Brenda Wraight 1 day ago

The tutor was thorough, clearly very skilled as a writer and as a tutor, honed in on important aspects of the piece, and her guidance has helped me be a stronger writer already.

The course itself is excellent. I enjoyed reading other stories - inspired to read different genres.

Do it! I have already recommended AWC to several people and will continue to do so. I researched writing courses before connecting AWC and my decision has not been questioned. Keep up the great work! I am going to enrol in Write Your Novel as well as other shorter courses.

Claire Nance 1 day ago

The structure and delivery were easy to follow and interesting. Bernadette is great to listen to, relatable and the content is rich with tips, practical and immediately useful.

I enjoyed doing the assignments, getting feedback and hearing all the feedback, which was useful. All the material (handouts). I feel I will always refer back to these for guidance.

I feel confident and able to see the path forward to making writing (eventually) my full-time job.

Victoria Ellen 1 day ago

This is a terrific course to brush up on the use of punctuation in your writing. Very accessible and a great confidence booster!

Kate Bown 1 day ago

The tutor was knowledgeable, well presented, gave constructive assignment feedback.

I enjoyed learning about writing SEO copy and the world of Google. This was so fascinating, and a big “wow, I didn’t know it worked like that” moment.

After just five weeks of learning about the art of copywriting, I am amazed at how confident and energised I feel. With so many wonderful tips and tricks now in my writing toolbox, I know I will be able to get started as a copywriter as soon as I say go!

I loved learning about the art of copywriting. The course was a perfect length and the assignments and weekly readings where achievable, even for me, a mother of 4 children under the age of 8.

Enrol and get started - it will change your life. Great content, flexible, easy to fit around family and work.

Chris Tankey 3 days ago

Suzanne's feedback was helpful and insightful. I enjoyed the audio lessons and assignments.

I found it extremely valuable in boosting my understanding on what's required in a children's novel.

Amanda 4 days ago

Lesley was a wonderful tutor. She gave me so much information that was invaluable. I enjoyed soaking up all the knowledge that she has to offer. I will be referring back to these videos for as long as I can.

The course was really well structured so that it goes through many different aspects of writing for this age group one module at a time.

I feel like I can do this. I feel like I have a new enthusiasm for giving writing for this age group a go.

The self-paced courses are amazing. The fact that you can study at your own pace and continue to go over what you have learnt is invaluable. I also like that it was specific to a particular age group.

Janice Darroch 5 days ago

I wasn't really sure what copywriting was, I thought I would be out of my depth, but Bernadette was fantastic and so generous with her knowledge. Her feedback was honest and useful, given in such a manner where you didn't feel disheartened, just enthusiastic to try out any suggestions.

I enjoyed the insider insight to the copywriting business, the 7 steps to writing great copy - now I find I am judging all the copy I see. I even enjoy the junk emails I receive.

The course has given me skills to overcome procrastination and to unlock the creativity to produce authentic copywriting - it has reawakened the joy of writing for me.

If you want to release the writer within you then AWC is the perfect place for you. They are a wonderfully supportive writing community.

Joanne Cilento 5 days ago

I enjoyed the course material, audios, and feedback on assignments, and comments by other students on each other's fact I enjoyed it all.

I really liked the way Suzanne presented the feedback. She was very encouraging. I also liked that she pointed out where students were going wrong.

At first I felt shy about posting my work for the other students to read, as it had been a long time since I had written anything creative. But I was pleasantly surprised. I learned a lot reading the other students' work and hearing the critiques that Suzanne gave them. I also enjoyed reading other people's comments on my own assignments and on those of others.

The major learning for me was that writing a novel is a craft that one can learn, and that you don't have to be born with a special talent.

Doing the course is so much better than trying to learn the craft from a book. If you really want to write for children, then the course is a fun way to learn about the various techniques of good novel writing, as well as about things that may not be found in a book.

Virginia 5 days ago

Natasha clearly steps you through Scrivener's key features. It's easy to follow and hopefully, through use, easy to remember!

Each module breaks down its parts. I think this will be useful for future reference as I start to use the program myself.

I now have a systematic way to organise my writing.

Elizabeth Newman 1 week ago

I have picture book ideas in my head and wanted to know how to act on them. I wasn't sure what to expect but found it very beneficial and covered more than I had anticipated.

I enjoyed reading the works submitted and learnt a great deal from them all. The support materials are detailed and worthwhile.

It's made me realise that if I don't have a professional attitude to myself as a writer, then nothing is going to happen. It made me realise the importance of having an online presence as a writer.

Deb Miller 1 week ago

I liked that it was positive feedback and delivered in a kind way. Putting out your writing when you're not confident in it can be extremely nerve wracking so having positive and yet constructive feedback returned was a nice little confidence boost. It makes me want to keep trying. I saw a few comments in the chat that were encouraging too and I appreciated that.

I really enjoyed the assignments. They didn't feel overwhelming or unachievable and forced me to think about different aspects I wouldn't have considered before. Also the audio lessons were easy to listen to and I enjoyed the option not to have to listen to all the modules at once. Having it delivered in "bite size" pieces made it all so much easier to digest and I feel like I really was able to absorb so much more that way.

