Leanne Anderson 2 days ago

Having completed a number of courses with AWC (serial workshopper here!) and then bringing my story idea to life through the Novel Writing Essentials course, Write your Novel was the next step in the process.

Reviewing the work of others and having your work reviewed by them is invaluable. Reading the tutor’s comments and feedback to others (in addition to your own specific feedback) adds to the learning.

Cathie is incredible. So knowledgeable, practical and her feedback is so well presented (and spot on!) Areas for development were provided in an honest and supportive manner and I loved the recommendations for wider reading.

I enjoyed the combination of learning from the audio content, workshopping and submission of chapters for feedback. Great online, group support.

I finished the draft of the novel I had been thinking about for so long. I navigated through plot and character changes to come to a point where I can now start my subsequent drafts focused on refining and improving through each of the drafts to follow.

Just keep writing. You can't write the start till you know the end so stop re-writing those first few chapters and keep going.

Do it. Give yourself a structure for pushing through and achieve what you've been wanting to do for so long.

Carl Wong 3 days ago

The speaker was very engaging and generous with his thoughts and experience. I enjoyed learning invaluable tips from an expert profile writer.

Kerrie Hudson 3 days ago

Cathie provided excellent detailed feedback and guidance in how to draw more from a piece of writing.

I enjoyed watching my classmates' skills grow and really value their comments and feedback on my manuscript. I feel I have grown as a writer. I can now add more depth to my stories. I have also gained the confidence to share my writing with others.

Go for it. The courses are informative, provide useful and interesting lessons. The tutors are knowledgeable, give fair and valuable feedback and are supportive of your journey as a writer.

Nina Dykstra 4 days ago

It made me think a lot more about the promotion of myself as an author but also the extra effort I could take to make sure I was organised and had a good knowledge base for what agents and publishers are looking for.

There are so many other steps you need to do to proceed once you have written your manuscript. I wouldn't have known this without this course.

Go for it - it was so helpful!

Karen Young 4 days ago

After completing Creative Writing Stage 1 and Writing Workout, I wanted to delve deeper into each of the elements of writing discussed.

I loved learning more about the intricacies of writing great dialogue and was pleasantly surprised by how detailed the course material is.

I loved doing the exercises as I created a few more scenes for my book!

I’m loving building on my writing skills and doing the Fiction Essentials courses (I’m assuming the others I’ve purchased are going to be as fabulous as the one on dialogue!) is a wonderful way of building that knowledge and confidence.

I’ve been telling all my friends about the courses I’m doing and how much I’m getting out of them. I tell anyone who’s even slightly interested in writing to check out your website!

Wendy Haynes 4 days ago

Though I have written and published a picture book, I wanted to test my ideas out on others to see if I am on the right track. I have completed multiple courses with AWC and always find the content/takeaway notes extensive.

I found the feedback on everyone's story very valuable in how to self-assess my stories. I liked Suzanne's gentle way of pulling a story apart and by doing so giving us insight into what is needed and what to leave out of the text for a picture book.

I enjoyed the challenge and now know I can write a picture book each week if I put my mind to it.

Whatever stage of your writing journey the Australian Writers' Centre has a course for you.

Uma Srinivasan 4 days ago

I did the Novel Writing Essentials course with Cathie and Plotting and Planning with Kate Forsyth and my idea for a historical novel took shape. Once I had written 20,000 words, I enrolled in this course to complete my novel.

The comments and the reading material suggested by the tutor and collective wisdom of the reading group were extremely useful in shaping my novel.

I am grateful to Cathie as her gentle yet tough love edged me on to do my best and complete the first draft of my novel.

The comments by other participants, the tutor's comments on other drafts (in addition to my draft) and the list of reference books on writing fiction were good. The online audio sessions and course material were good as well.

I liked the pace of the twelve-month course as it gave me time to absorb and apply the principles I learnt through the lessons. This allowed me to do my homework and be prepared with my submissions.

The AWC offers a huge range of courses on writing. I love their courses on writing fiction. If you follow the lessons and listen to all the advice you get from the experts, you will achieve your goal to complete your first draft of your novel.

Thanks to everyone at AWC - the course creators, the course deliverers, the experts, the tutor and the participants. Loved every day of the course.

Tanya de Jong-Curtain 5 days ago

Natasha's expertise and sharing of her own journey to getting published and breaking down the steps into bite-size chunks was excellent (even the spreadsheets!)

I enjoyed the step-by-step actions to work through.

It provided the motivation for me to rewrite my pitch and synopsis several times already over the course. It was an encouraging reminder that we writers are in it for the long haul and not to give up when/if facing rejection.

You only get one chance -make sure your manuscript IS ready to pitch!

AWC creative writing courses are the best. Sign up - what are you waiting for?

Melissa Kinealy 5 days ago

The tutor was amazing. I particularly liked the audio feedback.

I enjoyed the hands-on writing and the expectation for us to write stories for several of our assignments.

A wonderful, practical course with a talented teacher.

Fiona Bolinger 5 days ago

I've always loved creative writing and wanted to start taking it seriously. The course was so much fun and was lots of help!

Pamela was very friendly and gave great feedback that I'm using to improve my writing as a whole.

The best part had to be the characterisation section where we went through the PDF worksheet for our characters and really worked on fleshing them out - I learned a lot from there.

It has helped me to structure my writing better and give life to my words on the page. I have been taught how to flesh out ideas and build them into narration, dialogue and more. The course has also inspired me to write more often and now I can clearly see the positive difference it is making in the quality of writing I produce.

I would say it's a great tool to use for improving your writing and also a great and friendly community of writers and courses of all types.

Thanks for the great experience!

Kate Geier 5 days ago

Suzanne was great at giving constructive feedback. It was always clear what she was expecting of your writing.

I enjoyed the assessments and listening to the lessons in my own time.

I think now I would really like to put more time into my writing, and try to formalise it rather than it just be a hobby.

I would say it is an excellent course if you are wanting to develop your writing skills and learn more about the industry.

Michael Monaghan 5 days ago

The course was great fun and has challenged the way I think about writing. It covered a lot of ground and yet made the thing approachable and, more importantly, POSSIBLE!

The course is based in solid practical advice from people skilled in the craft. The exercises are meaningful and useful. And its bloody good fun!

Thank you.

Yvonne Wilson 5 days ago

Thank you so much for the stimulus materials that you put into this course. I feel that I am a different person, more creative and confident of my identity as a writer.

In the transition to my new identity as a retired teacher, I have tried different activities. While I go to a U3A writing group, I have not felt confident in the development of my writing skills. This course has taught me that it is okay to be creative for the rest of my life.

Do the course; it is so stimulating and stretching. It opens your mind to other worlds and confirms that you can make a valuable contribution to the world of words.

Mandy Morris 6 days ago

I'd always been interested in writing children's books, but the motivation to complete the Writing Picture Books course serendipitously appeared at the start of this year. Being a former journalist and currently a freelance copywriter, I was approached by a local school that works with children who have Autism to write a picture book on their behalf. The book will be used to help neurotypical children better understand Autism and sold for fundraising purposes.

Suzanne's feedback was well-considered, tactfully delivered and I found her to be highly knowledgeable on the course subjects. As an aside, her tone of voice was delightful to listen to, which I'm sure isn't a prerequisite to being a tutor, but appreciated all the same!

I really enjoyed the assignments! If I didn't have any other responsibilities, I'd have spent many more hours a week on each of them, just editing and playing. The requirement to 'find the best word here', and 'shorten this sentence there', etc, was so much fun! (Though I'm guessing only a fellow writer would understand this comment :-))

I'm in the process of pitching a memoir/self-help novel about pregnancy. The manuscript took me 7 years to finish (including 5 beta readers, 2 assessments, 3 medical checks, all the legal permissions, copy and line editing), and while I can't see myself writing another novel I definitely want to continue writing creatively (i.e. not just for the corporate world as with copywriting).

Now that I understand what's involved in writing a children's picture book and how much I enjoyed the process, I can see myself with a potentially ready-made 'audience' for my future picture books, given I'm planning to publish a book for a bunch of pregnant women! (I think it will be about timing the publications correctly and keeping in touch with my readers.)

It would be a dream come true for me to publish a children's picture book, and this will happen with my book about Autism, but I'd love to continue writing children's picture books for myself and hopefully get a traditional publishing deal.

My 'aha' moment was when I understood great picture books are about subtlety...I had heard the saying 'show don't tell' many times before, but this course gave me a far better understanding of the phrase than I had previously.

This is a fantastic course to do if you're interested in learning how to write a children's picture book.

Thank you!

Kenji Strazdins 6 days ago

Cathie was brilliant. She has helped and is helping me create the book I've always wanted.

I enjoyed the feedback and growing from that. And watching my fellow writers grow.

Cathie Tasker is phenomenal.

Deanna Wong 1 week ago

On New Year’s Day, I was wasting time on Twitter when I came across a tweet from AWC that offered a discounted price on the Reinvent Yourself course. I decided to give it a try, and absolutely loved it. So, I read up on the courses offered by the AWC, and enrolled in Creative Writing Stage 1.

The course material was a revelation, and our tutor was fabulous. I was so impressed. Angela was excellent. She is clearly an accomplished author, and her feedback was always insightful and helpful.

I felt accepted, and not in the least intimidated. And the lectures were fun!

I am so motivated to keep writing. This is such an alien feeling to me as by the time I left my last job, I used to joke to colleagues that I hated writing, and that I never wanted to do it again. The course has reminded me how fulfilling, and how much fun, writing can be!

Reading Handout 1.1. opened my eyes to the amazing potential there is as a creative writer. It sounds silly, but I realised that no one else dictates the edges of the people and worlds I create - just me. There is so much freedom in that.

If you want to experience the freedom creative writing offers you, but haven't got a clear idea about where to start or how to go about it, I strongly recommend you enrol in one of the AWC courses. You'll be supported and encouraged at every stage, and you will be provided with some excellent materials.

I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a real joy to access a new week's worth of materials every Monday.

Michelle Prior 1 week ago

The insights gained from feedback and workshopping has taken my work to another level, and was an excellent way of learning to identify some things I missed, and what to watch out for in the future; what worked and what didn't.

I learnt a lot of additional titbits - introducing characters in a way that readers will remember them, developing anchors for them.

Obtaining the courage to develop my own writing style, although I am a newbie, and not one based on any perceived standards or expectations.

The program of learning, writing, feedback and workshopping is spot on. Never underestimate the immense value of workshopping and feedback. This form of obtaining beta readers is far superior to tapping into your own networks in many ways.

Fiona Gilmour 1 week ago

Cathie was awesome. Always constructive and supportive.

There were many aha moments. In particular, I found the handouts very helpful, especially the descriptions of filter and filler words, tense, show not tell and concrete words. I stuck them on my wall and referred to them often.

You are the only one who can write your novel, but if you want to write it better enrol in the Write Your Novel course. The advice and support of your tutor and other aspiring writers is invaluable.

Pauline Bryan 1 week ago

I was looking for informed advice on what to consider when tossing up whether to take a dive into the world of writing and editing. Valerie explained the different types of writing in a way a novice like me could easily digest. This has made it easier for me to consider which avenue I wish to explore.

From this course, I've narrowed down what interests me. Though this may change over time, the course explained that giving something a go, only to find out it isn't what you want, is not a waste of time.

The course format suited me perfectly. I could read/listen whenever I made time.

I'll be exploring the areas of writing that appeal to me to see which one really floats my boat.

I'm already recommending AWC :-) The flexibility, range and presentation of courses is appealing to all levels of experience.

Judy Judge 1 week ago

Stephen gave excellent feedback, including oral and written which broadened it out. He gave considered comments and often did extra research in an area if he needed to (e.g. historical facts). He was always very encouraging but not afraid to say something major if needed. If he was held up with his feedback, he made it known that was the case.

I've learnt a number of things which will improve my writing, such as fleshing out characters more, for example. The feedback from all participants was invaluable, enjoyable and a positive experience. I respect their opinions because I know that their own writing is of a high standard, so the feedback is well-grounded.

It's a great organisation, which caters particularly to Australian writers but not excluding others. The course was of a high standard, and they add extra interest by having webinars/zoom sessions, fun competitions and extra blogs/emails to help keep your motivation up.

Libby Talbot 1 week ago

I wanted a basic level course where I didn't feel like I had to produce any works - I just wanted to listen and absorb before I committed to an interactive course. I actually didn't know what to expect but I loved it.

I enjoyed the true-life stories of how people became writers. So inspiring! So many people who believed they couldn't write suddenly found that they actually could. Perhaps I can too. I learnt to believe in myself.

It inspired me to enrol in the Creative Writing Stage 1 course. I've been thinking about it for 12 months but kept putting it on the back burner. I've done it and start in a few days!!!!!!

Even if you're not ready to do a course, listen to the podcasts - they will give you the inspiration to look further into the Australian Writers' Centre and what they have to offer.

Peter Langdon 1 week ago

The structure is well designed for learning and the feedback is relevant to the stage of writing. Very informative and supported.

The tutor was very straight forward, good and constructive feedback with suggestions.

I enjoyed reading other stories as well as feedback.

It provided structure and encouragement to hit the target, without too much pressure. Tailored for the needs of writers who need the scaffolding to build their stories.

Practical, useful and engaging. Get going.

Cheryl Watson 1 week ago

Learning all the tips, hints and so on of how to bring a character's POV to life was a lot more involved than I had imagined and I loved getting into the nitty gritty of how to do it properly.

One thing that has stuck with me is the comment which came up several times about how there is no real right or wrong way, but what is right for you and the book you are writing in regards to first person, third person limited or omniscient.

Just do it. It really will pay off in the long run. No matter how much you think you know, if you want to do well you will make the effort to learn more.

Kate Feher 1 week ago

I'm a teacher for dyslexic children. The early chapter book is where these kids are desperate to reach. My stories have to appeal to a wide age range of beginning readers.

It's not until you take a course such as this that you realise how little you know about a winning book structure.

I always thought I was a good writer and could dash off a couple of PBs to feed my ego and show off to any grandkids. I now know what I didn't before. Writing for kids is not an easy task but I find it engrossing, a challenge that I have dived deeply into. It all started with Lesley's course. I may never be published but it has been the most rewarding hobby, or should I say vocation.

Just do it. Stop wallowing about in your own pond. Get up and breathe in the amazing advice from experts.

Thank you Lesley. Thank you AWC.

Tanya de Jong-Curtain 1 week ago

Thank you - this course was outstanding! The resources are fantastic.

I enjoyed the step-by-step way to build the author platform and why it's essential, the excellent tips throughout, the many practical examples from other authors, the impetus to start something really challenging without it feeling overwhelming.

This course is exactly what I need to get me started with my online presence as an author, overwhelming as the prospect seems at times, since I have really not engaged with social media to this point other than through LinkedIn and closed Facebook groups. Thanks to this course I now have a clear idea of where and how to begin and have already started thinking about my website, opening a Twitter account and started writing blog posts.

AWC's Build your Author Platform is an outstanding course which I cannot recommend highly enough. AWC courses are excellent, comprehensive, presented by experts, and the community and wealth of resources is wonderful. AWC is invaluable for anyone who writes!

Caitlin Prentice 1 week ago

I wanted to learn the basics of creative writing but I needed a course I could do in my own time from home. This course was perfect for that. It was very informative and straight to the point. The information recordings were great and I really learnt a lot in this five weeks.

This course has helped improve my writing immensely in such a short time. It has also given me the confidence to continue writing and doubt myself a little less. This course also helped me to decide on one of my book ideas and commit to just finishing it!

I would highly recommend the AWC to anyone who wants to improve on their writing skills. Whether you want to become a published author or just write for your own pleasure you will learn invaluable lessons through these courses.

Thank you for creating a straightforward, easy to understand course. I really thoroughly enjoyed it and I will certainly be signing up for more in the near future.

Elina Vihinen 1 week ago

I loved Bernadette's teaching style which is practical but provides you great strategic advice and is very insightful. Her feedback was constructive and precise. She said exactly what worked ("this is gold because...") and what needs more work ("interesting...")

I'm more confident with my writing. This course was challenging at times but it never felt like I can't do it or felt dull!

It's an all-inclusive copywriting course that is well worth the money. I'll enrol on the SEO course next.

Jenny Porter 1 week ago

I'm looking to develop my writing skills. I've only ever done reflective journaling and I don't know any of the basics of creative writing.

I think the tutor provided me with very useful feedback, even when I cringed extra hard. But I guess that's what you need when you're wanting to develop a skill - someone to show you the way and ask you to think about how to do things better.

I enjoyed the lessons - very informative and easy to listen to.

I've realised how much I need to really learn, but I'm excited to review what I've learned with this course and am keen to take a few others.

Nicole Somerville 1 week ago

I wanted to start writing again but knew I needed some help and structure. It's been great fun; a bit nerve racking but so worth it.

The tutor was pretty straight talking, which I appreciated. There was no point in mincing words. I learnt loads from her and feel in a much better position to continue the book I have been trying to write for years.

I feel more confident but I also realise I still have loads to learn, but the modules have given me enough to go on with the writing I want to do. My husband said I seem happier.

If you think you want to start writing, this intro course will help you try it out through dipping your toes into core concepts.

Cara Lopez 1 week ago

Bernadette was extremely knowledgeable and gave great feedback.

I enjoyed learning more tips and tricks that are beneficial to my day job - and more!

I've learned how to be more intentional and considered in my writing. I'm not sure if there was just one "aha" moment - but being more aware of the words I use is one of my favourite results.

The Australian Writers' Centre courses are extremely helpful for my development as a professional writer - both in my career and in my own creative practice.

Ruby Kraner-Tucci 1 week ago

I wanted to dedicate myself to my dream of writing a novel, and I thought this course would be a great first step. I desperately needed the structure and accountability to get to work! My only concern was not being able to keep up with the writing schedule.

I found the lessons very interesting and applicable. I have never written such long-form fiction before and so the advice and direction of each of the recordings offered a great foundation for my writing. I have taken several writing courses in the past, and still learnt so much! I also liked the interaction with my fellow coursemates!

This course has started me on my lifelong dream of writing a novel! The advice, techniques and skills I have gained will be instrumental for me on my writing journey.

Mellisa Bowers 1 week ago

Great introductory course that has given me the confidence to set up my own blog.

I enjoyed the easy laidback way the course was delivered. No fuss, simple and easy to understand. Thank you!

I have done several courses with the Australian Writers' Centre and I have never been disappointed! Each course I have completed has broadened my writing immensely! If you are thinking about doing a course, if you love to write, and are looking for some tips or skills to improve your writing, AWC is the place to go!

Luan Atkinson 2 weeks ago

The format of audio feedback was great. It makes it feel so much more personal than reading written comments. I also learnt a lot from listening to the feedback for other students' writing (and reading their writing).

Pamela gives really practical feedback that allows the students to improve. I felt I made huge strides in the course and could also see my fellow students doing the same. Pamela also has a lovely encouraging style that makes you keep going and trying.

It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to try new things.

I just want to keep writing and learning more. Thank you!

It's great fun, you'll learn a lot and you'll improve dramatically.

Rebekah Ball 2 weeks ago

I read through the outline and loved just about everything in it, especially world building and structuring trilogies/multiple books set in the same world with multiple protagonists.

I had so much fun and learnt so much in every class. It's really changed the approach I will take to my writing moving forward.

Pamela was a wonderful tutor. I found the way she taught really engaging. I learnt so much about writing in the last few weeks. She answered all questions really precisely and she was the first tutor to explain techniques someone with aphantasia can use when doing scenes.

I liked that all the assignments forced me to really think about the world and story I was working on in a safe learning environment. My favourite was map-making as it forced me to think about things like water sources.

It forced me to really think about every element of the world from the people, to the history to the soil. The advice, tips and resources given will help my writing for years to come.

I highly recommend it! It is a wonderful way to learn about writing and your relationship with it.

I loved the whole course and I'm very glad I took it.

Cara Lopez 2 weeks ago

I genuinely appreciated all the feedback from Alex (our online tutor) and got a lot out of listening to everyone's feedback.

I enjoyed going deeper into publications and topics that I wanted to explore further. I also liked having the pair assignment where we interviewed each other. It was good fun, but also very educational at the same time.

I am now more confident in pursuing my writing further.

The AWC courses are well-structured and likewise, the tutor's feedback is so invaluable! It gave me accountability for developing my own writing practice through the weekly assignments.

I am excited to do another course!

Liz Kay 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed all the resources! Plus studying at my own pace and being able to download everything for future use.

This particular course has really helped me to figure out the journey of my story.

Every course I have completed has really impacted where I go as a writer. I am a fledgling storyteller and I often lack the confidence to get my work out there or in fact to sit down and write anything! Slowly but surely, your courses are teasing out my writing interests.

Ruth McGurk 2 weeks ago

I really appreciated the way the course is designed. It's clear from the content that you value people's time - there was nothing superfluous, yet there was so much detail included. I thought it might have been a bit 'general' but the insight given was impressive.

Great feedback. I learned a lot from not just my own feedback but by listening to others' too.

I enjoyed the modules themselves and the feedback. Being able to listen to them as audio files was most helpful.

I know so much more than when I began. I read a quote from a graduate saying, 'Don't submit anything before doing this course.' How right they were.

Do it.

Tracy Webb 2 weeks ago

Lesley's presentation style was clear and easy to follow. The topics covered were comprehensive and informative. The exercises broadened my perspective on writing and publishing.

It has encouraged me to get back into writing. It is the place within me that I feel connected to the most.

The area of major learning for me was the themes that are usually covered when writing for 6 - 9 year olds. Most relate to their own world, including family, friends and school. But an exercise we did showed that the theme can be about anything - it just depends on how you present it.

The AWC has a wide and helpful range of courses for people interested in all areas of writing. There is something for everyone.

Thank you, Lesley, for sharing your knowledge and for your guidance.

Taryn Lindsay 2 weeks ago

The final Module on Setting was FANTASTIC and a huge help to me. It will be one of my most revisited aspects of the course and was really inspiring in terms of helping me visualise the elements of my story I'd been wanting to convey. It totally hit the spot, and I'll be telling my writing buddies about this course.

I enjoyed Valerie's voice - ha ha! I'm so used to hearing her now that I feel very relaxed about being educated by her (no matter who's behind the material). I'm used to the way she speaks and it makes me slide into the info. I also find the handouts enjoyable because they are thorough, and that makes me relax because I don't have to panic about getting the words down as they are spoken. My brain has time to process all that's being said.

I feel like I've had a breakthrough in understanding scenes and settings, and that is GOLD. I've been writing a long time and some of it is organic for me, but other parts feel like corrupted files in my brain. It's helped iron out the data by using a great input method. Settings has been a strength and a weakness, and this has truly helped iron that out in a positive way. Also, to be reminded to 'enjoy the process of writing' and not to 'rush the setting to get to the story' - words I needed to hear. I work full time and it's important to be patient sometimes. With great ideas comes great responsibility ;)

I've already been recommending AWC, and have advised they simply check out the options on the website to see which course would suit them best. If we're honest, we often know our own weak points, but there's enough 'links' mentioned in each course and references to the other courses on offer that it's impossible to do just one.

Go get your eyes on the site and check it out, have a trawl and consider all the options. It really explains itself perfectly. I reckon it just keeps getting better.

Janet Mell 2 weeks ago

AWC's MOJO month has been a great investment, thank you FF team! They have covered every imaginable topic for a writer to feel inspired, educated and empowered in improving their writing skills. Each day provided a further insight into what makes the construct of a story powerful. I would recommend this course to anyone who has any self-doubt about their ability. A very uplifting and rewarding pathway to improvement.

Michelle Wills 2 weeks ago

While doing the Novel Writing Essentials course, other students recommended Scrivener. I had never heard about it before. I was curious, but was frightened it would take too long to learn. Fortunately I was told about this course on the AWC site and thought it would be worthwhile to at least investigate it.

I would really recommend you mention this course to everyone who enrols in Novel Writing Essentials. I wish I had known about it earlier! The course is presented so well. Thank you!

I enjoyed the hands-on approach. I am glad I can go back to it over 12 months as well, as I am sure I will forget things. Hopefully after using it for 12 months I will become competent.

As my novel got larger, Word was so cumbersome! I love the way everything in Scrivener is at my fingertips. Even my research! I am now finding it easier to write!

Do the Scrivener course before starting any large piece of writing. For a two hours commitment it will save many, many hours when you start your novel! The course is written so well, even people frightened of learning new software will find it so easy!

Amelia Smith 2 weeks ago

I wanted to give writing fiction a go, I hadn't done any fiction writing since being in school but always found it fun so thought I'd give it a try.

I was nervous before starting as I had never done anything like this before and I wasn't sure how it would work. Also having to post in front of other people was very nerve-racking, as you are vulnerable to other people seeing your work (as opposed to just the tutor alone). I quickly got past this however and found that it was great to see other people's work and get feedback. You learn from others as well as your own work from the tutor's feedback.

The feedback provided is useful and although it can be tough taking on board constructive criticism, I've found that Pamela explains the reasons why and it does make sense. I'm trying to look at things more objectively and hearing the positive feedback is also really encouraging and exciting! It makes you want to write more.

I enjoyed getting to follow the creative flow and see where the story goes! I feel like in school, storytelling is a small part of learning English but that's the part I most enjoyed, so to be able to refresh that again as an adult has been really exciting.

This course has made me rethink writing and what it means. I didn't realise there was so much to it, there's so much detail and whilst that scares me a little, I feel like this is a valid field to work in. The course has inspired me to keep on writing and that it is OK to write fiction and follow your imagination (I was told off in school for daydreaming too much). That is exciting!

I think for me, it was just learning throughout this course that it is OK and acceptable to be able to write fiction, to make stuff up, to go with it and this is actually 'a thing' you can do!

It has been a great learning experience. I have enjoyed letting my imagination flow and getting words onto paper. It's been great exploring writing fiction and seeing the characters and scenes come alive.

Amber Gaston 2 weeks ago

If I had known how much content was covered, how interesting it would all be, and that I would start every day with a smile, I would have done it sooner.

Caroline Grimpen 2 weeks ago

This course was so much fun! Thank you. I loved all the little inspirational bits, the online talks and links to interesting information, the writing tasks and the kindness of the course.

It has given me a lot of ideas about how to generate story ideas, but also generally it has reminded me to use my time wisely and really do what I enjoy doing.

I think the 'Identity makeover' exercise was my major 'aha!' moment. It was great to realise that I need to decide to be what I want to be rather than just striving towards it.

The AWC courses are inspiring, full of excellent material and fun. They have helped me to find out what is important to me and given me the self-confidence to write.

