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"Through the course, I changed the way I approach my writing and I learnt to reflect on my work critically. I am now a published author.” – Ingrid Alexandra

"Discovering the courses at the Australian Writers' Centre really did change my life. I really am living my dream." – Joanna Nell

"The skills I got from the course have given me a part-time income where I can work around my two children." – Jo Hartley

“Through the course at Australian Writers' Centre I discovered I really could be a novelist and that was such a revelation to me and such a delight”. – Margaret Morgan

"When I found out I was being published it was the best thing ever, the happiest day I can remember so far. It was really, really exciting." – Catherine Pelosi

"I've always liked writing so I finally bit the bullet and decided to pursue it." – Gabrielle Martinovich

"I love having the flexibility with freelance writing... I'm my own boss and I can dictate the hours that I would like to invest into writing." – Emily Joyce

"My books have sat at the top 100 bestselling lists for years." – Heather Smith

"The Australian Writers' Centre course had paid for itself maybe two or three times over before I got to the end of the five-week course." – Brad Kelly

"I've actually been able to make a living doing what I love and it's work that I find really fulfilling." – Joy Adan

"The Australian Writers’ Centre is hands on, it’s practical, it’s relevant, it’s just amazing to be a part of a collaborative group that supports each other" – Jennifer Johnston

"The skills that I've learnt have helped me along my journey and I'm now sitting here with a published book in my hand." – Tania Blanchard

"I've just published The Barrier with PanMacmillan Australia" – Shankari Chandran

"In the end when Allen & Unwin decided to publish my novel... it was amazing." – Sarah Bailey

"I'm a children's author and I've just released my first series of books." – Shelly Unwin

"I pitched the novel to Harlequin Mira... they loved it" – Penelope Janu

"Captain Sneer was accepted by Walker Books and this one just got shortlisted for the Caleb Prize, that was very exciting" – Penny Morrison

“On the second day of the course I came up with the idea for my first book” – Tamsin Janu

"I am a full-time writer. I’m living the dream." – Lisa Schofield

“Having the thrill of going to a newsagent when you know your article is coming out is fantastic.” – Rob Grant

“I’m actually being paid to write … it’s perfect.” – Susannah Hardy

“I’m doing my dream job.” – Catherine Rodie

"The first time I saw my byline in print... it was just wonderful." – Libby Hakim

“The best part of it is being able to go to work I love everyday.” – Avi Vince

“When Momentum wanted to publish my book, my jaw dropped to the floor.” – Carmel Sealey

“After I did the writers course I just hit the ground running.” – Megan Blandford

“I’m being paid to write and it’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling.” – Michaela Fox

“I got all this knowledge about how to break into this industry” – Lindy Alexander

“I walked out with every single skill I needed to be a freelance writer.” – Josefa Pete

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Course reviews

"Definitely still buzzing about the course. Holly is so enthusiastic, and an encouraging and inspiring presenter. Together with great colleagues – it was a fabulous weekend."

Cheryl Bawhey

“Freelance Writing Stage 1 was fantastic. I enjoyed Cindy MacDonald’s presentation style. She was generous with her knowledge, covered great topics, and was extremely open and approachable. The Australian Writers' Centre is professional, organised and they’re great with communication.”

Fiona McAdam

“I enrolled into Freelance Writing Stage 1 because I wanted to polish my skills learnt 20 years ago! I wanted up-to-date tips on how to get published and write better. The course covered relevant areas and the presenter was great at explaining things. The content flowed really well. Cindy MacDonald is very experienced, and still working in the industry – so she was very relevant and I valued what she had to say. Thank you Cindy for giving your time and expertise. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great resource and educator.”

Janine Wilson

“Freelance Writing Stage 1 was practical, relevant and I really appreciated the expertise and experience of the presenter. I enjoyed the interesting mix of people. Cindy MacDonald was relaxed, entertaining and inclusive – clearly passionate about the industry with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I really liked her style and responses to people’s queries. My biggest learning moment was that there are actually many many different publications, that would be well worth researching and considering to pitch a wide variety of stories. At Australian Writers' Centre you get high-level expertise in quality presenters, and the courses are practical and interesting. The information is inspiring but also realistic so it balances encouragement with making known the realities of writing as a career. I love the Australian Writers' Centre newsletters which are always so inviting and encouraging.”

Andrea Blake

"I wanted to do the Creative Writing 30-day Bootcamp because I've always known I respond well to structure and instruction! I like to follow the rules and I needed a kick up the bum to get moving. The knowledge that just by coming back day after day the words build up – It sounds like such a simple thing but somehow I used to feel like a failure if I only wrote 200 words. Now I realise that it can come in fits and starts and a little every day does add up – and at least keeps you in touch with your story and gives the opportunity for new ideas to form. When I began it I really didn't know what I was going to work on, I just started writing and continued. I wrote about 3000 words on one piece and then moved to something I actually started many years ago - and I've done about 12,000 words now. I feel incredibly satisfied. Instead of feeling guilty all day every day about the writing I wasn't getting done, I felt content knowing that by following the word requirement each week I was going to get at least 10,000 words done, and that my writing was moving forward. As a result, I've been a much happier partner and mum – and despite my rather careless disregard (on some days) of domestic duties and home-cooked meals (luckily we all like baked beans on toast), I think all members of my family have noted my improved mood! If you’re thinking about doing the bootcamp, you should do it. It's like exercise (the only bootcamp that allows you to sit on your backside) – getting started is the hardest bit. You'll always feel better when you're finished. The Australian Writers' Centre is a fabulous online resource for people who can't make it to formal classes. At the same time as doing this course I've also discovered the podcast and when domestic duties call I listen to Val and Al, and your wonderful guests. It has been immensely inspiring."

Jodie Haid

"With the Creative Writing 30-day Bootcamp I wanted to learn to manage my time. I was so disorganised, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. The bootcamp was straight forward, easy to understand and encouraging.The most valuable part of the course was slotting in time for all the things I do daily, and not turning up for appointments at the wrong time! Every day I wrote over the allocated number of words, and I feel very pleased with myself."

Elizabeth Warneke

"The content in Writing Picture Books was detailed, clearly worked through, and there were lots of opportunities to ask questions. The take home notes were a strong point of the course for me, I know I will refer to them again and again in the future. I enjoyed meeting the presenter and the other participants. I also enjoyed the challenge of writing a book, presenting it and receiving feedback. Zanni Louise was excellent. She was humble, though she has a lot of experience and success in the field. She was knowledgable, sensitive in the way she gave us feedback on our work, and encouraging. If you’re serious about taking their writing to the next level, then do the course."

Lynelle Kendall

"At Writing Picture Books I enjoyed meeting other aspiring authors and hearing the stories they had written. I really liked listening to Zanni Louise as she was very warm and generous with her experiences and knowledge. She treated us all as equals capable of being published. She understood our passion for writing picture books and demonstrated her own passion and love for her craft. I would say that it is a course well worth doing where you are treated as a peer and welcomed into the fold. The depth of information provided is invaluable. All the people doing the course were lovely and we all learnt from each other under Zanni's guidance."

Jennifer Jennings

"Writing Picture Books had a quality presenter, strong resources, generosity of delivery, and a great space. Zanni Louise has a beautiful mix of knowledge, experience and truth – wrapped up in a very warm and encouraging persona. It’s an achievable course that provides the tools and resources to really understand crafting picture books at a professional level. A huge thank you."

Katie O'Connell

"The Writing Picture Books course exceeded my expectations. Zanni Louise is an excellent presenter for this genre! I enjoyed her real-world experience and being able to share ideas in a group setting. She’s a lovely presenter - easy to listen to and approachable. The Australian Writers' Centre offer excellent courses with a lot of very useful content in a short timeframe."

Wendy Andrews

"Judith Rossell was knowledgeable, encouraging and affirming. I also found the interaction with other aspiring and experienced writers most enlightening. I have lots of ideas but needed the structure and practical advice provided in this course. I enjoyed exploring a wide range of picture books for children, from the perspective of the audience, including the design, text and illustrations. Doing a course at the Australian Writers' Centre is well worthwhile, they offer creative and practical advice which might just be the catalyst you need to overcome writers block."

Anne Carolin

"At Writing Picture Books I enjoyed meeting like minded and inspiring people, it was a lot of fun! I thought Judith Rossell was very approachable, warm and inviting. She was easy and entertaining to listen to as well as follow, and extremely knowledgeable. I was out of my comfort zone, and realised that I just need to back myself, and I can do it if I really want it enough. The Australian Writers' Centre teaches an abundance of information, with very knowledgable presenters, well run, in a convenient, beautiful building."

Deborah McKelvey

"It was well worth giving up a weekend for - I felt supported and was given great feedback as well as vital information and leads to follow to pursue my dream of creating picture books. The room had a lovely relaxed feel and the venue was great with clean amenities. I enjoyed the feedback about my specific writing interest. Also that our presenter could offer such diverse advice. Cathie Tasker is a font of knowledge and experience with contacts, tips and a proven track record of coaching authors to publishing stage. Oh gosh, I had so many lightbulb moments. Thank you, Cathie. I feel honoured to have had the chance to learn from you. If you’re thinking about doing the course, you should do it! Do it for clear direction, qualified expertise and insider tips. "

Fiona Scully

"Cathie Tasker was incredible – honest, upfront and respectful of each student’s needs. We were all given the time to explore what could be possible through research and letting thoughts settle. The group was diverse and very communicative, making the weekend a very wonderful experience. There was lots of sharing of who they were... it felt like a community. Cathie was professional, very knowledgeable and honest – a great contribution to the group, not just as a teacher but as part of the community that was built together. The Writing Picture Books is an opportunity to go beyond what you think is possible. It will provide you with the skills knowledge and structure to begin story telling. It will also give you permission to tell a story about your passions, sending a wonderful message to the world that will make such a difference."

Julie Routledge

"I loved the group dynamic and the gentle but in-charge way that Patti managed the group. It was great to have the week in between to reflect and write. I came away feeling good about my creative self and reassured by the group, it just made me feel happy. Patti is a living embodiment of practicing what she teaches."

Elizabeth Barclay

"I really enjoyed Patti's depth of knowledge and experience, she was excellent. I highly recommend this course if you want to write a great memoir and autobiography. This course will give you tools for how to do it and where to start. It helped me to see from a different perspective of how to write effectively."

Jo Seymour

"After the Life Writing course, I felt inspired to follow my passion to write. Patti was very encouraging and down to earth, she was professional and friendly. This course is the perfect start to writing a book. It is a stepping stone to much bigger things if you implement the skills that you learn. If you're thinking about writing your story but are struggling with self-doubt, this course is for you. Take action and sign up, it will inspire you to follow your dreams!"

Reece Georgas

"I enjoyed that the Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques course helped everyone understand where they needed additional development. Pamela is great and brings a lot of insider knowledge to the course. She can use her own process and experience to demonstrate concepts and theories. I also appreciated how forthright she is with her feedback. Her criticism was always constructive and really helped focus my attention on areas in my work that were weak. I think the Australian Writers' Centre courses provide more than just theory about writing. They provide insight from people who are actively working in the industry. They are well-structured and grounded and give you the right lens to examine your own writing. I really enjoyed Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques and walked away feeling both inspired and focused."

Laura Deverson

"I really enjoyed the industry insights and tutor feedback. Sue was fabulous, supporting and gave constructive feedback. It's a good investment if you're serious and committed to wanting to learn about travel writing. Thank you Australian Writers' Centre and I look forward to doing another course soon."

Janet Russell

"I did the course as I wanted to have all my I's dotted and T's crossed before I launched my site. I was surprised I knew as much as I did already but it was validating to realise I was on the right track. Bernadette is very knowledgeable. I enjoyed her chatty, supportive style. It was really helpful to hear examples of her own challenges and how she overcame them. During the course I clicked over from a 'mates rates' mindset to a professional - that alone was worth the fee. The How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business course is definitely a rock solid foundation for anyone wanting to convert their writing skills into an income-generator."

Jacqueline Cook

"I really liked Claire, she is interesting and engaging. The courses at Australian Writers' Centre are a great way to initiate a creative journey."

Rachel Pulver

"Lesley Gibbes was a personable, knowledgeable and highly engaging presenter. She demonstrated a wealth of knowledge about chapter books beyond her own titles. The most enjoyable part was delving into the details about chapter books, and hearing Lesley's tips on word choices, themes and sentence structure. I appreciated that we got straight into it and focused on learning about chapter books, and listening to what Lesley had to say. I’d highly recommend attending a course at the Australian Writers' Centre – expert advice from knowledgeable presenters, a great group size and practical tips."

Liz Ledden

"Lesley was brilliant. She was well researched, organised and provided heaps of detail. It was also great to be in the room with other writers. This is one of the best workshops I have been to."

Sarah Joyce

"I loved Lesley's nuts and bolts, no waffle approach. She knew her subject matter inside out, and her key points were effectively communicated. The session was informative, condensed and manageable for busy people. I did a great course with Lesley Gibbes at the Australian Writers' Centre and I'd totally recommend it!"

Debra Tidball

"Lesley was lovely and gave us all the information we needed to write our chapter books. I enjoyed Lesley's friendly presentation and the practical way she took us through the course. She was well-prepared and showed us lots of chapter books as she went through the information. This was my first face-to-face course at the AWC and it was lovely to be in the room with fellow authors and to see your gorgeous location! Australian Writers' Centre courses are full of fabulous information and are easy to work through."

Kerry Malone

"It was great to gain insight from David's skill and expertise. He also shared his own story and the way he blended together skill development and anecdotes was wonderful. I could have listened for hours more."

Sarah Wayland

"David was an excellent presenter. He was very insightful, had an immense experience in this space and was very approachable in his style. He brought the material to life and I walked away feeling like I understood the subject more and learned a lot from him. It was excellent, I'm so glad I attended!"

Georgia Siabanis

"The best thing about the course was hearing David’s insights from his many years of interviewing people and writing profile stories. I particularly loved listening to his stories on how he went about interviewing Pauline Hanson and Alan Jones. I also found it beneficial being part of a group, because the questions asked during the session helped with my learning. Long since the course, I find the reminders from David come back when I am interviewing people for stories. My profiles have subsequently been published in Lift Magazine; In Daily (South Australia); Aesthetics Practitioners Journal; Age Point Triathlete Magazine; Queensland Guidance and Counselling Newsletter. If you’re looking for a practical course from one of the best profile writers in Australia, this course is for you. The session was informative, and David’s tips are easy to replicate. His insights will stay with me forever."      

Jennifer Johnston

"This was just the kick start I needed. I was surprised by how quickly the word count mounted up and that I wanted to complete the tasks, even on the days when I felt I had no energy left and nothing to give to the blank page. More than anything, however, was giving myself permission to write and, more importantly, giving myself permission to experiment with time slots and write a sh*t first draft. Up until I tried out Creative Writing 30-day Bootcamp, I kept thinking I needed to write perfectly which allowed for procrastination and doubt to creep in. After 30 days I now have more than 12,000 words to play with and make better. You can't improve nothing. Thank you AWC and thank you Boot Camp. Worth every dollar."

Ktima Heathcote

"I just wanted to say thank you for my Australian Business Style Guide... it's utterly adorable and incredibly easy to flick through. It will be well used and loved!"

Melissa Bourke

"Thank you for all your words of wisdom and guidance for the last six months. What a wonderful environment to have written what I have now, something I don't think I could have accomplished without you and this class."

Russell Burden

"Cathie, thank you so much for the time you took in reviewing my short story. The constructive feedback you have offered me is so helpful and has given me much to think about. You have also given me a wonderful confidence boost, which I am especially grateful for. I am excited about the hard work ahead to make this story the best it can be."

Tanya Hollis

"I found the subject matter to be relevant and up to date. Very helpful! Valerie is clearly an expert in her field and it shows."

Victoria Longshaw

"Valerie provided an incredible structure to write a book. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’m super inspired to follow in Valerie's footsteps!"

Toby Jenkins

"Valerie is excellent and knowledgeable. She speaks from personal experience and therefore has credibility. Save yourself heartache and false starts by doing this course, preferably before you start writing. Valerie shows you how to start, how to keep going, and what to do with your finished product. A brilliant investment!"

Stephanie Owen

“Since doing this program, I've had more success in getting my work published and paid for. It’s a great resource for quickly improving pitch quality, and learning to think more like a commissioning editor. Learning to write myself a brief before each project has been a huge help in focusing my writing and increasing my efficiency. I've gained more industry readiness from this program than some uni subjects which cost thousands of dollars. Wish I'd started years ago!”

Sophia Auld

"It was great to gain insight from David's skill and expertise. He also shared his own story and the way he blended together skill development and anecdotes was wonderful. I could have listened for hours more."

Sarah Wayland

"I loved the course and and learned so much. Valerie was absolutely fantastic and a wealth of knowledge."

Rhiannon Colarossi

"David is an expert and experienced professional who I could listen to and absorb info from for hours. I enjoyed learning about the process he used for different articles and his stories and examples."

