Lynne Vertannes 2 days ago

Bernadette is fabulous. A brilliant teacher and very experienced and knowledgeable about how to get the best from your content writing. Her feedback is so constructive and she makes you feel that you can write anything that will sell!

If you want to get serious about your writing check out the numerous courses at the AWC because no matter what you want to write, you will definitely find the right course to help you.

I'm enjoying learning. Thank you for creating these courses and opportunities for writers and those just starting out.

Claire Baldwin 2 days ago

It's given me the foundational knowledge and confidence to get writing!

It was great to look at stories from the perspective of the author, rather than that of the critic / English Lit student. It was also great to write weekly and receive feedback and to see where I can improve and also where things worked!

The AWC provided a safe space in which to tap into my imagination and give writing a go! Being part of a structured course gave me the direction, parameters and accountability to write and write regularly. Sharing my writing with the class was a great experience and receiving specific feedback each week helped me understand my areas for improvement and my strengths. It has inspired and empowered me to write, write, write!

Thank you!

Linda Holdaway 3 days ago

Love how practical and straightforward it was, no fluff, just facts and formulas for success.

I can use these new skills in my employment (writing board reports and investor presentations) as well as for trying my hand at feature writing - something I have always been interested in.

The course is logical, straightforward and there are formulas you can follow as a starting point. Very practical and well worth the money and the time commitment.

Loved it!

Robyn Knibb 3 days ago

I wanted to improve my writing and it looked as if it would cover what I was after. I liked that I could listen to the modules and read handouts any time during the week. The accountability of needing to get that assignment in seemed like a good way to stay motivated. I liked the idea of individual feedback.

Petronella definitely knew what she was talking about. She was always upbeat, her feedback was always positive, but incisive enough to motivate me to keep aiming higher.

I enjoyed the accountability - and being in a zone with others who were from such diverse backgrounds, but loved writing - regardless of whether they were going to publish the great novel in the next few months.

Melissa Garcia Nunez 3 days ago

I have always loved reading and writing, and always imagined I would be a writer one day... however, I found life kept pulling me in other directions. With one toddler already, and another baby on the way, I realised it's never going to happen if I don't prioritise time to write. I read a lot of picture books with my toddler and I would love to write books that she can enjoy, but I knew there would be more to this genre than meets the eye. I decided to take this course to learn the ins and outs of creating a picture book.

The tutor was really great - I found the feedback provided for our whole cohort to be very useful. There were things picked up from the work of other participants that I have tucked away for future reference as they may well have popped up in my work down the track.

This course is pure gold with no fluffy stuff. It gets right to the point and shares exactly what one needs to know about how to write this genre. I started out doing a Master's degree in Writing (part-time around work and life) and completed 4 subjects. One year of study. I got more out of this 5-week course.

It has given me the confidence to give this a real go. And also a blueprint of how to go about it.

Jennifer Wilson 3 days ago

Being a teacher librarian in a P-12 school, I spend a lot of my time choosing and reading picture books. I wanted to get a sense of how to write one to see what it was that made them so special. Once I started and realised how challenging it is to write a picture book, I discovered a new appreciation for the wonderful picture book authors we have in Australia.

Suzanne was very helpful with her feedback. I found it beneficial to listen to all of the feedback to help with my own writing.

The way that the course is delivered is excellent. Not too taxing on time which suits me at this time of my life. I also enjoyed the information about publishers and the complexities of how to submit work. I thought that the course was great for the price with very valuable information shared.

I think I will start to gather stories in a journal to see where they end up. I've had a lot of ideas over the past years but haven't committed to writing them down. It's given me permission to start!

Kay Weller 5 days ago

Jennifer was able to see things in the group's submissions from a much more professional point of view. It was very interesting to compare her critiques and feedback with my own. Her feedback for my own work helped to clarify some important points and, most of all, encouraged me to keep going.

Well worthwhile. You will learn a great deal about the craft of writing.