Wendy Rudge 2 weeks ago

Natasha was clear, methodical in her teaching and didn't go too fast. I was able to follow her instructions and able to take notes at the same time.

I can see it is going to short cut my 'faffing about' time. It provides me more structure and I think makes the whole process easier and more efficient. I am chomping at the bit to get started (or actually restarted LOL).

If you're trying to learn Scrivener on your own, you'll never get out of the product as much or as quickly than via this tutorial. Before I did this tutorial it was like using a Thermomix to only heat up water. With this tutorial you'll be baking three course meals in a fraction of the time.

Susannah Thomson 2 weeks ago

Bernadette is excellent. I previously did the Copywriting Essentials course and loved her manner.

It has inspired me to explore the possibility of offering SEO services as part of my VA business.

Jo Grofski 2 weeks ago

As I went through the course, I could easily see how Scrivener can be used for both fiction and non-fiction. So very happy with that.

The instructions were easy to follow, and Nastasha's voice was easy to listen to. Enough information to get started without getting confused.

I can now get all my notes out of Word and Evernote and into Scrivener. No excuses for procrastination!

Just get writing!

Jodie Millard 2 weeks ago

Since starting this course, I have written most 4000 words! It was exactly the kick I needed, and although I'm still yet to go back and review a lot of the material, I've now started a habit of writing every day.

When I first started this course, I felt unfilled and like I wasn't reaching my full potential but had no idea where to start. This course gave me the exact boost I needed. Not only is it full of inspiring content, but you can also read other's comments for inspiration. Now I'm writing daily, thinking about how to improve my descriptions, and have a new daily routine that works for me, all thanks to MOJO and AWC. The content in this course is beneficial for everybody, not just writers!

Tony Williams 2 weeks ago

Being in retirement and having been a teacher for many years, I wanted something that would challenge me and writing was a natural extension of my work as a teacher.

I felt somewhat nervous about others in the course reading my attempts, but in the end, I felt it was helpful and something I had better get used to if I wanted others to read my published work. It was good to see how others tackled the assignments and the feedback given by Alex on others' (and my) work was extremely helpful to me and reinforced and clarified salient points raised in the audio lessons. It was also helpful to have a chat section where questions could be raised and responses provided both by Alex and other participants.

I thought Alex was very good and supportive of everyone doing the course. It was very encouraging to receive honest and helpful feedback from someone like Alex with real-world editorial experience.

It was interesting writing the profile and conducting an interview--very good practice! It was good to meet another participant on a more in-depth level.

It has given me the tools and courage to take the next step of pitching to an editor.

Helen Simpson 2 weeks ago

It has given me insight into the art of writing and creativity - to keep doing it for the love, enjoyment and exploration of myself. Anything is possible and it may be a rollercoaster at times but just keep going.

Cathy Jones 2 weeks ago

It has been so refreshing, learning to think about writing in a mindful way. I learnt to be a better spy, listening to conversations, people watching (body language and interacting with one another), snapping photos of colour and ideas for stories. That was the amazing thing, there is a story in all of us, and all around us.

We all have stories to tell. Observe everything and be open to new experiences, you never know when that story idea will hit.

An inspiring and uplifting course, full of challenges and fun things to do.

Tracey Peterson 2 weeks ago

Pamela was personable. She has great advice for the novice writer. Her feedback was honest and aimed at helping the students.

I enjoyed being in a Zoom class. I liked the chance to interact with fellow class mates. I like the informal nature of the course. Pamela let the conversation take a natural course. You were learning and enjoying it.

It provided me with a validation of the genre I want to write in. In other courses I keep getting the 'I don't read this genre' comments. These participants don't only read it, they write it too.

Just do it! If you think you want to write fantasy, science fiction then this is the course for you. This is where you will find your tribe!

Christina Pike 2 weeks ago

LOVE all the wonderful modules, tips, online TED Talks, links, exercises, etc. If I keep practising all that I've learned, there should be enough fodder for me to write LOADS.

I enjoyed EVERYTHING!!!!!! I love all the tips and links on offer too. So clever, informative and fun.

I will try and use everything I've learned more and more. I've kept notes (loads of them) and will put them in a folder so that I can peruse and look at them when I'm feeling 'meh' to get encouraged again and again to keep at it.

Carol Ryan 2 weeks ago

It was exciting to wake up every morning and have a challenge for the day. I liked the self-development, the opportunity to change bad habits, to read other people’s stories and to hear of their journeys.

It’s given me tools to reset and view my life and my view of the world. I now send my grandchildren a little inspirational saying each Wednesday to help them navigate the world. I have made a journal for the eight of them with sayings in. The list on day 31 will be on the last two pages. It will my legacy to them when I go to greener pastures.

Just do it. It will open your eyes to the world around you.

Fiona Crowson 2 weeks ago

To a certain extent, I've felt like I've had a virtual mentor over the past 5 weeks. Someone to kindly advise and gently push me on.

Bernadette delivered the lessons with humour, clarity and words of encouragement. Her feedback was far more detailed and personalised than I anticipated, which meant that I really valued (and looked forward to) hearing it.

I enjoyed being forced out of my comfort zone in having to deliver homework on time each week and to also more closely examine how I write each day.

It's strangely encouraged me to do more creative writing and to be a bit kinder to myself about my decision to go down the path of copywriting. Suddenly I'm receiving more cold enquiries from agencies and recruitment consultants about potential roles or work. Even if they don't eventuate, they're a welcome boost to my confidence!

Kylie Upitis 2 weeks ago

I really like Bernadette's teaching & feedback style - it is super helpful, insightful and relatable. Thanks Bernadette, I really appreciated everything!

It was easy to follow and I looked forward to listening to the new lessons each week. They were engaging and relevant - thankyou!

It will help me on my freelance journey - it's given me confidence to go ahead and offer SEO services to my future clients!

AWC courses are relevant, easy to follow and a great insight to how someone can improve their existing skills, or learn new ones!

Heather Ward 2 weeks ago

I feel ready to try freelance writing as a side hustle, with a view to going full time one day. I have found something I feel passionate about again and this course has given me the confidence to pursue writing and that I have the skills to do this.

Definitely sign up - the information you will learn is invaluable for such a reasonable price

Thank you - after a hellish year in lockdown in Melbourne (and back in it as I write!) I had become used to living in survival mode. This course has revitalised me, given me a purpose and I now have something other than my day job or kids to focus on - something just for me that I know I can be successful at.

Larissa Collins 2 weeks ago

I needed to learn how to self-edit. I love the writing, and had completed your course on this in different genres, but was totally clueless as to the editing process.

This was so thorough. I have to admit, it was very overwhelming at the start as there were so many steps and hours of editing changes that needed completing. It has taken some time to get my head around just how much work is involved in editing.

I enjoyed the examples, the handouts, the specificity of the content. It was so helpful.

I had no idea of the detail and steps involved in editing. This is an entirely different process to the actual crafting and writing of the manuscript.

I learnt so many things that I did not know. The course was extremely worthwhile, very thorough editing process, takes hours (not just to do the course, but to do the editing on the manuscript) and you will have a much better manuscript once completed, along with a greater likelihood of publication.

Peta Walz 2 weeks ago

I was pleased by the topics covered and the clear way the information was delivered. I feel I now have a clear understanding of copywriting fundamentals.

I thought the tutor was clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. She broke down key concepts in a way that was easy to follow and gave great practical advice. I appreciated her positivity and enthusiasm for the topic and her constructive criticism and obvious support.

I enjoyed the assignments and having the opportunity to put learning into practice. I especially enjoyed the final assignment where we got to pull everything we had learnt together. Each of the modules were obviously very useful, but I also think the final one and the examples that were used was my favourite.

I have a full-time job in another profession, but I now feel more confident doing copywriting myself in me role or giving feedback to copywriters. I am also considering taking up some freelance copywriting now, as long as I can make the time for it.

I've really enjoyed the last 5 weeks, I've picked up some very useful new skills and have already started using them. Thanks, Bernadette!

Liz Kay 2 weeks ago

The delivery was perfect; not too much information being thrown at you and plenty of opportunity to develop my own stories. Also loved all of the reference texts; I've discovered some new faves.

Writing for kids is harder than you think!

It has helped me with finding my writing interest and voice.

If you are interested in writing, head here first as the offering of courses is amazing :)

Leisa Kirstein 2 weeks ago

I completed the writing picture books course. I enjoyed the process and wanted to know as much as possible before I submitted my manuscript. I was nervous and wondered if I would be able to produce a story of good enough quality to feel comfortable submitting it.

The tutor was fantastic! I feel really comfortable submitting my work to Cathy. I know my manuscript is in good hands and that any advice she can offer is invaluable.

Overall I enjoyed the quality of information and how easy it is to follow.

The creative juices are flowing!

A very professional online course. So great to be able to stop and start when your busy life allows you to. Seriously just give it a go you might surprise yourself.

Rohini Baxter 2 weeks ago

I want to write my own picture book but was not sure where to start. My only concern was that I wouldn't learn what I thought I needed to but I am really glad I enrolled. I have learned so much about writing picture books, but also the publishing process which I hadn't even considered so I am happy that I have this in my mind now too.

My online tutor provided relevant feedback and really helped me fine-tune the story I have been working on. She was honest and critical.

I enjoyed being able to finally begin writing the story I have had in my head for years now.

It was very insightful, simple to follow along and allowed good time to complete each module.

Joanne Clausen 3 weeks ago

I wanted to achieve some creative development and I wanted some help with understanding what the industry was looking for.

It's a must if you are serious about writing a quality picture book. You will be inspired and the creative juices will flow.

A huge thanks!

David Simes 3 weeks ago

Pamela was spot on, all the time. Not afraid to put in the punches early, saving a lot of time. How she could have such a good grasp of sixteen novels, given only snippets and a synopsis, was remarkable.

Enjoyable? The anticipation of the daily postings on the website, particularly at the Water Cooler. Satisfying? Seeing everyone's writing improve quickly with practice and direction.

First time writing "full time" and having the product reviewed. Reversed some preconceptions on what good writing is, confirmed some areas of concern in my own writing.

Loved it. Will miss it.

Lis Porter 3 weeks ago

It is thorough, informative and positive in approach, with easy, clear voices to listen to.

Angela Moscou 3 weeks ago

I needed the push to get on with my writing and after completing Novel Writing Essentials just previously I was feeling super inspired.

I learned things I didn't know I needed to learn which was amazing. I am still processing everything, to be honest. I was interested in the craft of writing and this course definitely helped.

Pamela is lovely. Her feedback was accurate and very helpful.

I enjoyed everything I have learned about myself as a writer and about the craft of writing. Also the feedback from other students was fantastic.

I've learned that I need to write myself into the story more. I have a lot to ponder and am excited about it. I am proud of myself that I have completed a draft!! Imperfect, yes but I have done it!!

I would definitely recommend AWC. You will learn SO much, just do it!!

Thank you!! I think you are doing a GREAT job!

Helen Kelly 3 weeks ago

I love crime fiction and just wanted to gain an insight into how successful writers structure and pace their stories.

I liked the variety of resources and the wormholes they sent me down. There really is a wealth of information out there!

Just realising that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you put pen to paper. Inspiration can be found in any of a million places. Even the most mundane little snippet can become the foundation for something really unique and new.

Give it a go!

Rosemary Groenestyn 3 weeks ago

So much of the content in this course brought together what I'd learnt in the Copywriting Essentials course. I pulled out and used many of the handouts from the Essentials course to write for the SEO course (although most were provided again anyway). This was a great way to nail-in the techniques, get more practise and learn how they apply to SEO.

Bernadette is simply fabulous. Her feedback on each assignment is detailed and customised to each student in the course. I also got a lot out of hearing her comments on the assignments of my peers - what works and what can be enhanced.

I enjoyed the assignments. They really kicked my brain into gear. Each time I handed them in, I felt a sense of achievement and like I'd really learnt something.

I now know that I can do this, that my work is as good as my peers. I just need to start.

Australian Writers' Centre courses teach skills that you can really use. They are low on academia and high on practical tips and templates you can use straight away.

Claire Voss 3 weeks ago

I loved it!

Bernadette was fantastic! She has so much knowledge, she was great to listen too. I also thought she touched on each module perfectly - it was like any questions you might have had, she already knew and they were answered.

I enjoyed all of it but I love the assignments!!

I knew nothing about copywriting 5 weeks ago and now I feel I could really use the skills I learnt and put myself out there to get some paid work.

Do it, the courses are all fantastic, worth every penny.

Katerina Sakkas 3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed Bernadette's warmth, humour and incredible facility for giving cogent feedback while remaining supportive. Something else I liked: she is very even-handed, giving each student equal attention and enthusiasm.

I enjoyed being given a new approach to writing; I really enjoyed the strategic thinking that's involved in copywriting.

This course lets you into trade secrets, helps you write more efficiently and helps you think more strategically – all while playing with words. Bernadette’s feedback is incisive and encouraging. If you want to give your content writing an edge, or you’re thinking of striking out as a freelance copywriter, I highly recommend this thorough and engaging overview.

Yalda Adel 3 weeks ago

I had seen some reviews online by past students, and I was attracted by their experiences through this course, having then published a book afterwards, which would be an absolute dream for me.

I had hesitations about whether I would have enough time to do the assignments and also complete the lessons, but I found it really easy to listen to the audio lessons when it suited me, and I found the assignments pleasantly challenging. Stephen's feedback was excellent and he really understood very well what needed to be improved and gave great ideas about the direction of each story.

Thank you so much for this fantastic course. I am so glad I found you!

I am a new author and have been looking for a course to help me be a more confident author of children's books. Now I feel like I have some extra insight into what stories appeal to children, the voice and perspective to use, and extra insights into how a story structure works in general.

Stephen Hart was an excellent tutor, with thoughtful feedback and a great insight into what we needed to improve, but also encouraging in his direction of where the story needs to go next.

The most enjoyable part of the course was the assignments, because that's where I was most challenged and also got to do what I love which is creating stories. Getting feedback was also a great bonus.

I feel more confident as a writer, and will definitely consider studying further a course in writing picture books in the future.

I think it's a really important step in gaining confidence as a writer to be well informed about what children's and YA books need to include in terms of story structure and arc, as well as the voice and perspective it is written in. Also, to connect with other writers and get feedback on your writing.

Thanks again, I really enjoyed this course! I look forward to the Zoom meeting tonight regarding publishing, and hope to join the Facebook group as well.

Tanya de Jong-Curtain 3 weeks ago

When I purchased it in May 2020, I'd already finished the first structural edit of my first novel (after I had graduated from the Story Doctor with Kate Forsyth which was outstanding) and I was looking for some further direction.

This is a great overview of where writing can take you and a confidence booster to believe in yourself and take action.

I enjoyed the can-do message - that belief in yourself and taking action will translate into the realisation of your writing dream. The PDFs are an excellent resource in addition to the audios, especially the bonus content.

AWC courses are excellent, comprehensive, presented by experts, and the community and wealth of resources are wonderful. AWC is invaluable for anyone who writes!

Kate Leahy 3 weeks ago

I wanted to get a jumpstart in understanding writing fiction in the hopes of trying my hand at writing a novel.

I enjoyed thinking up fictional scenes and characters and actually sitting down to write about them. I didn't know if I could do it!

By explaining the tools that make up great stories--setting, scenes, characters, dialog--the course gave me the confidence to write fiction. Now I don't want to stop.

It's a practical, honest way to encourage you to write and it's broken down into chunks that make it feel completely doable.

Sue Thompson 3 weeks ago

This is a magical course. Please keep it on the curriculum. :) It's a gem.

This format is great online. Pamela was a great teacher who encouraged us to develop good workshopping and writing skills. It was wonderful to be part of a group that would cheer for you and your characters and also give constructive feedback to make your better.

Pamela is an excellent teacher! She provided an excellent framework so we could all achieve, no matter what stage we were at.

The workshopping was brilliant: take a small excerpt of writing and say what you like and what confuses you. This has changed the way I look at my own writing and the way I can give feedback to others.

I am now able to take an idea and look at it from 'what do I like, what is confusing' and be less critical and perfectionist at the first draft stage. This makes achieving a first draft so much more achievable.

Colleen Gee 3 weeks ago

Bernadette has a huge depth of knowledge and you can tell by the way she gets her message across that it is ingrained. Responses and information flow from her in an automatic and natural way.

The learning is fast-paced and the improvement seen in my writing is great. It provided me with more confidence that I can do this.

If you have a bit of technological understanding and want to be more helpful to your copywriting clients, then do the AWC SEO Copywriting course. It will open up a whole new world of wonder to you. Much of it includes using tools that will provide you with the information you need for your clients to surpass their competitors and return to you when they need further assistance.

Jennifer Sheppard 3 weeks ago

I thought Bernadette's delivery was great throughout the course. The content of each module was clearly explained, and the feedback was very good, constructive, and useful.

I enjoyed the sense of achievement having completed assignments - which was increased once I'd received Bernadette's feedback!

I feel confident enough to set up a business as a Freelance Copywriter. Until two years ago I was a Technical Writer. This course showed me that I was capable of being more creative.

The enrolment process was easy, and the communication from AWC was excellent. The online components for the training were easy to follow and use, and the training was clear and well structured. Finally, the feedback was invaluable!

Thanks for this course, and for the great feedback Bernadette! I'm looking forward to my next course.

Gill Palliser 3 weeks ago

Initially I was attracted by the fact that I could make money from copywriting. But as the course went on, I realised it was so much more. I learned that there's a lot more to copywriting than I imagined. I love it.

Bernadette is an amazing tutor. Her knowledge seems to be unlimited. And she cares about what her students will gain from the course. I learned a lot from her feedback as well.

I realise that copywriting is what I want to do. I've done creative writing courses but this course has shown me that I don't want to write fiction. I've found my writing passion.

During a Zoom meeting, Bernadette asked us what we were passionate about. And I realised I could use copywriting to help people as well as to make money. I would call that a life turning point.

The AWC is an excellent place to learn all kinds of writing. All the tutors have amazing amounts of knowledge and talent in their fields of writing.

Jacqui Nicholson 3 weeks ago

It was great and well worth doing. I enjoyed the daily exercises.

It challenged me to write different daily lengths and at different times which helped me understand my writing process a lot better. It's possible to keep the momentum up and it doesn't have to take that long. You can still edit other novels and do other bits and pieces while still writing.

It's worth the effort. The courses are structured well and very informative covering many different subjects within a writer's journey.

Rob Leonard 3 weeks ago

It took more than 2 hours (I'm a slow learner!), but I can now use Scrivener with confidence.

The presenter is a writer, so she understands our needs. Her presentation is also very clear and easy to follow.

I am now using Scrivener and it's helping me keep on track with my writing. It has become a 'treat' to open the program!

Tania Williamson 3 weeks ago

I wanted to get back into writing and I liked that it was online and at a reasonable price.

The tutor was excellent. Provided excellent, spot on feedback which really stretched my thinking and increased my knowledge. Thank you!

I enjoyed writing again! Reading others work also. It improved my confidence and taught me many things I didn't know.

It will give you amazing insight and knowledge about writing for children and young adults. Definitely recommend it!

Paul Mihtatidis 3 weeks ago

Suzanne was excellent. Her feedback was very pertinent and constructive.

I enjoyed the recorded sessions, the feedback from the tutor and the variety of the course content. It has given me a better understanding of the writing process from all aspects.

As someone totally new to this, I found all five modules invaluable.

The AWC is a very credible organisation with high quality courses for all levels and interests.

Nikki (Nicole) Shilling 3 weeks ago

Bernadette was a great presenter and the material really useful and kind of common sense. All my dots were joined! She was a great tutor and seems like an interesting and fun person!

I actually really enjoyed crafting the homework and thinking about how I might apply it all to my own business as well as help my friends and hopefully future clients with their businesses.

Thanks all! I'm looking forward to doing the next course.

Belinda Baws 3 weeks ago

The tutor's comments on my assignments were spot on each time. He was diplomatic but direct.

I enjoyed reading other students' works and having a deadline to work to.

The course has given me insight into story structure and into the specific nuances of writing for children and YA.

The course content is relevant and to the point. Do it!

Michaela Farrington 3 weeks ago

I was interested in learning more about how to write for children, to learn more about how it is done, and to get feedback on some of my writing attempts. I was also keen to have a chance to flex my creative muscles again after letting them atrophy for many years while at home taking care of my young son.

It has been a long time since I have done any creative writing so I was worried that I might not be very good at it. And I was a little worried about submitting assignments each week when my skills might not be excellent. But since the course was online, that did make it a bit easier to submit writing without embarrassment.

The course was excellent and I learned a lot. It inspired me to start writing more regularly and to commit to carving out time to write.

The feedback Stephen gave me regarding my assignment on identifying the climax of my story was hugely helpful and gave me such a great insight into how to better structure this part of my story and other stories I might write. That was a real 'aha' moment for me.

I enjoyed it all. I loved learning about how to write for children, and I enjoyed sitting down to write the assignments and also getting feedback on how to improve my writing.

It has inspired me to sit down and actually write regularly, rather than just dreaming about maybe writing someday when I might eventually have the time and when I've come up with the perfect idea.

The course was fabulous. The content was great. It gave me lots of useful information about how to write for children, including structure and voice. And it was wonderful to be able to listen to the modules at any time that suited me, and to complete the small, manageable assignments in my own time. It was incredibly useful to get feedback on my writing. But for me, the best thing was, it forced me to actually sit down and start writing. For a long time, I've wanted to write but have been waiting to find the perfect idea, or have enough free time to do it. But life is so busy, there was never time. This course forced me to actually make time for writing and to just sit down and get started.

Elise Pritchard 3 weeks ago

Bernadette is awesome. She knows her stuff and is willing to share her secrets. Not only that, she's put it together in a way that makes it easy to understand. What a star.

I picked up my first job whilst doing the course so it has given me the confidence to reach out to businesses and state what I can do for them. I love the brief; what a gold resource.

Jump onboard these easy to access online writing courses; you really can earn money to pay for subsequent courses before completing the first!

Thank you. I look forward to digging up more gold in CopyClub.

Belinda Carli 3 weeks ago

I want to write historical fiction and your other courses have been so useful.

It was very comprehensive, especially covering potential pitfalls and putting them into context.

This is where you go to learn to write a book properly! I'm writing that book!!!

Kelsey Moore 3 weeks ago

The tutor was amazing - very detailed feedback each week.

It was easy to fit into my week, and great to have a practical element with detailed feedback.

My writing has improved and I'm much more confident!

Great value for money!! Easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Judith Betts 3 weeks ago

I found Pamela's feedback to be enormously helpful. There is no doubting her expertise. I liked the online feedback as well as the written feedback.

I liked the discipline of having to submit segments of writing at regular intervals - and I especially valued the feedback of others.

I have a deeper appreciation of POV (head, heart and body) and of structure. I think, also, that I have a greater appreciation of the need to take the reader on an emotional journey.

The course represents great value for money. It offers some profound insights and is rich in feedback. It also provides opportunities to network with other writers.

I enjoyed the course and am delighted to have a first draft at the end of it.

Tania Holland 3 weeks ago

The tutor was very thorough, clear and supportive. Feedback was delivered in a kind and constructive manner.

I enjoyed discovering that copywriting is more formulaic than I'd realised. Also, being able to see the submissions and feedback of other participants.

I plan to use it to kick-start a career in a niche where I already have a presence

The course is excellent value. The pacing is easy to keep up with and the support and feedback is incredibly useful.

Thank you to Bernadette for the great leadership. I'll be signing up to the other courses too.

Christine Kiss 3 weeks ago

I enjoyed listening to the experts in this field. The resources supplied were wonderful.

A thorough and interesting look into the world of publishing.

Judy Anderson 3 weeks ago

It was both short enough and long enough at the same time to keep me interested, whilst gaining a better understanding of copywriting. The feedback was very clear and easily understood.

I enjoyed discovering I can write and with practice have room for improvement. Prior to the course, I felt I had the creativity to write, but not the skills to make what I was writing effective or have an impact.

Whilst you hear the saying 'practice makes perfect', I always felt that writing was a skill either you have or you don't. But early on in the course Bernadette made a comment along the lines of: the more you write the easier and faster it becomes. Personally, I've always found it takes me hours to write material that is only mediocre and therefore I avoided writing. Bernadette's advice makes sense, I guess. I illustrate as part of what I do and the more I illustrate the faster the ideas arrive and the more creative I am. I feel I'm now applying this logic to all writing that I do.

I'd highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to gain an understanding of copywriting. Totally worth the money spent and a great confidence builder for a very unconfident beginner writer!

Taylor Maher 4 weeks ago

Loved it. Really good to reinforce things I thought I knew and great for new skills.

The tutor was excellent. Very engaging and the recorded feedback was excellent. Short, relevant chunks of information delivered using real-life, recent examples.

It's really helped me get to the point, focus on everyday language and follow a proven structure.

I couldn't recommend it more highly. Whether you do so for business or pleasure, if you enjoy writing and would like to sharpen up your skills, absolutely consider this course.

Catherine Marshall 4 weeks ago

The course has clarified the way I should approach constructing my next novel.

I enjoyed the flexibility of access to material. Being able to switch back and forth between audio and information on the screen.

An excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn to write but isn't sure where to start.

Lauren Schwetz 4 weeks ago

I have literally been in the process of wanting to reinvent myself career-wise. My background is in teaching.

I wasn't sure at first how I would find the time to complete the course during my week. I ended up finding out this was no cause for concern.

I loved the case studies of writers speaking genuinely of their experiences in starting out to becoming published writers.

I have grown up thinking a creative career was not a sensible choice and generally not possible. Now, I see the possibility through the step-by-step guidelines and hearing from other authors about their successes.

I recommend you think seriously about studying a course with AWC as the courses are so practically well-structured and delivered it makes your life as a learner so much easier. Your learning process is so well encouraged and supported.

Cherie Panas 4 weeks ago

Louisa planted so many seeds within me. From all her questions and the homework set, I was able to fill some of the missing pieces of ideas that were loosely floating in my mind. She helped gel things together for me. Her teaching approach was supportive, patient and engaging - just what I needed.

I received 'aha' moments each week from LA Larkin. The small exercises prompted me and identified missing links with my ideas. A simple exercise question by LA Larkin "What if..." triggered a range of ideas.

Charlotte Stanhope 4 weeks ago

I am so happy with L.A. Larkin! She is a fantastic writer and teacher and I learnt so much from her! She provided amazing feedback and encouraged us in every writing activity! I also really loved the homework!

