Editing Essentials

Rework words with ease, speed and accuracy

This course is ideal for: Anyone who works with words (theirs or others) and is wanting wants to learn to edit efficiently.

You will learn:
How to edit business documents with ease
‘Big picture’ editing and when to use it
Essential rules for punctuation, bullet lists and more
Industry proofreading symbols and style guides
And much more

Where Starts Duration Presenter Price
Online live with tutor Learn in real-time using Zoom. Tuesday 4 August 2020
10am–12.30pm AEST
2 consecutive mornings Michelle Guillemard $345
Online live Zoom or at your workplace Convenient team training We can bring this course to your workplace for groups of 6 or more. Contact us for a quote today. ENQUIRE

Online Live workshop

If your job requires you to regularly review documents written by other people, you need this course. Why? Because right now you probably have a pile of papers building up on your desk and not enough hours in the day. Editing can be a time consuming process – but if you have a clear framework to follow, you’ll be able to edit efficiently and effectively.

That’s what this Editing Essentials course is about. If English were a road, there wouldn’t just be pot-holes everywhere, but a random assortment of bumps, sharp turns, broken glass, swerving drivers and poorly marked exits. And the best way to negotiate this treacherous road is by having the right map.

With the Australian Writers’ Centre at your side, you’ll learn to navigate the rules and standard conventions for maintaining great flowing text and superb, consistent style every time. And speaking of time, you’ll suddenly have more of it – as you fly through editing in record speed!

It doesn’t matter what the source material is… when you learn the essentials to good editing, you’ll quickly transform substandard into sublime. Paragraphs that previously felt wrong will melt away to be replaced by a bullet list. Subheadings will spring up like magic to break up long sections. And you will become the best driver that bumpy, pot-holed road has ever known!

In a word: sensational. Do it. Without hesitation. You'll be amazed at what you're doing wrong.

– Francesca Stevens

Included in this course:

  • A step-by-step guide to successful structure and style.
  • ‘Big picture’ editing – what it is and when to do it.
  • Style guides – what they are, and how to create your own.
  • Rules for common speed bumps like hyphens, quote marks, parentheses (always tricky), lists and more.
  • Editing numerical information.
  • Common formatting issues and proofreading symbols.

And much, much more!

Thank you, I have benefitted immensely from this course. I now have some great tips to improve my skills in my work place.

– Greti Willett

Learn Online Live via Zoom

In this unique course, you will spend two mornings with Michelle Guillemard – an award-winning freelance writer who specialises in corporate training and communication.

Michelle will equip you with practical techniques to edit documents efficiently and confidently.

With our Online Live courses, you participate online from the comfort of your own home in a live Zoom video-based classroom. Your presenter and your classmates are right there with you in real time as you learn essential skills that will last a lifetime.

Bonus: The Australian Business Style Guide As part of this course, you will also receive 12 months' online access to the Australian Writers’ Centre’s Australian Business Style Guide (valued at $49). This is an excellent online reference for day-to-day questions regarding style and grammar – created specifically for Australian workplaces.


Q: Is this a course just for proofreaders and editors?
A: Not at all! It’s for anyone who is regularly dealing with reports, proposals or any written communication. By understanding how to edit more effectively, you will improve readability and create more convincing and persuasive communication pieces. This course fast tracks what you need to know so you can edit with confidence and clarity.

Q: Easy… less is more, right?
A: Well, yes, often it’s about making things succinct. But at other times it can be about the structure and flow of a document, not just reducing words. This course will give you all the tools you need to suit any type of editing project – all within a solid framework so you feel confident going about your work.

Q: Do I need to bring a red pen?
A: No, but bring a hunger to learn. There will be plenty of workplace-relevant practical exercises delivered throughout the course to cement what you are learning.

Q: Can you give me an example of how I would use what I learn in this course?
A: Okay sure. Imagine receiving an internal document that is unwieldy, convoluted and feels like it’s been written by five people (because sometimes it actually has!). With your new editing skills, you can turn even the most difficult document into a clear and concise piece of writing. With the skills learnt in this course, it will make your job easier and improve the quality of every document you touch.

The AWC methodology

We believe that anyone can learn how to write clearly and effectively. With our unique methodology, you’ll be able to transform the way you write. It will equip you with the skills and templates you need to write in plain English and provide you with simple, easy-to-use frameworks that ensure your message is communicated – no matter what kind of document you are writing. We understand the business world – so we focus on exactly what you need to know to communicate with stakeholders, customers and colleagues.
Where Starts Duration Presenter Price
Online live with tutor Learn in real-time using Zoom. Tuesday 4 August 2020
10am–12.30pm AEST
2 consecutive mornings Michelle Guillemard $345
Online live Zoom or at your workplace Convenient team training We can bring this course to your workplace for groups of 6 or more. Contact us for a quote today. ENQUIRE

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