Emma S 6 days ago

I finished my first draft of a novel 2 years ago and wanted something to help me build my confidence and fall in love with writing again so I can attempt my second and subsequent drafts.

Petronella gave really great feedback and super helpful critique. She delivered in a really soft manner so as to build your skills and not to dissuade you from the craft. Big thanks, I learned so much!

I enjoyed being able to read everyone else's assignments and provide/receive comments. It was so cool to hear feedback from others on the course about what they liked about your writing.

I wish I'd known about the courses sooner! Even though I'd written a first draft of a novel, the Creative Writing course taught me so much. It's given me the confidence to get back to drafting my novel after two (long!) years.

Kate Downey 1 week ago

Having purchased Scrivener, the manual was incomprehensible and then I googled ways to learn and came across this course. It looked attractive and affordable. The fact that it is accessed through a reputable organisation was a deal-breaker.

Natasha Lester made it all so simple. I do not say "seem simple". To have the basic components of Scrivener broken down this way really makes the programme into a real tool - not something that makes me sigh.

I liked that the modules were short and well designed. Mostly I liked Natasha's delivery. She is exceptionally clear.

I think I am a messy thinker and have notes everywhere. Moving from shorter formats to a novel draft began to appear unwieldy but Scrivener seems to have the answer to the plotting dilemmas with its various features.

There were many lightbulb moments for me. In terms of the tools available, perhaps the cork board function blew my mind the most. That and the 'label' function. In terms of general concept, the notion of writing in scenes was a HUGE revelation.

Hand on heart, you won't be disappointed. This is brilliant material and a writer's lifesaver.

Victoria Ellen 1 week ago

Valerie is so inspirational and sounds so approachable. She was easy to listen to and be encouraged by.

I need to get out there and just do it! I need to make my own way and make my own dreams come true. There is a network of supportive likeminded people out there, I just need to find them and have confidence in myself.

I have recommended the Australian Writers' Centre to several people I've met. I find the information so useful and inspiring.

Paul Rodriguez 1 week ago

The checklists and advice regarding structural editing, line editing, and polishing were superb. In practice, showed me where my story needed work and how to re-draft and re-draft. I'm inclined to tweak and re-tweak bits and bobs in a story almost endlessly. The Masterclass helped me understand when the manuscript was the best it could be for submission - and how to craft all the details supporting that submission.

I enjoyed: (1) Its encouraging and positive approach. (2) The detailed handouts. (3) Valerie's excellent presentation style and pace. (4) Its professionalism. (5) How it offered me hope that perhaps, one day, I might share my writing with a young audience.

I feel more confident about writing picture books. I am reinventing myself as a dedicated writer thanks to the AWC. I have connected with emerging and established authors. Writing is a joy! Sharing my work through publication would be magic.

Want to learn more about writing? Want to connect with other writers - emerging and established? Looking for support and encouragement in what can be a lonely and solitary endeavour? You need the AWC! Their tutors, courses, and members are invaluable. Beyond A-B-C is the AWC!

Kylie Toynton 1 week ago

I have completed other courses with AWC, so I knew that when I needed help creating content for my newly launched website that this this course would meet my needs

The case studies were a perfect way to learn. I feel much more confident that I can create great content that will attract an audience over time.

I would highly recommend AWC for all types of writing - and that you will finish the course confident that you can start your writing journey.

Elvira Lanham 1 week ago

I've been interested in creative writing for a long time but just haven't pushed myself to get serious. I thought this would help me see if I was keen and learn a bit as well.

I enjoyed learning about the critical elements in a story, and the assignments, just getting that regular writing practice. I liked Jennifer's feedback and encouragement, makes me want to write! :)

It has been a great introduction and the course works easily into your life if you want it to!

Kristy Nita Brown 1 week ago

I enjoyed learning about the different types of humor and how to use them in my writing. I'm now aware of the different types of comedy that I can use in my writing, and I can begin to be consciously funny.

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn at my own pace throughout the year-long duration of the course. Seeing the presenter in videos provides a nice balance with the handouts and exercises.