The writing activities that we participated in really helped motivate us to strengthen our writing and then share aloud our ideas and offer each other feedback. It helped me to improve my writing and narrative structure and encouraged me to pursue writing as a future career.

Fantastic course with an amazing and inspiring teacher! Lovely classmates with brilliant ideas! I will certainly miss everyone!

Thank you so much, L.A. Larkin! You are an amazing teacher and I really enjoyed this course!

Sandra Randall 4 weeks ago

I found Bernadette very professional and knowledgeable. I loved her sense of humour and her feedback was useful. I love that we can hear everyone's feedback as we can all learn from each other. Having taught online myself I thought it was great how engaging she was. Thanks Bernadette :)

I enjoyed the assignments as they were bite sized but practical and gave good practice of what we were focussing on that week

The tips and formulas mean my writing is more to the point and systematic now.

It is practical and a useful skill to learn ... and competitively priced.

Thank you.

Howard Roberts 4 weeks ago

Already a freelance copywriter, I've been taking on increasing amounts of editing jobs. I already know the AWC through completion of Bernadette's copywriting courses, so knew it would be a good course. Wasn't disappointed!!

Michelle is a great course leader, and very knowledgeable!

There were a few small elements of grammar usage I had either forgotten or never learned previously. I am now fully armed and dangerous!

Well worth it - AWC offers such a great range of courses for pretty much any writing purpose. Easy to interact with them via website and always clear communication. Regardless of delivery method, the courses always deliver, with wonderful tutors, and are value for money.

Wendy Rudge 4 weeks ago

The tutorials were great - lots of great information. I learnt so much. Accessing the tutorials was very easy and I had no hiccups with the technology.

I found Zanni knowledgeable and her feedback was thoughtful and appropriate. I appreciated that she gave verbal feedback and it was very timely.

Having this course developed and delivered by published authors gave the course great credibility and I felt like I was given an insider’s perspective of the picture book industry in Australia. I liked that I could access the course in my own time.

The second module called for us to submit a picture book and I created a new picture book one morning for this assignment. I love the book I wrote - which I would never have even conceived if not for the course. I learnt so much and I took a mountain of notes. I've started to really look critically at each written word and consider their value and impact on the text and of course concentrating on making my words sparkle! The course has also excited me about becoming an author and given me so many things to think about that I'd never previously considered - some nights I have so many ideas spinning around my head I can't sleep :)

If you are genuinely keen to pursue a writing career, seriously consider courses with the AWC. They have current, easy to understand and practical tutorials packed full of information about the nuances of writing, how to enter the industry, and everything you need to bring your writing career to life.

Thank you to the AWC and to Zanni. I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to the next one!

Rhesa Menkens 4 weeks ago

I really loved all the short story examples given. I don't take the time to even read short stories anymore and this re-ignited my interest in and admiration for them. Through them, I came to know what works and what doesn't and that it really is a whole separate craft to the novel. The basics of the craft were laid out in really easy to follow steps. I loved the course.

It got me interested in writing again.

You've got nothing to lose, only to gain. It's supportive and inspiring.

Vanessa Andean 4 weeks ago

I didn't think I'd manage to produce the bulk of a novel in the 6 months, but I've come much closer to achieving that goal than I expected to.

Pamela is very knowledgeable about all aspects of writing and publishing, and very committed to transmitting her knowledge to her students. She is very open to all kinds of writing and very encouraging of all participants. Her feedback was always very focussed on specific problems in my writing and gave me a clear path for how to proceed.

I enjoyed the regular feedback from the tutor and the camaraderie of the group - knowing that everyone was struggling with the same things I was.

I've produced more material than I ever have before, and the focussed teaching has improved the quality of my work immensely.

Many thanks to Pamela for the detailed attention she's given to all of us, and her unwavering encouragement.

Jacqui Nicholson 1 month ago

I've learned more than expected in terms of what's out there, what to expect and even terminology. I found it a more organised format to follow than what I have been doing so far.

It's very informative and helpful to anyone who wants to become a writer.

Belinda Carli 1 month ago

This course was amazing. I finally started writing the novel I've had floating around in my head for 2 years but had no idea how to get on paper. It taught me all the tools I needed to get those words on paper, in an interesting way. My novel has begun!

I enjoyed the flexibility of it, the small assessments, the way it was broken up into bite size chunks - I could fit it in around work/life. The content was also extremely good - a really good level of detail given the short time frame and really well structured. Like layers of an onion, building on what was learnt the week before and then coming together so logically.

I've finally started writing my novel! I managed to not only start while doing this course, but got a full 6,500 words done while studying this program. Sure, there's lots I need to go back over and can improve, but it got me exercising the writing skills I learnt straight away, and motivated me to actually start writing.

If you want to write a book, this is where you need to go to learn.

Simone Bowers 1 month ago

I toyed with the idea of writing picture books after completing my Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing. I felt that my stories would suit an audience that was slightly older ... then I found this course and knew this was the age group I wanted to write for.

Lesley was a pleasure to listen to. She was thorough in her explanations and made each lesson easy to work through.

The entire course was enjoyable but the most enjoyable was the enthusiasm it has instilled in me to go back to the chapter book I started in 2016.

The desire to get back to writing for children had gone into hibernation, but it's now back with a bang!

Don't think about it ... just get on with it and enrol

Thanks for making these courses available :)

Ellen Arnold 1 month ago

It was exactly what I was looking for - practical and concise information to get me started on my freelance writing journey.

It's given me the confidence to begin my freelance writing career.

Shane McMaster 1 month ago

Pamela has been fantastic, providing simple and necessary critique that I feel has helped my writing somewhat. A good tutor overall and very helpful.

I enjoyed that we could read others work and it DID give some insight to our own; as well as the group being able to hear all the critiques from Pamela about our work.

As a novice writer I was unaware how little I had developed many of my supporting characters; now I am able to go back and write about each character and help refresh everything I have done so far.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in writing creatively, whether for enjoyment or for work-related purposes.

Julie Dardel 1 month ago

I've learnt so much in 5 weeks! I have a much better idea of what used to be a completely unknown practice and industry.

I'd say the course I've completed has been money very well spent and that it was super practical and very easy to fit in a busy lifestyle.

Thank you!

Dustin Rowe 1 month ago

Pamela was great. Her feedback for myself and everyone else was really eye-opening and she gave great insight into things I could work on and you could tell she really enjoys her craft.

I felt challenged in this course. Before starting this one, I had taken a course through another place and that one felt very comfortable as their intro course really focused on just getting pen to paper and writing, even if it's junk. I feel this course made me raise the bar as far as quality of writing which challenged me but felt very rewarding as well.

This course made me feel like completing a project is much more achievable than I had previously thought.

Definitely go for it. AWC is a great place to dip your toe into the waters of writing or to find a course specific to whatever your need is. They have lots of options no matter what style of writing you’re interested in.

I just think this place is amazing and will definitely be signing up to classes in the future. Thank you so much for helping to build my skills as a writer.

Liv W 1 month ago

I think the feedback was really helpful and constructive and I'm grateful to have received it!

I enjoyed learning more about developing characters and plot because that's something I wasn't sure how to do before the course.

I really liked getting feedback on assignments to know if I was on the right track. I also learnt a lot from the audio lessons that made me think more about my story.


Beck McCowan 1 month ago

I was able to come up with more story ideas in the five-week period than I have in many years. I was inspired and couldn't wait to wake up each Monday and get stuck into the next module. I learnt so much and loved listening to the audio in my own time and now have the worksheets to refer back to for life!

Make time to write and writing something is better than nothing. You never know what amazing stories you have within you.

Do it! There is so much to learn and so much fun to be had.

Geetha Krishnan 1 month ago

As a former journalist trained in Malaysia, I felt that having that Australian perspective from the AWC will further hone my writing skills. Having Valerie Khoo lead this course has helped me further - journo to journo.

Cindy is succinct and to-the-point. I like her matter-of-fact analysis of my work and appreciate her frankness.

I learned the basics of writing as a cadet journalist 30 years ago. The elements of this course made me reminisce what I loved about writing and on being a journalist. I may not be a journalist now but I can still write for a variety of publications using different formats, angles, taking my own photos and developing contacts again.

The course is rich with content and makes it easy for all even budding writers to embrace their passion for writing. Each lesson has a positive, encouraging nudge just to edge the writer a bit closer to their writing goal.

Well done to you all for this great effort.

Joanne Van Raaphorst 1 month ago

My daughter gave me Scrivener as a Christmas present, but I had no idea how to use it. However, the tutorial that comes with the software was huge, and the simplicity of this course was an attractive alternative.

I can now use Scrivener with confidence. It means I can now have photos of the scenes I'm writing, right where I can see them, as I write. This is something I found lacking in Word.

AWC has a course on every aspect of writing; there's something there for everyone.

Emma Barker 1 month ago

Zanni was extremely helpful. She gave constructive feedback that was encouraging even when it was about something that wasn't working well. It is obvious that she is experienced as it often felt like she was reading my mind by knowing what the intentions of my characters were without it being directly stated.

It's made me feel like my dream could actually become a reality.

It's a great introduction to writing and gives you a framework to begin your stories from.

Joanne Van Raaphorst 1 month ago

This course made me feel better about my writing. There were many aspects of the course that were 'Yes!' moments for me. But there were also some points I can use to improve my character's interactions within the scenes and settings. Reminders such as write the scene/setting from the POV of your character, not your own.

As I went through the how-to's - I thought about the scenes I have already written and planned how I might change them in the second draft. Planning ahead to the next scenes to be written. The course itself was easy to follow, and the handouts excellent.

This course is the perfect tool to add depth to your characters, the plot, and your story as a whole. It helps you recognise when to summarise a scene and when to give a detailed description. Set up in earlier scenes for events that happen in later scenes and ensure your scenes are written in the voice of the POV character. This course can be used as you write your first draft or as an editing tool if you are at that stage. I highly recommend it.

Nerida Chazal 1 month ago

Fabulous! Pam had such a great way of delivering feedback. Her feedback was friendly, positive, constructive and motivating.

I loved that it got me writing. It gave structure to my morning writing routine and the assignments were excellent practice in writing and then showing people my work.

I have always wanted to write, but never knew where to start, or if I would actually be any good at writing fiction. The assignments helped get me writing and I enjoyed working on them. Confession: sometimes writing the fiction assignments took over my work day because I loved it so much I could not put it down. Now I'm hooked! The feedback helped show me that I can do it and I'm excited for the next step.

It is amazing! The instructors are friendly and professional and the whole environment of the course was positive and motivating. I actually felt like a writer and it was great to have people comment on my work in such a constructive way.

Zach Margolius 1 month ago

This is the push to begin writing a novel I needed - with the technical knowledge I was lacking.

I will definitely consider the next appropriate course related to writing long-form creative fiction.

Michelle Miles 1 month ago

I really wanted to do something creative and had enjoyed writing at school. I also needed something which I could do while working full time.

I think the course is a great introduction to creative writing and - for someone like me who just wanted to do something creative and not necessarily write a book or get published - it was really helpful.

Angela provided really useful feedback and it was also provided in a very timely manner.

I enjoyed having to use my brain in a more creative way and, although it was challenging, I think my writing has improved already.

It's made me more confident about just giving writing a go. It's also made me want to develop my imagination more so I take more note of my surroundings now.

I even entered the Furious Fiction competition for the 2nd time and the 2nd effort is a definite improvement on the 1st!

Because I haven't actually written since school, I hadn't thought much about structure or setting in writing so to learn about the colours (for action, setting) etc and turning points etc really hit home that woah this is a craft and - even better - you can improve with practice!

I'd say that for anyone who feels like their creativity is non-existent and who has even a vague interest in writing then go for it! It's not a huge outlay in terms of finance or time and you don't need to be an aspiring author to get the benefit from it.

Just a big thank you to Angela for her time and feedback. At no point was I made to feel less than even though I knew other students were far more experienced at writing.

Emily Carr 1 month ago

Great tutor and always patient and happy to answer any questions.

I learnt new things I'd always wondered at work and never learnt in my communications degree.

Do this course if you want to improve your writing skills at an entry level.

Natalie Skinner 1 month ago

Angela is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and feedback was constructive. She explained things simply.

I enjoyed the weekly feedback and guidance.

It made me sit down and think and not come up for air until my weekly assignment was completed. This course took me beyond my comfort zone.

If you want to develop, or gain creative writing skills and techniques, this course is full of tools to help you do that.

Jan Hallam 1 month ago

I looked at doing a post graduate university degree and found that the five-week commitment for the AWC course at this stage for me was far more attractive.

I felt it was designed to encourage success. Never once did I feel like, 'I have to do my writing course'. It was a pleasure and achievable.

Angela was constructive and encouraging and exceptionally timely.

It has opened up my thinking about the necessary processes for creating long fiction. I think it has prepared me for the work involved.

The five weeks went so quickly.

Sean G. 1 month ago

In September, I started reading a lot of Stephen King stories. I didn't know how much a book could intrigue people back then. So, when I started reading his books, I was both amazed and stunned. I began to have so many story ideas flooding in my head, that I decided to buy myself a laptop only for writing purposes. I tried to write my own stories, but they weren't fitting as much as I thought they were. Then, in early February, my Mum suggested that I should join the AWC Teenage Writers' Program.

All feedback and support from my online tutor (Pamela Freeman) was extremely helpful. They taught me how to improve and edit my work in ways that nobody else could.

The most enjoyable part of this writing course was learning how to write a story and being excited every week for a new module.

Anybody who is invested in trying to write a story needs to check out this program.

Alannah Pearson 1 month ago

I had completed Fiction Essentials course on Characters and loved it. I wanted to continue the series of courses.

I've been experimenting with POV in several stories and novellas. It's really given me skills and confidence.

Deanna Wong 1 month ago

The positive and supportive nature of the whole course was very motivating. I have already signed up to two courses (Creative Writing Stage 1 and History, Mystery, and Magic)! I was surprised that I enjoyed the case studies so much - I had thought they might be a little boring, but they were intriguing. Thank you so much for offering the course.

The course has motivated me to take the next step - in this case, the Creative Writing Stage 1 course. As Valerie says in one of the modules, "Feel the fear, and do it anyway". That's how I feel right now!

I would say that the course gives you an insight into what you can do with a writing career. There is no pressure to rush to do it as it is available online and pre-recorded, which means that you can access it at a time of your choosing, when you are in the right frame of mind.

Sheila Wallace 1 month ago

Carli presented well and happily shared a lot of knowledge. She was very professional with a touch of fun!

I loved that I could attend as it was virtual. It supported some of my ideas and got me excited about my next steps. Thank you for arranging this via zoom.

Rebecca Longney 1 month ago

I listened to the 'So you want to be a copywriter' podcast and loved learning about the world of copywriting from Bernadette. I decided I wanted to know more so I enrolled in the course.

I was so impressed with how practical the course was and the structure was great. It was easy to fit in around my other commitments.

Bernadette is a dedicated tutor and she really wants you to succeed. The course content was really engaging and Bernadette's feedback was so encouraging and constructive.

I loved the assignments and had a blast completing them. They were very manageable, even during a busy week, but creatively they were very challenging.

It has opened up another potential career path for me and reinforced my belief in myself and my abilities.

Once you understand the formulas copywriters use, it's easy to see how you can sell anything.

I would encourage anyone thinking of doing a course with the AWC to go for it! The tutors are passionate and the courses are affordable and well-structured.

Inez C. 1 month ago

The tutor was so nice and made me think about things I wouldn't have thought about. She got me out of the cliché ‘mum dying’ and helped me improve my ideas and how they can be developed.

I enjoyed that I was able to really think about what I wanted to do and put more detail and thought into it.

The character building made you really get to know the character you create and put more detail into them. I actually think about what I am writing and imagine the scene more clearly in my head. It also has more balanced portions of dialogue, emotion, description and thought.

Sue Steedman 1 month ago

I needed to develop a writing habit and brush up on some technical skills. I also enrolled in Mojo so my writing habit has definitely been re-established. A combination of prompts from both courses has enabled me to write a draft story outline for the novel I've been working on in pieces for years. Very happy that I can now 'start in earnest' to write it.

Pamela's feedback was constructive and practical and she was very encouraging, tailoring her comments to the different skill levels of the participants. She was also quite inspiring with her talk of all of her projects. Made me understand that inspiration could come from almost anywhere.

Good group of people, well moderated course, feel like I honed some long-abandoned skills and I felt my confidence returning. Finally.

I'm now confident enough to 'write my novel' and am seriously considering in enrolling in that course. Whatever happens, I feel like I'm on an unstoppable path now after years of procrastination and being stuck in 'imposter syndrome'.

Being with like-minded people is inspiring - this is a way to develop a writing habit and find your way into whatever project you've had 'on the shelf'. The course is extremely motivating because you are accountable to the group. And the tuition is invaluable.

Penny Barclay 1 month ago

1. More people in Australia need to learn to write;
2. It's fun. An open forum to come up with ideas and not always be shut down;
3. It's encouraging. People say nice things to you. And when you encourage them, they act like your opinion is important. That's encouraging.
4. When life gets tough, write. It's cathartic. Netflix ruins your eyes and your sleep. Writing heals your heart. So, learn to write right.

The tutor was incredibly encouraging. Even when I made mistakes, she encouraged me to see that a mistake in one area is not a mistake all through. Further, she recognised my lack of experience and was very gentle.

I enjoyed reading other people’s stuff. I hope they hurry up and write their book, because I can't wait to read them.

I'm starting to write every day. I have been encouraged to think that what I write is interesting or readable. I have also been encouraged to think that maybe, one day, I could write a novel that gets published.

I'm doing the course again.

Laura Giblett 1 month ago

First, I enjoyed learning the techniques of picture book writing, and then seeing them come alive in the books I read with my kids each day. I also enjoyed learning about the publishing process - there was so much I didn't know. Lastly, I enjoyed that by halfway through the course, I had written a complete story! I didn't expect that. And while it wasn't polished or perfect, it gave me the confidence to know that I could do it.

Learning about the publishing process was a huge eye opener. For example, I assumed I would need to know an illustrator in order to have something published. Of course, I learned that wasn't the case, and further, that it could be detrimental to a submission if the illustrations weren't what the publisher was looking for. The course also brought writing back into my life and gave me the confidence to know I can do it and I still enjoy it.

I would say, go for it! This course was well worth the investment of time and money, and I'm sure other courses from the AWC would be as well. As someone who likes structure, I appreciated that there was a framework and flow to what we were learning. On the other hand, there was enough space to be creative for someone who is more creatively inclined.

Thank you for putting on such a great and helpful course. I am excited to continue my writing journey.

Rich Turer 1 month ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was probably one of the best online courses I've done in a while. I found the feedback positive, informative and not too overwhelming. I was able to use the feedback and advice to rework my ideas, tweak and adjust accordingly. Couldn't have asked for more!

My ideas were initially a bit unorganised and mostly in picture form which wasn't ideal as I am not a good artist by any means. I now carry a little book with me and just jot and date ideas and expand as I go. I am thinking more in themes and overall structure also which helps me organise my thoughts.

The course helped me to develop my ideas, which up until now hadn't gone too far. Having a template in my head of how a story could translate into a final product I found useful and obviously the guidance on using the correct language, tenses etc helps it all click into place. I am now looking at other picture books and analysing them with a more focused view.

Great course! It was well structured and gave a fantastic overview on aspects of the picture book process and industry. It really gets you into the right headspace for writing and pushes you towards being able to create your own picture book manuscript.

Amy George 1 month ago

I found Stephen's feedback to be clear and helpful - pointing out any lack of clarity, any weakness, and what I could do to strengthen it. Stephen's questions about my work revealed areas I was unclear on myself and helped me pinpoint some key problem areas I sensed were in my writing but struggled to identify.

I enjoyed the structure and presentation of this course and the way feedback was presented. It was also helpful to read others writing and the feedback on that.

For me, this course has confirmed my passion for writing. I have been stretched and challenged in a good way and have a better understanding of the skills I need to keep working on and how to keep developing then.

Gina Edwards 1 month ago

Bernadette is a generous and engaging tutor. She is so easy to listen to and I never once got bored or distracted listening to the presentations. Her feedback each week was insightful, encouraging and always positive. I found her down-to-earth teaching method very appealing and inspiring.

It has given me the confidence to start working as a copywriter, something I did not expect after a five-week course. However, I feel Bernadette equipped us with a set of skills to find potential clients and launch our copywriting career and really make it our own.

The Australian Writers' Centre has fantastic short courses that deliver exactly what they state. I was able to commit to the course knowing that I could manage it each week in between my other commitments.

I have already recommended the copywriting course to a fellow writing friend who hopes to do it once she's finished her current course.

A big thank you to Bernadette and her wonderful style of communicating. It made learning a real joy. :-)

Dee Bajic 1 month ago

The course showed me what I needed to focus on in order to get published. I think had I not done this course, I would have been trying really hard and putting my effort into tasks that were not going to get me published.

I really enjoyed the tutorial content and the material in the handouts. That was really useful. I enjoyed analysing the articles in the handouts to identify the different elements of an article such as intro, transitions and so on. Seeing that every good article has a set structure is a bit of a relief.

Don't even think of starting out as a freelance writer if you haven't done this course. The content of this 5-week course has been more useful than the content of my entire 3-year university degree.

A big, wonderful thank you!

Walter Rothon 1 month ago

Alex was great. Very descriptive, helpful and she provided some excellent feedback and advice. I found that listening to the feedback for the other students was also extremely useful. I think having the deadlines makes it more real. Forced me to focus during the week and do the work.

I enjoyed seeing the process so easily laid out. While I've still got so much to learn, the course has made the steps to getting published look very achievable. I've made lots of notes and now have a nice collection of ideas to work on.

It's given me a framework to play with. And it's given me the confidence to just follow the steps provided. And be OK with rejections and turning 'No' into 'OK, next!"

Just do it. Sign up, do the lessons, do the homework. It's 5 weeks and you'll learn plenty.

Michael Paulsen 1 month ago

I loved the colour coding idea of scenes and the realisation that my scenes often lacked ample setting.

Excellent courses for beginner writers like myself.

Lauren O'Mara 1 month ago

I was keen to relearn the basics of creative writing. I remember learning about it in school and how much I enjoyed and I felt the urge to write again. I have always wanted to write a fiction novel and tried years ago but I found it difficult to write. Recently I decided I wanted to try again but do it the right way this time by learning properly.

I was worried that I would realise that writing would be too hard to stick to, but doing the course made me realise that once you know the basics it makes things less scary and a lot easier to navigate.

Stephen gave fair and constructive feedback and I really valued his expertise. He gave feedback that was encouraging but also made me reflect more on my writing and what to improve.

I loved all of the course. The audio lessons were very informative and the assignments were interesting and were useful in applying the learnings from the audio lessons and resources. The assignments were great in not being too onerous but were effective in teaching us how to focus on different aspects of creative writing. I found that the teaching material was clear and explained well. I also enjoyed receiving feedback on assignments, as it helped me improve!

This course has had quite a profound impact as I was able to rediscover my love of creative writing and just being creative, as I am realising how wonderful it is to be creative! It has also given me the momentum to write a novel and I will be keeping up the momentum by starting Novel Writing Essentials straight after this course.

I would recommend it because of the high quality of teaching where concepts are explained in a way that is easy to understand and is interesting content! I think in this course, the use of providing handouts, audio lessons, assignments and feedback is a great combination and a great way to learn and apply your newly acquired skills.

Christine Kiss 1 month ago

I really enjoyed learning from an actual author. Her experience was of great benefit.

I enjoyed reading the recommended chapter books. As a retired teacher librarian it was interesting to see the types of books that are still so popular.

The course revitalised the approach to children’s literature I have. Thank you. I really enjoyed the program.

Kristy Ellis 1 month ago

I loved the coursework and assignments. I loved that it was self paced during the week and I could participate through an online platform and not actually have to attend in person (difficult as I live miles away from the city).

I'm looking for a career change. I live in rural Australia and there were not many appealing jobs so I figured I might have to create a niche for myself with freelance writing work.

I just loved how practical it was and covered all the facets of freelancing. Brilliant course. Super practical and I learnt so much. Thanks!

Pippa Lee 1 month ago

Angela was great. Kept things real and gave honest feedback. Gave us all an extra one-on-one zoom chat which was really helpful. No complaints at all.

I enjoyed meeting like-minded people and developing relationships with them.

Thanks for everything AWC, you've awakened a beast in me.

Alison Richards 1 month ago

Zanni provided amazing feedback with practical tips to improve our drafts and ideas. The video feedback was fantastic, very personable and it helped to see someone else reading out loud our words. This really highlighted clunky or awkward language and things that needed fixing.

Getting feedback on a whole picture book manuscript was very helpful, and also looking at the elevator pitch/blurb and how this may/may not appeal to a publisher/agent.

I’m much more enthused about my ideas, what to work on next, areas to improve.

Thank you for another fantastic course.

Bev Murrill 1 month ago

I appreciated the clarity of the lecturer and the way in which she demonstrated everything more than once, along with good explanations. She knows her stuff. Good PowerPoints and worksheets.

It will help me use Scrivener more effectively which should have a good ongoing effect on my writing.

Naomi Shippen 1 month ago

I have always relied on instinct when it comes to grammar, and as I am about to start editing my novel, wanted the confidence of knowing the theory and grammar of punctuation.

This course was very thorough and highlighted the areas of grammar and punctuation I need to work on. It was broken down into easy-to-follow pieces and the information was easy to understand.

I now have greater confidence when it comes to grammar and punctuation. AWC has given me the tools that I can turn to whenever I am in doubt about any grammatical aspect of my writing.

The Grammar and Punctuation course with the Australian Writers' Centre will give you the tools you need to polish your work to a professional standard. The lessons are easy to follow and the exercises will help you to achieve a high standard of grammar and punctuation.

Rebecca Hingerty 1 month ago

I enjoyed workshopping the manuscript of my fellow course members, and reading their feedback.

It's given me the belief that I'm on my way to becoming a capable, and hopefully engaging, writer.

Susan Scicluna 1 month ago

I felt the course had lots of content and really expanded my understanding of the different types of writing. It amazed me to find myself interested in writing that I had never considered before.

It changed my beliefs about struggling authors. It was so inspiring to hear great stories from authors who had found confidence and success doing what they loved in such a supportive environment. I loved Valerie’s narration too.

Although I have only completed my first small course through the AWC I could feel the genuine support for the students in their writing journey. So much content and inspiration. I can’t wait to start my next course. I have found my tribe.

Kath Scott 1 month ago

I though Suzanne was the perfect mix of encouragement whilst also finding something that needed improvement with each piece we submitted. It felt like her responses were thoughtful, like she cared about us getting the most we could out of the course.