Nicola Saltman

"I wanted to write and thank you for the course "Make Time to Write". I have recently completed the 30 day boot camp and can happily report that I have written 14,482 words!! All while dealing with Christmas, two family birthdays, New Year's festivities and a beach holiday! Like countless others, I have toyed with the idea of being a writer but up until now have not felt worthy. I have never written 14,000 consistently before and now quietly remind myself that I am a writer because I am writing. So, thank you for introducing me to Scrivener, Anne Lamott and Natalie Goldberg. Thank you for dispelling the myths of inspiration, perfect places and times to write. Thank you for providing practical and achievable tips to get my words down. And thank you for encouraging me to release my authentic voice. My laptop now accompanies me everywhere and I have even managed to overcome my writing shyness by writing 800 words at an Indoor Skate Park. I now have a writing routine - 500 words 5 days a week written mainly from 8.30pm onwards - with time in the day to sit with my story. I sit with my diary each Sunday and allocate some pockets of time within the week. My book idea feels like it could actually be realised. At the very least, I now know I can write and will continue to do so. Thank you for kick starting my creative 2017!"

Nicola Howell

"Everything in the course was excellent. Content, resources, Valerie's generous sharing of ideas, resources and tips. Valerie was an exceptional facilitator, pace was excellent, she was inclusive and she has a track record of great success and knowledge in the area."

Linda Chaousis

"I've been looking forward to this course for some time now. I know from listening to the podcast that Allison considers herself the kind of writer best motivated by deadlines, as I feel I am also, so I thought if anyone could set me up with the kind of triggers I need, she'd be the girl to do just that. Allison, however, sounds like a fast writer. I am not. So I hit the LAUNCH button on December 11. What, are you nuts!? my procrastinating Inner-Resistor screamed at the top of her shrieky whiny voice. It's Christmas, school holidays, etc. But no time is ever a good time for me. I know this, and this is, of course, the point. What the hell, I thought. Christmas can eat me! Humbug humbug. And on Day 3, specifically, something happened which I'd like to tell you about. On Day 3, the wheels all but fell off. Day 3! How pathetic is that? But they didn't, and I really need to tell you guys-Allison especially-why and how they did not. I have two sons, aged 13 and 15. My younger son has very severe autism and is not a sleeper. He's pretty much been awake for the past 11 years. Anyway, Rupert did not sleep on the night of Day 2 so, on Day 3, I was wiped. My other son (who has Aspergers) woke up with an ear infection - so we were off to the GP's. On the way home from my son's doctor's appointment, my 85-year-old mother (for whom I also have primary care) called to say she felt ill, couldn't stop coughing, and needed to visit her doctor. She lives across town. We took care of grandma, took her to the doctor, filled her medications, took her home, sorted her out. My mother is a handful at the best of times but when she is ill she's Godzilla; possibly even one of Godzilla's less appealing relatives. Anyway, then the pharmacy called to say they couldn't compound my son's medication for some obscure pharmacological reason (my son can't swallow tablets) so we were off on a pharmacy-crawl. Most people do pub-crawls but we lurch from one thrilling compounding suburban chemist to another. It's how we roll. We finally get home at 3pm and my eyeballs are moving independently of one another. Day 3 may only be asking me for 250 words, but I was beat, and in surrender mode. Now, without the day-by-day expectation and word count, I absolutely, without the shadow of a doubt, would have just cooked the bath and cleaned the dinner. But I AM, as stated earlier, a girl who responds to deadlines and always does what's expected of her. That disease-to-please is rarely a good thing but, in this case, I think it helped. I was, however, already in front of the cumulative word count, so I figured, it's no big deal if I can get any words done today. I'll pick it up again on Day 4. No, Layne! Stop! I told myself, drowning out the Inner-Resistor. This course is all about establishing a writing routine. Turning up even when it's hard and your sucky life is doing all it can to interfere with your writing mojo. This is the whole point of the course, why I signed up for it and the very reason why I chose to embark on a 30-day writing bootcamp in the midst of Christmas mayhem. If I can prove to myself that I can turn out 10,000 words with all that going on, then I'll know I can turn out 10,000 words in any given month-long period. So I set the boys to doing stuff-viz watching YouTube and PS4, and I gave myself two hours. But I didn't write 250 words. I wrote 2100 words. In just over two hours. Me, the slow writer. I don't honestly know why it all just clicked that day, given the circumstances and the no sleep and the driving all over town and the infected ears and grisly old ladies and and and and… But it did. And I honestly felt…elated. Like I'd won an award or something. I was on a kind of high. I was happy with what I'd written, and I was amazed, nay stunned, that I'd turned out so many coherent words given how rotten and tired I was feeling. The daily word count was the difference. Having that hanging over my head forced me to just suck it all up and bloody well get on with it. Under my normal, abnormal circumstances on what was Day 3, I definitely wouldn't have attempted to create anything new. But knowing I had a deadline, a commitment to churn out a certain number of words, was the deal-breaker. So I did it, in spades! And again I don't know why but everything has just freed up since that day. I've already added more than 10,000 words to my manuscript, and it's only the end of Day 11. Perhaps it is because the course showed me that, yes Layne, you can make the time to work on your book, to work on something that is just for me. My story IS coming together. If I can sustain this momentum, I will have produced around 30,000 words by the end of this bootcamp. That is so very exciting. I just wanted to share my success with you because it is Christmas after all and this has really meant a lot to me. (I wonder if you are able to forward this note to Allison? I would really like her to know how much I appreciate her hard work in putting this course together.) The format is ideal for "deadline-responders" like me. I don't know how your novel-writing course proceeds, and I can't afford to enrol in it right now, so I intend to just keep rolling this course over and over, and follow it month after month. It is ideal - not so much pressure that it feels overwhelming, but also plenty of motivation to exceed the daily outputs. The motivational quotes are also spot on - pertinent to each day's goal. What matters for me right now is getting those words - my first draft - done, and Allison's course is helping me to do that more than anything else ever has. Many many thanks to Allison, Valerie and everyone at the AWC for offering this wonderfully motivating program."

Layne Campbell

"This course alone has helped me know what steps I need to take in order to start and finish my book, which gave me more clarity and certainty in making it happen. Also good tips on strategic marketing, which will help me market my book. I enjoyed the simplicity of the content and authenticity, knowledge and credibility of presenter."

Kevin Toun

"Valerie is an expert presenter with good credible recent experience. This was a good course and great value for money. I'll be back!"

Julie Garland McLellan

"The content was excellent and the end result was that I anow have renewed confidence for my current and future projects. Valerie was great; down-to-earth, knowledgeable, experienced and a good communicator."

John Rowland Matthew

"I enjoyed very clear explanation about a subject area which I knew nothing about. I also enjoyed the tips and tricks. Valerie was excellent - she clearly knows her stuff."

John Groarke

"I enjoyed the practical information provided in the course Valerie is very dynamic and provides valuable insights."

Jennifer Forest

"David was an excellent presenter. He was very insightful, had an immense experience in this space and was very approachable in his style. He brought the material to life and I walked away feeling like I understood the subject more and learned a lot from him. It was excellent, I'm so glad I attended!"

Georgia Siabanis

"David is very experienced and knowledgeable, and very open and willing to share his stories from his career for us to learn from. The small group size enable us to ask questions and have discussions, it was great to be with a group who are all interested in and passionate about writing."

Danielle Fryday

“The Freelance Writing Masterclass group is generous with their advice and the weekly tips help add sparkle to my writing. Valerie is helpful and generous with her feedback. She doesn't hold anything back and you know that you are going to get an honest response every time! It also gave me the confidence to quit my job to write - it can be done! Getting involved in the Australian Writers Centre was probably one of the best decisions I have made in the last few years.”

Brad Kelly

"Valerie is fantastic. She's a straight-talker, which I really respect. At AWC you'll find course for all levels, for all kinds of writing and all experience levels. The staff are friendly and super helpful and the presenters know their SHIZ! Worth every penny."

Belinda Weaver

"Thank you for an amazing course! I so wish that I’d found Cathie years ago instead of floundering around by myself trying to work it all out. I've read a lot of books like Ann Whitford Paul’s Writing Picture Books and have done several other short children’s writing workshops, none of which came close to the depth that your course provides. Your expertise was so valuable, and the content was specific, practical and useful. The handouts will be a resource I return to again and again. I was exhausted by the end of the weekend course, but also inspired. I feel now like I’ve got a better understanding of how it all works and some great tools to use for improving and developing my writing. Thank you so much."

Arna Radovich

"Being part of the Masterclass is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. As a part-time writer dabbling on the fringe of trying to find more work as a Freelancer, I recognised there were a number of areas in my writing that needed to improve. Having completed a few AWC courses, to join the Masterclass was a “no-brainer.” I knew it would be an opportunity to gain even more relevant and practical writing tips, but the biggest clincher was the chance to receive support from the AWC CEO Valerie Khoo. We have access to a closed community on Facebook where the support from both Valerie and the other writers in the group have been invaluable. The refresher modules are spot on with their information. Covering a broad range of writing topics, they can be listened to at any stage. If we did all that was asked and suggested in these modules, Editors would be chasing us for work, rather than the other way around. The monthly pitch doctor sessions run by Sue White are very informative and educational. They present an opportunity to have your pitch “critiqued” by an experienced writer and I have learnt a great deal from reading and listening to the feedback of others in our group in these monthly sessions. Valerie’s “ask me anything” sessions are another place to listen to questions by Masterclass members and to hear her responses, gives many of us those “light bulb” moments. For me personally, Valerie has mentored me though a drawn out writing project, I know I never would have seen published had it not been for her support, guidance, that “red pen” of hers and her incredibly accurate feedback. I feel being part of Masterclass as freelancers we are not floating out there on our own, thanks to Valerie (and Sue White) we have access to editors and writers with a depth of knowledge that is a gift that cannot be quantified. Genuinely I can’t recommend the Masterclass group more highly to any writers out there who want to be part of a nurturing, close knit community, determined to help you reach your writing goals – whatever they may be."

Jennifer Johnston

"The Australian Writers' Centre helped improve my writing skills and played a part in me becoming an author. The courses kept me motivated, brought other opportunities and connected me with other writers (who are now close friends). Self-publishing my first novel was a huge achievement in my writing career and would not have been possible had I not worked on the craft of writing through the Australian Writers Centre."

Lisa Fleetwood

"The Australian Writers' Centre helped improve my writing skills and played a part in me becoming an author. The courses kept me motivated, brought other opportunities and connected me with other writers (who are now close friends). Self-publishing my first novel was a huge achievement in my writing career and would not have been possible had I not worked on the craft of writing through the Australian Writers Centre."

Lisa Fleetwood

"Valerie is fantastic. She's a straight-talker, which I really respect. At AWC you'll find course for all levels, for all kinds of writing and all experience levels. The staff are friendly and super helpful and the presenters know their SHIZ! Worth every penny."

Belinda Weaver

"The atmosphere was informative yet relaxed, so it was easy to take in the information without feeling overwhelmed with the content. Sue was warm and friendly, and very approachable when I had any questions. Her feedback on my essay was practical and useful, and now I can judge my own writing with a fresh outlook. I also found it useful to learn about researching house styles of different magazines to adapt your writing to them! If you want to learn how to break into the industry, this is a great course. From your style of writing to pitching, there's so much more to learn."

Janet Irmler

"I enjoyed the small class size and ability to discuss different aspects as we went along. Sue was great – very approachable and extremely knowledgeable. She was positive and encouraging, explaining how best to avoid possible setbacks. As she is currently working as a successful travel writer, and her expertise proved invaluable. Australian Writers' Centre courses are a great way to jump start your writing career!"

Bronwyn Mason

"Pamela is friendly and tactful. She is very encouraging, while also giving us excellent targeted advice on how to improve. I strongly recommend the Australian Writers' Centre to anyone who aspires to write. Their courses and podcasts are fun, but also professional and inspiring. I have learnt so much from them, and by following them on social media too. They are very generous with their time and advice. The best thing about the courses is that you can bring your work-in-progress to the table and get feedback on it from the talented tutors and your peers as well. It is an encouraging and enlightening experience. A huge thank you to the whole team at the AWC - you are so supportive, not just in this course, but on Twitter, Facebook, in blogs, and in your podcast. I am one very grateful fan of yours!"

Jessica Egan

"I loved the different areas covered over the 5-week course. Pamela was very knowledgeable and helpful. Her feedback was sensational, and even reading through other peoples work and her feedback on their was useful to get more knowledge. The Australian Writers' Centre is very useful in giving you a solid start to creative writing."

Melissa Schultz

"I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing and felt I learnt more about structure and characters in this five-week course. I enjoyed reading the assignments and everyone's comments. Pamela was extremely professional and her comments always improved my writing. If you want to improve your writing, and the way you think about writing, this is the course for you."

Ashley Tippins

"I absolutely loved this course. It was so pertinent to what I am doing now and filled in all the missing gaps I had in respect to publishing commercial fiction. I feel like I have a checklist now that I can run through to make sure my stories fit in with what publishers are looking for. I loved getting all the data regarding publishing commercial fiction. It was great to learn the basics of what publishers are looking for and what advice Natasha gave regarding this. I found Natasha very professional and knowledgeable."

Debbie Weetman

"There was so much information. Way more than I thought I would get. It was obvious that Natasha understood how to present the information in a way that led us through it even though it was a bit like a jigsaw. I enjoyed being inspired, excited to keep going and meeting other writers."

Jennifer Griffiths

"I really liked all the information on character development and character types, and on how to write our beginning well. Natasha is fantastic and makes everyone feel welcome and important no matter their writing experience. It can be a bit daunting when you're just starting out and you're sure that everyone else doing the course is better than you. Natasha assuages those fears immediately. Se is also very knowledgeable and answered our questions with detail."

Emily Maunder

"The content was excellent – pitched at the right level and of a high standard. Natasha was, as always, an excellent presenter. She is a professional, prepared, and had clearly put a lot of work into the content. It's clear that Natasha is passing on her hard earned knowledge from her work on her novels, and it was fantastic to learn from a writer who is writing and publishing i today's market. I would recommend Natasha Lester as an excellent teacher."

Dearbhla McTiernan

"I absolutely loved the course. Cathie gave us an in-depth and realistic perspective of the writing process and getting published, while being positive about the opportunities. Her knowledge is absolutely invaluable. She has inspired me to get back into my writing – and to put it out there! The course was definitely worth flying in for."

Louise Creely

"I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner! It was fantastic. Although I've used Scrivener for a couple of projects, I knew I wasn't using it to its full potential. Now, after just two hours, I am blown away at how many useful features it has, and how it's going to be an absolute game changer for my writing process. Natasha delivers the course in a manner that is concise and easy to follow. She shows you the basics and then moves towards more advanced features without overwhelming you with unnecessary detail."

Jodi Gibson

"I thought Cathie was great, and she had some very constructive feedback that has helped my writing. I found the assignments to be most enjoyable, and I loved having a specific task rather than just writing into the ether. It was during this course that I began to identify as a writer."

Georgie Payne-Loy

"I found Pamela to be a good presenter who was knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She was very approachable and engaging, and I particularly enjoyed the examples Pamela wrote to illustrate her point."

Jane Edgar-Peterlin

"Pamela was highly organised and very knowledgeable. Australian Writers' Centre courses are ALWAYS professionally presented and great value for money."

Phillip Buckle

"Pamela is a presenter with a great knowledge of her area, has a good sense of humour and provides really helpful content. Pamela really knew her stuff, and presented it in a very accessible way, with good handouts. We had fun as well. The Australian Writers' Centre is great place to attend courses; content is always high-quality, the presenters know their stuff and the skills you learn are immediately applicable to your writing."

Julie Regan

"I enjoyed the tips and tricks to character development and thinking further into my own writing style. Louisa knows how to laugh at herself! She is very humble and enjoyable to listen to, she's so knowledgeable and helpful!"

Emma James

"Pamela was very confident and knowledgeable, her confidence put me at ease."

Ian Creek

"Natasha was exceptionally good, and the course content and delivery were wonderful. In fact, I would be happy to do it again, just in case I missed anything the first time. It was packed with information which I haven't seen elsewhere. Lots and lots of great tips, very clear examples referencing current/well-known bestsellers and exercises we could do at home. Natasha is very helpful and approachable and very, very knowledgeable. Best of all, she is able to impart what she knows and is encouraging. Definitely do this course! You won't find better anywhere."

Judith Thomson

"I enjoyed the amount of practical information (with examples) that I could immediately take away and apply to my own writing. Natasha was smart, experienced, extremely generous with her knowledge. She was insightful with regard to feedback about my own project, and easily approachable. If you are serious about becoming the best writer you can be and want to learn in a focused, enjoyable setting with personal feedback, then this is the way to go. The experience, for me, was like packing a year - or two - of university into one day. Priceless."

Margot Wiburd

"Grant was experienced, knowledgeable and a took genuine interest in each individual. He also had a knack of engaging the class as a whole to create a more intimate atmosphere, and was very encouraging! If you're into any kind of writing, I recommend doing a course with the Australian Writers' Centre – they cover everything!"

Terri Kozlik

"I thought Cheryl was very passionate, informed and had valuable experience to share. I found it fun to hear about other people's blogging ideas and directions. At the Australian Writers' Centre, there are a lot of resources for writers. I love the tone of their correspondence and I love their podcast. Australian Writers' Centre has a genuine feel, with people genuinely interested in your 'success'."

Antoanela Safca

"Cathie's presentation really gave us something to chew on, each module was very substantial and has given me a lot to revise and refer to after the course. She brought so much knowledge and experience to the course, she's awesome."

Allyson Croft

"Trae is very good at what she does, and she is very approachable. She was able to provide us with the knowledge and tools we required, including the basic understanding needed. I really enjoyed the friendly, group environment. If you're thinking about doing a course, you should go for it! They're accessible to all and sundry - no need to fear, AWC is here (to show you that you too can do this)..."

Veronica Ennor

"I absolutely LOVED Copywriting Essentials. I couldn't wait each Monday for the next module to be released. I particularly love Bernadette's teaching style. Thanks again, it is great to be part of your writing community."

Megan Slattery

"I enjoyed listening to David's experiences and stories and getting tips that we can use in our writing. David is engaging and well-spoken. It's a great course that gives you real insight into profile writing."

Elizabeth Fritz

"I enjoyed the chance to do a short writing exercise with feedback. David is an expert in his field, professional, friendly, personal and humorous. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place to learn about the world of writing, publishing and to meet like-minded people."

Bettina Deda

"I enjoyed having access to someone I admire that I wouldn't usually have access to. David was really intelligent, talented, interesting and warm. He was very generous with his time and recounting his experiences, good and bad. The Australian Writers' Centre has a wide range of courses at reasonable prices."

Jo Cross

"I enjoyed learning editing skills and doing practical examples with the class. Deb was very professional and knowledgeable, and fantastic at explaining how editing works. She is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to grammar and it was great to learn some tricks of the trade! The Australian Writers' Centre provides great training courses in a good location."

Elizabeth Langton

"I was in the process of setting up a separate website for my writing ventures when I heard about the AWC course How to Build Your Author Platform. It provided great tips how to improve what I already had in place and how to look at the site structure and the content from different angles. I found Module 5 about how to optimise your social media presence most helpful."

Bettina Deda

"Currently working my way through the course. I am finding it very informative and love that you can work at your own pace."

Donna Cameron

"Very clear, concise instruction in the online course and the added bonus of being able to confer with like minded creatives about how best to use social media."

Sue Broberg

"Loved this course! It made the building of the dreaded platform so much more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. I have referred back to the notes time and time again and have been recommending this course to every writer (and artist) I know."

Sarah Fiddelaers

"This course provided much needed guidance and answers to questions I didn't realise I should have been wondering about. The years of knowledge, experience and support in the eight-module course has given me the insight and confidence to put myself out there. An amazing tool on my path to publication."

Cheryl Rosario

"Even though I have worked in the online space for many years, I still found the Build Your Author Platform course beneficial. Targeted specifically for authors, the course sets out a variety of information, tips and suggestions to follow to get the most out of your online presence. Since finishing the course I have implemented many of the suggestions and now have a definitive plan to continue to build my author platform. It's also been wonderful connecting with other writers in the supportive, private Facebook group to continue the learning journey."

Jodi Gibson

"Investing in a course such as this was not an easy decision, but I haven't regretted it once. I was pleasantly surprised at how much was packed into each module. Not only did I receive a wealth of information, but I also loved hearing the practical tips of successful authors throughout the course. The course's supportive private Facebook page was another bonus."

Elizabeth Foster

"If you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start - this is the course for you! The fact that you can go back and revisit the course materials again and again (until it sinks in!) is a bonus."

Arna Radovich

"The Build Your Author Platform course helped me in ways I would never have imagined. I already had a website (of sorts) and a Facebook page (that I hardly used) as well as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, so I was no newcomer to social media. So why, might you ask, did I need to do this course? What it did for me was help me see where things weren't quite right, and it got me out of my comfort zone to actually bring everything together in a cohesive way. I am still taking steps, slowly, towards having an awesome platform, but I can look back on the course notes and find new ways to do things, which makes it the gift that just keeps on giving."

Julia Kaylock

"I already had a website and was on Twitter and Facebook before beginning Build Your Author Platform and thought I was going along okay. The course taught me new tricks, showed me a heap of examples of how successful authors have done it and inspired me to make a ton of improvements to my set-up (including recently revamping my website). It also gave me info that will be useful for the future, like how to gain experience speaking at writers' festivals and grow your email list for when you launch a new book. I'm not there yet, but it's given me confidence that when (if!) that happens for me, I'll be ready."

Rebecca Douglas

"Both the course information, and the connections I have made on Build your Author Platform, have provided invaluable inspiration in moving me towards todays way of communicating. Thanks AWC!"

Nicky Albrecht

"I found the Build Your Author Platform really helpful. With many platform tips covered in the one place, it saved me a lot of time from having to research so many different aspects of social media myself. I've gone from social media adverse, to absolutely loving what it can achieve."

Marie McLean

"Bernadette was fantastic. When I told her that I was attending an ASA literary speed dating event later that day she went out of her way to help me refine my pitch and delivery. As a consequence I was asked by two publishers and one agent to submit my manuscript/example chapters. The structure of the course was well thought out and stuck to timing so everything was covered. Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and to do a practical exercise."

Margaret Rochford

"Cheryl was very clear and had an engaging manner. The amount of good stuff she gave us has given me a huge push. Lots of relevant info and much inspo. A good course, delivered exactly what I hoped for, great presenter and value for money."

Julie Marlow

"I especially enjoyed the section on SEO and I think it will prove to be particularly useful in my small business. Bernadette has a pleasant speaking voice. I'd highly recommend it. Thank you Australian Writers' Centre!"

Sue Springford

"I enjoyed the structure and content. Bernadette was excellent. You should just do it!"

Gemma King

"It's only week three of Creative Writing Stage 1 and I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it! I'm bursting with excitement about my manuscript once again. I have learned so much, and I have also regained confidence and reassurance that I'm on the right path and just need to keep going - to keep writing. It's the push I needed! Having. So. Much. Fun."

Tia Psaras

"Sue was great. We all know that Sue is a renowned freelancer, but the way she put the course together and presented it really exceeded my expectations. All five modules presented were great insights into the industry. For me, the most valuable part was being able to ask questions to an industry expert and have these answered."

Lisa Griplas

"Fantastic. I liked the practical examples and friendly atmosphere. Sue was extremely open to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. For those those who don't know where to begin, through to someone who has had some articles published but wants to take it to the next level, this course provides the practical knowledge, tools and techniques that you wont find anywhere else."


"Carli was very knowledgable and willing to share that knowledge with us. I enjoyed receiving tips and tricks of the trade, and the great life experiences allowing authenticity of Carli's learning material. Carli had a great tone and teaching style - held everyone's attention for the whole two days. I now have great direction on what I need to do next! This course gives insider information and exposure to the food world. I also enjoyed interacting with like-minded people."

Angela Palermo

"Carli was very personable, open and energised to share her experience and insights. This course cemented by passion to write about food and broadened my confidence and perspective of where I could take a career in food writing. Carli's energy and insights over the two days made for a really enjoyable learning experience - I found her inspirational! I highly recommend this course!"

Sarah Ugazio

"I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on aspects of the course. The sensory tasting and discussions really helped to bring the theory aspects to life. Carli is a true professional – her experience and knowledge were relevant and kept me interested and engaged. Just do the course! You'll walk away feeling more confident, with skills and information that will add value to your food writing."

Carmel Ricci

"I really enjoyed the course – it was super-informative, and the audio was great. Sue was also great, and her feedback was fantastic."

Scott Bray

"I liked the class size and the excellent presenter. Kate was knowledgeable, experienced and had an uncanny knack for being able to identify the needs of each of us and provide us all with great value. The course is very practical and actually enjoyable. The location was also beautiful. I would say I had fun and learned a lot and that I should have done this course 20 years ago!"

Jo Buchanan

Great course and very knowledgeable instructor! I found the whole day to be very enjoyable and beneficial to help me with my current job. I liked that Grant asked us for examples from our workplace. He obviously keeps updated with the web and this was reflected in the course.  

Catherine Z

"The information was so valuable. Loved Cathie – she was very knowledgeable and constantly dropped gold nuggets of information that I think would be very hard to find elsewhere. I had to rewrite all my stories and now they're much better. I'm more confident in my skills."

Andrew Dittmer

"The course was really well-presented. Bernadette was full of great information and tips that would never have occurred to me when starting a copywriting business. Bernadette was engaging and witty while imparting lots of information. Her presentation style is very easy to listen to; I loved listening to all the feedback on everyone's assignments as there was so much more to learn.I really like the style of the online class, you can fit them in where you have time. Seeing others' assignments and hearing all the feedback gave me so much more to think about."

Stephanie Smith

"Bernadette was very knowledgeable and encouraging. I enjoyed reading the work of other students and listening to the feedback. You should go for it, there's nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Thank you to the Australian Writers' Centre and Bernadette!"

Carole Ciavarra

"It was a course which proved more valuable than I could have ever imagined! Bernadette is such an engaging tutor and learning from her is made so easy thanks to her warmth and knowledge. I want to do more courses run by Bernadette! I'd tell anyone who was interested in doing an Australian Writers' Centre course that they would get more than their money's worth. Somehow they manage to squeeze in the perfect amount of knowledge into the perfect amount of time."

Donna Webeck

"The content was great and it hit the mark with what I needed to know. Deb inspired confidence as she clearly knew so much on the topic. The course presenters at Australian Writers' Centre are all very knowledgeable and well equipped to pass their knowledge on. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience."

Margaret Larden

"I never thought I'd say this, but I really enjoyed the homework assignments. They kept my mind in a place I love to be all week long. Cathie is an expert and gave valuable advice on how to improve our writing. Do the course! It will set you free. Thank you Australian Writers' Centre!"

Kelli Thomas

"All of it was great! Grant was a very knowledgeable presenter. He packed a great amount into the day and yet it never felt rushed. Book in! The course definitely exceeded my expectations."

Yvette Barry

"Kate was fabulous! I really enjoyed her engaging style and practical examples. Kate works in corporate and used relevant examples to teach. Australian Writers' Centre delivered on its course description. Their presenters are engaging and content is relevant and useful. I can't get enough – I wish I could do one of these courses a couple of times a year! Thank you!"

Maryanne Coffey

"I absolutely LOVED How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business. I have enjoyed listening to each module several times. I particularly love Bernadette's teaching style."

Megan Slattery

"I enjoyed gathering to discuss writing, particularly in this regulated and organised environment. The structure has put me back on a better path to move forward with a story in my head. Pamela is passionate, has a great ability to understand and address the needs of the individuals in the room. If there's a story in you, take it a step further with this course."

Matt Lloyd

"Cindy was a very professional presenter and the class worked well together. Cindy has sound industry knowledge and is happy to share her insights. She also gave constructive feedback on our assignment. I highly recommend the AWC, they give you the tools and knowledge to allow you to reach your goals."

Nanette Ferguson

"You are so lucky to have an extraordinary teacher like Kate Forsyth. I walked away inspired, encouraged and motivated with all my batteries fully charged. Kate draws on her wealth of experience and happily shares her knowledge. We learned about the value of notebooks, the importance of research, how to plan time, how to structure a story, how to build suspense and create surprise. Kate showed us how to add rhythm, pace and atmosphere to our writing through the use of carefully chosen words. It’s no wonder Kate Forsyth’s books cast a spell on everyone who reads them. This course gave me a glimpse into how she makes this happen. I congratulate Kate and I have no hesitation in recommending any of her courses."

Wendy Fitzgerald

"The exercises that put the theory into practice really helped to clarify the learning. Deb was very knowledgeable, highly experienced and she delivered what I thought to be very complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. I have recommended the Australian Writers' Centre to several people over the years. I have never had a bad experience with the courses on offer, nor the instructors. The experts who teach at the Centre won't blow smoke at you. They're knowledgeable, fair and want you to succeed almost more than you do."

Mike Cullen

"Deb is very knowledgeable and friendly. She is authoritative but very approachable as well. Its an excellent refresher to those who are taking up more writing and editing tasks."

Martin Tiong We Tay

"I really enjoyed hearing about other people's ideas for blogging. Kim is very knowledgeable and really happy to share. More importantly, She inspired. Start now! Don't procrastinate – just enrol!"

Kaye Higgins

"I loved the luxury of sitting and talking about, and indulging in writing. It's something I love, but rarely have the time to immerse myself in. Patti was very knowledgeable and supportive. It was great to know that I've been on the right track with lots of things and now have a whole heap of new tools to keep me going."

Renee Bugg

"I loved the small details about every aspect (plot and dialogue is clearer for me now) and I'd do it all again. I found Natasha fabulous. The information is layered and helpful. I'd like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to participate and to feel happy in a non-threatening environment."

Margaret Graham

"I enjoyed learning how to progress in your writing and learning about structure. Natasha was very knowledgeable and a fluent presenter. It is a marvellous starting point and very encouraging."

Carolyn Moody

"I enjoyed all of it! Just learning the process of how to write a book and everything that you need to consider was very helpful, especially as I have never written anything before. Natasha was incredibly knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. She made the course interesting, backed up everything she taught us with references to books and was an all-round inspiring lady. It was a great, well-run course with a talented presenter. It will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your first book."

Charlotte Whyatt

"I enjoyed being immersed in writing chat for two solid hours a week - I'm going to miss it! Natasha was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, positive and encouraging. She definitely made my course experience the best it could be. It's a well-run course and a great opportunity to meet other writers."

Alicia Bakewell

"Trae was knowledgeable, engaging and fun. The course was great – if you don't know what blogging is, don't know how to get started, then this course will work for you."

Patricia Self

"I really enjoyed the way that one section led to another and gradually gave us the full picture and the way that Judith presented examples and kept it moving involved everyone. She was so supportive but also gently firm in her expectations. Her comments on our work were encouraging, helpful and supportive. The publishing aspect was invaluable. Judith really knew what she was talking about, was very personable and freely shared from her wealth of experience in a very friendly and humorous way. Go and do it!"

Marueen Brown

"I enjoyed the opportunity to read work out loud and ask any questions I may have had. I also loved seeing the 'dummy books'. Judith was very funny and seemed genuinely interested in our work. As an illustrator/writer I loved hearing from an illustrator's point of view. Don't hesitate to do it!"

Elizabeth Folwell

"I really enjoyed that I had the chance to be in the company of a successful author, two of whose books I had read. Louisa's advice was like gold. I think that Louisa was very savvy about the craft and the industry, and was obviously used to giving these courses and enjoys sharing her expertise with unpublished would-be writers."

Stuart Grant Robinson

"I really enjoyed that it didn't feel like a regular class with handouts that didn't add much value or rigid powerpoint slides that the teacher couldn't deviate from. Sue was fantastic. She had bundles of experience and energy and was happy to share anything and everything There was nothing she couldn't answer. She is now a role model for me. Do it, you will get everything yo need to make this a possibility if it is what you really want."

Catherine Warboys

"Seeing the 'theory' in practice by published writers in the handouts, and the diversity of ideas from within the group was my favourite part of the course. I appreciated Sue's approach – professional, constructive and intelligent feedback. Her experience as a successful writer was invaluable and she was very generous in her willingness to share her knowledge. It was good value for money, practical information and advice in a really supportive environment."

Kathy Bowden

"I really enjoyed how the interactive nature of the course provided an opportunity to discuss practical applications of what was being taught. Kate is very engaging. She was able to explain the 'rules', but also willing to explore when circumstances call for them to be broke. She's a breath of fresh air as a presenter. The Australian Writers' Centre provides courses that are practical in nature, rather than being purely academic. These types of course will alway get better results from students."

Daneta Crump

"I really enjoyed the way the course was taught. Kate was intelligent and very experienced in the writing field. Kate isn't just a teacher, she's a respected professional writer and I felt that I could relate to her and the way she taught."

Claire Della Marta

"I really enjoyed the feedback and being able to see other people's work and hear the comments from Sue was so helpful. Sue was friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging – just what a learner needs. JUST DO IT!"

Stephanie Haines

"James was friendly and had a great sense of humour. He created a safe space for sharing work and had a working knowledge of Australian fiction to provide examples of writing. I'm glad I came in and spent a weekend immersed in the process of getting my creativity flowing, and interacting directly with the tutor and other students. The creative writing course was a good intro into the world of creative writing for me. If you're thinking of doing a course, jump in! The AWC courses are great value for money, and a wonderful place to get you started."

Zohra Aly

"I enjoyed being able to do the course when it suited me. I liked Bernadette – she seemed friendly and knowledgeable on the subject, and always gave extensive feedback. The courses at the Australian Writers' Centre offer a good platform and knowledge base to get you started on you career as a writer."

