Personal Storytelling

for Veterans and First Responders

Find Your Voice. Own Your Story

An innovative program for current and former veterans and first responders. Developed and delivered by the Australian Writers’ Centre, the country’s leading provider of writing courses.

Personal Storytelling for Veterans and First Responders is a powerful program designed for current and former veterans, first responders and their families.

It provides participants with lifelong skills in writing and communication, and encourages them to tell their stories. The program is designed to help participants articulate their experiences both during service and in the transition to civilian life. It empowers participants with skills on how to write clearly, tell engaging stories and communicate using valuable writing techniques.

This is one of the best things I have done in my life. This has been an amazing experience. I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to do this course. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Linda Bone
Program participant and former serving military

The aim of the course is to:

Method of delivery

More about the program

Each module will focus on a different aspect of telling stories from their own life experiences. The modules in the course build on the ones that come before, giving participants a strong foundation where they ultimately feel confident in telling their own stories and writing about their experiences.

The course aims to not only equip participants with foundational skills in writing about their truth, but also the confidence to do so. Ultimately, the aim of the course is to empower them with self belief, and also an understanding of the power and benefits of self-expression.

I couldn’t fault the teaching or feedback we all received. Every module was well explained and guided.

Dean Field
Program participant and former serving military

Participants receive:

The modules will include:

Engaging course videos, including interviews with several veterans and first responders

Writing exercises and personalised feedback from a writing mentor

A powerful part of the course is the actual practice of writing and sharing of stories. The online learning portal provides space where participants can share their stories and gain feedback from their buddies. They will be allocated to groups.

Individuals can participate in:

3 x Group ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions on Zoom

This is ideal for those who want to connect with an Australian Writers’ Centre mentor face-to-face. They will be recorded for those unable to attend.

“I am going to get right onto starting a memoir… if it helps others great, but at the very least it will help me.”

Cath Hopgood
Program participant and family member of current serving military

How does it work?

The Australian Writers’ Centre partners with organisations who want to provide this program to members. Typically, there is a minimum of 50 participants undertaking the program concurrently.

The program includes course delivery, materials, personalised feedback on exercises/stories, access to learning platform, and access to a dedicated AWC team member for queries during the course.

“A heartfelt thank you. If you love writing but don’t know where to start or you are struggling to find the right place to start – you need to do this course. It changes everything.”

Eleanor Chappell
CEO of Buddy Up Australia

About Australian Writers’ Centre

The Australian Writers’ Centre is the country’s leading centre for writing programs. Founded in 2005, the Centre has spearheaded some of the most innovative writing programs in the world. It has helped more than 100,000 students in fields such as creative writing, copywriting, freelance writing, business writing and much more.

We are passionate about the benefits of the program Personal Storytelling for Veterans and First Responders. For many participants, it has been a transformative experience. Often, this has been described as “life-changing”. At minimum, participants will learn lifelong writing and communication skills they can apply to any professional and personal situations.

It is also a wonderful creative outlet where participants can explore new skills in a supportive environment. For others, we are sensitive to the fact that it will be a process of healing and catharsis. Our writing mentors believe in the power of words on a person’s life and work with compassion, competence and care.

Organisations that have benefitted from our training include: