Day: September 8, 2014

Memoir writing
Australian Writers' Centre Team

Dad blogger on going from BLOG to BOOK

We hear a lot about the “mummy blogger”, but to (belatedly) celebrate Father’s Day, we thought we’d give a shout out to stay-at-home dad Clint Greagen – whose blog Reservoir Dad won Best Australian Blog 2013 in the Personal and Parenting category. Clint lives in Reservoir, Victoria (hence the name, although he admits the Tarantino connection is nice too) with his wife and four boys aged between two and nine.

His blog win turned heads at publisher Random House, who approached Clint to ask if he was interested in writing a book. His reply was easy: he would love to. And a year later, his “fifth child” was born – this time made of paper and given the same name as the blog that made it happen – Reservoir Dad.

For Clint, who began his blog back in 2008 when he started his stay-at-home duties, it felt good to receive validation for his efforts. “Yeah, it was just a great pat on the back and it’s sort of like, ‘Keep going, man, you can do it. You’re doing it right.’ Validation that I’ve got something to offer.”

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Competitions and Opportunities
Dean Koorey

Read the book, solve the puzzle, win millions!

There are millions of fiction books in the world, all different in some way, and yet all with one thing in common – they’re one-sided conversations. You begin reading, then the author tells you things until you’re finished reading. Next.

But what happens when the conversation becomes two-way? In this world of ebooks and global audiences, Sydney writer James Evangelidis has chosen an intriguing device to engage readers. With his debut book, Maze of Keys (being released online on 17 September), he doesn’t just ask you to read the book, he wants you to solve it too – and win big!

Okay, interest piqued. We hunted him down and asked a few questions.

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Podcast: So You Want to be a Writer
Australian Writers' Centre Team

Writing Podcast Episode 29 We chat to Owen Beddall, author of ‘Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant: True tales and Gossip from the Galley’

In Episode 29 of So you want to be a writer, Tom Hanks releases a writing app, disappointing book covers, do your thing – even if in stolen time, welcoming magazine readers, how to submit your writing to literary magazines, blog like a journalist, Writer in Residence Owen Beddall, typing shortcuts,

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