Toni Krasicki

"I loved how I could download the audio and listen to the course while I was walking along the beach. It helped me kill two birds with one stone, exercise and study! I found Bernadette to be highly knowledgeable and I enjoyed her sense of humour. I also enjoyed her honest and supportive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course material was well laid out and easy to navigate through. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not sure you are supposed to have fun while learning but I did and gained useful newfound knowledge in the process. I would say it is definitely worth it. You will learn something new."

Fiona Reading

"I really enjoyed the participation aspects of the course. Kate was professional and knowledgable. If you have trouble writing succinct, professional emails, this course is for you."

Emily Davies

"Kim was knowledgeable, encouraging and went above and beyond to make sure everyone got the most from the workshop. She was real and inspirational and explained the information in a way that was easy to understand. You HAVE to try out the AWC courses! I got some fab ideas and really useful tips!"

Donna Marie Logue

"I loved Blogging for Beginners, it was great. I highly recommend it. Cheryl was fantastic – very knowledgeable about content and answered everyone's questions. The Australian Writers Centre are very professional, prompt and responsive to individual needs. A must for any aspiring writer!"

Kim Wilson

"The exercises were most enjoyable. It was fun to apply what I had learnt in the lessons and adhere to a deadline for submission. Cathie was very diligent in answering all my queries. Her replies were succinct and provided me additional knowledge and background about creative writing. If you are looking to hone your creative writing skills, you should attend this course. It gets you up to speed very fast."

Amit Temurnikar

"What I enjoyed most about the course was the challenge posed by each of the homework assignments. These increased in length and complexity over the five weeks, so that by the end of the course we had all the tools we needed to write a complete advertisement. Bernadette came across as very passionate and knowledgeable. Her friendly, conversational tone and personal anecdotes not only made the tutorials easy to listen to, but enjoyable as well, and she went out of her way to ensure that each participant received personalised feedback for every assignment. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about copywriting. Having studied writing at university and online through the Australian Writers' Centre, I believe AWC courses are the best way to go for anyone who is serious about their writing career. Since no grades are given, the atmosphere is less rigid, allowing for greater creative freedom. I felt less pressured to "get it right" than I did when I knew my degree was depending on it. Completing this course gave me the courage to start my own blog, which is something I had always wanted to do, but put off due to lack of confidence. Now, after two weeks, I have more followers than posts! Bernadette's insistence on being proactive also convinced me to start sending out pitches. I have already had one success in this area after a prominent international website agreed to publish my piece. I can't thank you all enough!"

Samara Rowling

"Right from the start Bernadette encouraged us to have fun with with the course and that's exactly what it felt like – fun. I most enjoyed being able to let the creative juices flow around the structure that Bernadette provided. Bernadette was a fantastic tutor. She clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was extremely open to sharing that with the group. Her audio feedback made it feel very personalised and warm. She provided a professional yet relaxed approach which made it very easy to participate in the course. She continually encouraged us throughout the course and always gave constructive feedback. She is also the first tutor that has made me feel like learning something new – that could lead to something more in my career, was truly possible and achievable. She has inspired me to pursue copywriting. The process to enrol and get started in the course was clear and easy to follow – I think AWC does that very well. It felt quite personalised which is more than I expect from an online course. Bernadette was inspiring as a tutor. I think overall we were provided with a safe and supportive learning environment. Thank you. Worth doing, you cannot lose and you'll learn more than you think possible – just give it a go!"

Kerry Pickles

"It was practical, to the point and very relevant. Bernadette presented the course in a very professional and very informative manner. She provided a lot of industry experience and knowledge. The whole course was an 'a-ha' moment for me. The industry experience made this course more realistic and the tips provided along the way we're very helpful. Do any course at the Australian Writers' Centre. They are all fabulous and you will get a lot out of them."

Vesna Pinchen

"The structure was paced in a way that made it much less 'hard work' than other courses I've done. The mystery around copywriting was also removed. I found it easy and pleasurable to do the course. I really looked forward to each module. I loved Bernadette's easy, stress-free manner. I felt encouraged all the way, even when I submitted a poor assignment. Perhaps that's when you learn the most! Anyway, I do appreciate her kindness and tolerance for dummies! It was a 'fundamentals' course, but exceeded that expectation, taking things further. Copywriting Essentials at AWC is the best online copywriting course that I have ever done, and highly recommend it. Thanks again to Bernadette for giving me the knowledge and confidence to step forward and start to think seriously about a career in the copywriting industry."

Louise Bennett

"I loved the simplicity, how interactive it was, and being able to ask questions and get helpful responses. Trae was fantastic! She was very 'real' and made us feel that we are all capable of having a successful blog. Trae had lots of handy tips and ideas. The demonstration on set up of the actual blog was super handy – I know I would have struggled had I not done the course. The course is great value for money and a great opportunity to learn about different communication forms. I just want to thank the Australian Writers' Centre for running the course and having such professional people on your team who are accessible to the public via these courses."

Lisa Rossi

"I loved the whole package – the course, the venue, the presenter, the handouts and the big demo! Trae was very open with her knowledge and experiences in a down-to-earth way and was very easy to relate to and understand. I found the course to be really user-friendly to enrol in, the presenter was pretty awesome, the content was excellent and there was a really helpful demo and take away notes to get you going. It was encouraging and informative and at a very reasonable price. You should definitely give it a go!"

Laura Ainsworth

"I found it really helpful to be able to stop the video, try it and then restart once I was confident that I understood the content. This course is a great resource to get you properly started on Scrivener. While Scrivener rocks, it takes some time to master. The videos and handouts are easy to work through and a great resource afterwards. The Australian Writers' Centre courses are excellent value for money. The mix of audios and online interaction, how they're stepped and staged makes them a great resource."

Pip Brennan

"I was able to watch the tutorials on my iPad without worrying too much about fully absorbing the content, as it was an intensive course. I could then boot up the laptop a couple of weeks later, having imported some of my own material into Scrivener, and complete the course again. But this time I stopped after each video and working in Scrivener on my own projects. I found the convenience and flexibility of learning at my own pace very enjoyable. Before enrolling in this course I attempted to use Scrivener's tutorial and found it overwhelming. Natasha's take on it, from a writer's point of view, was perfect. Don't waste time phaffing about trying to figure out Scrivener on your own. Just do it!"

A Hayes

"Judith Rossell was fantastic. I really warmed to her and I would go to any future course she is presenting. My advice to anyone thinking about doing Writing Picture Books is: don't hesitate to enrol. You can only get better by attending courses and workshops. It is great to hear from someone who has been published and learn from their experiences. If you want to write children's books, this is definitely one to do. Judith is obviously passionate about books and writing, which is very infectious."

Heidi Mulligan

"I enjoyed learning about the presenter and others' actual life and business experiences in relation to communication. I really found Kate's presentation style engaging and her knowledge was excellent."

Lili-Ann Kriegler

"I loved Kate of course! I don't know who could have presented this course any better. The course itself was the best one I have done at the centre. It covered so many areas of writing and has helped me so very much. Kate is an absolute treasure, she is engaging and funny but enormously intelligent and interesting. She was generous with her advice and spoke often of her own experiences which brought a personal touch to her teaching and has helped me put some new routines and ideas into action. For me it was the relevance of 'the inciting moment'. It made me realise that I am starting my novel at the wrong point and I'm sure this will have a huge impact on my chances of success. I highly recommend the Australian Writers' Centre. The location is beautiful and close to get to by train."

Kim Pennings

"I really loved the manner in which Kate Forsyth inspired each individual member of the class through attempting to understand and provide individual assistance and support to everyone in their writing journey. Amazing! Kate created a very strong sense of community amongst us all as writers and fellow (to use her words) 'kindred spirits.'"

Christina Bulbrook

"Kate Forsyth's depth of knowledge was just amazing. She is powerfully engaging and inspirational! Thank you so much, Kate."

Sandie Naumann

"Kate Forsyth's presenting was so inspiring. Her generosity in sharing her process, writing techniques, and the depth of her knowledge was amazing. Definitely worth the money and the ability to choose courses on specific writing styles/genres that interest you is a fantastic advantage. History, Mystery and Magic was a wonderful experience. The course was inspiring, and discovering how one of Australia's best writers works was an amazing privilege. Thank you."

Shane Tartakover

"I most enjoyed Deb's presenting style. Her tips and tricks for retaining information are enjoyable and memorable, making the content truly resonate. Deb was, in a word: sensational. Do it. Without hesitation. You'll be amazed at what you're doing wrong."

Francesca Stevens

"Deb was professional and knowledgeable. Excellent training skills, well-prepared and someone I would study with again in a heartbeat."

Gemma Nardone

"I enjoyed the concentration on specific elements of story structure, such as openings, scene and climax. As always, Pamela is very knowledgable and responsive in her feedback. She is honest and encouraging. Living in a regional area with limited opportunity to get to the city, online is the only way that I am able to study and improve my writing skills. The Australian Writers' Centre is the place to g​o​ if you want to learn about writing and improving your skills. It is cost effective and presents ​short ​courses that are of the highest quality."

Jodi Gibson

"Tim knew his stuff, was full of interesting tips and suggestions, and has an obvious passion for story, craft and all things cinematic. I loved Tim's presentations on the nature of screen storytelling – character, plot and structure. Very interesting and educational. The Australian Writers' Centre is the best place to do a writing course."

James Boggs

"The presenter was very easy going and willing to answer any questions. Trae was wonderful. Full of knowledge and experience. If you are looking to start up a blog, this is the best place to start."

Christy Howard

"I really enjoyed everything! I just loved it! I was very grateful for the amount of useful. practical websites, blogging sites and information that Trae passed on through her wealth of experience. This provides a real shortcut for me to get started. Thanks Trae! The AWC is very professional and accessible."

Rhonni Pedretti

"You genuinely learn practical skills and insight into the freelance travel writing industry. Sue's feedback was invaluable and constructive. One of the main reasons I enrolled was because the tutor was an actively published travel writer. I really enjoyed my first ever online course. It was great to feel so engaged and challenged from your own living room. The course was brilliantly engaging and practical way to learn new skills and insights. The Australian Writers' Centre offers a contemporary approach to learning and a portal to the world of published writers."

Kylie Roberts

"I enjoyed reading the travel articles and reading other classmates work. I also left with a great understanding of the industry and what it takes to become a part of it. I am overseas, so it was perfect for me to complete it online. It was a well structured course so online was perfect. If you are looking to get into travel writing or any other form of writing then it is worth looking at Australian Writers' Centre as they have easy to understand courses run by professionals."

Rohan Shaw

"The hands on tasting and group lunch excursion review was a great experience. Carli is a terrific presenter. She is patient, insightful, helpful, entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. If you are looking to get insight advice and guidance for your writing from an industry professional, the Australian Writers' Centre is the place to go."

Matilda Meakes

"Carli was really knowledgeable and happy to share. She answered all our questions and made the sessions interesting and enjoyable. This Food Writing course was excellent value, super informative, really useful and most of all, really interesting."

Sam Colden

"Carli was extremely generous sharing her knowledge and experience. She was very informative and positive. She was an energetic, positive presenter, with lots of info to share. The course was information rich, a good size and there was never a dull moment!"

Awia Markey

"The course was uber inspiring – it's like someone turned on a switch in my mind and BAM! There's a stage musical and the spotlight is on me, writing. Dancers leap across a Scrabble-like floor, covered in words, clutching books at their chest. The whole thing is so well-rehearsed, like it's been headlining on Broadway all. this. time! The Australian Writers' Centre bought me a ticket to my own show and I haven't stopped writing since! I sent off my first pitch within four days of completing the course. Bravo and thanks!"

Janelle Walters

"I learnt more from Travel Writing in 5 weeks than I did completing an 18 month online travel writing course elsewhere. Sue's feedback was always constructive. If you are interested in travel writing, this is the best course to do."

Glenn Marshall

"I enjoyed the whole course and its presentation. The audio made it feel like I was in an actual classroom and being able to interact with other students and their feedback was invaluable. Allison was excellent – I gained so much valuable information and insight from her. The online platform was very easy –I was able to access the course on all types of devices. I could study while I waited for the kids to finish their sporting activities. I felt like the course could easily be slotted into my busy lifestyle. Thank you!

Liz Young

"The course got my juices flowing and my keyboard humming. I can see now that it is okay to write what I want and that it is 'my story'. I loved the feedback! It was honest, understandable and 100% supportive the whole time. The online aspect was super easy. The best thing about it for me was that I could get to it in my own time. If I had a crazy week at work I could sit down on the weekend and go through it. If I was needing a fix before that, it was right there waiting for me. The course was worth every penny. It's amazing how much you learn. You get little writing challenges that are so good for the soul, and you get to chat with some lovely like-minded people."

Toni Youngberry

"I want to profess my gratitude for this leg of my journey. I've enjoyed reading fractions of the minds of my classmates and Cathie, your feedback has been spot on. Thank you for sharing your wisdom."

Megan Kovacevic

"I would like to say thanks to Cathie for this course. I have been inspired and excited and it has finally confirmed for me that what I really LOVE to do is write. I have now constructed quite a long plot outline for an idea that has come to me during the past few weeks. I've already written about six chapters and am very eager to write some more!! I am very excited about meeting all my new characters and finding out who they are and where they are going. Thanks again for all your constructive feedback on assignments and ideas."

Linda Collingwood

"I enjoyed reading all of the submissions for the assignments and the feedback that Cathie gave to everyone. I gained a lot of insight listening to the tutorials, and feel that it expanded my knowledge about writing. The online component was easy and convenient. I would recommend this course to those seeking to further their writing abilities. It's great!"

Simon Lewis

"Judith Rossell was a fantastic presenter; patient, funny, knowledgeable, credible and with an obvious passion for children's literature. I loved hearing others' stories and opinions, discussing famous published works, and learning tips and techniques about how to write for children."

Natalie Livings

"Judith was great; engaging, encouraging and genuine. It's a great way to get the ball rolling if you're needing motivation/direction. Also great way to network/share ideas/meet similar minded people."

Kristy Russell

The course covered all the questions I have had niggling me for many years. Nothing went unanswered. At first I felt the least qualified, like the least able 'writer to be' in the group. It was Nicole's personality, style and attitude that made me 'OK' with that. By the end of day one I knew I wasn't the least able. I was simply the one who would have to possibly work a little harder than the others – and that's OK 🙂 Nicole is a down to earth and very likeable person. She oozes knowledge and is great sharing it. I enjoy an unbiased presenter who gives all sides to the subject matter and leaves you with all the facts/options to make up your own mind. She had a response for every question and encouraged debate. I doubt you could find a better presenter!

Ruth Yates

"The course was easy to follow and understand. It provided me with skills and confidence to be a copywriter. Bernadette is first class – she made everything easy to understand, kept me interested and gave excellent feedback on our assignments. The course was convenient and allowed me to do it on my own time. Every audio and handout was clearly labelled which made it all super efficient and was exactly what I expected from AWC. If writing is your passion and you seriously want to learn or improve your writing skills, you can't do better than enrolling with Australian Writers Centre."

Sherry Dixon

"It's great to have a tutor like Bernadette who knows the industry so well. I loved being able to fit the course around my busy and unpredictable schedules. The courses at Australian Writers' Centre are serious – fun, but very focused on what you need to know to achieve the goals."

Carole Ciavarra

"Bernadette was an engaging presenter. I particularly liked the way she presented copywriting as a very real opportunity and backed it up with some tricks of the trade. Each module was useful and practical. The course has provided great foundation for me to change my career. I didn't have to spend too many hours per week to do course work and assignments. The online component was easy and convenient. I could fit the lessons and assignments in to my week without feeling stressed, while holding down a full-time job."

Jody Boyle

"I like how my class had that enthusiasm for learning. I also like that the audio and presentations were able to be downloaded. I was able to sync both audio and presentations to my iPad to listen and follow on the train to work. Very convenient. Bernadette is very good at what she does. I liked her humour and her ability to explain concepts simply. The Australian Writers' Centre's courses will get you started in writing. They give you the confidence to take your writing to the next level. Whether you want to make writing a career or take your hobby up a couple of notches, they can help you."

Alan Taylor

"The best thing about the course was the combination of a homework deadline but the ability to complete the module in your own time during the week. I also liked the break down, step by step of how to complete copywriting tasks for clients. Bernadette was fantastic, she made copywriting accessible to us. You must complete one of these courses if you are serious about a career in writing. As someone new to the industry, you don't know what you don't know. The Australian Writers' Centre gives you the grounding and information to take your writing from novice to professional in a few weeks."

Lisa Berson

“Thank you for all the tips, techniques and templates that I can apply straight away in my own work and business. Bernadette Schwerdt had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and I appreciated the feedback she provided on each of our assignments. The convenience of being able to fit it in when it suited my schedule and commitments was a winner for me!"

