.”

Jessica Shirvington, author of Embrace series, Between the Lines, and Disruption series

“Attending the course was a massive revelation. It was literally a light bulb moment. I sat the whole time with my mouth open and couldn’t believe that I could possibly earn money doing what I loved to do – I could pursue it as a legitimate career path. I wish someone had told me this was possible 20 years ago.”

Victoria Birch, writer for Essential Baby and Essential Kids