If you're thinking about trying your hand at writing but don't know where to start, this is a good place to learn some basics. It's a positive environment and encouraging and you'll come out of it feeling inspired instead of overwhelmed.

Thank you for a really fun few weeks. I hope I can save my pennies and do some more courses because I've learned a lot!

Jacqui Ross 1 week ago

I enjoyed sharing my assignments, reading other students' work and workshopping with the other students.

It has given me the tools to start developing my writing in a more sophisticated way, to look more closely at story structure and how to create more interesting characters and scenes.

Great course that touches on all the important elements in creative writing and how to critique your own work and start creating your best work.

Kath York 1 week ago

Loved loved loved the course!

Suzanne was honest, and helpful in giving feedback. I really enjoyed listening to the audio feedback each week - it was especially helpful hearing the feedback for what I had written - the good bits and the helpful pointers as well as the feedback given to others on the work they had done.

The actual coursework was fantastic - it taught me things that I didn't know. I came into the course having a broad understanding of what writing for children was like, but each week I learnt more of the nuances of character development, plot and structure. There were so many ah-hah moments and I feel quite inspired to write now, knowing that I have a greater understanding of the craft of writing for children.

Just do it - realistically, there will never be a 'right time' so whenever you enrol has to be the right time.

Danielle Camer 1 week ago

Nat was excellent. I have gained so much knowledge and tips for presenting to kids, tailored to different age groups. I enjoyed her energy, enthusiasm and expertise.

This course provided invaluable tips for presenting my book to kids at schools and other venues like booksellers. It gave me the understanding of how to plan and conduct events like book launches.

I used some of the book launch ideas for my first book launch. I also managed to tee up big sponsors for my first book launch event (Hyatt Hotel and Toyworld), and I wouldn't have even tried this had it not been for this course!

The AWC is essential for starting a picture book author career.

Charis S Fraser 1 week ago

I was stuck in a creative writing rut for a long time, and I felt like I needed something to unhook my mental blockages, and I thought a course would be helpful because I would have assignments and deadlines to motivate me. The assignments were fun and made me feel excited to write again. I found myself looking forward to the assignments each week.

Angela is very engaging and very positive in her feedback, which helps improve my motivation. I really liked the tracked changes editing of the last assignment; it was very beneficial. I also found Angela very inspiring as a published author.

It was a good introductory course, because the learning and assignments weren't too demanding; you can easily fit it in around a busy week.

I had been feeling for a while that I would like to be a professional writer, but I had lost my confidence and had a lot of mental blockages. The course gave me a boost. I realised that I can write pretty well, and that maybe I could pursue it professionally.

The course and tutors are really positive and inspiring, and the assignments are fun, and the workload isn't too heavy if you have a busy week. It is all set up in a way to help elevate your creativity and confidence.

Just a huge thank you! I would probably like to do another course through here in a couple of months as a treat to myself.

Jacqui Ross 1 week ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable in the field of writing.

I enjoyed sharing my assignments, reading other students' work and workshopping with the other students.

It has given me the tools to start developing my writing in a more sophisticated way, to look more closely at story structure and how to create more interesting characters and scenes.

Great course that touches on all the important elements in creative writing and how to critique your own work and start creating your best work.

Jan Samuels 1 week ago

Jenny was thorough and helpful with her feedback and suggestions. I valued her input, and feel my story was stronger from what I learned. Reading Jenny's feedback to other students was equally as valuable.

I enjoyed the interaction with other students, and the opportunity to read and comment on a wide range of genres. It was great! The timeframes were a bit challenging for me, and I did not make the word count goal I set, but I'm carrying on with renewed enthusiasm.

I'm energised and happy with the way my story is progressing, and I met some really interesting people. Some of us have decided to keep supporting each other after the course finishes.

Great value, excellent content, credible tutors - just go for it.

Louise McLean 1 week ago

This course was easy to follow, logically presented and broken down into modules that could reasonably be tackled each week around a busy life. I enjoyed the assignments each week (both writing my own and seeing the great things my fellow classmates created from the same prompts) and found the feedback valuable and insightful. I worked through the bonus exercises and felt that I really learned some tips to improve my craft.

Angela was positive, fun and friendly. All feedback was extremely detailed and constructive and empowered you to continue trying and working through the modules.

I enjoyed being challenged by the story prompts each week and realising I did have the ability to come up with something. Proving to myself that I actually have the capacity to start something and see it through.

The course was straightforward, insightful and really beneficial to anyone who wants to start writing or improve their craft. With helpful feedback and other classmates cheering you along, it is a welcoming space to engage with other like-minded creatives and pick up so many tips and tricks to help make your stories better.

Tallaesen Fleming 1 week ago

Angela was great. Insightful and polite. Fostered a good environment.

The course is well structured and gives you a good introduction/grounding in some fundamentals. Course material was very good also. Really enjoyed the course. It has given me more confidence and knowledge and inspiration.

Courtney 1 week ago

Alex was great. Her feedback was always constructive and positive. I enjoyed being able to complete the course at my own pace.

Learning about pitch emails was definitely an a-ha! moment. I had been writing them myself, but had no replies from editors at all. Seeing the way it should be done was eye-opening. I can write professional pitch emails now!

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