Belinda Rule

“I learned so many new skills and techniques which has changed my approach to copywriting – for the better! Bernadette was fantastic – really inspiring. I got constructive feedback from my assignments. I have done several courses with the Australian Writers' Centre; all of them have been great but this was fantastic.“

Christina Farrington

“Bernadette Schwerdt is experienced and generous with her knowledge. she broke the copywriting process into easy, manageable chunks plus gave great templates so I can get up and running immediately.”

Sue Webster

”Bernadette - THANK YOU! The delivery and content of Copywriting Essentials far exceeded my expectations. I hung onto every word and will revisit the lessons to glean more from the hard work and expertise you generously shared. I’m truly grateful."

Mae Manners

"Kate was very engaging, knowledgeable and passionate. This is a highly recommended course for business people to attend, especially those who are on the upper level of management. I look at it as an investment to the organisation to send its employees to this training. It will greatly benefit the organisation as the employees will come back well equipped with an outstanding professional writing skill and on top of that the consistency of professionalism will show across the organisation."

Carmelia Kossim

"Danny was easy to listen to. His use of his own journey to explain the content was powerful. I liked how Danny gave each of us feedback on our writing. It was such a clearly set out course. You will get realistic, helpful information about writing picture books and getting them published."

Cathy Levett

Grant was professional, approachable, knowledgeable with good industry experience. He responded thoughtfully to questions and provided valuable feedback. The course was very informative and current and it was a good opportunity to hear about current practices and trends across industries. Excellent facilities and location, with relaxed learning environment.

Alana Seymour

"I found Bernadette to be one of the best presenters I have seen. She not only knew her material but she has a gift as a teacher. Bernadette put me at ease so many times and lifted my spirits with her encouragement. She created a safe environment and brought out the best in all of us. I came away feeling less scared because she has given me the tools and resources to do the very best I can to get my first book published. Thank you Bernadette."

Bindu Narula

"I loved the personal feedback section best. It was professional, convenient and a true value-for-money course."

Nannette Holliday

"The structure, the content and the delivery of the course was great. Sue White gave excellent feedback on assignments. The audio is very easy to listen to and the online format is convenient and well-delivered. The feedback is invaluable too."

Elizabeth Fritz

"Patti Miller was super and gave constructive feedback! If you can get there... Go do it!"

Leonie Curgenven

"I found Patti Miller to be a very clear, and empathic teacher. I learned a great deal about myself as well as my writing. I say do the course – you will find out what you are doing well and learn how to improve your weaker areas!"

Elizabeth Shadlow

"Anna was relaxed and prepared to answer any questions and it opened to me the possibility of creating an ebook. I found the Australian Writers Centre to be an organisation that is professional, efficient and wants to help ordinary people to be creative."

John Carroll

"Kate Forsyth is a brilliant presenter. She is knowledgeable, warm, smart and doesn't waste a moment. I loved her!"

Krys Saclier

"Kate was wonderful - her insights were exactly what I needed, and have been looking for, for years! I've studied a Masters of Communication, and learnt more in two days with Kate than I did during the two years it took me to complete my Masters. She's engaging, informative, and so friendly and approachable. I cannot speak highly enough of her. The entire course was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on character and setting development, as well as plotting and rising tension. It really is the perfect way to reignite your passion for writing, to inspire creativity, and to really learn practical tips on the craft of writing."

Sally Wood

Kate is a fabulous presenter. She is knowledgeable, passionate, and lively. The writing tips are clear, practical and 'doable'. I have completed three courses with the Australian Writers' Centre and everyone is passionate and willing to share their knowledge. Even the newsletter is brilliant. Valerie and the team of presenters are inspiring... Everyone is welcomed and wherever you are at in your writing, and for whatever you wish to achieve, the tools learnt to begin, polish or complete a manuscript are invaluable

Kat Thomson

"Kate is magnificent. Her knowledge is staggering and yet she presents it in a way that those of of without a literary educational background can understand. She's really inspired me. The AWC will give you the tools you need to be a better writing in a supportive environment."

Amanda Willimott

"I loved Bernadette's conversational presentation. I felt like I was actually in a classroom, face to face with her. Bernadette combined theory and her own experience seamlessly, making her information both useful and fun. The online classroom was easy and convenient, as it allowed me to complete the course at a time that worked for me. If you want a convenient, useful course that's also value for money, take a look at Australian Writers Centre."

Fran Tann

"The course materials were useful and will be a valuable resource for future reference. Bernadette was a great tutor. She clearly has years of experience in copywriting and provided really good materials to help us understand the basics of copywriting. Doing the course online is very easy and convenient. I particularly liked Bernadette's slides with the voiceover. It worked really well for me."

Michelle Hill

"This course makes you business-ready the moment you've finished the course. Bernadette is superb. She knows her stuff and how to present in a way that builds the students' knowledge in the best most practical way. The online aspect is a great method of delivery. The fact that I can also listen to the presentations and do the assignments at times that suit me is a major plus. Just do it! You can't go wrong with the AWC."

Kylie Castor

The course was most enjoyable.... Bernadette is a clever teacher the content was great. This was the best publishing seminar I've been to – I learnt so much."

Lesley Porter

"I enjoyed all of the course but found the elevator pitch section extremely helpful. I have read a lot of books and have made lots of attempts but came up with my best pitch for my story so far. Bernadette is obviously very passionate about what she does and has a lot of insider knowledge."

Maryann Murphy

Loved Cindy! She knew what she was talking about, and made it come to life for me.

Carmela D'Amore

"Doing a course at the Australian Writers' Centre is like getting a fast track ticket to success. Even though success depends on your own capabilities, the things you learn will put you miles ahead of trying to get there on your own. You're being taught by industry veterans and professionals and the learnings from their experience is priceless."

Sandra Shakespeare

“I found the real-life examples excellent and learning with others empowering. The advice from Valerie was invaluable. Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 2 was one of the best professional development programs I have ever done!”

Sarah Wormwell

Valerie is the guru of feedback and it's the whole reason I did the course. I knew I would receive honest feedback on everything I submitted. Valerie is outstanding - she has an absolute gift as an educator. Online learning suits my lifestyle from a time perspective. I love being able to download the audios, listen to them when I like and keep them forever. Perfect. Best money you'll ever spend if you're serious about your writing.

Jocelyn Pride

If you want to do a writing course that is practical and relevant then this is the place!

Jennifer Johnston

I loved seeing pitching feedback given to others. Also, the interview questions and technique tips were invaluable. Valerie was clear, honest, helpful and supportive. The best thing about online delivery is that you can read/listen and re-read/re-listen. There were no set time constraints like in a normal classroom. Getting verbal feedback that is viewed by all in the class is great. Makes you try your best! I’ve done three AWC courses now. I realised I don't need to spend tens of thousands on a journalism degree. AWC has given me the tools to do what I want to do.

Kristie Hayden

"I embarked on the Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write About Murder a few weeks back. The course material applies equally well to true crime and creative writers. You could also do it purely for interest as the content is fascinating. I wasn't sure what to expect but this course exceeds and excites. It's extraordinary value for money. There are 8 modules, all with research and writing activities. Please, AWC, more subject-focused online courses like this."

Anne Hayes

"I really enjoyed getting a personal perspective of crime and thriller writing from a presenter that has "been there and done that." The course was logically put together and covered a lot of very useful information. L.A. Larkin is a fantastic presenter. She has great subject knowledge and was able to get everybody involved in the various discussion points. It was a fantastic course that was well worth undertaking."

Liam Saville

“Claire was fabulous. She was incredibly knowledgable, as well as thoughtful, honest, gentle and approachable. I certainly recommend Travel Memoir. If you are interested in writing and travel then you have a lot to gain by taking the course. It opened my eyes, taught me a lot about writing and encouraged me along my own writing path.“

Ali Rolleston

“Claire Scobie was great - skillful, enthusiastic and encouraging. Her presentation was very stimulating and most enjoyable! I've done two courses at the Australian Writers' Centre now and they were both great value for money and very practical.”

Judith Thomson

“Claire was well-prepared and managed us well (the talkers vs quiet ones). She kept me stimulated all day, both days of the course. Gorgeous location! Great presenter. Useful content.”

Christine Gabriel

“I most enjoyed Claire’s knowledge and how good she was with understanding all the needs of the students. She was knowledgable, attentive and encouraging and give us advice on how we can get mentored. If you are interested in writing, it's a must!“

Carla Francis

“Claire is a fantastic presenter. She had a genuine interest and intuitive understanding of each of our stories and was able to offer very insightful suggestions. The exercises, while challenging, were incredibly useful as they taught me more about my own ability to write. If you are seriously thinking about writing, Travel Memoir is the course to do.“

Margarita Steinhardt

"Danny was inspiring and entertaining. He definitely kept everyone engaged. Danny also offered real life experiences which was very helpful. The course was clear and realistic in terms of how to write and industry expectations. You should do this course, it really was useful"

Katie Gallagher

"We were in a comfortable setting for the course. There were excellent notes to take home with us – very comprehensive and useful to refer to at any time. Danny was a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. He made us feel that we could achieve our goals and encouraged us to keep trying. The knowledge we have gained from the course will stay with us and be a highlight to remember for a long time to come. It is actually an essential course for confidence building and to ensure we approach our writing in the best way possible. I just drank it all in and appreciated the opportunity to be there. One of the best weekends I have had for some time."

Christine Kelly

"Danny was very easy to understand and he was genuinely interested and encouraged us all to pursue writing. He was very real about the whole writing process – that it takes time and that you need to be willing to make changes and listen to advice. The course will provide you with the information that you would need to make a start with writing. The course is valuable and also helps you to really get started, which is often the hardest part with anything new."

Heidi Weir

"Danny has such a lovely presentation style, he shared his wisdom and experience as well as loads of humour thrown in. Danny was generous with his experience and his time and he was available throughout the entire course. His passion for the work shone through."

Karina Higginson

"Thank you Cathie (and Valerie) for this course. Sincerely, I expected a great course from AWC, because all the other courses delivered by Valerie and her team of presenters are thorough and valuable, and simultaneously I am very grateful for another great course being delivered. It's really wonderful when you can trust in a company to deliver the high level of courses each and every time. Cathie, your input has been invaluable - being able to see the feedback, not only for our own assignments, but the feedback from each participant's assignments has enhanced our learning. The content has provided us with a great base for going forward in our writing careers; a big thank you!"

Marija Castellari

"I thought the Writing for the Web course was very informative, comprehensive and Grant was an engaging instructor who has lots of real-world experience to draw from. I know I will use what I have learned as I expand my business as a freelance writer/editor."

Alex Abrahams

"Since completing the course I've had several pieces selected for publication on popular websites. It feels so good being paid to write! I've also secured a regular column at The Island Review, writing about life in Tasmania. The AWC course was helpful to me in so many ways, but the single biggest advice I took away from it was on how to pitch. Before the course I had lots of ideas, I just didn't know what to do with them. Allison Tait's and the AWC taught me so much about how to construct a strong pitch tailored to a specific publication. The course boosted my confidence enormously, so that now when I email an editor with an idea I take the approach that I'm doing them a favour by offering them my skills as a writer, rather than feeling apologetic and awkward for taking up their time."

Ruth Dawkins

“Claire was an excellent presenter. Very aware of the different needs of individuals, involved everyone as a group, encouraged sharing of ideas, and developed our skills. Claire was enthusiastic, encouraging, made the sessions fun, and made me feel that I wanted to write and keep on writing. A fantastic experience if you want to try your hand at writing. I found it very encouraging and feel that it's sharpened my senses. I'm more likely to notice colour, smells, and the little things that I may have missed, before. It certainly made me more attentive to detail and generally more observant of people and places.”

Margie Marsh

“Lisa was an engaging and personal presenter whose honesty was a refreshing approach. She was enthusiastic and lively and gave wonderful insights into her experience. The course was awesome, had a great presenter and I learnt heaps! I left the course feeling extremely inspired.”

Karina Groth

“Nicole was excellent, she was very approachable and imparted real information in a down-to-earth way. The small class size and extensive notes made the course content rich. I learnt a great deal in two days!”

Saveria Dimasi

“If you are even remotely considering writing a book, go here first! It will give you the freedom to go outside of what you thought was the ‘right’ way and will help you avoid countless mistakes. Having done the course I feel far more informed and inspired.”

Tania Holland

"Thank you for your Blogging for Beginners online seminar. I had been contemplating starting a blog for over 12 months and while I had a good idea of what I wanted to blog about, I really needed some encouragement to get started and iron out a few technical questions I had. I completed the seminar 2 weeks ago and I immediately set up my new blog. I am so enjoying writing and having launched the blog, a little over a week ago, I have had 134 views and 56 visits and a few followers already which I’m pretty happy with. My long term goal is to write a book and I’m looking forward to the Reinvent Yourself seminar which I have also purchased. Thanks again!"

Samantha Moss

"I needed help to further my writing, so when my friend – who had already done a course with Kate – asked me to go to Oxford with her and do this course, I didn't hesitate. I learnt more through Kate Forsyth's teaching than any other course I've undertaken and exceeded my expectations. She was a fantastic presenter, in group form and individual support. Roger, the tour guide was friendly, experienced and did a fabulous job. Writing in Oxford was amazing and worth every cent!"

Carol Warner

"Kate was very supportive of us and our individual writing and personal challenges. She went out of her way to make sure that meals and tours ran smoothly, even those arranged outside of the itinerary The tour guide was cheerful and knowledgeable, he was extremely flexible and eager to meet the needs and wishes of whoever had attended the optional tours. It was very memorable!"

Jo Edgar-Baker

"The course was very informative! It gave me a very clear view of what is needed to take my story and turn it into a book. Pamela is absolutely brilliant. I could listen to her for days. She is clear, refreshingly honest and encouraging. Can't say enough about how wonderful she is. If you want to write and have no idea how it get started or how to approach it, this course is an absolute must. You will not regret it."

Kerryn Gollan

"Totally professional Excellent feedback to all students Sets an atmosphere in the class that is conducive to self-expression A fountain of information on the writing scene in Australia Encouraging and supportive"

Ziggy Sieradzki

"Pamela is the most inspiring presenter ever! Put this course on your bucket list."

Cynthia Mikel

"It's a wonderful place to advance your writing skills and get to know other writers, both published and unpublished. I loved every second of it, and the fact it was online was fantastic. I would never have been able to do the courses otherwise."

Laura Ogden

"Pamela's knowledge and ability to tailor it to each individual budding writer was fantastic. The opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people was great. Pamela is a natural teacher. Her ability to squeeze so much into 2 days is a great skill."

Gerrard Bowman

"The course helps to develop many writing techniques and styles. It helps with story and character development yet still encourages you to keep your own style. I liked having the handouts as well as the audio, it gives me something to refer back to in the future as I am writing. Pamela was very helpful and honest with her feedback. She gave both positive comments as well as the constructive criticism, both I think are important as a tutor."

Kelly Rainbow

This course has done wonders for me. I procrastinated at starting this course after completing Creative Writing Stage 1, yet I finally bit the bullet, getting back into it at what I feel has been the perfect time. I have been working on my novel for close to six months. It's been a struggle; full of doubt and insecurity. I am grateful for Cathie's assignment feedback and the push to rewrite some of my work has been invaluable.

Belinda Mallouk

"The venue was gorgeous and Kate was truly fabulous. The course was excellent, full of useful information and encouragement. Kate did a wonderful job of bringing the group together and giving way beyond what was outlined in the course. I learned things that had eluded my writing for almost 10 years!"

Paula Beavan

"Patti's knowledge and delivery of the course was excellent, as was the interaction and support Patti provided everyone in the class. Everyone really enjoyed the class and got to know each other during the eight weeks. The course structure was excellent and Patti really supported the groups' learning in a safe environment and enabled each of us to ask questions and offered feedback."

Anthea Karatasoulis

"What i enjoyed most was the atmosphere created by Patti - she’s the best presenter I’ve ever had at a writing course."

Ann Major

"I enjoyed getting an overview of how to start blogging and hearing everyone’s ideas of what their blogs will be about. Attending this course took the 'scare' factor out of taking the first step and knowing what to do."

Angie Dale

"Kate is a fantastic teacher and so accessible. She encouraged us to ask questions and to focus on our particular writing projects. I could not ask for a better author to learn from! The course content was wonderful, class size was just right, the setting was amazing, content varied and interesting. Our tour guide was great, really friendly and knowledgable. Oxford is a great place to hone your writing skills and be inspired to write"

Nicole Priest

"Geoff knows his stuff and he had everyone feeling comfortable. He was open to questions and willing to help as much as possible. I enjoyed it!"

Stephen Webb

"The feedback from Judith Ridge was useful and interesting, especially being able to read her feedback on other participants' work. The examples from published books that were used in the course notes to illustrate a point in the audio were excellent".

Rebecca Newman

"I enjoyed being able to do the course in my own time. I got a lot out of sharing my work and reading the work of my classmates. Judith Ridge was excellent! Very informative."

Elizabeth Pigott

"I loved the group discussions and hearing other people's blogging experiences. I learned so much when Kelly showed us what works well for blog designs and what doesn’t."

