Winners 2013

Best Australian Blog 2013 overall winner

cookrepublicSelecting the winners for the Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition was very difficult because the quality of entrants this year was extremely high. The category judges were faced with an almost impossible task of selecting only one winner from their five finalists. The scores in the final rounds have never been closer.

The winner of the Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition is Sneh Roy for her blog Cook Republic. Sneh won the Lifestyle category, which had 480 entries. The total number of entries in the competition was 1122.

Sneh's blog is full of great recipes, gorgeous pictures and beautiful writing. Several of the judges commented on how impressive it was to see an independent blogger producing so much outstanding content.

2013 category winners

Congratulations to all the winners in the Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition.

Personal and Parenting winner

dp-ReservoirDadreservoirdadReservoir Dad

Personal and Parenting category judge Kerri Sackville on Reservoir Dad:
"If David Sedaris had got married and had kids, he would have been Reservoir Dad. RD's writing is fall-on-the-floor funny, sharp, witty and just a little bit sexy. Love."

Lifestyle/Hobby winner

dp-SnehRoycookrepublicCook Republic - Sneh Roy

Lifestyle/Hobby category judge Marina Go on
Cook Republic:
"Wow. What a beautiful site that takes you on Sneh's food journey. Sneh is a story-teller. I love that you can print the recipes, indicating that Sneh has thought hard about how her audience might utilise them. The food photography is stunning."

Business winner

dp-SuziDafnisherbusinessherBusiness - Suzi Dafnis

Business category judge Robert Gerrish on herBusiness:
"I've long admired the work of Suzi and the team at ABN. Everything they do brims with quality and professionalism and their blog is a classic example - perfectly targeted, well written and timely. This is how business blogging should be."

Words and Writing winner

dp-StephanieCampisireadinasinglesittingRead in a Single Sitting - Stephanie Campisi

Words and Writing category judge Brandon Van Over on Read in a Single Sitting:
"I found Read in a Single Sitting really thoughtful, diverse in content, accessible and well designed. You can see the passion that goes into it, without screaming, 'I'm passionate!'."

Commentary winner

dp-PaulaMatthewsonAusVotesAusVotes 2013

Editor: Paula Matthewson
AusVotes contributors: Beachdair, Ed Butler, El Gibbs, Lyn Calcutt, Richard Chirgwin, Kathryn Crosby, Paul Davis, Paula Matthewson, Nathan Lenten, Samuel Mullins, M Nash, Nick Osbaldiston, pseudomorph, Andrew Tied, Preston Towers, Damien Walker, Whit Goughlam.

Commentary category judge Greg Jericho on AusVotes 2013:
"Ausvotes2013 has quickly become a source of interesting and informative writing and equally intelligent discussion. It provides viewpoints from across the political spectrum and has displayed that the blogging space is not set in stone. It is a worthy addition to the political discourse especially in an election year."

People's Choice Award

homeiownHome I Own - Chris Lang

The most popular blog is Chris Lang's Home I Own, which received 1,468 votes. A total of 16,361 people voted in the People's Choice Awards. Congratulations Chris!

Special Award winners - New Blog

Hello May

Special Award winners - Outstanding Advocacy Post

Don’t just wear a white ribbon...Start the conversation

Special Award winners - Outstanding Humorous Post

Ben Pobjie's Wonderful World Of Objects
The time is now

Special Award winners - Outstanding Use of Photography

The Hungry Australian
Exploring Dubai: Spices, Diamonds, Gold, Fruit & Veg.

Finalists 2013

Congratulations to all the finalists in the Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition.

Commentary finalists

finalistscommentary-AusVotesAusVotes 2013 - Drag0nista


finalistscommentary-BenPobjiesBen Pobjie's Wonderful World of Objects - Ben Pobjie


finalistscommentary-CinemaAutopsyCinema Autopsy - Thomas Caldwell


finalistscommentary-FailedEstateThe Failed Estate - Mr Denmore


finalistscommentary-DepthVariesOnly The Depth Varies - Sally Piracha



Lifestyle/Hobby finalists

finalistslifestyle-BushwalkingBlogBushwalking Blog - Neil Fahey


finalistslifestyle-CookRepublicCook Republic - Sneh Roy


finalistslifestyle-TheCookWhoKnewNothingThe Cook Who Knew Nothing - Tanya Zouev


finalistslifestyle-TheHungryAustralianThe Hungry Australian - Christina Soong-Kroeger


finalistslifestyle-TimeTravelTurtleTime Travel Turtle - Michael Turtle



Personal and Parenting finalists

finalistspersonal-aboutabuggAbout a Bugg – Renee Bugg


finalistspersonal-ReservoirDadReservoir Dad – Reservoir Dad


finalistspersonal-TaraMossTara Moss's Blog – Tara Moss


finalistspersonal-thechookhouseThe Chook House – Nicole Lobry de Bruyn


finalistspersonal-GoodGoogsZoey Martin – Zoey Martin



Business finalists

finalistsbusiness-mkellyAgent Mark Kelly – Mark Kelly


finalistsbusiness-DecodingtheneweconomyDecoding the New EconomyPaul Wallbank


finalistsbusiness-DelimiterDelimiterRenai LeMay


finalistsbusiness-herBusinessherBusiness Suzi Dafnis


finalistsbusiness-PRWarriorPR Warrior Trevor Young



Words finalist

finalistswords-alphareaderAlpha Reader – Danielle Binks


finalistswords-BooktotheFutureBook to the Future – Michelle McLaren


finalistswords-CheeseburgerGothicCheeseburgerGothicJohn Birmingham


finalistswords-LivesofthePoetLives of the Poets – Andrew Bifield


finalistswords-readinasinglesittingRead in a Single Sitting – Stephanie Campisi