Gail Chrisfield 1 week ago

I came into the course with specific objectives and the course allowed me to meet them.

The tutor was helpful and encouraging, feedback and suggestions very useful.

If you don't know where to start, lack confidence or are completely terrified by the thought of writing a novel, this course will help you on your way. By the end of 10 weeks, I had a complete first draft - rough as guts, only 30,000 words, but the story was on the page, ready to be fleshed out and worked on (using the various tools provided during the course). I am now well and truly on my way, thanks to my tutor, the other writers I met through the course and the AWC.

Very impressed with the online learning platform - it's awesome.

Mary-Anne 1 week ago

I have an interest in history and would like to attempt a historical fiction story but had no idea where to start!

The information provided regarding writing about real people was very helpful for me. The chapter on world building was very informative and the handouts were useful.

It has helped me to start structuring and researching for my novel!

I have already recommended AWC to several friends/colleagues. The courses are clearly and logically presented, engaging, informative and well-priced. Being developed and presented by industry professionals provides credibility and relevance. Thank you!

Scott Langman 1 week ago

I really enjoyed all aspects of the course. The discipline required each week really helped me progress my writing.

Jenny was awesome. She provided very constructive and fair feedback as well as plenty of support to our entire group. It really is a major benefit of the course to have an experienced and accomplished author to learn from. I greatly appreciate the work required from and inspiration that Jenny provided us. Thank you.

I loved providing and receiving feedback. I was a little hesitant to at first and had to develop my skills at providing supportive and constructive feedback, but I feel I developed this skill as the course progressed. I really enjoyed receiving feedback from both Jenny and my fellow students.

I also looked forward to each Monday when a new module became available and I don't say this lightly as I use to hate Mondays.

I now believe if I work hard, I have a very good chance of getting my novel finished and hopefully published. I've always wanted to be a writer but never had the discipline to follow through with it. This course has taught me the discipline required and dared me to dream!

Thanks to the entire AWC team for making this course an amazing and pleasurable learning experience. Abby with her cheerful, helpful and responsive email replies and presentation hosting, Nat with her support for following up our reviews. Valerie's audios and inspiring weekly emails and the rest of the team who work behind the scenes. I really appreciate everybody's efforts to make this course such a rewarding experience.

Lachlan Hinchliffe 1 week ago

Jenny was absolutely fantastic. Her feedback was very insightful and she expertly pointed out areas for improvement and what was working well with my story. Her knowledge and passion for writing was evident and her enthusiasm to help her students was clear to all. I even learnt so much from her reviews of other students' work. Thanks Jenny!

I really loved reviewing the other students' work. We had such a diverse range of stories and I can honestly say that all were enjoyable to read.

I feel like I am finally finding my authorial voice in my story.

I would definitely recommend the Australian Writers' Centre. The course structure, the online learning platform, and the tutor were all easy to use and professional to deal with.

Sarah Jovanovski 2 weeks ago

I loved all the clear and succinct explanations and how modules were broken down. All the information was very clear to follow and every minute of every module was of value.

Our tutor was always prompt with replies and always supportive. I felt part of the process, rather than being dictated to by someone. I really like the feeling of collaboration.

I enjoyed tackling a different aspect of feature writing in each assignment. I didn't know what was coming in the week ahead and that made it exciting for me.

I feel like I can do this. I've sidelined writing my whole life. Now I feel ready to just get in and do it. The course made the world of professional writing feel accessible, and that there's a place for anyone who's interested in it and ready to apply themselves.

Thank you for creating this course. It's so practical, full of valuable learning, and it's fun. Do it.

Tracey Peterson 2 weeks ago

I wanted to be more organised in my writing, so I downloaded Scrivener. The program was difficult for me to use, so I needed assistance. This course provided that. It was easy to follow and presented by someone with actual knowledge of the program and writing novels in it.

Having all my research in one place is amazing and saves so much time!

If you really have that ache to write but do not know where or how to start, start with the AWC. These are courses with purpose, not just vanity pieces or a quick money grab.

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