Suzanne Loveland

"Kelly was very approachable, very friendly and willing to answer questions.. The course covered a lot of areas about blogs and the presentation of them. We all came away with a lot to think about in regards to our own blogs."

Pam Lynch

"It was great to hear lots of hints and tips from Kelly - based on her experience in the blogging and design world. Kelly is a great presenter - friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and patient"

Danielle Ramsay

"The structure of the course and content were magnificent. It was really a hands-on exercise - far from theoretical with no practical application. Julietta was excellent. She was able to balance giving critical feedback with praise which was very motivating. I loved the fact I could complete the reading and assignments in my own time. Great!"

Scott Williamson

"I enjoyed meeting the other students and writing a profile on a partner. This was challenging and a lot of fun. Julietta was professional and punctual. She made some interesting points in the feedback which revealed how much there is to learn about crafting a piece that is right for the market.I was impressed with how easy it was to use the online modules. I also think a lot of content was covered in a short time, which was satisfying."

Anna Humphries

"I enjoyed the mix between audio, case studies, assignments and the online forum to share questions and comments with classmates. Felt like a great balance. Allison was very knowledgeable and gave good feedback and shared her insight."

Stephanie Anderson

"I thought the presentation style was relatable with good examples. There were a great amount of handy hints and I feel like I have a good understanding of what's required to get an feature published. I was a little afraid of not having a teacher to face and students to interact with, but as it turns out, we did get to interact. I enjoyed being able to get back over parts again and also accessing it when it suited me best, often breaking it up into 2 or 3 parts. The convenience of doing it from home was great."

Sandra Shakespeare

"Julietta Jameson’s tutorship helped me develop confidence in my writing ability. The steady pace of the course ensured we covered plenty of ground over the 5 weeks. I cannot recommend this course highly enough for people with a love of writing about travel; in whatever form that might take."

Monique van Tulder

"Thanks so much for such an amazing and insightful weekend. The course not only covered the technical side of travel memoir writing but provided writing exercises that helped us develop and understand our own writing styles. I left the course a different, more wiser writer than when I started it, and now I'm itching to start writing my own memoir and get the words down that are just bursting inside me. This course was transformational for me and has provided an important foundation to start writing my book. I shudder to think of the mistakes I would have made without it. Claire is a fantastic tutor and the reluctance that we all shared in not wanting to leave the room at the end of our course is an indication of how inspirational and generous she is. Her encouragement and feedback was personal and heartfelt, you could just tell she believed in us which is really important when you're not sure if you believe in yourself."

Lisa Schofield

"It was a terrific weekend. Travelling through life. Through places and experiences. I think we’ll all be putting various learnings into effect as we pursue our passions"

Kerri-Ann Smith

"I've done a few courses over the years and I don't think I have ever been so engaged. The weekend flew by. Thanks so much to Claire for sharing and for the inspiration."

David McManus

"There was a great variety of aspirations within the group I joined, while all were inexperienced as novelists. However, Pamela brought unfailing energy and enthusiasm, not to mention good humour. She is extremely generous in the way she gives of herself and draws on her experience during the evenings. We were fortunate that she has such a lot of learning from her own writing experience over the course of thirty novels. Pamela was careful to tailor her advice very specifically to each member of the group according to where they were with their own project. At the same time I learnt from each discussion that took place, whether it concerned my own writing or another's. I was sorry the classes ended when they did, but I feel encouraged to continue drawing on the energy that came from those evenings."

Anne Kearney

I thought the course was great. It was a good mix of enlightening (stuff I didn’t know AT ALL) and reinforcing (stuff I was already doing that made me realise I was on the right track). Kylie was very approachable and obviously very knowledgable. I was really pleased and felt rather inspired to crack on with getting my book published afterward!"

Kimberley Magain

I enjoyed how easy for me to understand the terms of grammar and punctuation. The course itself was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to improve either grammar and/or punctuation skills. And Deb was simply amazing! If a student understands what the teacher is talking about, then that presenter is doing an amazing job. Using simple examples and explaining what each term means in simple english, I couldn't have asked for a better presenter. With my Samoan background, we speak two languages at home and this course has helped me to improve my English grammar and punctuation skills. I learned everything in one hit!"

Jenny Foaese

"There was a good mix of theory and examples/practice to understand how to implement what I'd learned. Deb was very relaxed and approachable and gave us lots of time to ask questions and have open conversations about content. Deb was also open to adjusting content to students and used real world examples to help long term learnings"

Sally Youngman

"Claire's class was amazing and I got so much out of it! I loved writing the stories each week. My little sister has just finished her first novel and has an agent interested back in Scotland – I hope to one day follow in her foot steps! Claire has definitely inspired me to keep going!"

Rebecca Paterson

"This course nourished my heart, my creative self, my painting and most importantly, my writing. It provided all the tools and inspiration to begin the task of creative writing. Claire is a very warm and encouraging teacher. I also loved the flow of ideas from the group. Thank YOU so much, I feel quite bereft without our class with you!"

Amelia Campbell

"Kate's Writing at Work course was extremely helpful. Learning about the key questions one should ask when writing for business purposes has already proven to be invaluable. The course was both informative and engaging, and Kate was a fantastic presenter. She facilitated detailed discussion of the tips and guidelines included in the course, so that everyone understood how they could apply their new knowledge in a workplace context. I finished the course feeling equipped with the tools I need to tackle business writing head on!"

Sarah Carman

"I got enough ideas to keep me busy for years! Amazing resource. An absolute must if you are starting out on the journey."

Ruth Clare

"Nicole's passion and knowledge was invaluable, she obviously has so much experience and knowledge. Fabulous."

Kelly Sammut

"A great thorough course! I enjoyed every minute of it. Julietta made things interesting and easy to learn. Her friendly personality and extensive knowledge made this course well and truly value for money!"

Hayley Morcom

"Trae was very passionate and engaging. Her overview of setting up a blog made it look like a piece of cake. I was amazed how much we learned in the space of two hours."

Nabilla Zayan

"If I had not done the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course in January 2013 I would have crashed my writing career before it had the chance to take wing. I was doing EVERYTHING wrong; approaching editors upside down, filing a story 30 minutes after receiving a commission and generally making life more difficult than it should have been. Talk about flying blind. "The course taught me invaluable lessons such as how to approach an editor, gave me knowledgeable insights such as lead times on magazines, gave me skills to pitch a story and let me understand rejection was just a normal part of writing. "I’ve taken off since that course: Three articles (three – I’m still pinching myself) in the latest magazine, with regular commissions for 2014; a growing portfolio that allows me to promote my love of rural Australia; and the first taste of corporate work. "I cannot recommend your course enough. Actually I would say if you want to be a feature writer, don’t bother until you’ve been to the Australian Writers' Centre."

Mandy McKeesick

"I took the Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 course back in 2009. I'd have to say that it is the best thing I've done for my writing career. Since finishing the course I've had 20 feature articles published. "It takes a lot of hard work to pitch and write articles but this course gives you all the tools you'll need to do it right. All the information you need to kickstart your career is included and the presenters are there with you, answering questions every step of the way. "Do this course. You won't regret it."

Kristie Bradfield

"So I thought, ‘Well, I just need to… if I want to give this a go, I’ve got to just put myself in this writing world’. That’s why I approached you guys. I was a little bit nervous, and I was traveling at the time with Matt, my husband, so I signed on the dot for the online creative writing course. That was a great way to start because I felt anonymous and I wasn’t throwing myself out there. But what was really great, because I’m a procrastinator and I like to go back to things a lot, was that as people posted their work, it was there, so I could go back and read it again, I could read the teacher's comments. "I could see what she was picking up on, what was working, and what wasn’t. That helped. In a lot of ways it gave me extra confidence in what I was doing or would send up a flag, you know? ‘Okay, that’s a bad idea’. Things like that. I think more than anything just being in that kind of environment, where it’s actually okay to want to pursue something like this, and everyone’s really passionate about it, that was really a good start. "And so I thought, ‘Well, if I really want to keep going with this I just need to keep myself in this world.' I can’t let myself out of it in a way. So I signed up to do the second course in creative writing and I did that in person. So then I was coming in once a week and I was surrounded by 10 other people who were writing and passionate about it and we were just talking through stuff. At that time I sent out my manuscript and it was during that course that I actually got picked up by an agent. It was great because it was just the right environment for me to be in and it worked really well."

Jessica Shirvington

"If you are planning on writing for a magazine, newsletter or newspaper, this is definitely the course for you. It was very informative. For someone that does not have a writing background, I gained a great understanding of what is required to get started. Alecia is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter and kept the course interesting."

Traceyanne Napier

"The information provided was interesting and practical. I wanted to find a computer and start my blog then and there! Trae was excellent. She has an in depth understanding of blogging was able to share some useful hints and tips along the way. It doesn't matter if you don't understand the first thing about blogging – this course will lay a solid foundation on which you can build."

Steph Gregg

"If you want to write that novel, then the Australian Writers' Centre is the place to begin."

Simon Milliner

"I loved being surrounded by like-minded and creative people. Pamela is excellent. She shares her insights freely, encourages us and gives constructive criticism to make us the best writers we can be."

Carolyn Francis

"Working with Pamela was great. She strikes the right balance between tough love and empathy and genuinely believes in helping the work. She won't lie to make you feel better! Take this course and make the commitment to yourself. You won't regret it.

Melissa Sargent

"This course really improved my craft and I've made real progress with my manuscript. Pamela was breathtaking as always – inspiring, insightful and full of wisdom."

Maureen Collins

I signed up to do the course Magazine and Newspaper Writing with the Australian Writers' Centre in late 2009. I was a bit sceptical about doing my first ever online course, but shouldn't have worried. The whole process was easy and it was great having virtual classmates to discuss the lessons and to cheerlead each other on to success, even if it was a bit bizarre not being able to see them! I actually got my first paid commission from a magazine while I was still doing the five-week course. Five months later, my article was published in Cosmo Bride magazine and I was hooked (line and sinker) on the writing game. Since then, I've been published by titles including Girlfriend, Jetstar Magazine, Women's Health and Fitness, Diabetic Living and The Big Issue, as well as ABC The Drum and Mamamia online. I've also recently completed the Travel Writing online course taught by Sue White, which definitely lived up to my first wonderful learning experience with the Centre. It offered me real, practical guidance to ethical questions, writing practice and feedback. The entire experience felt like fun, not work. I've now got my sights set on the courses in Food Writing and How to Get Your Book Published. I'll definitely keep coming back for more. One of the best things about the Australian Writers' Centre is the ongoing support. Valerie, Sue and the other teachers don't just cut you loose once you've finished your course. They keep helping you through the email newsletter, blogs, Graduates' Club and more. I wholeheartedly recommend trying a course with them. The only thing you'll regret is not giving it a go sooner.

Rebecca Douglas

I am very glad I discovered the AWC courses. I completed the Travel Writing course and the Magazine Writing course online. The information learnt in the courses, so nicely spaced and well presented, has made the difference to me having pieces published in places such as The Age online, International Traveller, Green magazine and Great Walks. The courses gave me many practical skills such as sourcing ideas, pitching, interviewing, organisation, resilience and many more. I learnt that you have to keep honing your skills and keep trying, despite plenty of knockbacks, to gain a foothold into the freelance writing world. Without the AWC courses, I would have packed it in as a fantasy long ago. Writing and having work published has given me an avenue into a hobby I thoroughly enjoy and which I never really thought would be possible for me. The AWC Graduates' Club has been an invaluable support also – with people, including the presenters, generously sharing information, contacts and encouragement.

Susan Murphy

"I enrolled in an AWC course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing with Sue White in 2011. Looking back now, it proved to be one of the best moves I made. Although I am not a features writer, doing the course kept me on the path of 'following my bliss' and connecting with freelancers via the Graduates' Club. This support system gave me the confidence to continue on my path both online and at networking events. I find I am always referring to Valerie and her work in my workshops and consults."

Dianne Masri

"I'd been writing and knew I wanted to make it my job, but I didn't know how to take it to the next level. When AWC's magazine writing course was recommended, I enrolled in their next online course – and I haven't looked back. The biggest thing it did was give me the confidence to take leaps into the industry, and the support from their Graduates' Club and the people I've met through AWC has been amazing. I've been published in Jetstar magazine, My Career, Essential Kids, Practical Parenting and WellBeing, among others. I work from home and travel for my writing, and I also do corporate writing and have spoken about freelancing at conferences. But the best thing is that I'm now making a living from what I love – all because I enrolled in an online course that day."

Megan Blandford

"I did the online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing a year ago. Within the first two months of finishing this amazing course, I got my first two commissions from Women's Health and Green Lifestyle magazines. I have long-held a passion for writing, and this course – taught expertly by Sue White – let me explore this further and turn my dream of crafting words for a living into a reality. I recommend it to anyone who is keen to pursue a career as a freelance features writer."

Nicola Saltman

"I completed the online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing in September 2010 and loved every minute of it. The information given was practical and useful straight away. I followed the guidelines on how to pitch to editors and was delighted when my very first pitch was accepted by Australian Family magazine in February 2011. Since then my byline has also appeared in Good Health, The West Australian, Essential Kids, Essential Baby, Web Child and The Hoopla. I am also a reporter for the regional newspapers out of Geraldton, WA. I'm living the dream and I give all the credit to Valerie and her team for their ongoing education and support."

Jennifer Morton

"I've always wanted to be a published writer and, in October 2011, I completed the AWC course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing. Since that time I've been published regularly and commissioned by publications such as Sunday Life!, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Life, Dumbo Feather, Jetstar magazine, Modern Farmer (US), Practical Parenting, Essential Kids, and more. The course gave me not only the confidence and information I needed to pitch my ideas to editors, but provided an insider's look into magazines and newspapers that would have taken me years to acquire on my own. Without hesitation I can say that the course changed my life."

Lindy Alexander

"What began as a hobby became my part-time and now full-time job in a matter of only two years. The Magazine and Newspaper Writing course taught me how to write, as well as become a writer. I had my first article commissioned by marie claire within months of completing the course. I’ve since also been published in Fairfax Life & Style, Elle Australia, Women’s Fitness, Woman’s Day and many more. Writing has opened up my world quite literally, I’ve travelled to Japan and jumped out of a plane all in the name of work! The ongoing support provided by AWC is invaluable and I think has been the key to my success. I truly am living my dream."

Cassy Small

"I enrolled in the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course with one aim – to get one article published. I was at home, seven months pregnant and running after a two year old. After having a professional career, I was loving being a mum but needing something for me. 'Wow, I’d be so happy if I could get myself published,' I thought. And it was a bigger thrill than I had imagined to see my byline for the first time. I didn’t stop there. I couldn’t stop there. Something I’d started as a bit of an interest has become my passion. Twelve months on, it’s the perfect part-time job. It’s flexible and gives me the balance I need as a mum. It’s creative, it’s productive and it helps me make sense of what is happening around me. I’ve written for publications that I’ve always enjoyed reading: Essential Baby, Practical Parenting, Life&Style (SMH), My Career (SMH), body+soul and MiNDFOOD. I’ve interviewed many fascinating people and love that I’m continually learning about both the process of writing and the many topics my articles cover. I’d recommend the course to anyone interested in writing feature articles. I was extremely impressed with the content, the delivery and the support provided both during and after the course."

Libby Hakim

"The Australian Writers' Centre has made a huge difference to my professional life. Simply knowing 'how' to write won't get you too far these days. The AWC course I did showed me what kinds of opportunities existed for those wanting to make a living from writing, and taught me how to go about pursuing those opportunities. "It also gave me access to their amazing online Graduates' Club of writers and this, more than anything else, has been instrumental in any success I have achieved. I've been published extensively both online and off, and launched my first book on Amazon in January. "The online Graduates' Club provides huge support in the way of encouragement and advice and it's wonderful to have such ready access to a bunch of people who 'get' writing and have experienced all the same triumphs and knockbacks you have."

Kelly Exeter

"Taking the Australian Writers' Centre online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing was such a great move for me. The course work was really enjoyable, I learnt far more than just a new style of writing, and I’m now a regular freelance contributor to a few of my favourite food and travel titles. You could certainly say I’m thrilled with the return on investment – you can’t put a price on loving your work."

Edwina Dick

I completed the course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing in February 2013 and got my first commission within 10 weeks. In the last year, I have had articles published Practical Parenting, Mindfood and Sunday Life!. Online, I have become a regular contributor at Essential Baby and also write for Fairfax Life & Style and Women's Agenda. It was always my dream to write professionally – and the AWC has turned that dream into a reality.

Catherine Rodie

In 2011, I undertook the online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 through AWC. As someone who was always saw her writing and blogging as a hobby, being able to take it to the next level, thanks to AWC, was thrilling. My course taught me everything I needed to take that very first (very scary!) step into the publishing world, and beyond. Now, years on, my words have been featured numerous time on online publications such as Essential Baby, Essential Kids, The Hoopla and Kidspot, and in print with Sydney's Child and Newcastle's Child magazines. I urge anyone else who has even the smallest seed of a dream inside them to see their name in print to do a course with AWC. The possibilities of what may blossom as a result are infinite!

Donna Webeck

In the 12 months since completing the course Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1, I have been published in many online publications including Essential Baby, Mamamia, Daily Life and Life&Style. I have also seen my byline in several print magazines such as Melbourne's Child, Practical Parenting and Australian House & Garden. This course gave me the confidence and tools to pitch ideas that work. It also gave me access to a community of incredible writers who provide support, advice and encouragement. I cannot recommend this course more highly for anyone wanting to see their byline become a reality.

Michaela Fox

Since I was at school, I've loved reading magazines, dreaming up article ideas, and preempting all the articles I read in my favourite teenage magazines. And I would think: 'I can write like that, or even better!' Fast forward a few decades, I had a career as a pharmacist and, after my fourth child, I took a long break from pharmacy. On a whim, I decided to give writing a go when I saw the course Magazine and Newspaper Writing at AWC. Seeing my first byline in Sydney's Child and a second one The Sydney Morning Herald was surreal. I'm finally giving myself the opportunity to do what I really love: play with words – and call it work! Thank you Valerie for a course that gave me all the information and confidence I needed to research, write and pitch articles to editors.

Zohra Aly

Hands down, the online courses in Magazine and Newspaper Writing, and Travel Writing at AWC are the best courses I have ever done. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting a career in freelance writing. Since doing the course in July 2012, I've become a regular contributor to SBS, Women's Agenda, Essential Kids, Essential Baby, and many others.

Lilani Goonesena

In 2012 I took a leap of faith and enrolled in the Magazine and Newspaper Writing online course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. Writing is something that I have wanted to do for so many years but life sometimes takes you the long way around. The course was fantastic! The content was detailed and thorough; it covered everything I needed to know to kickstart my writing career. The presentations were clear and easy to follow and the feedback and interaction from the tutor was brilliant. Now, 18 months later, I can say I am successfully forging a part-time career as a freelance writer, having been published on a number of online sites. I am finally realising my vision of being a writer and would never have had the confidence or courage to do it if it hadn’t been for the course – and the ongoing support from the centre and past participants in the Graduates' Club. For anyone who is contemplating following their dream I say: Stop pondering and do it! It will be the best thing you have ever done.

Jodi Gibson

With no prior writing experience, I completed the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course in 2012 and, within a month, was published by Fairfax Media. I have been writing regularly for them ever since. I was also published by a US magazine immediately after the course, which is distributed to a niche audience including the US Congress. They liked my work so much I was made associate editor within three months. I have written for various magazines about a range of topics, and the work has opened up many doors and networking opportunities, so I now am able to earn more money working from home with complete flexibility than I did in my previous roles that were difficult to juggle with family life. Another aspect that I love is stumbling across something or someone interesting in everyday life and thinking 'I should write about that', then actually doing it – and getting paid to do it. I've never felt so valued in my work.

Brooke Lumsden

"Doing the feature writing course gave me the confidence to go for it. My first pitch was accepted by the first editor I approached and the subsequent article was recently published in Landscape Architecture Australia magazine – my first pitch landed me my first paid gig! The ongoing support from the ace community of AWC graduates and staff helps keep the momentum rolling. Valerie and her team have the knowledge – and genuine desire – to help you craft a successful career as a freelancer."

Lucy Salt

"Pamela is fantastic. She can easily see the problem or solution in an example where someone is stuck, and her feedback is spot on. I love her honest and open manner about her own experiences, and really believe that she cares about the students even after we leave the classroom."

Erin O’Neill

"Pamela is passionate about her craft, friendly, funny and generous. I'm already making good use of what I learned."

Ian McLean

"The way Kate explained everything to us was amazing. I really enjoyed how we were taught something and then given a short exercise straight afterwards to test our skills then went over it to see our results. AAA+++"

Nirvana Zreika

"Kate was clear and engaging. There was a logical flow, which made the course enjoyable for me. Take home notes were also great. I have told my colleagues and others that the course was helpful, interesting and that my writing is better for it."

Isa Mu

"I have attended three courses at the Australian Writers' Centre – Magazine and Newspaper Writing (twice) and From Blog to Book. I'm now looking forward to doing Creative Writing Stage 1. I have had articles published in local Art magazines and Street Presses and I am enjoying my writing journey. I must say of all the colleges, centres and organisations I have been associated with the Australian Writers' Centre has been the most constructive, and helpful. I thank you for such a current, professional environment to study in and look forward to a long association with the Centre."

Carly Schultz

"I would say that the course I did from the Australian Writers' Centre has given me the tools and confidence to start writing. I highly recommend it for the quality of its content, presentation and feedback. Each module was packed with valuable, relevant information that was delivered by Valerie in a pleasant and interesting manner. I also found it a safe, non-threatening environment where I could experiment and start to take a few risks. I'm really sorry my course has finished! I would say that if you want to start writing and learn how to write well, take a course at the Australian Writers' Centre."

Anne Bennett Taylor

"I now feel confident that I know how to approach publishers professionally with book proposals"

Belinda Marsh

"The seminar dispelled a great deal of the publishing myths. It allowed me to plan my course of action over the next few months in order to get my book published. Thank you."

Shane Horsburgh

Very informative – received a lot of very useful and relevant information. I now have a solid understanding on how to approach a publisher and how to submit a book proposal."

Gail Rast

"I came away with ideas running rampant in my head, this has continued since the seminar. It's helped me think more creatively and clearly about different ideas I have and where they could lead. I really enjoyed it."

Belinda-Jane Latta

"Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve secured a deal with a US publisher! Thanks for your assistance with my pitch; it was a million times better once I knew what I should actually put in it! They particularly liked the idea that I’d be a regular contributor for them, as after your seminar I listed my second and third book ideas in my first book pitch and it was that information that seemingly got me over the line. "The course gave me the confidence to pitch as I knew that should I get rejected it was that my book idea wasn’t right for the publisher, not that my pitch wasn’t right. Writing a book, or having a book idea, means you have a bit of an emotional attachment to your work. The course enabled me to focus on building a business proposal on what my book could offer the publisher, not just why I felt my great book idea was so great!"

Trevor Treharne

"An experience I would certainly recommend and one that I will personally treasure."

Pam Lynch

"I am so inspired by the course. I found even personal writing becoming more sensory by the end of the week. I have come away with brand new ideas for stories and a new focus for my passion. I cannot fault the Australian Writers' Centre's service. They have great courses, great teachers. It's a dynamic centre for writers to find like-minded people."

Rebecca Smedley

"Patti’s knowledge of writing practice is encyclopedic. She incorporated excellent exercises and just the right amount of homework. The experience was challenging and affirming. And the unexpected bonus was the camaraderie that quickly developed with the other participants."

Gail Mahon

"What a writing course and what a holiday! Ubud was the perfect place to explore sensory experiences and Patti made brilliant use of it. She is brilliant and supportive, one of us and a guru at the same time. The volume and variety of courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre is amazing. There is a course for any type of writing that you are into. The availability of online courses is also a big plus for those of us not living in Sydney."

Jacqueline Quantock

"Patti is excellent in her teaching, facilitating and guiding role, alternating between supporting and extending us and our writing. I learnt a lot and surprised myself with how easy it was to let words pour out on the page. An excellent boost for re-energising and re-focusing any writer, but especially for emerging writers or those who have mainly written in their professional lives."

Anni Webster

"This experience will help me both in my work as a copywriter, and my own personal writing. Patti was wonderful, she is a natural presenter and had such great tips and ideas every day. Her feedback on our writing was also honest but kind and really helpful. I loved it — there was enough time for the course, plenty of time for relaxing in the afternoon and then to meet up for dinner with the group. By the end of the week I was both relaxed and inspired! The accommodation was lovely and in a perfect spot — close enough to town to walk, but far enough away from the busy street and tourists/shops. This was a nice balance between learning something new, meeting new people, having a holiday, going somewhere new and relaxing! Perfect."

Sarah Morton

"The course has opened my mind to attend to the details of writing and the sensory input that can create a world and characters to draw the reader in. The ideas and inspiration that came from participating in this writing course exceeded anything I might have anticipated. Patti is very focussed and very professional. Every lesson was well prepared and delivered with a great understanding of how we, the students, could develop and deepen our writing skills. Patti is passionate about her art and she shared her knowledge generously. I loved the whole experience. At a very personal level, in relation to my writing, it has been life- changing. It is an invaluable opportunity to inform your writing and take it to another level."

Jo McCann

"The trip exceeded all expectations. It was an extraordinary two weeks that provided invaluable input and established new friends and writing contacts. And all this in Paris – 'a postgraduate course in everything!'"

Anne Whaite

"I loved the opportunity to step out of my everyday life and immerse myself in a totally different culture and set of experiences. I liked looking at this new world with the eyes of a writer. I liked taking part in the workshops and concentrating on literary topics. Patti was an inspiration. Her presentations were professional and well thought out. Her advice was honest and encouraging. I liked the way she led the workshops, discussions and class sharing with a compassionate, but no–nonsense manner. It was an experience that I will hold dear forever."

Wendy Fitzgerald

"It was one of the most creatively inspiring experiences I have had and would recommend it to anyone who wants to write and be inspired to write."

Jacinta Bayard

"Inspiring and freeing. Patti created a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere in class and I always felt safe with Martine there – her local knowledge is a great asset to anyone who has the privilege of being in her company."

Mary Louise Wawatai

"A life-changing trip. I had no expectations on leaving Australia as to whether this would be a good "holiday" or not, but it was a revelation .A wonderful experience, well worth the money. Do it, and let yourself be swept away by the Paris experience.

Roslyn Phillips

"The overall experience was great. I met some really interesting people and made some friends that I hope to keep in touch with. Of course just being in Paris is a fantastic experience, the course brought focus to the experience."

Annette Hicks

"I have attended several courses at the Australian Writers' Centre for work and my own writing interests. Whether you are doing face-to-face seminars or the online training modules you really are getting a quality learning experience. It's rare to find a training provider that excels on all fronts – well structured course work, the presenters' industry knowledge and experience, plus online support for anything about writing through social media. I’ll be back!"

Shelley Stephens

"Valerie's honesty has given me confidence to write, write, write. She is an industry expert who knows her stuff!"

Elise Maki

"Cheryl was very engaging and provided a good mix of practical know how and intuitive insights based on her own experience. The Australian Writers' Centre offers a friendly, inclusive atmosphere that doesn't intimidate and offers useful information you can apply straightaway."

Selena Brennan


Neil Dearberg

"Kathryn is excellent. I now feel capable of writing!"

Gueza De Schryver Chavez

"Tim is very practical, detailed and constructive as a presenter and also in the advice he gives. His enthusiasm is impressive and infectious. An extremely enjoyable and productive course for a sometimes confronting course of study!"

Frances Tan

"Tim’s enthusiasm was exceptional. He put much effort into writing notes and climbed into each participant’s story in detail."

Stewart Wauchop

"Tim was an engaging presenter, enthusiastic about his craft and gave quality feedback on my writing."

Nicole Reddy

"Absolutely brilliant."

Veronica Akhurst

"Tim is truly enthusiastic about the craft of screenwriting and he instills that in his students. He has been a practitioner for many years and he certainly brought that to bear in class, simplifying and demystifying the whole process. With Tim's help, I finally finished one of the many screenplays sitting in a folder on my laptop gathering dust. Thanks Tim!"

Brendan Casey

"I enjoyed being in such a creative environment. I found that it really assisted in inspiring me to write. Tim has a wonderful enthusiasm for film and writing that I found reinvigorated my writing and also encouraged me to analyse films at a deeper level."

Sally Davies

"Tim is a delightfully engaging presenter and a five-star teacher. He knows the course subject matter inside out and enriches it with anecdotes and excellent practical advice gleaned from his long years as a professional writer for film and TV."

Sharron Olivier

"I loved Tim’s enthusiasm and extensive industry knowledge and experience. He has a wonderful ability to impart knowledge and was very supportive and gave constructive criticism on our short script projects."

Arky Michael

"I thought I would let you know that I have a new job as in-house travel/features journalist for Caravan and Motorhomes magazine! I get to publish a lot of stories – about five per month – plus lots of travel in the outback (!) and photographing. So thank you for all that you taught us."

Carly Middleton

"You inspired and motivated me to believe that a freelance writing career is definitely possible. I am now a published writer! The first article I ever submitted was published in The Sydney Morning Herald. Now, a few months later, I am the web editor for Thank you to Valerie for your ongoing support, inspiration and encouragement. "Valerie is passionate about people pursuing their dream job and the magazine writing course was the beginning of my journey in believing a writing career is achievable. Valerie, thanks again for all your enthusiasm. It really is my dream job and I am still pinching myself."

Marija Castellari

"I did the magazine writing course at the Australian Writers' Centre and it changed my entire life. I met an amazing number of talented and interesting people and the support on the Facebook graduates page has been amazing. So many doors have opened up. Absolutely incredible."

Rose Wintergreen

"Course was very well run, Deb knew the subject material backwards and taught it in a way that made it entirely accessible to me, I wish I’d done the course 15 years ago."

Karl Melrose

"This course is something anyone can benefit from."

Tina Chappell

"Grammar and Punctuation has immediate practical benefits and is a worthwhile investment."

Mathew Patterson

"The way the course was presented was fantastic. There was never a dull moment. Deb Doyle is an outstanding presenter. She made the course enjoyable and very easy to understand. Deb showed genuine interest in our desire to learn. I've gained knowledge as well as confidence in my grammar and punctuation skills."

Claudia Arrage

"Deb was absolutely brilliant. Her teaching style is approachable, intelligent and well-paced. I would add three exclamation marks but I now know that's a hyphenated no-no!"

Janet Hillis

"I benefited from Sue's real life insights. It wasn't just theory. She was generous with her knowledge and even her intellectual property. I am confident that I can write travel stories."

Craig Eardley

"I really enjoyed learning all about freelancing and analysing travel articles. Sue was very knowledgeable, passionate and supportive. She was easy to understand, confident and friendly in her approach."

Caz Makepeace

"Sue shared her knowledge and experience in such a way that was enjoyable and also very interesting. I was gripped from the first lesson and really enjoyed hearing of her stories and experience in the industry. The course content is exceptional and covers all aspects of travel writing. Sue is a fantastic teacher and shares her knowledge in a fun and interactive environment."

Krystal Davidson

"With Sue’s wealth of knowledge and no nonsense, useful information, I was able to learn everything I needed to learn. I cannot speak more highly of Sue. She knows her craft and she shares it well. She gives everyone equal time and everyone’s questions are answered. She is very honest with her advice and I found her very easy to understand. I have now completed two courses with Sue and I would highly recommend anyone contemplating doing this course to go ahead with her."

Lesley Robyn Landmark

"It was truly enjoyable. I have wanted to do a course like this for such a long time. I never knew I could learn so much about travel memoir writing. Claire was excellent. Her method of teaching was encouraging and easy to follow."

Beverly Pang

"I have already recommended the course! I recommended the course as a great vehicle to begin the writing process. So many people have a travel memoir they'd like to write and the hardest part is starting. The course provides manageable steps to begin the creative process with valuable writing tools that will assist students in their journey to (hopefully) becoming published. "Claire is a wonderful teacher. Her passion for writing is infectious and each week I would leave class feeling excited about my writing tasks. She is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of travel literature which certainly assisted in explaining different writing styles and techniques."

Linda Benton

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I enjoyed the structure, the notes and the other participants. I found Claire a terrific and talented, warm and encouraging presenter. I wanted to write a travel memoir but lacked the confidence to start even although I have enjoyed writing about travel all my life. In five short weeks, Claire made me feel good about my endeavour and was just the impetus I needed to stop procrastinating and start writing."

Gill Shaddick

"Certain friends of mine are high-level managers who don't believe they have anything else to learn. I informed them since attending this course that it really opened my eyes with regard to that form of accepted wisdom! Sue was incredibly proficient in teaching the course. She certainly had in-depth knowledge of her subject."

Johney D’Halla

"I thought the course was excellent. Everything covered was easy to understand and relevant. Sue was excellent and had a good understanding of particular industry requirements. I have adopted a number of principles already to my work."

Jackie Blundell

"Good practical advice that I can immediately use in the workplace."

Lyndal Reed

"Lisa Heidke is personable, knowledgeable and very open and honest about her experiences and sharing her expertise. Best of all, her advice was practical."

Belinda Williams

"The course was very well organised. We moved clearly from one session to the next with a lot of time to discuss, to write and to hear first hand experience from Lisa. She is a fantastic teacher. She is very natural and is not afraid to share her experience and ideas at all. I was really inspired by her."

Bec Stuart

"I strongly recommend you do this course. It is excellent value for money, and you learn some fundamentals that you may think you know, but don't. And it's taught by someone who has published many times herself in this genre. I certainly learned more than I thought. You might too!"

Carolyne (Caro) McCourtie

"I enjoyed gaining an insight into the world of a genuine writer. Lisa was enthusiastic, lively, encouraging and helpful. A very professional, relevant and hands-on course."