I enjoyed getting feedback from such an amazing professional. I felt really lucky to have that guidance. Although I was scared about putting my work out there, I really enjoyed getting that feedback and seeing other people’s work and feedback too. Great learning experience.

After receiving Suzanne’s feedback there’s a fire lit in my belly. I believe with hard work that I can do this now. That I can write a book. It’s an incredible feeling.

Leanne Levi 1 month ago

After a bit of research into writing courses that could be completed online, I was excited to find the AWC website and amazed by the variety of courses on offer. As a beginner, who has recently been bitten by the writing bug, it made practical sense to start with Creative Writing Stage 1.

Stephen provided insightful and valuable feedback which had a great impact on my writing. His easygoing, yet professional manner was spot on! I would be delighted to have him as a tutor in any future courses I take with the AWC.

The course as a whole was extremely enjoyable. Getting critical feedback on my writing and being able to learn through watching the feedback given to the other students in the course is probably what I found most enjoyable. The recorded lessons were great to listen to each week and the handouts are right beside me on my desk where I write. I'm finding them a useful tool!

It changed the way I approach writing scenes and characters entirely. I feel like when I sit down to write a scene from the story I am working on, I am able to begin more easily and be critical with myself. For example, what purpose does this scene serve?

I have also learnt about myself, and what my approach to writing is. I know now that I am somewhere between a plotter and a pantser (mostly pantser) and I like to write scenes, then fill in the gaps.

I would say that if you were struggling to find your feet creatively, or had a desire to improve your creative writing or unpack how a story is structured and what goes into creating a good story, then this is the course for you!

Kerry Batchler 1 month ago

I had created a character that was not interesting and wanted to better understand, through expert guidance, the complexities and technique of memorable character development.

The content was well-structured and accessible.

Do it! The content will help you with technique and improve your craft. It's self-paced and effectively delivered, with lessons supported by downloadable handouts. And it's not expensive and is great value for money.

Nick Burdeu 1 month ago

I really wanted to learn a new skill and this course seemed like a good opportunity to do so. I'm thankful I did it, though. It's been awesome. I was worried initially that it would just be some bland and superficial course where I would just be inundated with jargon. It was great. Every week we did something new and interesting.

Bernadette was a great teacher. It was a pleasant surprise that she was able to explain everything in layman's terms, rather than try and incorporate as many adjectives or nouns as she could. She seemed to have a real handle on everything she was talking about.

I really enjoyed learning the seven steps to selling and also about search engine optimisation. It was all a really great insight. I honestly don't think that there is anything more that Bernadette could do to improve this course. It's perfect.

I guess this course just showed in very simple terms how copywriting is done. It really helped me conceptualise everything I had learnt previously about marketing and apply it in a meaningful way.

It is a great insight and entry point into digital marketing. I'll be certain to refer this to my friends if they are interested.

Thanks a lot Bernadette. It was an awesome experience from start to finish.

Shaun Greenwood 1 month ago

The tutor was lovely, caring and very direct with critiquing on what can be improved, which was brilliant. That is exactly what I was looking for.

The video comments on the submitted work were brilliant. Thank you - so valuable

I will be placing more importance into character development and how they are seen by readers and how to use them to move the story forward.

Robyn Bignell 1 month ago

Bernadette is very easy to listen to - a great communicator and gives very good feedback.

I loved the creative aspect of developing copy for the assignments each week… And it wasn't too arduous or stressful!

I feel so much more confident in sitting in front of a 'blank page' now.

The lesson on SEO copywriting was fantastic - I feel so much more knowledgeable about this previously murky area.

Do it!!

Jillian Hodgson 1 month ago

The tutor was top notch! I found Bernadette easy to listen to, and appreciated hearing about her experience as part of the lessons.

I enjoyed the tips and tools! They take the pain out of the process so writing can be enjoyed!

The course work is thorough without being overwhelming. And the assignments make it easy for you to put what you've learnt into practice and get feedback.

Catherine James 1 month ago

I was looking for a new career and had always wanted to do something with writing. This course seemed to offer a tangible pathway to employment.

I very much enjoyed the live feedback because it was engaging and you felt like your work mattered. Some self-paced courses with no feedback leave you feeling quite cold!

The SEO topic was very enlightening although quite dense at the same time. Bernadette has done a good job of making it accessible for us to learn more.

These courses are really engaging! Thank you. You run a great program with this course and all the others encouraging people to write.

Lynne Power 1 month ago

I was so honoured to have Amanda Hampson as our tutor. I didn’t expect to have a successful writer as our tutor. And she was lovely. Gentle feedback - didn’t scare me away and made us seem like a group even though it was remote. She was excellent. Warm and friendly. Lots of useful suggestions. Anything she said had gravitas due to her experience.

I had a moment of clarity where after I had submitted a couple of the writing tasks - I realised how much I enjoyed writing. I always liked it at school and I even like business writing but creative writing felt fulfilling. I am now interested in doing more. I enrolled in the writing group where you meet every two weeks and share writing.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the remote learning. I can’t think of a thing that would make it better for me.

I felt good about actually writing and not just thinking about it. Just getting a start after decades is a very big thing. The small tasks that were set were perfect to help put the toe in. Then getting some gentle feedback and listening to others’ stories. It was a very fulfilling feeling revisiting one of my first loves. And with a successful writer as a guide.

You have to do it. It’s a polished course and perfect to get you started actually writing again. It’s a feeling of a new start.

Just thank you. All my interactions with AWC have been very positive.

Maricar Gallardo 1 month ago

This is a great add-on course after doing Creative Writing Stage 1 and it can be done at your own pace so definitely suits busy people.

I enjoyed learning the questions I need to ask myself when building a character. Also the checklists in the handouts.

Amanda Freeman 1 month ago

I have a creative non-fiction story idea but needed confidence to tackle a book-length project.

I enjoyed looking at my favourite books in a new way. I have a much deeper appreciation for the ways in which non-fiction is put together. Techniques usually associated with fiction are just as essential in non-fiction.

Jacqui Nicholson 1 month ago

Life is a juggling act. I thought this might help with my issue of only doing one thing which is I either edit or write.

I enjoyed the interviews with different writers and how they do it. The information on different writing tools was fabulous too.

It has taught me I can juggle multiple writing tasks as well as being a mum and running a business.

I don’t have to write 1000- 2000 words a day. The important thing is I keep the momentum going and write something every day.

Maria Parenti 1 month ago

Bernadette knew her stuff. She's friendly, down-to-earth. She created a course for beginners that even my 80yr mother could have a go.

If you wanna know how to write copy for Google, at least complete the AWC Copywriting Essentials.

I've been doing AWC courses since 2016 and there is still much more fun learning to be had.

Kristy Tracey 1 month ago

Bernadette was awesome! I enjoyed the course. Bernadette made learning fun and easy.

I enjoyed the easy-to-understand delivery and the reassurance and support that was delivered throughout the recordings.

My entire outlook on my writing career and its potential has changed. Like the course has lifted the illusion that it required great skill and technique to be successful. This course has shifted my mindset from "can't" to "why the hell not?"

You won't regret it! The work is simple to understand and fun to do.

Rohan Thomas 1 month ago

I enjoyed the focus on the content and the steps to get it off the ground.

It made me realise that I can do this. I’m going to start blogging.

Paul Hutchison 1 month ago

This course is the total package in terms of delivering professional insights & materials covering a vast range of topics while providing helpful, positive feedback on written exercises based on careful reading & publishing experience.

Zanni Louise was an astute & thoughtful critic of our works in progress. I enjoyed the feedback, especially the video version where Zanni read all the stories.

It taught me to hone my craft so I revealed the essence of the story and narrative drive.

Jaimie-Lee Roberts 1 month ago

Bernadette's feedback was valuable and much appreciated. I enjoyed her commentary throughout the modules and they were easy listening.

I like that the modules are not outdated and are relevant to the industry currently. I also enjoyed being able to see the rest of the class’s response to the homework.

Just like to thank Bernadette for such a great course outline.

Colleen Gee 1 month ago

Bernadette was amazing. She was very thorough and constructive in her feedback. She also provided lots of information on how to continue to receive support once we completed the course.

I enjoyed the opportunity to actually think through and practice copywriting.

It has given me more confidence. It has opened up the whole area of writing for me. I discovered how much I already knew and that I did have some writing skills that can be valuable and useful to others.

The courses are elementary to follow, extremely comprehensive and fun to participate in; the tutors are supportive, and feedback is constructive and effective when taken on board.

I am very excited to get started.

Shannon Meyerkort 1 month ago

Comprehensive and fascinating course for anyone interested in writing a modern-day murder. Not for the faint-hearted.

Kristen Czyszek 1 month ago

Zanni was wonderful!

I enjoyed having the materials in audio so it can be listened to again.

I have a solid foundation in knowing how to structure a story and present it to a publisher.

Thank you greatly! It has been a pleasure participating in the course and the next steps are a great guide in how to continue on our own :)

You should absolutely do it, there is so much to learn.

Maricar Gallardo 1 month ago

I was attracted by the flexibility of learning as well as the reasonable price. It suits for a person like me who works full-time and I can just do it on my days off.

Pamela Freeman is an encouraging tutor, giving me confidence every week although I'm a newbie to writing. She was objective when she presented the feedback.

I enjoyed reading amazing stories submitted by other participants.

Even if you do not have any plan to become a writer, just give it a go. It will improve your imagination and you will never read novels the same way again because you will see them in a different light.

Thank you AWC for making this course accessible and reasonably priced.

Leah Eichner 1 month ago

The course was a good insight into freelance article writing. I thought Cindy was very knowledgeable and her feedback was useful.

I like the assignments. Actually doing some writing is the best part.

I can now see how to pitch ideas and know how to analyse a publication and then have the best chance of being published.

The courses are flexible and informative. The site is easy to navigate. You'll always learn something you never thought you needed to know.

Larissa Smith 1 month ago

The lessons and material provided were extensive and very easy to access and follow. It was fabulous being able to read other people's work, make comments and get feedback from others.

The weekly feedback from Pamela Freeman was exceeding quick turnaround so you could take on board feedback for the next week. It was very real - good when good, bad when bad and very constructive when something needed tweaking.

Doing a writing course with the Australian Writers' Centre has shifted me from wanting to write with a story in my head to actually writing with a story on the page. It has also helped me understand that writing is a craft that requires skill, discipline and time - all things that need to be front of mind and constantly worked on.

Kim Wood 1 month ago

I was impressed with the quality of Reinvent Yourself and this was the next logical step!

Pamela is highly experienced and knowledgeable. She gave constructive, actionable feedback in a very supportive manner - that's not an easy thing to do! I learned from her feedback to the whole class and will rewatch her feedback videos many times, I'm sure.

I enjoyed reading the class assignments and then listening to Pamela's feedback. It's amazing how such diverse ideas arise from the same starting point! The feedback helped me understand structural issues and how to strengthen my writing.

The more I understand and apply the foundations of creative writing, the easier it is to write well.

Just as I'd hoped, I found the same joy in creative writing that I felt as a child. I'm excited to keep learning and writing!

Bruce Christie 1 month ago

I’ve found the course very interesting and useful. As I said in my introduction to Module 1, I was hoping to reawaken my interest and ability in writing creatively. My interest is definitely reawakened and I’ve picked up many things during the course that I hope will improve my ability

It has provided me with the basics in writing creative fiction, much of which I probably wouldn't have found if I hadn't undertaken the course. Now I have to apply those basics and build on them.

If you want to learn anything or everything about writing, you'll find a course at the AWC.

Laura Brown 1 month ago

Suzanne was great. The course work really made me examine my skills as a writer. I enjoyed the overall process of creating the characters and story. It helped me to hone the skills that I have and be willing to be open to change.

Andrew Phang 2 months ago

Pamela was very good. Feedback was excellent and invaluable.

I enjoyed finding that there are so many others of a like-mind, each with different writing skills and aspirations, and that that's ok.

I realise there is nothing wrong with writing for the joy of it and nothing odd in wanting to "learn" to write. There is much to learn, much to discover. At the very least, learning to write helps me appreciate reading in a different and better way. It's just great.

Having to learn to write does not mean a lack of writing talent, much like the naturally talented athlete that needs to train.

Try it. I can't see how anything else could be better.

Iona Krefel 2 months ago

I enjoyed the practical how-to type information and having the times listed where key points are in each video is very helpful! After writing my draft for the assignment I went back and dipped into the various tips that I wanted to check against my writing, so having the assignment helped me apply the information while it was still fresh in my mind.

I am working towards my goal of writing a chapter book novel. Just working through the course helped me learn about this genre and keep motivation. Because of the course I've borrowed a bunch of chapter books from the library. I also have started thinking about ideas for a series. I think Lesley is a very encouraging presenter as well. I think I might go back and listen to most of the videos again over the next few weeks to keep momentum.

I recommend the Australian Writers' Centre to people all the time! It is the only place I have found where the course quality is consistently fantastic and the tutors are successful in and passionate about their industry.

Alexandra Jordan 2 months ago

I enjoyed the whole course. The challenge of completing the assignments and getting the feedback was the best. Constructive feedback is great. The support of others in providing feedback was also encouraging.

Pamela’s feedback was honest and very helpful. I was amazed at a couple of her comments as she doesn’t know me, yet she was spot on with particular comments. All very helpful.

I now think about my writing. Before words would just flow and I would write. I now have a small insight into thinking and writing like an author. The course has encouraged me to study writing more and to pursue my dream of finishing books I have started.

I have recommended this to a couple of friends as they’re writing stories with the hope of publishing. I believe this course clarifies the many subtle differences between being able to write a story and being able to become an author.

I am so pleased I decided to take this course and look forward to the Novel Writing Essentials (already enrolled) and other courses I intend to do.

Karen Humphris 2 months ago

I have wanted to write picture books for a long time and it seemed like a perfect taster - short (as in five weeks long) but quality content, a respected organisation and full online learning (important as I live in a rural area). I also liked the weekly deadlines and opportunity to have classmates via the course chat.

It was a fabulous course. The audio lessons were packed full of detailed information. I love that we can download them and listen again and again. I liked the mix of literary and industry learning and I learnt a lot of things I didn’t even know I would need to know!

Zanni was very prompt with her feedback and she presented it in a detailed and compassionate way, always providing positives as well as constructive ideas for change. These ideas were clear and concise and enabled many participants to change their stories, sometimes considerably, for the better. She considered so many aspects of each story and it was really amazing that she could do all that on the spot without prior reading of the stories. I liked the way we could listen to classmates’ feedback as well as that also helped my learning.

I enjoyed the audio lessons, reading other participants’ stories, the humour in the course content, the personalised feedback.

I now feel confident to pursue writing picture books as a career choice. I had a lot of ideas before but now all the tips have enabled that to be shaped and structured in a more cohesive and powerful way. I find it thrilling to put it all together now whereas before I was often consumed with self-doubt about my abilities.

It’s a really accessible course for anyone interested in writing, whether or not you have experience. Above all it was a welcoming, fun, professional learning environment with so many opportunities to improve your craft and connect with other passionate learners.

Sarah McKenzie 2 months ago

I’ve had a long-held desire to write for some of my favourite publications and see my name in print! (And of course, earn some money writing professionally). I was hesitant about the cost of the course - it was hard to muster the courage to spend that much on myself but it was TOTALLY worth it.

Cat was incredible! She provided us with quality feedback quickly that was constructive and encouraging. It was like having a personal cheerleader, cheering us on! She was very supportive and knowledgeable, and I feel very grateful to have had her as my tutor.

I enjoyed the support from the AWC team - I wasn't expecting to feel so supported as an individual (rather than an inconsequential course participant).

The weekly content was SO informative, the assignments weren't too scary, and the ability to read everyone's assignments was extremely useful as a learning tool.

I now have the courage and confidence to give it a shot - I'm still crippled with self-doubt and fear of sending my work out there (god forbid I start to call myself a "writer") - but this course has shown me that becoming a freelance writer is achievable, and that has had the biggest impact.

The AWC takes you step-by-step through the process of how to do what it is you want to do as a writer, with real-world experience that is not only applicable to you, but also achievable - so you finish the course with a feeling of empowerment.

Thanks for all the invaluable information. Valerie was so honest and open with insights from the world of freelance writing and I learnt more than I thought I would.

Alexis Teasdale 2 months ago

I had no idea just how rich the course information would be. I will have to go back through and read it all again!

Brilliant tutor and feedback. Feel very lucky to have had Zanni reading my work.

Listening to everyone's feedback was invaluable. Amazing opportunity and gave the course a classroom feel.

The piece that I received the best feedback on, I very nearly didn't post at all. I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone which has given me so much to think about.

Sign. Up. Now.

Andrea Cosford 2 months ago

I got fantastic insight into the world of publishing children's books and valuable advice. Completely and utterly know this is my direction now.

It is more than just writing a book. It is a career engaging with schools, children, readings, events etc. It's totally blown my mind the scope available.

A safe encouraging space with wonderful content.

Thank you.

Libby Cruden 2 months ago

Zanni is helpful and the feedback honest but presented in a very positive way.

I enjoyed the challenges, the new understanding I have and the way it moved forward in an encouraging manner. It was great to read other people’s stories and learn from each other’s feedback.

The course was of great benefit as it starts from basics so everyone is at the same level and carries the participants forward to being able to write a picture book text. The feedback is given in a professional and helpful manner and, as it involves others, a wider feedback is gained from things that we may not otherwise have thought of.

Samantha Cordwell 2 months ago

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I liked that it starts with the premise that we can already write and then explores avenues with those skills.

Zanni Louise was amazing - her feedback was always positive and affirming and gently guided us towards doing better and better work. As a teacher it made me re-evaluate my own feedback to students - immediate and targeted is most definitely the most effective and making time for that is so important.

I enjoyed seeing the work of others and feeling as though I belonged in the world of writers who were all amazing and had strengths to be admired.

I think it truly does exactly what it offers and was pitched at exactly the right level for my needs.

Lisa Toole 2 months ago

The videos were very clear. The technical terms were explained in a simple and easy-to-understand way. I really liked the quizzes as they allowed me to quickly check my knowledge.

There were lots of 'aha!' moments. Comma splicing was a particularly big one. I think the course allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the underlying structure of English. It made me realise just how much I didn't learn at school or at university. I studied journalism.

It's the first course I've done with AWC so far; however, I'd recommend this course to anyone wanting to brush up on their foundations.

Karen Orford 2 months ago

I was surprised that I was able to (mostly) stick to the program.

I know I can sit down and do the work, whether it is good or not, and that if I want to do it I can. It is possible to get the words down, particularly if you are on a roll.

Maya Stamell 2 months ago

As someone wanting to explore my interest in writing, I chose the course as a way to learn more about how writing a story works and whether I could take it a step further.

The tutor was lovely. She gave lots of informative feedback and helpful constructive criticism. I learnt a lot.

I enjoyed being able to learn whilst also having freedom with what I was writing about.

Learning about character driven and plot driven aspects really helped me understand how to structure a story! My knowledge and experience have both grown.

Claire Bigelow 2 months ago

It was easy to follow and jam-packed with great information that can be put into action straight away.

I am yet to write a story, but this insight has opened new ways of thinking about how I can be successful in writing and generating an income on my terms.

Lynda Bullen 2 months ago

I liked the real-life examples provided and Valerie's detailed explanations of the structure. I'll be confident when approaching media outlets and how to go in with a strong media release.

Claire Bigelow 2 months ago

I enjoyed the clear set out and resources.

I am now thinking about how to approach and execute my concept.

The AWC is a community of proven, successful, writers and people in the industry sharing their expertise.

Jan Wood 2 months ago

I found Angela's feedback very helpful. I also contacted her privately with my doubts, given I was the only student writing memoir. She reassured me and supported me to continue with my writing. Her positive feedback has encouraged me to continue writing as I've gained a great deal of confidence.

I enjoyed listening to the online tutorials and then trying to put the advice into practice. I also enjoyed receiving Angela's and the other students’ feedback which I will now process.

I'm very motivated to continue my memoir, given Angela's positive feedback about my writing style. Whether I have it published is another issue as I have no idea how to go about this. It's now my focus to go down that path, as Abby, who has also been very supportive to me during the course, has also encouraged me to pursue the publishing aspect.

Katie Meyer 2 months ago

I think the course was quite well done. It was chock full of information - very helpful for a newbie like myself. I like that there was a focus on many different aspects of writing, from how to get started all the way up to thinking about the possibility of publishing in the future.

The online tutor was great - she seemed respectful, yet honest in her critiques. I found that receiving feedback was one of the most useful aspects of the course. Every time I write something new now I have those critiques/suggestions in my head.

I enjoyed having a bit of structure and something to keep me 'on task'. I find it easy to come up with excuses of why I'm not writing, but this course gave me the motivation to stick to it. I enjoyed receiving the feedback on my work and the feedback on other's work as well.

It's both given me inspiration and motivation to continue writing, but at the same time I must admit that it's created doubt about if I'm good enough to actually pursue this as something more than a hobby. This is ok though, as part of what I wanted from this course was the opportunity to actually try writing (which I haven't really done before) and to discover and learn about myself and my writing capabilities.

There were many things that I learned, but possibly the 'show and don't tell'. I've heard this before, but it never really sunk in until the tutor was giving examples of it when critiquing people's work. I constantly use that motto now when writing to try and improve my work.

I'd definitely recommend a course here. I found it full of valuable information and tips to improve my writing. It is a very supportive and encouraging environment.

Thank you for putting together such a great course!

Samantha Lee 2 months ago

At first, I was extremely scared to let someone else read my work but my tutor was so lovely and made some super valid points. I was happy to take in her feedback and I really think that everything made more sense when I looked at it from her point of view.

I particularly enjoyed applying everything that was taught in this course into my current reads. It put everything into perspective and really made me understand the difference small things in a story make. I can be like "Oh! Thats why I didn't like that story" or "That's why I didn't connect with the character!" I found a surprise enjoyment in analysing such things.

Annette Gaborit 2 months ago

I enjoyed the fact that I could learn in my own time and the clear way the presenter was talking, which made watching the videos very pleasant. I also liked that I could download the slides so I can refer back to them later if I need to.

I am getting more organised and will plan my strategy so that I can be more consistent in posting.

Penny McKee 2 months ago

Lesley Gibbes was an extremely knowledgeable, thorough and passionate tutor.

I enjoyed understanding the elements of writing Chapter books for ages 6-9, learning something about the industry and the market.

I'm always recommending AWC! I talk about how thorough the courses are and how what value they are.

Gwen Andrews 2 months ago

Very useful content, well delivered. I enjoyed the examples, and hearing other authors talk about it.

It gives me confidence to get started on a platform, even though I’m not yet published.

I think I’m ready to go!

Greta Thomas 2 months ago

I found the course very conclusive of the industry from start to finish; the handouts, videos and the extra podcasts were a great bonus.

Franci Hepburn 2 months ago

I like the very handy templates and the way Valerie presents her content. It was clear and adaptable.

I am going to write my first blog and I feel confident that I have the skills I need.

Nerida Chazal 2 months ago

The structure of the course was very clear, with audio, resources and writing activities. I loved listening to the audio and felt I learnt a lot from it. I also really like that there is the opportunity to submit work for feedback. As the course was self-paced it was a good place for me to start and develop an early-morning writing routine that I now love. I've just enrolled for the Creative Writing course as the next step.

It's kick-started my early-morning writing routine. It helped me give structure to this time when starting out. Rather than just feeling that I had to get up and write, I could get up, listen to some audio/ work through a module and then do the writing activity. This has helped me to establish the routine.

Tamara Cugnetto 2 months ago

Writing picture story books has been something that I have wanted to do for quite some time. The timing was right to pursue this now.

Zanni's weekly feedback was much appreciated and welcomed. It was honest, critical and constructive. Thank you Zanni :)

I enjoyed the opportunity to put pen to paper and to bring to life some of the ideas for stories that I have been collecting for years.

I am inspired to continue writing and to refine some of these ideas.

Susan Roach 2 months ago

I was looking to reinvent myself. I enjoy writing and words and felt I would like to see if it was doable to become a writer.

I appreciated the encouraging and motivational content. Tackling the self-doubt and imposter syndrome was really helpful. Knowing that it can be done if I apply myself. Listening to the graduates who have successfully reinvented themselves.

It has given me the confidence to know that it is possible to be a writer.

Effie Katrakazos 2 months ago

My manuscript was a total mess. This course has shown me how to create some order into my chapters and scenes with a much better workflow.

Angela Phillips 2 months ago

Amazing! I was so impressed with Zanni, and I am so glad that I did the course. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Zanni's video feedback was great. Having access to all of the stories was excellent too, and hearing Zanni's feedback to all of the stories allowed me to learn so much more because I learned where they needed to improve and where they went well etc.

I feel that there is a lot there I did not know. I did not realise how much goes into writing a picture book. I learned a lot about what publishers look for etc.

I feel that the amount I have learned in these five weeks would have taken me years to learn on my own. I am going to immediately listen to all of the material again and write more stories. I am going to make the most of it while I have it, as I feel it is a really valuable resource. I am so glad that I did it.

Do it. It is money well spent. There is so much you don't know. You would be crazy not to do it.

Theodora Polycarpou 2 months ago

It was a great introduction to blogging, blogging sites and available tools. I loved the Blogger tutorials. My blog is on Blogger and I learned lots of new things to help me. I learned about Google Analytics. Definitely a worthwhile investment in time and money.

The tutorials were great, very valuable. It was actually a rather comprehensive course, which surprised me. I really enjoyed it and found it inspiring.

I am now armed with more knowledge and information about blogging and some of the useful tools available. My next blog will be better. I have implemented Google Analytics and linked my domain name to my blog, which I previously did not know mattered. I learned new and useful tools I can now use on Blogger. These will make my blog better and a better user experience.

Madeline Te Whiu 2 months ago

I realised structure was one of my weak points and I wanted to work on it before going back and redrafting my manuscript. I have done previous courses with AWC so I knew the content would be helpful and informative.

I feel more confident going forward now in redrafting my manuscript and planning the rest of my series.

Alida Galati 2 months ago

Everyone keeps referring to writers being either 'plotters or pantsers' - and I've always seen myself as a bit of a fusion. So, I thought I'd see how a 'real' plotter works in building successful stories.

Kate was SO thorough. It's a very full program. This said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the handout, and most of the notes I took were just expanding on sections of the handout that she spoke to. Her slide decks too, were very useful in getting her lessons/tips/ideas across.

Kate was very generous with her time, and both weeks went over the allocated meeting time responding to participants' questions pertaining to their own writing challenges. She is obviously very knowledgeable and 'knows her product' and is very enthusiastic and practical in her giving of advice, and in her delivery of it.

