Podcast: So You Want to be a Writer

WRITER 600: Meet Inda Ahmad Zahri, author of 5 picture books.

Meet Indah Ahmad Zahri, author of 5 picture books including her latest How To Measure The Ocean. Indah, a doctor turned picture book author, delves into her career transition, the inspiration behind her books, and her advocacy work. You can listen to the episode below, on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify,

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WRITER 597: Kell Woods on her novel ‘After The Forest’.

Meet author Kell Woods, who discusses her approach to writing, her novel After the Forest, a sequel to Hansel and Gretel, and the blend of history and fantasy in her work. Kell shares insights on the research and discipline required to weave together historical accuracy and compelling storytelling. You can

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WRITER 596: Carrie Sun on her memoir ‘Private Equity’

Meet Carrie Sun, whose memoir Private Equity explores her journey from a high-paced finance role to embracing a writing career. Carrie discusses her writing process, the challenges of memoir writing, and the transformation she underwent during her time in the finance industry. You can listen to the episode below, on Apple

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WRITER 591: Jane Tara on her novel ‘Tilda is Visible’.

Meet Jane Tara, who discusses her latest novel Tilda is Visible, where the female protagonist is diagnosed with invisibility as she progresses into her 50s. Jane discusses experiences of feeling invisible, implications on self-perception, the way society views aging, and the healing journey of self-discovery. You can listen to the

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WRITER 587: Stepping into Success with Author Jenna Lo Bianco

Stepping into Success with Author Jenna Lo Bianco. Are you ready for the upcoming special writing event on Romance writing? Meet special guest Jenna Lo Bianco, author of The Italian Marriage, discusses her journey from aspiring writer enduring rejections to being a successful author. Jenna shares her strategic approach to

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