Samantha Wiese

"Kate is lovely and I found her very inspiring. This topic is such an important one so this course is something I think every writer needs!"

Catherine Pelosi

"Kate is an engaging presenter, and a skilled writer. I found her insight invaluable. She also allowed a great deal of discussion, and always valued input from the class. I learned so much in just two sessions."

David Coleman

"Kate is a writing goddess. Every word that came out of her mouth was invaluable. I couldn't take enough notes. I learnt so much! Enrolling in this course was the best thing I could have done for my writing. I now have direction and a plan, whereas before I was essentially wandering in the dark."

Kelly Woods

"Everything was very informative and useful. Kate packed a lot of helpful information into such a small amount of time, and it was all so practical I am using it immediately. She is a fabulous presenter. Not only is she an excellent and established writer, she is also a great teacher, and wonderful in the classroom setting. Her people-management means that the course ran very smoothly."

Helen Petrovic

"I found it most interesting learning about the narrative arc and how you can play around with that but still have a story structure. Kate is a really good teacher. She is clear, organised with material and doesn't beat around the bush. This is my second course with Kate and both times I have come away with a strong understanding of how story writing theory applies to my own work."

Maureen Flynn

"L.A. Larkin was great. The course was well structured and I particularly liked the opportunity to do writing exercises. Go to a Thriller Writing course with L.A. Larkin. It's fab – useful and exciting."

Penny Crofts

"The course took the process of writing to a deeper level and Pamela is a passionate word lover, which I found inspiring. I have learnt to survey my work more closely, and to think about the whole process from a deeper perspective."

Sharna Bryant

"It's a great course – compact yet comprehensive, great presenter and good pacing, professional and good value for money."

Dee Mahon

"I loved the course and truly Judith is a brilliant and enthusiastic teacher ... she is passionate about children's books and such a huge knowledge of all the different age groups so that she could be speaking of four year old book of verse and switch to fifteen year old teenage writing with ease as she knew her subject matter ... so thank you for your help and advice and thank you to Judith too."

Robyn Elliott

"It was a great experience all round and extremely helpful. The class has given me an excellent sense of direction, it's fantastic."

Liam O’Leary

"I enjoyed the opportunity to get feed back from someone as knowledgeable as Pamela. Sharing my work with like-minded people has really given me the courage to move forward with my book. Pamela is amazing. She is very generous with her knowledge and experience. She also has a very keen editor's eye and can sum up pretty quickly what you need to work on. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a great place to come if you want to write but need some help getting started, or if you have something written but you need help to get to the next stage."

Hera McCaffery

"This is the first course I have ever done on writing so it was all worthwhile. I now understand some of the pitfalls of writing and some aspects of writing that were previously intuitive. Judith Ridge is not just a very capable and knowledgeable presenter but a very approachable person willing to spend time helping people. This goes beyond the classroom."

Annette Moran

"I am writing more, and within a week of finishing the course, I was able to have a fresh look at one of my manuscripts, re-edit the work, and finally take the plunge and submit it to publishers."

Jacy Kattan

"I really enjoyed yesterday's seminar. This was my fourth course at the Australian Writers' Centre and they have all been great. I always come home so inspired and full of energy, it's fantastic. The material presented is very good and helpful, the presentation is excellent and I also notice that the Centre always manages to attract a very interesting and stimulating crowd."

Kees Bakhuyzen

"It's been a week since the course and I have been drafting management reports. Already, my manager has commented that I have improved my writing skills. Thanks to the presenter."

John Lawson

"Excellent presenter who tailored the course to participants' needs. Three 'a-ha' moments made it worth the fee alone. The take-home course notes and style guide are an excellent ongoing resource."

Claire O’Connor

"You will benefit from this course as it assists with improving your business writing skills. It outlines better ways of writing emails, letters and documents and also the important English rules that we all tend to forget in the business world."

Silvana Petrovski

"The benefits of doing this course were priceless. Not only did my writing passion and skill increase, but it allowed me to truly find myself. Patti's techniques, exercises and experience allows you to look at yourself, evaluate yourself and find your true self through writing. It has increased my confidence, my skill and my desire to write. Thank you so much."

Nat Watson

"The two days have fired almost every remaining neuron in my brain and I now have the means to catch and order the bits so I can share my story with others."

Ian Reid

"The course pinpointed the areas of writing that I'd never thought about. The homework/exercises/readings made total sense. I am rewriting another draft of my memoir and feel that I can enrich it so much!"

Lara Friedman

"I enjoyed the supportive environment; interaction with other participants; and feedback on written material. Patti is simply magic. She is a very talented facilitator for creativity and a thoroughly likable person. She is an entertaining and sensitive presenter who is skilled at helping each person to gain access to and realise their own creativity. She offers intelligent advice at every level."

Lee Harris

"Patti's approach to the topic was a good balance of presentation and writing exercises. I gained so much valuable information and have told many people that it is not an exaggeration for me to say it was 'life changing'. Patti has a great ability to provide honest feedback while at the same time being very encouraging. She creates an atmosphere of support where even the least experienced life writer (I put myself in that group) feels inspired, not diminished by the more experienced participants."

Linda Chaousis

"Pam is wonderfully insightful. I went to the course thinking/expecting many things, what I got was a completely fresh and experienced view on my work. If you want something affordable, effective and inspiring then the Australian Writers’ Centre is perfect. Both the courses I have done have given me more than I thought I would get out of them for the price."

Thomas Walsh

"It was great to be part of a group and workshop people's projects. Pamela was inspiring and never made you feel self-conscious about your work. She works hard on everyone's texts and is encouraging. She is also intuitive about the problems you are having and most of all she is knowledgeable about so many genres and very entertaining. This takes you out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. I could easily do it again next year."

Gemma Ryan

"The Novel Writing Course was amazing. Pamela is an amazing teacher. Her depth of knowledge ensures that everyone in the class receives fantastic feedback and her ability to take a very average piece of work and turn it into a great piece of work is just invaluable. I have done a number of courses with the Australian Writers' Centre to date and found the Centre extremely professional and the presenters are all fantastic. I think that the courses are extremely good value for money."

Jenny New

"I completed the Writing for newspapers and magazines in January this year. Since then I have also purchased and currently using the Reinvent Yourself audio program. I'm just writing to let you know that these two courses have really helped me focus on my writing and encouraged me to write more frequently and with more focus and structure. "With the help of both courses I have now made writing a part of my everyday life, rather than just a hobby that I do when I have time. I feel that my confidence is building and I'm moving forward with my passion. Thank you. I could not have made these simple changes without your guidance."

Catherine Hawthorne

"I just wanted to let you know that I bought your 'Reinvent Yourself' Audio Workshop and absolutely loved it."

Nicole Foster

"Grant was excellent. His passion for writing in this style filled you with enthusiasm to return to work and get started. You definitely felt you had all the information you needed."

Helen Stanley

"Nigel's personal insights were really valuable and interesting. I particularly appreciated that he had asked people he knows in the right positions (i.e. magazine editors) to provide their dos and don'ts. Nigel is engaging and interesting."

Nicola Duncan

"The course gave practical information about becoming a freelancer in the field of interiors and inside information about what magazines want, and the do's and don'ts. Nigel was informative, and able to impart personal and professional knowledge effectively."

Megan Macpherson

"Tim is great. He’s very helpful and obviously knows his stuff, he’s also enthusiastic and inspirational. I've been struggling with some aspects of my writing for years and in this short course Tim has opened a few doors by revealing that rather than a mystery there is a simplicity to the process of writing for the screen. He has inspired me with the confidence to keep plugging away. Already my work has improved and I feel motivated to keep pushing on with my writing."

Chris Mitchell

"Lisa Heidke is a great presenter and an amazing writer. She really got in and listened to everyone. She taught me a lot in only two days and everyone was buzzing about her at the end of the two days. She makes it fun, enjoyable and exciting! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by doing this course."

Chantelle Ravenswood

"The best course on writing I have ever done. It delivered its promise to help a would be women's fiction writer get the nuts of bolts of what they need to know. I really enjoyed the depth of information presented by Lisa and her flexibility in being able to answer all our questions and still keep us on track to cover all her excellent modules. You won't find a better value for money program, or a better mentor in Lisa."

Sara Donovan

"I have even more confidence now. I did Magazine Writing Stage 2 straight after Magazine Writing Stage 1 and it really helped me stay focused and motivated - as I'm now freelancing as my career. I even had two features accepted during the course - I was feeling so confident I just went ahead and pitched. One of the editors got back to me to accept my pitch about 15 minutes after I sent the email. I couldn't have dreamed of that sort of result without completing the course!"

Sarah McKay

"I wanted to write and tell you some exciting news since I finished the online magazine writing course with you. The idea I put forward as my pitch in the course (a travel story on Griffith in NSW) has since been published in The Sydney Morning Herald Traveller section and I have another travel story coming out in the September issue of Coast and Country Magazine. "I've also been signed on as a regular freelance contributor with the Herald Sun Home Magazine, something that has meant I am now freelancing four days a week! It has been an amazing few months since I finished the course and I have to say, none of this would have been possible without your incredible skill and advice. So, many thanks once again for such a fabulous course, it really has changed my life!"

Penny Harrison

"Completing the Magazine Writing course with the Australian Writers’ Centre gave me the confidence to take my writing further. The course content was relevant, well presented and easy to follow. The best thing about the course is how it's delivered - you can do it at your own pace and so it's very convenient. I used to download the sessions and listen to them at various times of the day. Also, Valerie was a fantastic presenter, sharing her own insight and experience. I have since had a 2 of Us, Good Weekend (Sydney Morning Herald) story published as well as several articles with different magazines."

Claire McTaggart

"I did the Australian Writers’ Centre Magazine Writing course online. It was a life-changing experience for me. I was in a job 9-5 that I didn’t really love, didn’t have a lot of passion for, and the course gave the skills to get my writing career off the ground."

Anna Spargo-Ryan

"There was so much information! All of it was relevant, interesting and I came away buzzing with motivation, enthusiasm and knowledge."

Bridget Bible

"The course's focus on goals, strategy and planning was extremely helpful. It clarified for me what kind of goals to set, the importance of posting regularly and several ways to produce posts, how to be effective on social media, and key differences when writing for the web."

Amy Bachrach

"The course delivered everything that was promised and I found myself learning plenty of useful facts."

Katie Gatward

"Kathryn is a bright personality who really grabs your attention ... she has some brilliant techniques to get you deep inside your character, which will make it much easier for you to plot the story. She's deeply into what she does and wants to get the best out of her students. She listens well and will help you create your idea into a writable plot."

Sean O’Connor

"I walked in with no understanding about how to publish digitally. Now I feel I could do it myself! Anna was very impressive. She made a complicated topic easy to understand."

Fiona McKenzie

"I learned so much but wasn't overwhelmed. Anna was great and very knowledgeable."

Denise Nisbet Wallis

"Clear, concise and helpful. Anna provided lots of useful information."

Robyn McWilliam

"I enjoyed Carli's stories and practical knowledge. She was amazing - approachable, extremely helpful and generous with her information. She 
delivered the course perfectly."

Natalie Fiorenza

"Thank you, I have benefited immensely from this seminar. I now have some great tips to improve my skills in my work place."

Greti Willett

"You could tell the presenter had a lot of knowledge in editing – she was exactly what I'd hoped for. I have already recommended the course! I said it was very valuable and everyone in the office should take the time to do it."

Sarah Riseley

"The course touched on a lot of areas of editing. It was highly informative, and we were able to ask lots of questions. Deb is excellent. She is one of the most engaging presenters who really knows her stuff. She’s very interested in how the attendees can apply the lessons learned in their workplace. A genuinely lovely person also – it's a pleasure to spend the day with her!"

Wendy Johnston

"This seminar was an excellent refresher and a valuable resource."

Alicia Sciberras

"No matter how well progressed you think you are with your writing, there is always something valuable to learn, and the thriller course really lays it all out for you in both a practical and inspiring way. My ideas really developed on this course."

Kerry Rogerson

"I learnt so many new things and all of it can be applied in my work. The presenter's expertise and knowledge was invaluable. He also brought lots of energy and enthusiasm to the day."

Liesl Laker

"This course was excellent. Nigel showed a keen interest in sharing his knowledge. It's the best short writing course I have been on and wasted no time in presenting the right information for getting your work published."

Phillip Brook

"Great revelations in the '11 golden rules' for business writing. Excellent content – I feel it has given me quick wins immediately. Kate was excellent. If you want quick wins in improving your communication, go to this seminar."

Ben Dodd

"I enjoyed the inside information Nigel was able to bring to the course. He was optimistic and made us believe we could be interiors writers without too many barriers. I liked his straightforward and non-ego driven approach."

Carmel Sullivan

"Practical and excellent."

Kaiyan Zhang

"The content was excellent. I learnt a lot. Kim's presentation style was relaxed and conversational which I really like. She kept us on track and moving through the content very well. I now have so many ideas for where I want to take my blog. Thanks Kim for the encouragement and information. I am ready to build my empire!"

Monica Girard

"10/10. Definitely do this seminar if you're interested in blogging."

Kelli Odell

"The seminar was really inspiring and gave me the information and tools I needed to get started on my blogging journey."

Meri Sparrius

"The depth of the content was covered was invaluable and Carli was amazing. Honest and well-prepared."

Belinda Bentley

"The course opened my eyes and further fired up my passion about food. The course is excellent and helped me improve my skills in writing about food. I would recommend it."

Zurinah Watt

"I thought Cathie was excellent. I appreciated her direct feedback and honesty. It was obvious that she had a great depth of experience and knowledge. I thought the course was interesting and Cathie's directness and sense of humour made it fun!"

Jodie Hamblin

"Cathie was a genuine, honest presenter who was generous with her experience and quietly firm about what is expected of the author of a children’s picture book. She had a wry sense of humour and an engaging and organised way of delivering the work. I was really inspired to go home and get on with my book."

Catherine Falk

"Cathie is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of picture books, and with so much relevant industry experience, her tips and insights were invaluable. The workshop aspect of the course and meeting other writers was terrific. Cathie was awesome. She was direct, honest, informative, funny – perfect!"

Natalie Keen

"This seminar was very interesting and it was good to learn from an experienced web content editor who had real life examples for us to work with. Grant was very well informed, very enthusiastic about the subject, and answered all questions. I think it was great that he encouraged us all to keep in contact with him. It was a great seminar taught by working professionals I found it very practical."

Heather Kane

"I'm excited! I've got the inside scoop on the all the crazy stuff that makes writing for the web so different to the printed word. Work just got easier. And way more fun - in a word nerdy kind of way."

Meghan Thompson

"I have been writing professionally as a journalist for 18 years but there was so much I didn't know until I attended this course. I left on the final evening feeling inspired rather than scared about writing fiction."

Michael Smith

"I enjoyed learning something different every week. Jeni was great! The way she teaches is so easy to understand and so enjoyable. I had so much fun listening, writing, talking and I loved all of her advice and motivation."

Chantelle Ravenswood

"Great course and very knowledgeable instructor! I found the whole day to be very enjoyable and beneficial to help me with my current job. I liked that Grant asked us for examples from our workplace. He obviously keeps updated with the web and this was reflected in the course."

Catherine Zsifko

"I didn't know what to expect from the course and wondered, before the start, how it was possible to teach someone to write creatively. Well I quickly found out. I loved every stage of the course, all the tips, writing exercises, exploring different ways of writing, building character profiles. Every bit of it was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm sad that the 5 weeks has come to an end. Jeni is a brilliant teacher, I loved listening to her, she has so much positive energy and she made the group feel very relaxed. The course has given me the confidence to start moving ideas from my mind to paper. I see a story wherever I might to be, whatever I happen to see. It's a very exciting place to be."

Kate Bradley

"Even though I am only new to writing, during the course I found so many new techniques and ways of approaching my work that I couldn’t have discovered without help. Writing is a passion I have only just recently discovered, and to have a course that offers so much in these early stages of my learning was the best experience I could have hoped for. I loved the course and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to take creative writing to the next level."

Gustavo Panucci

"I found the presenter to be incredibly dynamic and informative. The exercises to unlock your imagination were very valuable and I will continue to use them."

Susan Rovelli

"I have already told many friends that the Australian Writers' Centre has an extensive range of courses taught by people with track records in the industry. Tracy and the team are so helpful. Online courses enable you to meet interesting and like-minded writers. Valerie's newsletter is gold. I now can add that face-to-face classes are in a dream location and a great opportunity to network. Already 2-3 people from various states have signed up or will sign up for courses because of my recommendations."The presenters at the Australian Writers’ Centre are experts in their field and are very generous in sharing their experience and knowledge. I look forward to the next one!"

Linda Chaousis

"Kylie's passion for writing was matched by her 'I am not going to kid you...' attitude to managing expectations, which I think is important. She was also genuine in her advice. Save yourself seven years of scratching. If you're itching to write, this could be your head start."

Chris Szymanski