I liked how Kate had book examples for every single 'tip' she gave and that the range of those books was broad, across many genres. She often referred to her own published works too, which made the advice relevant 'in real time', if that makes sense.

Though I didn't ask any questions, Kate actually answered questions that I didn't know I had! Through her examples and tips, 'stuff' was clarified for me that I now know have 'names' and are important to address earlier as opposed to later in the writing process.

Thanks again for the opportunity you've provided with this course. Glad to know that I'm not the only one 'needing' advice... and knowing there are others out there, at all different stages with their writing who also need advice, is very comforting(!)

Also, as an aside, I love Furious Fiction!

Michele Maddison 2 months ago

It was great to be held accountable by handing in assignments at the end of each week.

Feedback was great. Always encouraging with gentle ways to change things, that needed to be changed in our stories. Although I had a heart attack on the first feedback via Loom and my story was read out for all. But it was really good and I see the value of all stories being read out. Heart back to normal beat :)

I enjoyed immersing myself in the world of children's picture books, as this is a totally new world to me. With travel off the cards at the moment, creative imagination is the next best thing. It was challenging and rewarding.

It has given me the confidence to keep going – something I always lack. I don't think you are ever too old to start something new. Really loved immersing myself into the world of children's picture books.

I worked on the same characters and story for the whole course. Loved seeing each week the story develop, improve and fall in love with my character Wilbur. Now, I want to see how far I can go with my little mate.

Thank you to Zanni for support, feedback provided and steering me in the right direction. :)

Edilia Ford 2 months ago

Having no idea where to start with getting published and the preparation involved in making a successful pitch this seemed like a good course to gain some insight into the process.

I think the course painted a realistic journey of what to expect in trying to get published. It seems quite daunting and gives a clear focus on how important marketing is for the aspiring author.

I liked the organisation of the materials and steps. It is a clear guide of actions you can take to help yourself achieve your goals.

Prue Tumahai 2 months ago

Angela was great. Learned so much from her feedback given - not just to me but everyone else as well. Plus the extra info she gave us on various subjects was really useful.

The tutor and the workshopping were fantastic. I found the process so valuable for keeping my writing on track and learning lots at the same time.

The idea of writing a novel has felt so overwhelming. After this course, I feel much more confident about not only writing but finishing.

I've taken a few courses here and the standard of tutoring has always been so high. The weekly lessons and resources are practical, easy to understand and apply. Definitely builds confidence.

Joanna Willis 2 months ago

Loved it. The course was really useful and I think it improved my writing a lot.

The tutor was great. Helpful and thoughtful.

It just made me more aware of every aspect of writing.

Kiki Legge 2 months ago

Having written two books and attempting to approach publishers and agents already, I now know to a greater degree what I didn't know before. I didn't have the knowledge I have now to better my chances in my manuscripts, pitch, bio etc. catching the eye, mind and heart of a publisher or agent.

The tutor was very thorough with a genuine care to help. Always finding the good and a keen eye for the areas that can be improved.

A heartfelt huge thank you for all the individual help and feedback. It has been a great wealth of knowledge and fun.

Don't wait! Don't wait for that more spare time you think you'll have later. If you want to be a successfully published children's picture book writer then go take this course. It will equip you with what you need.

Fiona Smith Ng 2 months ago

I had completed the Writing Chapter Books for Young Children but felt my style might go younger. So I thought I would give it a try! I've completed a few AWC courses - this one is by far the best!

Zanni provided some valuable feedback - was very supportive in her approach.

Doing this in conjunction with feedback from Cathie Tasker on my first draft of my chapter book - I can better see how this links. Just worked!

The page layout format became really important - and the sparkling language. Gave a terrific perspective for the depth of work required for a children's picture book.

Just pick a course & do it!

Anne Farrell 2 months ago

Natasha is a clear and interesting presenter. She distilled the core features of Scrivener down to the parts that a writer will most benefit from. The videos and handout content were perfect for my needs.

I have been using Scrivener for a while, albeit not especially well, and I discovered several additional features that are available. What I learned through this course will greatly improve how effectively I use this powerful software.

Natasha's description of how to use the cork-board (in its various views) will help me see my novel as a whole so I can see and improve its structure more easily. This is a game-changer for me.

In each video, Natasha highlighted something I hadn't known before - things that would have taken me way too long to try to figure out on my own.

If you want to be a better writer, the best place to start is at the Australian Writers' Centre. There is a massive range of courses that cover different interests and capabilities, so there is something for everyone. I've done about half a dozen courses now, and each one has fired up my enthusiasm and taught me a bunch of new skills. The content is solid and all the tutors are experienced writers who are knowledgeable and generous with their feedback and support. Discovering the AWC has been one of the best things that's happened to me in the past 12 months.

Wendy Banham 2 months ago

I wanted to focus on getting a better understanding of my writing strengths and weaknesses and gaining some options to improve these. I was also interested in learning how to make better use of key aspects of writing, such as POV, character building, scenes and pace and structure.

I was only slightly concerned that I might not have had time to fulfil all the requirements of the course but, as it turned out, I was easily able to fit it into my schedule.

I enjoyed gaining additional knowledge and skills about writing, learning more about what I can do and what I can do better, being encouraged to write more or to try something new, and interacting with other writers (the social aspect).

The module on pace and structure was, for me, an eye opener. I've always written 'by the seat of my pants' rather than plan a story out before I begin. I can see the enormous value in putting effort into even a sketchy plan at the start. This does not, as I've often worried, mean that there is no room for flexibility. Instead, it seems to allow for more possibilities in the development of a story as it's so much clearer what the story is about and aims to do, and where it's heading.

I would most certainly recommend the Australian Writers Centre to a friend or colleague. I'd probably tell them that you offer a wide range of courses that will appeal to writers of all levels, interests and ambitions. While there are many courses out there, your courses are not only easily accessible, but also very well worthwhile doing if someone is serious about writing.

A big thank you for a great experience!

Valerie Miller 2 months ago

I loved this course and learnt so much. I now have more information and I feel that self-publishing is a definite possibility.

I enjoyed the clear step by step instructions and advice and the links provided.

I feel that I have a possible end to my writing. I feel confident that once I seek out high quality editing with high design elements, I can have a book that is worthy for my reader to purchase and read.

If you are writing a novel, you can still achieve your goal to be a published author. This course will help you achieve this. All you need to do is write a great story, have it edited and ensure your cover is of a high standard and it is a very real possibility.

Donna Jones 2 months ago

I loved how practical this course was! It got right down to the nitty gritty of how to actually turn your ideas into a picture book.

I’ve had several ideas (for many years!) and I was looking for something to help me translate my ideas into reality.

The tutor was great. I loved her helpful and honest feedback.

I really feel like I have the confidence to pursue this new direction with my writing.

Georgia Ford 2 months ago

I really enjoyed doing this course. The feedback was very helpful. From the beginning to the end, instructions were very clear. I'm glad it laid out the amount of hours to spend on the course each week, as that made me more organised.

The tutor clearly has a lot of expertise; the feedback was really helpful.

I loved being able to learn so much by listening to the audio whilst cooking dinner or doing something else. It was really good for my wellbeing. The tasks were a perfect challenge/opportunity to put into practise the learning from the modules.

Also, it was really affirming to be finally taking the plunge to have a go at picture book writing and using my creative side which I haven't been able to do much for several years due to working full time.

It's a great time out for your own life whilst learning/working on something you care about.

Cathy McGillivray 2 months ago

I was very impressed with the information regarding obtaining work and the appropriate methods of contacting editors etc. Made me realise that I CAN do this and all I need to do is put the work in.

The tutor was excellent; very knowledgeable and helpful.

The course was easily understood and has up to date AUSTRALIAN information which is great.

Thank you all for your hard work in putting this course together :)

Simone Malallah 2 months ago

Cat was a fantastic tutor. She was very clear on areas I needed to work on. Her knowledge is truly valuable.

I enjoyed the assignments. Putting the theory into action was a great experience.

I feel I have the tools to go forward and pursue freelance writing.

Thank you so much to Valerie. Her classes and words of wisdom are priceless. Do it! You won’t regret it.

Heather Hansen 2 months ago

I enjoyed doing the Writing Picture Books class and wanted to continue writing so I thought the Writing Picture Books Masterclass was the next step.

I thought the online tutor had a great deal of knowledge regarding this course

I enjoyed learning the different steps involved in writing a picture book and how to edit and submit your manuscript.

I have discovered I like reading and writing for children. It helped me get through a tough year being in lockdown due to covid.

Danielle Cerin 2 months ago

It's a very specific area within children's writing, and it aligned with my style of writing and the type of books I hope to create/publish. Tim being the tutor was a draw card.

The course has made me much more conscious of the humorous techniques used in kids’ books and with my own writing - which was the whole point of the course! So that is great.

Extremely suitable and appropriate tutor. I loved that Tim shared examples of his own work and other popular pieces to demonstrate the lessons. Video delivery was great. Very engaging course.

Kristie Mackle 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this opportunity, and it gave me the confidence to believe in myself, my knowledge and my writing. It also made me a better teacher of writing and literature, so thank you!

I was hesitant about sharing my writing but my fears were soon put at ease.

The tutor was amazing! So knowledgeable, caring and wise.

I loved all of it. Sharing work; listening to podcasts. I am so much more confident now, and look at writing in a different way. Thank you :-)

Carlene Jansen 2 months ago

I wanted to make sure that my grammar was up to scratch. As a teacher I teach grammar to 8 years, but needed a bit more for my stories :)

I enjoyed the quizzes. I understood some simple grammar things especially commas and apostrophes that I had been confused about.

A great course to refine your grammar skills.

Helena Rawlins 2 months ago

I am in the process of editing my book, and I have my structure working for me. Now am editing at the scene level and I want my scenes to zing! My experience with Fiction Essentials: Structure gave me confidence this course would be excellent - and it was.

All the tips about what new writers often do and how to fix those mistakes were like gold dust scattered through the course - I recognised so many of those mistakes in my writing, and now I know what to watch for AND how to fix it!

Simone Malallah 2 months ago

Valerie has so much knowledge to give and does so in such a warm and welcoming manner. She gave very clear information and advice. I have the tools and confidence I need to get started.

Melanie Bateson 2 months ago

I have had a book idea in my brain for quite some time, but am stuck before I begin at the plotting and planning stage. This course is PERFECT for me.

While the course tutor may not be someone I'd choose to take as a best mate, I thought she was incredibly generous with her insights, wisdom and skill. I have great respect for her process and the manner in which she communicated to the class.

I know the story I want to write, I know the characters, but I don't know anything else! This course is giving me all of the missing pieces, so I can start writing my book.

If you are after a fairly brief but intense short course that will help you understand and focus upon the essence of your book, this is the one.

Cheryl Watson 2 months ago

Digging deeper into my characters and giving them more depth has been very exciting and rewarding, and learning so much more than what I thought I already knew, and now armed with all this knowledge, I hope I can create something to be proud of.

I feel I am now equipped to make my characters real and not just cardboard cut outs.

Hafsah Khan 2 months ago

What attracted me to this course was the fact that this was a workout. The exercises that kept me interested were just as helpful as the Zoom sessions where I got to interact with Stephen, Pamela, and other amazing writers.

Before enrolling in the course I had lost my... 'MOJO' so to say. I couldn't get myself to write, create the whole concept of a novel, despite my many ideas, felt daunting, unachievable.

Both Stephen and Pamela were lovely and insightful. They were attentive to the needs of the class and gave amazing feedback.

I enjoyed the Zoom sessions where I got to sit down with others who shared my passion for writing and storytelling all working together to help each other improve.

I'm writing my novel now! I've just enrolled in the Scrivener Course because I've invested in the software and am compiling my resources to try and bring my ideas to life.

If you have a million ideas in your head but are too scared/insecure about doing something about them, come to AWC. They have the toolkit that you need to develop that unsure desire into a plan of action.

Joshua Dickens 2 months ago

This course is fantastic!

Zanni and her feedback was fantastic and insightful. As a result I have learned heaps and I’m excited to continue learning.

I enjoyed learning about all of the other aspects that go into picture book writing as well as the publishing process which I never knew before.

Thank you for offering this great course and thank you Zanni for your teachings! Definitely 100% do it - it’s great!

Alexandra Cooper 2 months ago

What attracted me to the course was that I needed to be motivated in some way to make headway with my novel — but more than that, to be able to create a habit of writing & getting it done, as something to prioritise & tick off on the to-do list.

I wrote over 12,000 words, so it was way more than I thought I’d be able to achieve in 30 days!

I enjoyed getting the emails posted into my inbox every day with a dose of inspiration for my writing session. Also, meeting those word counts!

If you want to write but don’t know where to start, the Australian Writers’ Centre will have a course for you, no matter what kind of writing is your thing. Enrol now & you won’t regret it!

Rod Schultz 2 months ago

The course presented a useful mix of writing styles and applications as well as loads of supporting materials to see the theories being used in published articles and blogs.

The straight forward language that Valerie uses as well as a broad scope of applications and examples kept me interested and engaged.

The course has provided me with lots of frameworks with proven successful templates to use for future blog posts and other content creation.

The course provides well put together resources that are easy to follow and understand - a 'formula', if you like, for writing succinctly and with purpose.

Paige Diggens 2 months ago

This course taught me more than I thought it would - including to believe in what I am capable of.

The tutor was awesome. I loved the video feedback.

It has given me the tools and encouragement to push for a different career in life, and that I am not just stuck at a desk job.

Overall this was an amazing experience. I have learnt a lot about myself and my skill set. I look forward to working toward my goal of getting published this year and cannot wait to share my successes!

Barbara Kelly 2 months ago

I felt I really fitted this course i.e. the lessons, handouts, assignments and feedback all pushed me one step further in my expectations of self, ability and understanding of 'polishing my craft'.

The tutor was great! Cindy was very thoughtful, helpful, thorough and positive in feedback to me.

I liked the freedom of doing the course online when I was ready to meet each challenge i.e. listen to the audio, take notes and listen again later, reading handouts and absorbing the information, instead of being in a classroom with so many distractions. I liked the method of sharing assignments amongst the group. I really enjoyed doing the profile of another person.

The whole course was challenging, encouraging and exciting. The lessons were easy to understand (Valerie is brilliant at breaking down her years of experience and translating her knowledge into the right words and at the right pace for a learner), the assignments were not too difficult and easy to understand and the whole course was laid out in well thought out steps.

At the beginning of the course I thought, "I really want to do this course but that will be it". Now there is a voice in there telling me to go on and take the next step, put my big toe in the water and try being a freelance writer. Take it as it comes but keep moving forward. Push through the self-doubt.

I would say definitely to give it a go. The course is conveniently online, with easy self-paced lessons, weekly feedback to keep you on track AND I won't forget the support I had from Abby and the encouraging messages from Rah. This all adds up to a very encouraging, supportive writing experience.

I really enjoyed the course and congratulate all of you at AWC for doing a grand job in this really trying time of COVID etc.

Milla Fargo 2 months ago

The course was incredibly digestible. We were given so much aiding information with such a manageable delivery.

I have to praise my tutor's nature for offering feedback in a supportive, friendly way. Definitely the kind of teacher we need more of!

I loved the format of the assignments and all of the lessons leading up to it. I thoroughly enjoyed offering and receiving feedback from my peers and those of my tutor.

I feel equipped to write in a way I never have before and I'm busting to apply all I've learned. I love that I can look at a book or even a film with a new, critical lens.

Benjamin Lee 2 months ago

I wanted to learn practically the business of writing for paid publication, to earn some form of income and build a portfolio of writing articles.

There was a lot of detailed practical information about freelance writing that was really what I wanted to hear about, particularly at the end re: the process of submitting, pitches and invoicing.

It was helpful, friendly and good to have verbal feedback online; that was something new for me. It demystifies the process of writing for publication and makes me think it's practically do-able. It's a detailed, hands-on online course that equips you in real ways to get writing and submitting articles afterwards.

Julie Oliver 2 months ago

The narrator was easy to listen to and it was easy to understand. The course was very thorough and you can do it at your own pace.

I enjoyed the details about structure, characters and publishing.

Cherie Corbett-Jones 2 months ago

I've always been interested in children's fiction and was keen to learn more about how to write it myself.

My only concerns are time management; with a job, kids and other commitments, I was worried I wouldn't be able to dedicate the time it deserved, but I found it easy to fit in the lessons and assignments because they were short and reasonable.

Allison was helpful and approachable and answered questions in a timely fashion. She gave helpful, honest feedback and lots of suggestions.

I enjoyed listening to the lessons and feel like I learned so much from them.

The course has made me think about writing in a different way and to look at my scenes and characters from different angles, to consider what every gesture, word and reaction actually means in terms of character development and reveal. This has helped me to deepen my story and to really get to know my characters, even the minor ones. The way to consider an opening scene was also extremely helpful.

The Children's and YA course exceeded my expectations and provided me with tools and knowledge that I was able to put to use straight away. The feedback was incredibly helpful and highlighted my weak spots, allowing me to improve and work on those areas. I now feel as if I have the ability to finish my YA novel to a higher (hopefully publishable) standard than I did before. Thank you so much.

The Australian Writers' Centre offers courses, both tutored and online, that can help anyone achieve their goal of publication or better writing. They're reasonably priced, well thought-out and informative. Go for it!

Naomi Shippen 2 months ago

I have written the first draft of a domestic suspense novel and I wanted to check that I have written about police procedures in a convincing way.

I always think carefully before spending money on courses but because this one was so specialised, I knew it was right for me.

This course was very comprehensive and dealt with the full range of the crime experience from motivation to prison life. The links to real life crimes and resources were very enlightening.

This was a truly fascinating course. The material was presented in a matter-of-fact way, making it easy to deal with sensitive subjects. I was so engrossed, I completed the course over the weekend and now feel confident to tackle writing my next crime fiction novel!

Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write about Murder is an intriguing course that covered all aspects of this difficult subject. Being new to crime writing, it has given me a thorough grounding in police procedures, court processes and the emotional impact of all involved when a murder is committed. The course has helped me clarify the area of crime writing I want to concentrate on and given me the confidence to pursue my interest in this fascinating genre.

In learning about true crime, I have realised that this is not the area I want to concentrate on. Rather, it has reinforced my desire to write crime fiction. This realisation came when I read the real-life accounts, and listened to the tutorials on how to write true crime.

Australian Writers' Centre courses are easy to follow and full of common-sense advice. The Centre can help you with all aspects of your writing journey, from starting out to refining your well-established skills.

Danielle Phelan 2 months ago

I am a budding writer with a particular passion for spelling, grammar and punctuation. I thought this course would expand my skills and open some doors into the professional proofreading and editing space.

Michelle was extremely knowledgeable, providing a lot of very practical advice. The workshopped examples and interactions with Michelle and other course participants helped to make a very dry topic more enjoyable.

It’s given me confidence to explore freelancing in the proofreading and editing space.

Cheryl Rosario 2 months ago

The course was what I needed as I approached publishing my first novel. I downloaded and completed the course at my pace and found it so helpful during Covid.

I am now harnessing my self-belief and continuing to move forward with my dreams and goals that don't match with what others think I should be doing.

The common theme for me through the course was to continuously be asking yourself questions. I've never made a habit of questioning things. But since doing the course I have been much better at understanding and discovering the why.

Dianne Jamieson 2 months ago

I’ve just retired from a career in schools where I was often telling stories. I also tell stories to my grandchildren and I enjoy writing. I just needed to know what was required and how to go about it.

I had no idea of all the components and the assignments really helped me generate more skills. The feedback was good and very useful for future writing.

It has given me the structure and all of the resources and areas to look at and how to go about getting something published.

I loved this course and it has given me my new purpose and direction.

Jill Reid 2 months ago

I've always enjoyed reading and writing but had not written creatively since school, a long time ago! So I was keen to go back to basics and learn the fundamentals of crafting a story.

With no background in writing, I was rather daunted about joining a tutor-led course and sharing my work with others. I am so glad I was brave enough to do so!

The course is packed with information. I devoured the module audio lessons, each set out in a structured way with handouts and a manageable assignment to complete. I enjoyed the challenge of having an assignment to hand in each week, and the tutor feedback and peer comments were a big part of motivating me to keep going.

Pamela was a wonderful tutor giving everyone valuable feedback, always positive and encouraging, giving us suggestions and examples to improve our work. I loved the audio feedback as it seemed really personal delivered in that way.

I loved everything about it! It has given me the beginning skills and confidence to continue a daily writing practice, to think about all those story ideas that have been buzzing and inspired me to just keep going! If only for the true pleasure of putting words on the page. And that's OK.

What surprised me, I think I surprised myself, was the part of the course I expected to be most daunting, sharing my work and giving feedback, was so helpful and so much fun! It really helped me look critically at my writing and others' pieces and see how it might be improved. Finding other participants who enjoyed the course also, and making plans to keep in touch has been a fantastic bonus.

Absolutely go for it! Don't hesitate or feel daunted about sharing your work; we are all learning and it is an encouraging and supportive environment with lovely tutors that give positive and constructive feedback!

Thank you so much Pamela and the whole team at AWC for offering these courses, accessible to everyone, wherever we may live!!

I really want to keep writing!!

Andie Bartley 3 months ago

I have wanted to do something like this for a very long time. I just didn't know how to fit it in with my already busy life. This course and structure were just perfect for me.

I was concerned about the cost as to would it be worth it. I have no regrets. I have learnt so much from the course, the tutor and my fellow classmates.

For someone who was always hesitant to share my stories with the world for fear they would not be good enough, I am now happy to begin my journey of submitting to publishers for the world to read them.

The feedback is really useful. At first I was worried that everyone would see my work and hear my feedback but it is so useful and you learn so much from it.

I really like the flexibility and audio classroom as I can listen wherever I like and as many times as I need to. I also like that the course talks to you as if you are a writer already, making you feel the dream is possible.

If writing is something you are interested in pursuing, this is definitely the place to begin that journey.

Alison Richards 3 months ago

Allison's feedback was very clear and also provided examples when needed. She was encouraging as well as helpful, acknowledging when we were on the right track, but making it clear when some element wasn't working.

I enjoyed reading the other classmate's assignments and feedback. We all had different voices and ideas. I feel they taught me a great deal.

I feel so much more confident with the basic elements, and now feel I know where to begin. 'One day' now feels like 'today' when I think about my manuscripts.

Thank you so much, I am off to do some of the other courses now! Addicted!

Genevieve Clay-Smith 3 months ago

I thought Angela was really honest, which is what I wanted. I wanted to be told when my writing wasn't strong versus when it was and because of her honesty I really trusted her. I very much enjoyed her tutoring and she even went above and beyond and had a Zoom meeting with everyone.

I feel confident that I have a first draft of a book which, once polished, I can proudly send to an agent. I feel confident as a writer of fiction. I will never stop writing novels now.

Thank you so much for this gift. I am so grateful that I did this course; it has enriched my life and my skills.

Carolyn Leach 3 months ago

Friends and family often ask me to proofread and edit material they have written. The course served as a refresher to what I already knew.

The course was interactive and it wasn't a matter of just sitting and listening to someone speak about the content. Michelle knows her subject very well and was able to impart that knowledge so that it was easily understood.

Debbie Reichert 3 months ago

I didn't really know what to expect but was really impressed with the materials provided and the audio modules.

The tutor was excellent, with great feedback for everyone. She really did think about each person's piece and was able to give constructive feedback without it sounding patronising.

I loved how easy the portal was to access the resources and audio modules and also to submit assignments and chat to other students and the tutor. I also really like the little comments that come up each time you log in - just puts you in the right frame of mind to be creative.

It's fantastic! Even if you aren't intending to write the next bestseller, it opens your mind and gets the creative juices flowing!

Zoe Templar 3 months ago

I was starting a new writing project when I found this online. I have written several novels previously as a hobby but never felt I nailed the basics. I wanted to get back to the basics and have a structured assignment-based course to keep me motivated to explore the themes.

Hearing someone read your work and give feedback was a pleasant surprise and really motivated me to keep working on my writing. I think the examples used in the lessons were varied and mostly well-known so I found it helped me understand the different topics.

Loved Pamela - thought she was brilliant. She was warm, engaging and had a sense of humour too. I loved when I wrote something humorous and heard her chuckling about it during her review.

As noted in one of the lessons, amateur writers sometimes neglect basic setting descriptions in their work. I'm definitely one of them. It's motivated me to start working on this type of writing and has even inspired a new novel idea that revolves around an old and mysterious colonial house I know from my childhood.

It's fun and informal but also very well organised and accessible. You can go at your own pace and engage as much as you want to (or don't want to) with other students. Pamela is great.

Elise Maki 3 months ago

It has been beyond amazing with expert advice from Angela as well as support from fellow classmates. The workshopping was a highlight.

I have noticed a huge difference in how I structure my writing and its flow.

Fantastic course. So pleased to have been part of the course. The AWC are experts who want you to succeed.

Joanne Malherbe 3 months ago

Dean is so generous with course content and industry tips. His experience is evident and he has no problem sharing it. I have found the printout sheet an extremely helpful tool to take on site to gather information.

I appreciate Dean’s relaxed approach and humour. He convinced me I could do this type of writing.

The body copy that my agent received when my beautiful house was recently placed on the property market was way under par and, to say the least, disappointing. My agent was at a loss as to what to do. I asked if I could have a go, even though I had not completed Dean’s course. Long story short, the house sold, the agent’s office wanted to know who wrote the script and bam ... eight copy writing jobs later, I am writing a review for this course.

Dean’s information gathering printout tool is a winner. It makes perfect sense to walk through a house and gather information the way he has set it out.

AWC have perfectly handpicked the tutors for each course. Their calibre, experience, and ability to teach is evident from the moment you log in to your course for the first time. Online learning is an ideal learning platform, especially in these uncertain times we live in at the moment.

Cody James 3 months ago

I've always had an interest in children's stories and always dreamt of writing one, I've just never known the ins and outs of writing.

Allison has been excellent in how she has helped me really understand my strengths and weaknesses as a writer through her feedback. I felt it was a good mix of praise and constructive criticism, and anything Allison felt I needed work on she would go into detail about how I can fix it or simply make it better.

The course has shown me how to properly put together my ideas for stories, emphasised important details about writing that I felt I needed to understand and also given me confidence that writing, as challenging it can be, is something I'm capable of if I really put the effort in.

The course I completed helped me see things in my writing I wouldn't have even thought to look at, and I'm a better writer now than I was when I started.

Diana Martinez 3 months ago

I've always wanted to write a novel but kept getting stuck on how to plot and structure it. This course seemed like it could help. I was nervous about sharing my writing, but I thought if I can't share it in a course how will I ever share it in a book.

I was surprised by how much I loved the course. I've learned so much more than I thought and I really liked the format. Thank you for putting this course together. I will definitely be going back over the modules.

Pamela has been great. Her direction and feedback have been invaluable. I have learned a lot about structure, description, and point of view.

I enjoyed all of it. The assignments were particularly good, I found, to make me think differently about how I approach my writing.

I think Valerie saying throughout the course that there is no one way to write has helped break through some resistance I held around simply writing. I feel more confident in my ability to structure and write a story now. I don't feel as afraid to give it a go.

Naomi Shippen 3 months ago

I have just finished writing my novel on Scrivener and I wanted to check that I have included everything in my scenes that I needed to.

The Scenes course with AWC covered all aspects of writing scenes that help move the story along including character, pacing and setting. I now feel confident to edit my novel and ensure that all the scenes that make up the whole are earning their keep.

Aimee Crispin 3 months ago

I really wanted to get more out of my creative writing, and I love creative writing so much, it just felt like a dream come true.

My tutor was very positive and gave me good feedback on what was good and what I could improve on. I looked forward to getting feedback from her.

I enjoyed writing, coming up with characters, all of it! I have found new ways to develop my characters, write scenes and come up with plot ideas.

I loved it, and I would go and do it again many times over; it helped me develop my skills so much! It is worth everything.

Kim Wood 3 months ago

It seemed like a good way to get an overview of the writing landscape in Australia and an inexpensive way to 'test the waters' with AWC before enrolling in a writing course.

The stories from successful AWC graduates - such a wide range of them - were interesting, relatable and packed with practical, actionable content. They're incredible ambassadors for AWC!

The whole experience of this online course from the time I hit the 'enrol' button through to completion was outstanding - packed with interesting and practical content, professionally presented and a lot of fun. If you're wondering if a career as a writer is for you, I encourage you to take this course. You'll find it has the information and inspiration you need to take the first steps in your writing career!

I've enrolled in Creative Writing Stage 1 - watch this space to see what happens next!

Danielle Cerin 3 months ago

I loved the way Pamela delivered her feedback. The videos made it easy to follow her thoughts as she worked through everyone's pieces line by line. Her feedback was always well considered and valuable. And it also provided the opportunity to learn from other people's work as well.

I have been so focused on my writing projects that I haven't been writing anything outside of my own little box and this course forced me to do that. Week 3 on scenes where we had to write a piece including sound, smell etc was an awakening for me as I am very focused on visuals, action and dialogue. The exercise made the process less daunting and I've been able to include new small details in my current work to make it richer than it was before.

The Australian Writers' Centre is the perfect place to start your writing journey. You'll be able to find a course that focuses on the aspects of writing that you need to develop and be guided by experienced authors along the way. And there's also a range of other resources to help broaden your knowledge and skills.

Evelyn King 3 months ago

I am about to retire and we are buying a camper trailer to spend time in regional centres. I notice that there is little information for older women who are travelling in this way and yet it is a big potential audience. And there is a strange perception that these women are a bit dim and dull just because they wear tracky daks. Not sure about the 'market' though.

It was an excellent course. And applicable to generic skills too, I think. The tutor was very talented and skilled. I enjoyed the inspirational writing as well as practical tips and examples.

I recognise that my writing (if it eventuates) will focus on the small details that make life absurd. I think I can make people laugh - no not laugh, a perceptive grin maybe. So I will think about a blog or some such. Just for fun. Maybe something will come out of that once I get the genre right.

Johanna Leggatt 3 months ago

Bernadette was very knowledgeable and passionate about copywriting.

I knew a little about SEO, but in just a short amount of time I 10x my SEO knowledge. The best part was, I was applying what I was learning to my clients' projects in real time.

Rebecca Hingerty 3 months ago

It seemed like an achievable and practical way to start a potential writing hobby/career.

I loved the weekly feedback from Nicole which struck a great balance between encouragement and constructive criticism. I also loved listening to the lessons. Valerie has a voice that is easy to listen to and she conveys information clearly and well.

Nicole has a lovely friendly manner and she seemed to enjoy the variety of responses she got from each task. She was very positive in her feedback. I like that she encouraged us to tweak things but also stick to our guns if we knew where our stories were headed.

I loved listening to Nicole's feedback to everyone but I also loved the workshopping after the final task. Getting feedback is great but it's also really valuable to give it. It very much helps you to focus on the craft of writing.

The course has given me the confidence that I lacked to start writing my novel. I've had the idea for a few years but having set tasks and getting practical feedback is invaluable in terms of motivation.

The AWC courses are fun, informative and practical. They also have a commercial focus, which is great for those wanting to make a career out of writing. There's a lot of great content in each lesson.

Rachel Maher 3 months ago

From the moment I enrolled and began receiving the course notifications I felt very confident in the professionalism and organisation of the course material. As I work full-time, I was particularly appreciative of how clear each module's requirements were.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Now it's time to ensure I cement the wonderful learnings into my role.

I found Bernadette incredibly engaging and knowledgeable. Every week I looked forward to listening to her feedback for every single course participant because she always infused so much passion and value into her assessment feedback.

It was so well structured whilst giving the perfect amount of flexibility, allowing me to complete each week's module comfortably given I was working full-time.

I'm now approaching every piece of content I write in a very aware and strategic way.

The AWC is a brilliant, concise and well-organised online course provider - I thoroughly enjoyed the SEO copywriting course from start to finish. Thank you for a wonderful course.

Kerry Batchler 3 months ago

The course is comprehensive and extremely well-designed, with a focus on technique and craft. It was exactly what I have been looking for.

The lessons were very enjoyable and informative. I found myself looking forward to my next session. It gave me the tools to craft better stories and to feel more confident in my ability.

If you're after an accessible, craft-based course this is it, whether you're a hobbyist or aspiring to a writing career.

Anne Sengstock 3 months ago

Kate was brilliant. She was so enthusiastic in her lessons and gave us the same zest for learning about each genre and how to best navigate them.

I enjoyed the ability to look back at Zoom sessions and make sure I've written down all of the incredible nuggets of information Kate gave us.

Don't hesitate to do this course, because if you're a writer of any genre you will learn something from Kate. She's a master of storytelling.

Grace Mulders 3 months ago

For a little while I have had an idea for a book but didn't know where to start. I was attracted to this course by how it was set up to be a "stage 1" course that offered the "nuts and bolts" of writing in so many areas... characterisation, scene, plot etc so felt it would be the perfect starting point.

I was a little hesitant about how the workshopping would work but throughout the course found it less scary than I thought and extremely helpful.

Nicole was an incredible online tutor. Her feedback each week was so specific, detailed and helpful and you really felt supported with each assessment.

I enjoyed getting to focus on new topics each week and getting to try new ways of writing with each assessment.

It has really motivated me to pursue my passion for writing and has given me the tools needed to start my novel!

This has been my second course I have now done at the Australian Writers’ Centre and have had my expectations exceeded both times.

Ann Graham 3 months ago

It had been a very long time since I'd done any creative writing, but a few characters had begun to show up in my imagination, and I knew I needed some help to get started writing a story.

Margaret was incredibly encouraging. All her feedback was constructive, and provided with kindness and enthusiasm.

I enjoyed discovering that I could actually write creatively, and that I really enjoyed it. It really encouraged me to keep writing and see where it leads.

I was surprised at how much content was packed into such a short course, and how practically useful it was. The assignments were very achievable (while still providing a challenge) and provided immediate opportunity to apply the information from the lessons. I would highly recommend Creative Writing Stage One to anyone starting out on this writing journey.

Ann Graham 3 months ago

I'd just completed the Creative Writing Stage One course and I thought the Bootcamp would be a good way to help me keep getting words down on the page.

I enjoyed the daily encouragement, and the challenges to try different things.

I now have over 12,000 words that didn't exist a couple of months ago, and the beginning of a story that I want to keep writing. I've always been drawn to writing, but I didn't expect to enjoy the process of world building and writing fiction as much as I am.

I really appreciate the flexibility and variety of the AWC. As I'm based in SA, I especially appreciate the broad range of online courses available.

Dessislava Mladenova 3 months ago

I am writing a middle-grade adventure fantasy book that has elements of mythology and history. I was confused as to how to blend all those different aspects in my novel. I also had concerns about cultural appropriation.

Truth be told, I didn't know much about Kate Forsyth before the course started. It was a busy period in my life and I didn't do proper research on her. I turned up for the first online class and only moments later I was enchanted. No, really! I was in the captivity of Kate's melodic voice, honeyed words, and most importantly, the distilled, concentrated wisdom of an experienced writer she was pouring out so generously for us.

The course is about knowing different genres, but it goes much deeper and far beyond that. If I have to describe the course to friends, I would say the course teaches you the most intimate aspects of what it is to be a writer, it touches on the surprising ways writers use words and structure to evoke emotions, to captivate and delight.

And let me tell you, I have a new favourite author and you may guess who that is. Not only has Kate mastered her craft, but she is also incredibly professional and hard working. It opened my eyes to what it means to be a writer. I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in creative writing, at any stage of their writing journey.

I really have no words left to describe how wonderful and giving Kate is. She went overtime every class, just making sure all questions were answered and everything was clear. She never gave a rushed answer. Every time she took a question, she examined it deeply and thoroughly.

It goes far beyond describing the features of different genres. It really touches on the essentials of creative writing in general. It is an eye-opening course, on many levels. And it is beautifully, beautifully presented.

Now I know what it actually takes to be a writer, the time and effort required to develop the craft. I have started using many of the techniques Kate has taught us in my writing and it has made a big difference.

Maggie Slater 3 months ago

I had just completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and wanted to bridge the gaps in my knowledge with Novel Writing Essentials before applying for Write Your Novel.

I worried that perhaps it would just recap what CWS1 covered, but it really didn't. It took everything I learned in CWS1 and built upon it, enhanced that knowledge, and developed it further.

I loved working with Bronwyn. She was so encouraging and her feedback on everyone's work was insightful and right on-point. She always pinpointed the places I'd struggled with in a scene and gave me some wonderful suggestions for fixes!

I really enjoyed getting to know my classmates and seeing their work evolve. I've found quite a few folks I'm hoping to workshop with more in the future!

I'd recommend (and do!) the AWC to my writing friends. The courses are rich with information, and even after having spent ten years "teaching myself" how to write, these course have filled in a lot of gaps in my understanding of how fiction works. I am, without a doubt, a better writer today than I was a year ago, and I wish I'd come to these classes earlier!

Megan Daniher 3 months ago

This course has given me an extra boost of confidence in regards to copywriting as I can now include the SEO factor into my pitch for clients which is a huge plus.

I enjoy Bernadette’s courses. She is a great presenter and the content is all relevant and easy to understand. The feedback for the assignments is always very thorough and worth listening to comments on other people’s work as there are interesting points made and it’s good to see what other people are doing.

I got my first client during this course by being able to explain SEO and its importance to a new business. During the course I was speaking to someone who is starting a business and we were chatting about their website and reach into the market. I wasn't pitching but before I knew it, I ended up with a copywriting job for a new business in my industry with people I never really imagined I would be working with.

Kerry Foss 3 months ago

I love writing, and while it has always been a part of my jobs, I've never given it the focus I'd like it to have. I wanted a recognised, online course that was straight-to-the-point about how to get started with freelance writing. This was perfect!

I wondered what the commitment would be - time wise, and for the assignments. The way it's structured, it really makes you WANT to give everything a go. Everything was presented so well, and the assignments are simply a great opportunity to apply learnings, rather than being daunting.

I have loved every minute of this course!
I loved the podcast resources.
I loved the assignments.
I loved the feedback from Alex.
I loved the flexibility - it was easy to fit into my life.

Alex is so knowledgeable. She was supportive and encouraging, but specific with her feedback. I loved the podcast feedback she posted - it was great going through each of my classmate's work, as well as my own. Shared learnings!

I feel empowered to make a career in writing. I love the idea of applying my writing skills to areas that interest me - the 'interest me' bit is really exciting! I've done lots of copywriting for companies / businesses in the past, but I feel like I now have the templates and tips to approach editors and write feature articles in the right way, removing some of the imposter syndrome I've always felt.

Before I enrolled in this course, I'd been thinking I may need to go back to Uni and do a writing or journalism course. This course was less time intensive, lower cost and very practical - but would it actually deliver? I had listened to many of the AWC podcasts, which I love, so it seemed like a logical step forward. I am SO grateful that I took the step and enrolled. I have loved every minute and can't wait to get started on another one!

Don't hesitate! The AWC courses are practical and informative, challenging and empowering. AWC connects you with fellow writers who are on the same path as you. The support is amazing. Enrol today!

Linda Swadling 3 months ago

I had taken a couple of picture book writing courses and also had some books accepted for publishing and I needed to know what I needed to create for an author platform and this seemed the best fit.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but going through the content, I have been able to develop a clear plan to develop my author platform. I was so glad to hear I could pick the platforms that interested me and stick with those (was almost as good as the time I took a makeup course and they told me I never had to try and apply eyeliner again haha).

It was very informative and I enjoyed hearing from established authors on what they felt was required in an author platform as well as what they personally did.

Calum Ludwig 3 months ago

Zanni's feedback was warm but critical. It was not condescending and did not come across like Zanni was a 'know-it-all'. Her feedback was very insightful and you can tell she has broad knowledge in how to write picture books

I feel I have a better technique for the structure of my picture books and making them more focused on the theme and main emotion.

Shaye Wardrop 3 months ago

AWC writing courses, and particularly this one, have a very strong reputation. I was missing something in my picture book education, and I turned here because I knew the course was written and delivered by Australian professionals who knew their stuff. It did not disappoint!

The price is higher than some other courses, and it kept me away for a while, but I knew it would be worth the cost and it was. The feedback we got from Zanni was amazing and made the price 100% worth it.

I have been writing picture books for a number of years, have taken a zillion courses and even won a couple of competitions. But this course was still for me!!! I learnt so much!

Zanni is professional and caring. She gives her honest opinion but she has critiquing mastered because she does it gently and with care. The video format for feedback was amazing. Best way to receive feedback on writing!

It really is the combination of everything coming together. The audio is bite sized and entertaining (thank you Val!). The handouts are comprehensive and easy to follow. The assignments are challenging but achievable. And the weekly feedback is unique and so, so helpful. It helps take you from doing okay, to really understanding where you need to focus your attention.

I was missing something before, or maybe it was that I had all the information but it hadn't sunk in the way it should have. This course changed it all. Picture books are still challenging (and so they should be), but I feel like I have a rock solid foundation and clear roadmap to tackling every picture book draft. I've never felt this prepared before.

It was a brilliant course and I loved every second of it! Huge thank you to Zanni for her generous and detailed feedback. It pushed us all to new heights, which is exactly what you want in a critique.

Want to know how to write better? This is the place you need to go. They know their stuff, and they'll tell you EVERYTHING!

Trish Donald 3 months ago

Lesley has a lovely manner. She explains things clearly and is professionally presented. The videos were nicely produced.

The advice was good. Exercises were practical and they really helped you to understand the requirements of that age group.

I felt like it has honed my skills and really helped me to think about short sentences and the type of action that is needed to keep children in this age group interested in reading a book.

I also liked what Lesley said about finishing stories. If you don't finish a story, you will get good at beginnings and maybe middles but not endings. That hit home because I am good at beginnings but struggle with middles.

Thank you for putting together this course. I enjoyed it. Thank you for having the opportunity to send a short piece of writing to Lesley for assessment. That is a great opportunity.

It is useful, relevant, helpful. Not too long a course, and not too short. Well worth the money.

Diana Reardon 3 months ago

I enjoyed having to think and use my brain to come up with the best writing I could. Some weeks this seemed impossible and I felt despairing, but the more I wrote the easier it became.

Nicole was succinct and encouraging. I looked forward each week eagerly to what she had to say about my writing and the others in my course.

For a few years, a new year resolution was to 'do more with my writing'. I realized that it was coming up every year but I wasn't doing anything to make the resolution a reality. So I researched online for a course and found AWC which seemed doable. Once I started, I had to concentrate hard to shape my writing rather than just slap out words in a sloppy way. Now I feel encouraged and inspired to keep going with my writing and see where it goes.

The course is challenging in that you have to really think and focus your writing and try your hardest but it is worth the effort. The sense of personal satisfaction if someone 'gets' what you are trying to write about is heart-warming.

Lynette Kinnear 3 months ago

I have been wanting to learn how to write better picture books. The Australian Writer's Centre felt professional to me so I decided to give it a go.

I was mainly wondering if the content was going to be as helpful as I hoped - and it was. It has been wonderful to have not only the actual learning in the form of handouts and audio, but the feedback in real time was incredibly supportive and helpful.

I have really appreciated Zanni's feedback. Her non-judgement has been very supportive. There has been no comparing to another's work either - again very supportive and encouraging.

It has been so inspiring and motivating to have the weekly assignments which kept me going. Life gets very busy some times and there were weeks that I thought 'perhaps it doesn't matter if I don't submit it on time’ (knowing it wouldn't be marked), but I pushed through because the feedback has been invaluable to receive.

I now understand much more about rhythm and so much more. I feel even more inspired to keep writing.

I would say that The Australian Writer's Centre present professional, comprehensive and applicable courses. You will learn a lot, from the actual lessons as well as through the sharings of other students and they will inspire you to keep going with your writing.

Simply thank you.

Gwyn O'Donohue 3 months ago

I liked the systematic approach to creating a novel and all ideas that came with it. It is a very generous course.

I am very grateful for Stephen's thorough response to my writing. Everything he suggested made perfect sense.

I really liked how it put me into "writer" mode, even though I have never considered myself a writer. Very helpful and encouraging.

I never even considered writing a novel - I'm probably more interested in writing short stories - but Stephen's advice and encouragement has planted the seed. Who knows?

I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you, Stephen.

Sylvia Innes 3 months ago

I really appreciate the fact that I can now revisit the lessons for an extended period. Some were quite dense and I look forward to reflecting on them.

I enjoyed receiving the feedback and found it to be insightful and considered. On several occasions I found that I had wondered about the same points in my work.

I have had a general idea for a story (historical fiction, I think) as a result of research and now feel I am ready to start thinking and planning more seriously. I had no idea where to begin before, or rather, how to write without an overload of exposition.

I would recommend the Australian Writers' Centre. The content is both instructive and challenging. The course allows a flexible approach for the participant. It is very welcoming and encouraging.

Trish Jordan 3 months ago

I really loved almost everything about this course! Even though I found it a challenge time-wise, I felt I was very 'into' the exercises and tasks. On one evening, I only had 2 more minutes to submit the assignment before the deadline!

Congratulations on the content in this Course - well written, great audios and assignments. The emphasis placed on motivating the students in the audios was really encouraging and I think would be helpful for a writer at any stage of their 'writing development'.

I am very grateful for the support, encouragement and learning. Thank you very much.

Go for it! You will discover more about yourself as a person, and about yourself in a process of engagement with text.

Katie Shapter 3 months ago

I enjoyed receiving guidance from someone with real experience. I feel like it removed some of the barriers in my mind that have prevented me from pitching.

The course is short and informative. A lot of information is packed into small videos that can be watched at once or spread out.

Donita Richards 3 months ago

Carli was great. Her experience is evident and I enjoyed reading the articles she has had published.

Carli's tutelage and the group combined were all passionate and knowledgeable foodies!

I feel more confident about pitching my ideas and where to pitch to.

Nadine Connell 3 months ago

I needed some extra motivation to start putting words to paper. I had taken a couple of other AWC classes (and some others during the pandemic) but was afraid to take the next step. This seemed like a gentle way to get started. I also liked the daily accountability.

I was a bit nervous that writing daily would be cumbersome. I should not have worried!

I just really appreciated how manageable it was. I was a bit overwhelmed about the idea of 10,000 words in 30 days, but by the end of the course, I ended up with 15,000! Still a long way to go but I feel like I've put words on paper and can now take the next appropriate steps (which will definitely include more AWC courses!) to make my dream come into a reality. I don't ever expect to be a full-time novelist but it would be great to have one full piece of creative writing and I feel like that's a very attainable goal now.

Sophie Stokes 3 months ago

Carli was approachable, knowledgeable and helpful.

I enjoyed the relaxed but professional approach.

It's given me courage to go out there and write! A definite for all those seeking to move into food writing. Thank you! It was a wonderful 5 weeks!

Katie Vicary 3 months ago

I was blown away by how much information was provided. Going into this course I thought it would just be a sort of breezy introductory course to creative writing but it was jam packed with information and so many helpful exercises and ways of approaching certain parts of writing. I will be able to go back through the course several times, I think, and still find new things in there.

I really loved the way the lectures were structured. As a uni student during COVID, I'm pretty familiar with online lectures and tutorials and this was by far more engaging and informative than the counterparts I've taken at university. It was packed with information but done in such a way that it was never boring to listen to. So many helpful comments.

It gave so much information on how to actually write properly. In high school you never really learn all the core skills and aspects of creative writing so I had just been sort of learning as I go but this course gave so much in-depth information on how to structure your writing, writing descriptions, characters, approaching ideas and your work.

Kimberley Robinson 3 months ago

I was given a gift voucher for The Australian Writers' Centre and I saw this course and thought it was perfect for the beginner that I am. I love reading and want to start writing but I just didn't know where to start.

I loved this course; Angela was amazing. Her feedback was perfect. She was professional and kind and honest. I valued her feedback very much.

I made an amazing friend through this course. I'm looking at doing another course in the future.

The course was really easy to get through. I was always excited to read my feedback and see what everyone else had posted. It was a great way to see everyone's different opinions on each assignment.

I have learned so much about the structure of the plot and building of characters.

This course was fun, exciting and I learned so much. Everyone was really helpful and supportive and I highly recommend it.

Roz Koeppen 3 months ago

I regularly listen to the AWC podcast with Val & Al and was inspired to do this course after listening to some feedback from a number of people who had completed the course and had gone on to publish their work.

Zanni was extremely professional and able to get straight to the heart of issues/problems with texts submitted by students, both my own and others. I was constantly aghast at how she so diplomatically found the words to convey her criticisms; and not once did I disagree with anything that she had to say.

I loved the depth of content and the concise, clear delivery. There is a wealth of information in this course and I will be going over it and over it again as I continue to practise my writing.

I now feel legitimately equipped to just 'get on with it.' I have always wanted to write and be published but the fear of failure has been quite a barrier. This course, because it is so comprehensive and the delivery so professional, has provided me with both the tools and the confidence to keep working at it.

Christine Reeve 3 months ago

This Bootcamp course has been awesome for me because I know that I can do it and I will keep going no matter how painstakingly slow it is.

I knew I couldn't do it every day but I'm grateful that these courses allow me to do it when I can.

I love that each day was written by someone in a way that was light and cheery (for want of a better description.) Thank you for not making it 'chore-like'. And I love the quotes at the end.

I know now that I can pump out the words and push on.

Shahan Campbell 3 months ago

Carli is a knowledgeable UX professional with real-world experience to share.

I enjoyed gaining new knowledge in UX writing. Unexpectedly, I also enjoyed doing the course with other like-minded writers who share similar career motivations to my own.

The course renewed my writing confidence. I can explain best practise UX principles to my clients and show them why copy that supports the user journey is vital for the success of their business. I've also gained new knowledge to help me discuss UX/UI decisions with web developers and designers.

AWC's UX writing course provides a solid introduction to the principles that underpin successful UX writing. If you want to improve your understanding of UX writing and gain practical skills in this field, then consider starting your UX education with this course.

Thank you for offering a dedicated course on UX writing. As humans adapt to performing more and more tasks online, it will be UX writers and designers' combined skills that will make our lives better.

Steph Underhill 3 months ago

Great content. A lot of it I already knew, but wonderful to confirm that and get some good examples and have a chat.

Carli was great - very knowledgeable and lovely.

It’s boosted my confidence in the area of UX and made me realise I need to charge more for the research/briefing stage of projects.

Elaine McKewon 3 months ago

I did not expect to gain such valuable insights into the realities of working in this field - for example, I am now more conscious that managing stakeholder relationships is a huge part of the job.

Carli is personable and knowledgeable. Her workshops cover a lot of ground, yet they are engaging and well-paced. I came away feeling happy and confident that I understand UX writing basics and can do well in this field.

I most enjoyed Carli's warmth and her fascinating stories from the frontline :-)

I am pivoting from academia at the age of 54. After completing the UX Writing course, I am now confident that I will be able to excel as a Content Designer. I realised that my role will be to advocate for users in organisations that are not yet user-centred. So I'll get to exercise and further develop my soft skills.

Thank you to Carli and everyone at AWC! Check them out! I had a great learning experience - well worth the investment.

Virginia Webb 3 months ago

Bronwyn gave detailed, encouraging but realistic feedback that was timely and helpful.

I enjoyed having a structured approach to keeping writing, learning how to shape character and story etc in the weekly lessons. Seeing what other people are up to! Realising that there are many approaches, time frames and approaches to novel writing.

I'm looking forward to a brief break before beginning the twelve-month novel writing programme. I'll continue to write in the meantime, with the momentum I've gathered, though!

Taryn Lindsay 3 months ago

Knowing that my completed 145K word novel needed some structure, some editing, and some refinement, I sought to know how to say everything well and with fewer words to make it publishable. I can take criticism and want to know how to improve, and want to do everything I can before giving it out to beta readers. The price was affordable, and the self-pacing made it do-able, as the tutored course I would have chosen was fully booked, and not suited to my work hours.

Whether or not I would have read the same or similar content elsewhere made me wonder if it would be money well-spent, but it was definitely well-spent, and I have advised my writers group friends to take AWC courses on. Sometimes hearing words spoken by a teacher opens ideas differently to just reading them.

I also wondered if I'd be up to the task, but knowing I had a year and was very motivated made me realise it was do-able.

I'm very grateful for the voice of Valerie, as she's easy to listen to and speaks well. Tuning in to her tutorials puts me in a 'work' mindset, and when I listened to a podcast recently, I could feel myself tune in to her words. I'm looking forward to hearing more of her in the next course.

I'm so grateful, as well, for the multitude of topics to choose from on the website, and can't wait to do other courses. I've already chosen the next one, and am saving up for a possible third.

I'm very grateful for the 12 months access, and also to be able to download content. It's so helpful to be able to refer back!

Most enjoyable is hearing the things I haven't heard, read, or learned before, and of course that's not always something that can be pinpointed. It won't stand out because everyone hears something different. I enjoyed the simplicity, the handouts, the humour, and the sensibility of it. It's actually very practical, and very plainly put. Doing the handouts and filling in the worksheets is very telling, and also a very enjoyable process. I love the review process and the editing insight.

The course has been refining things I knew about but didn't know how to apply. I've been writing for almost twenty years, but have been reminded that 'just write' is still the best way to get it done, and that there are not always single 'right' formulas, and that arriving at a solid endpoint can happen in different ways depending on technique. The main thing is being encouraged! I liked the focused learning. You guys have put a lot of time in, and it feels very complete. It's worth doing this course.

Don't think about. Just do it. Get online and choose a course TODAY. Suck up your pride or fear or worry, and go for the jugular. Choose the course that you feel fits your weakest link, and TAKE IT. You won't regret it. After all, everything helps, right? You will grow, and love the process.

Rose E. 3 months ago

My school cancelled English Literature class, and I really love writing. This led me to search for online writing courses and instantly found this one. I was impressed by what it provided and I was ready to give it a shot!

Pamela was great! She gave me really good feedback and advice and I think it was really great that I was able to get actual feedback on my own work that I had produced.

Personally, my favourite part of the course was the audio activity in module 8 that walked me through the 'describing a setting' process step by step.

It has taught me so much about writing that I didn't know before. I have learnt so many things that I am positive will make my writing much better than it was prior to this course.

The way to structure a story! Inciting incident, turning points, climax, resolution! I enjoyed it so much!!

Peta Henshelwood 3 months ago

I had completed the Creative Writing Stage 1 and Fiction Essentials: Characters, so thought it was a terrific follow up to this. Also I've been working overseas for the last 13 years and wanted to make sure, now I'm back in Australia, that I'm writing in British / Australian English, not American, which I had to do overseas.

I enjoyed that I could take the quiz, check where I went wrong and retake it if I wanted to. I found this further consolidated my knowledge.

I actually knew more than I had thought. Although I definitely plan to continue creative writing, I'm currently engaging in University study again after a number of years away. As I've had to write educational information in American English over the last 13 years, I was worried I couldn't remember the correct Australian / British punctuation and grammar rules. It was a fabulous refresher course. Thank you! Now I have the confidence to continue creative writing and studying. A win, win!

Alanah Kerec 3 months ago

I'd always leaned more towards being a big reader and editor rather than a writer myself. This year, though, I wanted to try something different. I've written short stories and the starts of so many novels over the years, so when I received an email from AWC with this course listed I thought, why not?

Pamela's feedback and the comments from other students were fabulous and really helped me develop my work over the course. Pamela was super helpful and understanding and her feedback was wonderful. It was constructive but she also pointed out parts of our stories that she loved.

I enjoyed writing in different ways and reading other's work.

The course has helped me discover my writing style and develop more ideas in my head that I now can't wait to put on the page. It's a great way to develop your skills and keep your creative mind active.

Alanah Issa 3 months ago

I enjoy writing and was looking for a way to improve my style of writing and also learn skills that can help make my writing better. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete all of the assignments.

The tutor seemed very nice, and it seemed like she knew what she was doing, and enjoyed doing it as well.

I found it fun to listen to the lessons and learn tricks and advice for writing. It helped me to increase my writing skills and learn more about characters and writing in general.

It's a good way to strengthen writing skills and learn how to improve techniques and style. It's a fun and engaging program and it has helped with my confidence in writing and storytelling. Thank you for giving me this experience.

Jacqui Nicholson 3 months ago

My grammar and punctuation were better than I thought, but I learned some things I didn't know as well. It's been very helpful and an educational experience for me. It has made me aware of my weaknesses and strengths. Now I know what I need to work on:)

Robyn Elliott 3 months ago

This was an exceptionally good course with a very good group of writers. I enjoyed it. Thank you for all the office staff help too. I think the fact I had already completed Short Story Essentials helped me. I have done many of your courses through the years and they are informative and stimulating. But this was the best. Perhaps I will try one more with an unfinished novel waiting in the drawer for final draft. Thank you to you all.

Feedback from Cathie was excellent, encouraging and very informative. She gives such a lot of extra graphs and info sheets. I have downloaded them for future reference. Sometimes it takes a while to absorb all the information and it is good to have this feedback and also the module downloads to do at a later date. I can't praise Cathie enough; she is an excellent tutor. Thank you, Cathie.

I enjoyed the interaction with the other students - they are now good friends - reading their work and seeing how each one progressed. I wish it went longer as it seems as if we could have had a month more to work on the editing and publishing side of things. It would be interesting to know how they get on later so this is a reason to join the Facebook page.

I finished this memoir. It was tough work and emotional to go back and find what I needed to keep, what I needed to add, what needed to be left out. I'm glad it wasn't completed beforehand.

What I had considered just an urge that wouldn't go away, and that kept insisting I needed to write it, had benefit for others. The students loved the story and this was encouragement. Cathie too has said she loves it. One of the men said he couldn't put it down. High praise from a man, I feel.

I am grateful for all the service and help given through the office as well as tutor and audios and written handouts. I have a sense of having achieved something worthwhile. I had three copies printed and bound at Office Works to give to beta readers outside of AWC students and feel proud to have something of worth for them to read, prior to a final print run.

Susy Boyer 3 months ago

It was fabulous, and exactly what I needed to learn. Spot on! I felt I had my money's worth by the end of week two :)

Zanni was really great. Her feedback was thorough and insightful. I found her personality warm and friendly, and felt she genuinely cared about helping us with improving our work. She encouraged me tremendously.

The length of this intensive 5-week course was perfect. Long enough to cover a lot of ground, but short enough for me to be able to put other areas of my life temporarily on hold, and really throw myself into it. I worked from 5am-7am each morning on the modules, and completed the assignments each weekend. Sometimes spending 12hrs on Sundays for the longer ones (but loving the process).

Having a weekly assignment deadline was fabulous...they really helped me stay on track, and put the course first in my priorities! Then eagerly waiting to hear Zanni's reviews which were always informative, motivating and spot on.

Firstly it has given me a huge confidence boost. I've written stories on and off for many years, but have not done anything about them as I knew I had much to learn. What I was taught in the course has changed the way I approach my writing, and filled in the gaps I knew were there (without knowing what they were). This new knowledge has turned a key for me, and unlocked a flood of writing!

Secondly, I'm now mentally ready to pursue writing in a serious way. I plan to keep learning and improving with the goal of one day being published as an author. Eventually writing the books I illustrate.

Thank you to Zanni Louise, Valerie Khoo and Cathie Tasker for presenting this excellent course. I intend to follow up with the Writing Picture Books Masterclass and Writing Chapter Books.

Sarah Lightfoot 3 months ago

I've listened to the podcast and loved it and heard the testimonials for this course. Also I liked how short it was (although once it started I didn't want it to end).

I was worried I would not have time to complete the assignments but it was very manageable.

I got so much out of this course. LOVE! I feel so excited to keep writing. All of the practical tools and knowledge this course gives was exactly what I was hoping for.

I love the tutor. OBBSESSED! Is that too creepy? I thought she gave such great constructive feedback and really broke everything down clearly. She was a wealth of knowledge and definitely the highlight of this course for me.

The practicality and straight to the point approach. It didn't waffle on and it wasn't airy fairy. I loved that it focussed on trying to get as much information about the picture book process into the 5 weeks as possible.

It's given me the writing bug and now I'm obsessed; I just want to keep writing.

Amazing loved it!! 10/10

Ian Acheson 3 months ago

I've been receiving the AWC weekly email for a couple of years now and been reading about this course. Now was a good time for me to dive in and see what it was like.

The assessments were the most valuable part of the course as Cat's suggestions were especially eye-opening for me.

Cat was very perceptive and appeared to give everyone solid counsel as well as good encouragement.

I enjoyed Valerie's podcasts. I learnt many new things that are particular to feature writing which I appreciated.

Well done, Valerie and Cat. And thank you!

If you're wanting to be a freelance writer then do this course!

Danielle Phelan 3 months ago

I've been interested in writing a memoir for quite some time. I'd heard about Patti Miller from other writers who recommended her books on writing. So, when I saw this course advertised in your newsletter, I couldn't go past the opportunity.

I've done some life writing before but never shown it to anyone. I was a little apprehensive about the writing exercises and the prospect of reading or presenting my work to other course participants.

Course participants had varied backgrounds and experience, different motivations and writing styles. Rules around privacy and respectful commentary were agreed to upfront and this created a safe space in which to share our work. Patti led us through basic life writing techniques, including ways to access memory. We then analysed example text to see the techniques in action and consolidated our knowledge through targeted writing exercises.

Patti is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. She is a clear and personable communicator, generous with her feedback and encouraging throughout.

I felt privileged to hear the work of other course participants, provide them with specific, positive feedback and to receive it from them in return. I also loved the structured writing exercises and the opportunity to connect with other budding writers.

I've learned a number of techniques to access memory and bring the details to life. The feedback I received has also inspired me to keep going with my project.

AWC is a gateway to a knowledgeable and supportive writing community. The courses are affordable, easily accessible and led by very experienced tutors, who are generous with their time and input.

Pame Price 3 months ago

I have been blown away by this course. I didn’t expect to gain so much. In the short five weeks I have looked back at how my writing has improved. Many lightbulb moments of how I can improve my book...

The tutor was excellent. I particularly loved the feedback. So helpful in a compassionate way.

I was telling my daughter about the course. Her reply: “Mum, you sound so happy, obviously it is just the right fit for you.”

I didn’t believe it would have such a positive and challenging effect on me. I love my book, yet realised the frame is fine, but I have missed so much ‘colour, feel and juice.’ I know it will take me longer, yet I am excited. I have clarity.

Linda Kemp 3 months ago

I needed more in-depth advice about the beginnings of creative writing. Although I studied creative writing at uni, and have done numerous masterclasses since, I wanted more structured assistance in character development, and POV, tenses, etc.

The audio lessons were fantastic. I like the way they were broken into roughly 30-minute chunks, so that we could stop if we needed to focus on something else. The tasks were brilliant. Everything was just so good.

Pamela Cook was fantastic. Her feedback was spot on and it was given in a clear and supportive manner.

I write every day already. And I've written my manuscript and I'm currently working on Draft 5, so this course will help in small ways to tighten and improve this current draft.

Thank you so much for you wonderful course options. I'll definitely be back for more.

Just sign up, you won't regret it!

Wendy Westbrook 3 months ago

The presenter was very clear and inclusive of all attendees. Hard to do sometimes when on Zoom.

I loved the way Michelle was on top of all situations.

Take the plunge. You will be swimming, with better strength, within moments of finishing the course.

Thank you for opening your doors to everyone that needs this type of support.

Alishiya Andrew 3 months ago

I have had an interest in doing creative writing for a few years and I finally decided to join the course.

The tutor was very good. Great feedback and very encouraging. She showed personal interest in all students.

I enjoyed the systematic teaching, the assignments, and meeting fellow writers on the same journey.

I feel I am using a talent I never knew I had. It has given me so much confidence to keep writing.

Iris Cassell 3 months ago

Bernadette provided fantastic content that I felt was really good value for the cost of the course. She was easy to understand in the video modules and it was very easy to follow the course process and expectations. She gave very constructive feedback to everyone. I gained confidence after the feedback and am now a bit sad that I won't have anyone telling me that I have done something brilliant next week.

After the initial shock of the publishing of our warts and all copy to everyone, I found it helpful and I learned a lot from others’ input and their creativity.

I have gained confidence and now just want to do this for life.

Cree Oliver 3 months ago

I very much enjoyed the course and it gave me a big confidence boost.

I thought the feedback was great. It was very detailed and encouraging and personalised. It exceeded my expectations.

I really enjoyed the assignments, reading other people’s work and receiving and reading feedback (both my own and others).

It was so wonderful to receive personalised feedback and to begin to understand the craft of writing. It has given me tremendous confidence and ignited a spark to push forward.

Erin Burrows 3 months ago

The tutor was very engaging to listen to. Knowledgeable. Provided personal experiences as examples. Most importantly, provided tailored feedback, making this course personable and student-focused.

I enjoyed putting the course content into practice through the assignments. Thereby showing us, we CAN do it!

By giving me the tools I need, the course has bridged the path forward for me to start out! Now, I just have to find self-confidence to overcome imposter syndrome lol.

Tess Palmyre 3 months ago

My only hesitation was that I might not have the time to do it properly with work and home life. I delayed signing up for years because of this but always kept an eye on when the next course was coming out.

I loved the tips and examples in the course material! I finally have a method for feature writing and pitching to editors. I had no idea about either of those things before, it was very much trial and error. I feel more confident incorporating freelance writing into my communications consultancy now.

Jenny Stapledon 3 months ago

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information and its detail in the course. The feedback on assignments was excellent in the care taken to consider different aspects of the writing

The tutor was generous with her time and encouragement, well prepared, attention to detail, feedback unfailingly delivered in a constructive and positive way.

I enjoyed the opportunity for self-paced learning and appreciated the care that had gone into the lessons and resources. It also forced me to write several stories for children which otherwise I might not have done.

It has made me think again about the start of my novel. I will shorten the lead-in and get into the action sooner than before. There was something about the first chapters that was niggling at me and this course clarified what the problem was. Also writing the elevator pitch for the last assignment led to me revising the elevator pitch for my novel and clarified for me what the novel was really about. I also revised the synopsis giving it a new emphasis.

Tabitha Bird 3 months ago

I wanted a kick start to write that picture book I'd always been wanting to write.

Zanni was wonderful and very thoughtful in her feedback. She knew exactly what she was talking about and provided actionable steps to improve the manuscript.

I now have two picture book manuscripts that I'm proud of. One is more polished than the other but I feel I'm ready for next steps and learning more.

Lisa Mason 3 months ago

The tutor was down to earth, easy to listen to, knowledgeable, professional. The homework modules were quick and easy but also fun

I feel like I now understand what copywriting is which has meant I am more confident in exploring this option as a potential career change.

Jazmin Saetrang 3 months ago

I absolutely loved learning from Bernadette! I learned so much each week and it was really cool to watch my writing get better (and easier) just with a few tricks. Her feedback was always so encouraging as well as helpful. I was really able to learn from it and see things I could do to improve next time.

I loved it all! The videos with the audio was really engaging and the content was amazing. I loved that all the assignments were really practical and we actually got to put what we learned into action.

My ability to come up with things to write has taken off. Having a guide for how to come up with and write copy has been so fundamental and I feel more prepared than ever to get running with my freelance writing business. So, so thankful I chose this course!

It's absolutely worth the cost and I can personally recommend it. I'm excited myself to take further courses in the future!

Hannah Brooks 3 months ago

I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed the course, and really learnt some great new skills from it, so thank you.

Bernadette was great. Really engaging delivery. Great tips for structuring content, which is what I was after. She inspired me to think about things differently for my writing and my business.

The assignments were good, and feedback useful. All in all I enjoyed the course.

Lesley Leadbetter 3 months ago

I've been unsuccessful in submitting to Agents and Publishers, so felt this course would help.

The facts were set out in pinpoint and Natasha spoke with a clear voice. She encouraged with examples of her own experiences.

The course is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Rose Grubits 4 months ago

The tutor was excellent. It was interesting to have feedback provided in audio form, rather than just written.

The videos were easy to watch and well structured. I loved seeing what all the other students were coming up with. Also enjoyed listening to the feedback and hearing Bernadette's thoughts and ideas on our assignments.

It has given me new confidence that I could 'put myself out there' as a copywriter and potentially create an income stream from this. The course has shown that copywriting is not especially difficult, but that there are formulas and 'tips' to use to give the copy more impact and make it more successful.

The formulas (and tricks) explained in the course are all definitely being used out there in the 'real world', especially in advertising. And once they're pointed out, you start seeing them everywhere!

I'd say that the course is a good introduction to copywriting and can be easily undertaken in your spare time without any stress/pressure.

A big thank you to Bernadette for tutoring the course.

Sally Darby 4 months ago

Margaret was positive, warm and compassionate. I loved how she found something to love about everybody's writing and found a way to connect with it.

I really enjoyed the online tutorials and learning about the technical side of putting a story together.

Although posting my work made me feel very vulnerable, having people comment on my writing and saying what they enjoyed about it gave me the confidence to keep trying. I think the community was really important for all of us.

I learned what a disciplined and highly skilled craft this is and that great writing doesn't happen by chance or accident. I'd always imagined people writing because it came naturally to them, but I've come away with an understanding that it's hard work and that having a passion for it is only half the job.

It was engaging but also highly practical for those wishing to pursue a career in writing.

Andrea Howard 4 months ago

I loved the amount of detail we covered, and Zanni's constructive and honest feedback. The way she explained different methods was inspiring and you could tell she is very knowledgeable!

It has inspired me to keep writing. Zanni's encouragement gave me the boost I needed to submit a manuscript to a publisher. Wish me luck! ;)

Ciara Bastow 4 months ago

I wanted to get back into writing and really wanted to get a start on my novel. So going back to basics was the best possible start.

I thought Margaret was so very kind and even when she was giving criticism it was always so helpful.

I really liked completing the assignments and getting feedback from both the tutor and my peers; I thought that was very worthwhile. I also thought the handouts and recordings were beyond beneficial. I learnt so much from that that I could put into practice.

I am ready to get working on my characters and start writing my novel.

I would say that it is a safe, creative environment with like-minded writers and it is a great starting place for getting your writing career on track.

Vanessa Traynor 4 months ago

Angela is wonderful. Her expert feedback is honest, supportive, and always positive. She always starts her assessment with something positive, this is just so wonderful for a budding writer, but at the same time, she always helps you understand how you can improve. I cannot speak more highly of her; I would most definitely be a repeat customer if she was leading the course.

I enjoyed the regular exercises to develop skills and reading everyone's writing. It was so wonderful to see how other people write, that they too struggle with similar issues to myself and that there are so many ways in which you can approach a scene. I learned so much from my fellow writers in a short five weeks.

It completely changed my approach to how I write. I realise now I was trying to magic up fantasy from a place where nothing was familiar to me and while I would often begin with a great idea, I would fast lose momentum as I got into the minutiae. But when I started to look for inspiration from all the little moments in my own life - which this course helped me realise was the best place to start - writing the guts of the story came much more easily. This was a big and fundamental change in mindset for me.

I would paraphrase my favourite author Neil Gaiman and say ""everybody has a secret world inside of them... no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them, they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds...” So why not go write them, just make sure you visit AWC on your way.

Great course, awesome tutor, an amazing group of fellow writers. If you are on the fence and an expert procrastinator like me - let it go and take the dive. You won't regret it.

Karen Jackson-Hope 4 months ago

Bernadette offered very insightful and crucial feedback, especially on my first submission. She was very encouraging and clear, which was very helpful

The course was very accessible and flexible. The podcasts and written materials were great. I think the subject and content of each module was spot on. Not too heavy, not too light.

The course has given me the courage to keep going with my novel. It has made me realise the magnitude of the task and given me some key clues on how to achieve that all-important first draft. The course has also made me feel I am not alone in this pursuit and there is plenty of help and guidance around, which is great.

Gemma Patience 4 months ago

I heard Bernadette Schwerdt on the So You Want to be a Writer Podcast and thought she sounded like she would be a great tutor. I was a little concerned I wouldn't have enough time each week for the course, but the workload was fine.

Bernadette was knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging. I enjoyed learning the rules of copywriting and then getting in there and giving it a go.

The Australian Writers' Centre is your go-to place for courses on all forms of creative and professional writing. Each course I have completed has provided me with the comprehensive foundation, practical skills, and confidence required to seek work in the industry.

Thanks so much!

Laura Senkewitz 4 months ago

The feedback that I received on my writing: previously I have only ever shared my work with friends, who have always been 'too kind'! Receiving negative feedback (though delivered kindly) at first was unpleasant, but then actually made me realise that my work can be improved and potentially go somewhere rather than just languishing in a forgotten folder on my computer.

I just want to say again how much I enjoyed this course - although it was a short course, it felt very well-rounded and rich in useful information. Margaret was a wonderful teacher and I sincerely appreciate her feedback and advice.

AWC provides wonderful courses run by experienced and knowledgeable teachers. The advice they give is practical, honest, and invaluable, and I finished the course feeling informed and inspired.

I've started writing again in a serious and committed way.

Jennifer Norris 4 months ago

I loved the checklists to help better know your characters, introducing them, and relationships between them. Will be using these a lot!

I enjoyed doing the mind maps. In fact, all the exercises - they were very helpful.

Valerie Miller 4 months ago

Patti's feedback was always honest and authentic. She is exceptional in running an online course and managing the time to discuss, share work and for information to be relayed to us.

I enjoyed writing and hearing other people's work. I learnt new things that I wasn't aware of.

I am committed to getting this project I started a few semesters ago in my Master of Letters (creative writing). I am also seriously thinking of changing my dissertation this year to my memoir. Either way, I am committed to writing regularly to get a first draft written and have started a Facebook group with other members so we can meet to encourage us all to write regularly.

If you have a story inside you about a moment in your life and you don't know how to start, the AWC Life Writing course will set you on the right path, armed with strong tools to get you started. Patti Miller is an expert and you will be learning with a master in this genre.

Julian Beckedahl 4 months ago

There's actually a lot to take in and think about; so I will go over the materials at a later date. It felt really comprehensive with heaps of tips and ideas.

The tutor was very encouraging and supportive. Angela took time to provide tailored, considered and constructive feedback to all course participants. Her writing experience, knowledge of the industry and passion for words shone through!

I enjoyed the actual writing of the assignments and meeting the challenge of keeping within the word limit - which forced me to edit (something I love to do!)

It's made me realise that I enjoy the writing process in and of itself. Whether it's pen to page or fingertips to keyboard, the actual act of writing opens up a channel of creativity which, in turn, can lead to sentences and stories that bring a lasting smile to my face.

There's more to writing than meets the eye. A story comprises so many elements – from point of view to turning points and much, much more – and a writer needs to understand all of these if they want to grab the reader's attention from the get-go!

Just do it! Find a course that speaks to you and enrol in it. You will learn a lot and much fun will be had as you do.

Rochelle Gosling 4 months ago

I very much enjoyed working with Sue. I enjoyed the very helpful, practical recorded modules and the ability to be able to go back and review.

I have focused mostly on adult fiction to date, but am now looking at how I can split my time (and personality! Just kidding!) to write something manageable for children.

It’s an approachable, practical and hands-on course that is both motivating and hugely helpful.

Carol Brocklesby 4 months ago

Really great information. I will need to go over it again as there was a lot but it provided a good grounding.

It has given me more incentive to take the next step and write and gain experience.

I enjoyed the bonus information about writing for big businesses. You never know where writing opportunities might be.

Grace Craddock 4 months ago

Absolutely excellent! I learnt so much. The editing examples as well as being able to ask questions was truly enlightening.

The industry knowledge was awesome. Learning about different techniques for writing was also great.

Helped with my writing hugely! I now have a lot more framework for what to consider when writing a piece and what to make sure to include.

You’re gonna learn so much! Don't let the price tag scare you!

Brigita Ozolins 4 months ago

I'm working on a first draft of a novel and had become a bit stuck. The Bootcamp sounded like a really great way to boost my writing and develop a more disciplined approach.

I was surprised at how disciplined I was completing the daily targets for writing. No one was checking in on me, so I guess I could have cheated, but I didn't because the course itself was so motivational - and I found I often wanted to write more than the daily word count!

I know I can complete my writing goals by setting myself daily targets, whether I am in the mood for writing or not. I also know that I CAN do 500 words in 30 minutes, even though I found this the hardest writing challenge of all. I'm going to start the course again and repeat it, because I just loved the structure.

If you want to improve your writing and build your confidence as a writer, do a course with the AWC! You won't regret it!

Robyn Veugen 4 months ago

I have been working on the same middle grade/YA novel during NaNoWriMo for several years and have got stuck. I wanted something specifically to give me skills/knowledge for the age group AND give myself a kick in the backside.

There were so many aspects to writing for children/YA that I hadn’t considered. I had many “lightbulb” moments doing the course.

Stephen’s feedback was extremely helpful. Seeing his feedback of other people’s writing as well as my own was useful. I started to see the things I was doing in the other students’ writing too, which helped me to recognise where I needed to improve my own.

Online learning is great for me because I’m in a rural location and can’t easily get to the city for courses. Also, being able to listen to the audio repeatedly helps to cement things for me.

Viv Young 4 months ago

Zanni was knowledgeable, down-to-earth and kind. I thought she did a fantastic job and hearing the feedback was very useful though I was hesitant (just because of time constraints) at first.

I enjoyed the lectures and especially the course notes. It's a great to go away with clear, precise information that I can refer back to as I revise other manuscripts.

There were several concepts which I thought I understood (e.g. show don't tell, pacing, structure) but I clearly hadn't grasped them completely or wasn't applying them successfully. This course provided clear, straightforward instruction and practical advice. It has made a huge difference to my writing—thank you!

Great experience —well worth the money! Some of the concepts and advice will be familiar but the way the information is presented makes all the difference.

Dave Clark 4 months ago

It's shown me in practical ways what I need to do to improve my writing. I had a gut feel before that, but this has highlighted specific ways I can improve. That's a relief.

Do it. It's a great resource to help write better.

Maxine Monroe 4 months ago

The scope of the course and the fact that it was moderated by a published author attracted me together with the fact that the course covered all the areas I needed to understand in order to move forward with my writing.

I thought Angela was great and gave very fair/balanced feedback and where possible also provided additional information to illustrate her feedback which is always useful.

Having never participated in a writing course before, I found the interactions and the generous and encouraging feedback from the other online students really awesome. Lovely bunch of people.

As a complete novice I had no idea of the importance of preparation work and how it can drastically improve the process. The technical information was priceless. Loved it.

If you are thinking about developing your writing skills either purely for fun or for your career, AWC have a course designed for you. I found the process and the course so enjoyable and have no doubt that what I have learned on the Creative Writing Course 1 will be the foundation of my writing going forward. I plan to take additional courses in the next few weeks.

Vicki Milliken 4 months ago

A fantastic introduction into the world of freelance writing. The course is well paced and each module builds on the previous one. At the end, you have the basics to get out there and start writing and pitching articles.

Kim Robyn Smith 4 months ago

The course reinforced some of the scenes in my writing that I was doubtful about. It helped me improve with character building. I now need to include some other aspects about major characters that are currently missing.

A worthwhile course for tips and pitfalls. Easy to navigate modules. Good value for money and generous timeframe to complete.

James Madden 4 months ago

Sue provided great feedback. It was great to hear her voice in the first module too. The assignments and feedback were a great addition to this. I'm sure I wouldn't have learned as much had this not been offered.

My pitching has improved as well as my writing. Valerie's tips were great and really helped me see features in a different light. I can pick up on the format when I read a feature now, and identify the conventions. I also feel more confident in interviewing. I really appreciate the way the course was laid out. Previously I did a tiny bit of research and would then pitch. Unsurprisingly my pitches were rarely commissioned. Now, I can see the work that goes into a story idea before pitching, and I hope this will make the difference between my pitches before and after.

If you're at the beginning stages of wanting to freelance and you're wanting to learn more tips and tricks of breaking into the industry, leap at the chance to study the Freelance Writing Course with AWC. You won't regret it and it's great value for money.

Bernice Shepherd 4 months ago

I really enjoyed the course and found it extremely practical.

The feedback from Sue was great, very useful and constructive and very welcome. I think the feedback on my work and on others has helped me a lot in understanding what might be required of a freelance writer and what editors are looking for.

It is very confidence boosting and makes you feel like this is not totally out of reach. It has given me the very practical tools required to actually start putting myself out there to see what happens.

I think it has improved my writing by giving me more structure and focus, and a framework within which to work.

I'd just like to thank Sue for her very helpful and supportive feedback!

Helena Rawlins 4 months ago

I knew I had a structure problem. What I didn't know was how to pinpoint exactly where the structure fell down, and how to fix it. Now I do know how to find the structural faults and fix them. In fact, I have done so in my book. Thanks!

Stephanie Steinsvaag 4 months ago

I love picture books and reading them to kids! Also wanting to write children's picture books but not really having any idea of where to start, apart from the ideas in my mind.

I realise that I knew very little about the constraints of writing picture books and this course has enlightened me.

I found Zanni's feedback to be constructive and delivered in a very positive way. The video feedback sessions were especially helpful.

It has motivated me to actually start working at writing rather than just thinking and talking about it.

Thanks to AWC and to Zanni. I look forward to many more courses with you.

Tony Neilson 4 months ago

I wanted to increase my motivation and confidence to start doing creative writing again.

I wrote pieces that I wouldn't have attempted before, and because I was actually thinking about writing, and the process around it, I managed to come up with the kernel of a possible novel idea that I'm now having a go at writing.

Have enjoyed reading Angela's comments on all our works, and picking up both very practical tips on "mechanics" of writing as well as on how well our story concepts worked.

I enjoyed being pushed to create. Often did so under the pressure of a deadline, which means I probably wouldn't have done so under my own steam.

I have started writing a novel! Even if it peters out after a few chapters, I've at least gone through the process of thinking about and defining characters, locations, a future state of the world and sketched out in my head at least some of how the story might work. I have also downloaded and started using Scrivener as a result, which feels like something that works for me in terms of adding structure to what I'm doing, and aligns with lessons in the course.

If you're not sure if you want to start writing creatively, this will really help you to make a more fully informed decision.

Lirize Loots 4 months ago

The feedback provided was excellent and thought provoking. It was really helpful to hear comments on both my own work and that of other participants. Lots to reflect upon and to go back and review in future.

I enjoyed challenging myself weekly with an assignment, reading the assignments others submitted and hearing the feedback on all of our work.

It gave me a starting point and a structure and was the catalyst for setting out ideas for a first story.

Rebecca Spencer 4 months ago

I'm an illustrator who wants to explore writing children's picture books, and was recommended your course by a librarian.

Our online tutor gave us helpful feedback and explained well where our stories could be improved in a constructive manner.

I enjoyed the results, and having my own stories that I can now work on further.

This course has further shown me the enjoyment that comes with the creativity in storytelling, and has opened my eyes to the possibility of this as a career.

This course helps you dip your toe into writing stories for children, how to learn to edit your own work and how to make a career from it.

Karen Young 4 months ago

Pamela was fantastic, I could listen to her talk about writing for days! I learnt so much about all the topics covered by taking on board her feedback about all of our assignments.

I loved the Zoom classes and hearing the feedback from Pamela and my fellow students. I learnt so much from reading and commenting on everyone’s assignments.

I started Writing Workout with a vague idea for a book and through doing all the exercises I was able to finish the course with a solid outline to continue on with. For me, this course was invaluable.

There’s a huge amount involved in writing a fabulous book! But I’m now much closer to doing that than I was before I started this course in November. I enjoyed it so much that I’m thinking about doing it again.

Just a HUGE thank you to Pamela... she was absolutely fantastic!

Vivienne Barrett 4 months ago

Pamela is lovely and very knowledgeable having published 32 books. Her feedback was very helpful and her insights have allowed me to think more deeply about where my story is going.

I enjoyed the ability to have a published author comment on my work and to have the group comment/workshop the ideas. The group were lovely and I'm hoping that a few will continue on together.

The course has made me feel that is a lot I don't know but rather than getting caught up in all of that - I know that I need to get a first draft written so that is what I will concentrate on now.

Aly Kenna 4 months ago

Pamela, as will all the tutors I have had with AWC to date, exceeded my expectations. She was friendly, approachable and encouraging. She helped us refine our work as well as troubleshoot along the way. I will miss Pamela as well as my classmates.

I enjoyed the Zoom experience, added bonus, no travel time. Being able to attend the classes from home, even when my life was at its most chaotic was a real bonus. In addition, being able to discuss our work in real time and with a shared screen was immensely helpful.

I am now more confident to take on a novel.

Don't just think about it. Do it! Whatever you want to write, AWC will have a course to help you on your journey. Take one, take two... it will be the best thing you ever did for your writing and most importantly the best money ever spent in your pursuit of writing.

Thank you, Pamela for a wonderful course, and thank you to my classmates whose thoughts and opinions I value.

Kylie Dufty 4 months ago

I learnt a lot about different aspects of writing. I have done some other AWC courses and my first one, Creative Writing Stage 1, was with Pamela. This course seemed to bring a lot of my previous learning together.

I definitely enjoyed the workshopping with others and feedback from Pamela. The Zoom meetings were a great way to do this.

I have gained the skills and confidence to get out of my own way and just sit down and write what I want to write. I realise it will be a lot of hard work, drafting and redrafting, but I have gained skills which will help me write a novel and get published. I lacked the belief in myself before.

If writing is your dream, AWC can teach you the skills, give you the confidence and inspiration to write. Thank you. I feel closer to my lifelong dream of being a writer than I ever have.

Randa Mushcab 4 months ago

I appreciated that the tutors were veterans in the writing field and could provide real practical advice for any beginner writer.

The tutor was encouraging yet constructive. Alex provided great advice each week. I enjoyed listening to her weekly feedback.

I liked having an assessment to complete each week. It helped me to get out of 'listening' mode and begin practising from day 1.

This course was like a blueprint to becoming a freelance writer. Valerie has considered every possible step along the way and covered it with great advice.

This is a great course for anyone who is serious about a career in freelance writing.

Valentina D. 4 months ago

I was drawn to the idea of workshopping with other like-minded people and learning to be comfortable with constructive criticism.

Stephen was very measured in his feedback. He was encouraging but also offered good suggestions at changes.

I've learned to appreciate constructive feedback. In fact, I found myself looking forward to hearing what people had to say about my writing so that I can continue to improve.

It helped me to decide which of the stories in my head I want to start writing and I'm determined to get a book finished. I'm also not afraid to tell people that I'm writing anymore. I've found a way to channel my creativity and I love that.

The weekly deadlines keep you accountable, the exercises challenge you and the feedback helps you improve. If this course doesn't get you writing, I'm not sure anything will.

Amy C. 4 months ago

I've been writing novels and short stories for a while and wanted to improve my writing to make my stories more engaging.

I have a severe visual impairment so I was a little unsure of how I'd access this course. However, I found the course very accessible, especially with the audio lessons and audible feedback.

I found my tutor very knowledgeable and encouraging. Their feedback was very helpful too.

I most enjoyed seeing my writing progressively improving over the time I was in this course.

This course has taught me different ways of looking at creating a story, from construction to completion. It has also made me more aware of using all the five senses in description.

Amelia Lewis 4 months ago

Lesley was an enthusiastic, clear and engaging presenter. Her feedback was considered and helpful.

The exercises were fun and complemented the course material well. I loved the advice about story arcs within a limited word count - it was very helpful to visualise this.

This course has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try something new - I completed my first chapter book manuscript.

If you're looking for something targeted and informative to help you engage young children with your writing, enrol in this course. You'll learn a lot! Thanks for a fun and informative course!

Janelle Adolphe 4 months ago

I was looking for a course online to support my current role. The course content was clearly defined and related to the areas in which I was seeking to improve as a writer.

The videos, the slide show presentation and downloads provided were easy to access from all mediums, namely my mobile phone, iPad and computer. The content was in-depth, with clear examples. In addition, the modules were sectioned in to short sessions making it effective time-wise, without being overwhelming.

I enjoyed the introductory videos presented by Paul, as the content was relatable and entertaining. I felt joy and excited to go through the module I was up to by his words of encouragement and sincerity. Loved the quotes.

I feel confident knowing I have the knowledge to write professional correspondence. I look forward to modifying my templates as per the guidelines provided.

Highly recommend. Well worth the time and money as the course content is spot on.

Natasha Minns 4 months ago

I was more interested in the Write Your Novel program, but figured I might as well start with a smaller commitment first and see what I thought of the course, and how I managed to find time for the course as well.

I was pleased to find that although I've been writing creatively for as long as I could remember, there were still things for me to learn in a structured creative writing course. Many of the things I critique in my own writing were the same things that the tutor was picking up, so that means I was already on the right track, and I appreciate the positive, encouraging way that this was done.

The course was well planned and thorough, presented by a tutor with solid industry experience, and is worth taking the time to do. The feedback was constructive but always positive. Most importantly, many careers require you to study to be successful, why not writing too? It just makes sense.

I am keen to do more courses, as time and funds permit, to assist my on my journey to completing my novel and preparing it for publication.

Natalie Devlin 4 months ago

I am a Primary School teacher and have an avid interest in picture books. I would like to explore the possibility of writing picture books for children and use my teaching background to write books to help improve children's literacy and build a positive reading culture for young people. I thought that doing this course would help me in this endeavour, and it has.

Zanni was really positive and helped me move forward in my writing. I always value feedback and a critical eye as I feel it is the best way forward (in writing and life). I valued Zanni's feedback as she helped me discover aspects of my writing that are working well and where I need to exert myself more.

I really savoured the content in each module and absorbing the info about children's books. The course also 'forced' (in a good way) me to write more. I love a deadline so having a weekly assignment really helped.

This course really opened me up to the other side of picture books (I have the teacher perspective) but the author and publisher perspective was eye-opening for me. I didn't realise just how much goes into writing children's books.

If you want to build your skills and build your writing toolbox I strongly recommend you do a course through AWC – it will inspire you and assist you in your writing journey, whatever that is.

Thanks for a great course. I have completed a few courses through AWC and while I haven't had anything published yet, I do so love the course content and learning skills and connecting with likeminded people. It also influences what I read from time to time so the courses keep me interested and stimulated.

Alexis D. 4 months ago

I wanted to grow my writing skills and it was the only one available for my age group. I was looking for direction for my future career when I leave school.

I didn't really know what to expect in the course, but it was really thorough and the most detailed course I've ever done.

Allison Tait was a wonderful tutor, and she gave detailed answers to my questions. She gave in-depth feedback on my assignments and pointed out things that I hadn't thought about.

I loved the audios every Monday and the fact I was able to devote as much time as I did to writing. I enjoyed the story building blocks that challenged me to think about my story and how it was going to grow and what was required for me to get it to that stage.

I can now do basic planning for my stories and I know what is involved to make them interesting for readers. It was a big help being told that there is no right way to write.

Emily S. 4 months ago

My Mum was doing some research and suggested I do this course, and I thought I could give it a go, since I do homeschooling anyway.

Amazing job, guys!!

I liked the audios most, actually. The person who spoke was easy to listen to and understand and I think she did a great job.

Oh, man, it's changed my whole perspective in writing in every way!!

Oof, the entire thing was like 'OMG I DID NOT KNOW THAT - AWESOME!'

Alex G 4 months ago

I enjoyed getting to learn more about the different elements of creative writing in-depth in a course that was designed for young, aspiring writers. I liked that it gave lots of advice and guidance, as well as opportunities to play around with ideas and develop your skills further. I also liked that you were able to work through the modules and exercises at your own pace.

The tutor was helpful and gave great guidance and insight. I also found them to be genuinely interested in their students and their stories.

I enjoyed the story building block modules, because it was fun to see a story gradually developing week by week, but I also enjoyed the other exercises where I could experiment with other ideas and story elements.

This course has had a significant impact on my writing, as it has given me more clear direction in relation to the writing process and what the necessary steps are for writing novels. It has emphasised how much time, effort and extensive thinking and planning is needed, both before, after and whilst you are writing, as well as the importance of redrafting.

Debbie Toomey 4 months ago

I've been wanting to write a novel for the past couple of years and did the basic creative writing course. When this course came up on special, I thought it was time to learn more.

I enjoyed the whole thing. I liked the examples and the presenter who made it very easy to understand and relate to.

The suggestions and ideas I learnt have made me rethink completely the relationships between some of my characters in my first novel draft.

I would recommend (and have!) Australian Writers' Centre courses to anyone interested in writing as they are motivational and very informative and enjoyable.

Sarah Bashforth 4 months ago

I was looking for a writing course that would let me "dip my toe in the water" so to speak without outlaying thousands of dollars if I then found that writing wasn't for me.

The resources are extremely helpful, in particular the audio lessons that you can download and listen to as many times as you need to. The lessons by Valerie are explained in easy-to-understand terms which was very beneficial to me because I have never had anything at all to do with the writing industry before.

Sue White was very helpful with the feedback she provided so you knew where you got it right and where you could improve.

I really enjoyed the way the online classroom is set out whereby you can chat and comment with your fellow classmates and tutor. I also felt that because you could view your classmates' assignments and the feedback they received from the tutor, it meant you could learn more about what to do and what not to do when writing a feature article.

I am longing for a new career path because I have been doing the same job for 10 years. I want a new direction in my life and to do something I am passionate about and something that gives me the flexibility to work from home or from anywhere at all really. My dream would be to go road tripping around Australia and to be able to write for publications about our beautiful country.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone. For a small monetary and time commitment you learn so, so much! And not just how to structure an article but about how to actually pitch to publications so you earn money from writing.

Juliet Fieldew 4 months ago

I was listening to the podcasts first, and developed the impression that you really knew your stuff! This brought me to the website to research your courses. I chose to do this one first as it is the recommended foundation for the others and I knew it would be a good start for me in the midst of writing my first novel.

I found the course content really fantastic and comprehensive. I learn better in a classroom environment with direct interaction with the teacher, but this was a really good compromise (anyway, do I want to go out one night a week for an evening class? Nah.) I think the fact that we can download the content and audio is priceless, because there were things which were really great but not relevant to the current stage I'm at (such as redrafting) that I can go back to and refer to again whenever I need to.

Stephen was really good, and gave lovely clear constructive feedback.

If you're thinking of writing, then go to AWC website: they have courses on all sorts of writing and they really know their stuff!

Thank you, Pamela, Valerie, Stephen and AWC! I've really loved this course. I will take a while to work on my current story and allow things to percolate from this course, and then I'll be back for more!

Justine Field 4 months ago

I started publishing pieces on Medium.con this year and this gave me the confidence to consider freelance writing. I found this course and it looked practical and useful as well as affordable. I liked the flexibility of the Online learning platform.

Cat was very supportive and approachable and provided useful advice.

I really liked the listening materials- very informative and entertaining. It was great being able to listen to them in my own time. They're a really good resource and I'll be dipping back into them over the coming months.

It turned the idea of freelance writing from a fanciful dream to a realistic prospect and gave me the tools to get started.

I think it's a really good course and I'm looking forward to more.

Bianca Stewart 4 months ago

I was looking for inspiration from a reputable organisation that could provide me with practical advice and writer success stories to help me carve out my own writing journey.

The course was always going to make me confront some of my fears about writing but I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass up!

The access to downloadable resources including the workbook, videos and client success stories was great. It means I can revisit them whenever I need a motivational boost.

Reinvent Yourself was the first step I needed to reconnect with writing after spending too many years listening to my inner-critic. I knew the course would not only provide me with the necessary motivation I needed to break free from my comfort zone but also remind me that it is entirely possible to be a successful writer.

I learnt from some of the stories that even if you are exposed to writing every day in your current job and have the confidence in your writing, everyone can absolutely benefit from a course to build on their skills. The confidence to create engaging content is learned by having the right tools and even better support.

The AWC is a go-to professional resource for all your writing needs. It is a cost-effective and, more importantly, flexible option to attain new skills in a supportive environment. It does not matter if you have 20 years' experience or no experience in writing, there are courses for everyone. The AWC provide the reassurance that everyone is capable of shaping their own writing career.

Jan Samuels 5 months ago

I’m more confident in developing dialogue. I have previously relied too much on scene setting and now understand that dialogue can move/change pace more quickly than longer passages

Highly practical, focused courses that build skills and knowledge quickly.

Alison Evans 5 months ago

I had seen good reviews online for this course and the description sounded like what I had been looking for. Initially, I was unsure because of the cost but after some thought I felt it was a good investment to learn the skills I need to pursue my interest in writing picture books

I really appreciated the prompt feedback and the video format was helpful. It was also helpful to be able to hear Zanni's feedback for others in the course.

I enjoyed reading people's stories - it was lovely to see the different creative ideas people came up with and this provides inspiration to see the world in different ways for future stories.

It taught me the skills needed to develop picture books and the knowledge of what is required and involved in getting published.

The course is a great place to start if you have an interest in writing picture books but limited knowledge about how to structure and format them and how the publishing process works.

Natalie Livings 5 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the 12 month Write Your Novel course, which I completed during 2020. I finished, re-wrote and polished my YA Thriller manuscript that I'd been struggling with since 2015. I learnt valuable writing tips and techniques, both from tutor Cathie Tasker and from my supportive course mates, through the workshopping element of the program. We now continue to read for each other post course. Highly recommend!

Brigita Ozolins 5 months ago

I’ve always had a great love of writing, and as I’m transitioning to retirement, and working part-time instead of full time, I made the decision to pursue that love in earnest. I completed two creative writing courses, one with the University where I work, and another through a Writers Centre. They were fabulous, and I learned a lot, but I found myself doubting whether I could really follow my dream and complete the writing project I had set myself. Then I received several emails from the AWC about the Reinvent Yourself course and it sounded like just what I needed to motivate myself and build my confidence, so I enrolled, along with the 30 day Writing Boot Camp.

This course is incredibly positive and made me feel that it was possible to achieve my writing goal. I had already taken nearly all the steps recommended for reinventing yourself before I did the course, so rather than teaching me something totally new, it reinforced that I was on the right path and was doing the right things to achieve my goal.

I really enjoyed hearing about all the different options for careers in writing, the stories from past graduates and those from other, more established writers in the extra workbook. It’s also great to have both the audio to listen to and the text-based documents to refer to later - and to hear about other courses offered by the AWC that might be useful as I progress with my writing project.

It has motivated me to keep going, despite moments of doubt, so I feel much more positive about my writing as a result of this course.

If you are interested in following a career path in writing, and you don’t want to do a university degree, do a course with the Australian Writer’s Centre. They have an amazingly varied range of courses, they are highly professional, and the content is incredibly motivational.

Michael Morell 5 months ago

I am an avid listener of the So You Want to be a Writer podcast. When I heard the new (at the time) course advertised, it was perfect timing. I was just about to start the editing process on my first novel and didn't really know much about how to go about it.

I enjoyed being able to work through the course at my own pace. It enabled me to adjust to my work commitments and customise each step of the process appropriately for my manuscript.

I now have a tried and tested editing process that I would definitely use again. The course also made me feel confident in my writing, assured me during those moments of insecurity and encouraged me to persevere.

The course opened my eyes to the power of a robust spreadsheet. I created a detailed KIC list, scene list, character charts and time line that organised my thinking and clearly highlighted what I needed to change and what was working well.

Australian Writers' Centre is a friendly and welcoming writing community. The courses are accessible, engaging, packed full of valuable information and professionally presented. Both courses that I have done have delivered exactly what I was expecting.

Chantal Harrison 5 months ago

I was thrilled with the understanding and emphasis on diversity and representation as well as the care taken with that which made it clear it wasn't a performative thing; it was a genuine recognition of what is needed in modern society.

I feel validated in what I've got and motivated to actually see it through for once!

AWC exceeded my expectations and I was very impressed with their vast knowledge in many areas and the care and thoughtfulness of what goes into their curriculum and feedback.

Glen Morgan 5 months ago

The pace and course content were excellent.

Margaret was able to balance criticism with encouragement. I have held off for many years and so taking this step into a world where I would be open to others was a bit daunting - but Margaret has made the difference. So instead of using the delete key, I will continue to add to my story.

I have confidence to keep writing and have already gone back to the early modules for help. I had started writing a story before the course and have now completed the first few chapters, applying what I have learnt. A second story has come out of my assignments and that will sit on the sideline for now.

The course takes a beginner writer on a journey of discovery with practical help and lots of positive encouragement to keep writing and make it to the end page of your story.

Eleanor Meyer 5 months ago

Cat is professional, experienced and kind. I really loved how the information provided was so clear, and brought to surface the information a new starter needs to know - it didn't assume information. It makes this feel possible...!

I quit my job! It gave me the mechanism by which I could build a future in writing. It was supportive and clear with its teachings.

A lot of this course is about making things obvious, clear and relevant, but a lot of it is also about being proactive and how to do that. Clearing the muddy waters. I wish you'd write a similar course for life, I'd drink it in! Thank you!

Deb Brown 5 months ago

I have wild ideas every day. The course has provided a great outlet and enabled me to put those ideas into a format. Really appreciate it. Thank you! The course provided an opportunity to put ideas into motion.

The tutor was excellent. The honesty was very much appreciated. I had one dud week, and I knew it. Always constructive. When praise was in order, Zanni provided it. Very appreciative. Honesty is the key here. So thank you.

I enjoyed exploring ideas and getting them out of my head. Having a great laugh along the way!!

The course was awesome - get onto it! The more the merrier. You will be supported and really get to the grit of learning.

Emily Dawn Willmett 5 months ago

After a lot of thought in 2020, I had committed to studying Journalism in 2021 - then the fees were released. After being deflated and shocked by the 133% increase in fees, I began looking for other options. I quickly came across the AWC online and decided to begin in November 2020.

I was surprised at the level of detail shared, and felt it was all very valuable and well set out.

I have enjoyed the comments Cat has provided, and her feedback has helped me rework some ideas. I enjoyed learning about writing profiles, and receiving industry insights from Valerie.

I feel more confident to write for publications and I am more inspired to continue courses like this instead of university.

I'd say that it's a comprehensive, professional and affordable way of harnessing skills in communication to assist in many areas of business. It's not just for freelancers. Thank you.

Kate Humphreys 5 months ago

I enjoyed this course and the feedback. I think it’s the right length too, and the requirement to complete an assignment each week works very well for me and to maintain a discipline of 'doing'.

It was very informative and covered everything from the structure of books to the potential earnings and practicalities of getting published. I also found the links to societies of writers super helpful.

I wrote two stories! Amazing indeed.

There is a lot of information packed into a short and punchy schedule. Easily understood and well structured. I'll be signing up for another course soon!

Katherine A. Knight 5 months ago

I’ve wanted to be a writer since childhood but never knew where to start. I liked the idea of having a structured course and lessons with other participants who were also learning with me. The online component worked well, especially with the current Covid-19 concerns. I also liked not having to make a set time to attend - I could make it fit my schedule each week.

I was quite nervous about putting anything up for review or comment by anyone else, especially never having done any kind of writing course before. However, both the tutor and other participants were really encouraging but also gave specific feedback and suggestions which were quite helpful.

I was surprised by how much more I got out of the course by reading everyone else’s pieces and giving them feedback, as well as the expected feedback on my pieces. I also found it helped to see the feedback others gave each other.

I thought Pamela was great; she didn’t focus on tiny little spelling or grammar issues so much at the beginning until later on, which I thought was quite helpful. It encouraged myself and possibly other nervous newbies to gain confidence and just keep writing. I felt that was a good way to learn and gain experience. I appreciated Pamela still giving her time and feedback when I sometimes didn’t hit the exact brief of the assignment (eg. myself and some others struggled with the word count limit). I think this was important for new writers in a beginners-type course to help encourage them and grow.

I liked being given a set task to complete, or a scenario to describe, as this really helped me to just start writing. Having a deadline each week pushed me to submit something at least. I was very nervous initially getting feedback but found I really enjoyed it, both the positive and negative, probably as I stayed open to learning and taking it all on board. Also, we didn’t need to write a whole complete story, it was just a short scene or description, so there was less pressure which I liked.

It gave me a craving to write more regularly which is great, and I feel I’ve learnt so much just from these few weeks of assignments and feedback. I wish I’d done a writing course much earlier - I’ve already signed up for another one and given a voucher to my Mum for her to start her writing journey too :-)

If you’ve always wanted to write but never thought you could, this is a great way to jump in and learn great skills and gain confidence. Especially if you think you’re a complete novice, but I think it’s also for anyone who’s written or done courses before but are stuck. I’d also recommend being quite active, reading everyone pieces and giving feedback, and pushing yourself just to get something in by each deadline. I couldn’t wait to get feedback and it helped encourage me and gave me confidence to keep writing.

Narelle Albrecht 5 months ago

I had completed a couple of self-paced AWC courses and felt they'd really improved my writing and knowledge of how to write a novel. They also got me started on writing my first chapter. I thought this course would be great to get me started more seriously on my manuscript.

I really enjoyed having Bron as our tutor. She was an astute commentator on our work and tailored her feedback to each of our pieces and styles. She also combined positive and encouraging feedback with more critical feedback to enable revisions. She was very generous with her time and I had a separate conversation with her about a dilemma I was having in writing true crime/memoir where she gave me some very useful tips and, most of all, encouragement to continue writing this story.

I enjoyed the workshopping component- both by the students and tutor. It really opened my eyes to some of the flaws in my writing and gave me concrete ideas on how to revise it. Workshopping others' stories and reading others' comments gave me the skills to critically appraise a piece of writing. It also made me aware that some feedback is subjective or inappropriate and needs to be evaluated by the writer with respect to overall intention and instinct. Judgement on what to change and what to keep is a skill I will need to keep honing!

I now have over 10,000 words written and I have a draft structure with an idea of my POV characters that feels right for me at the moment. Starting to write seriously has also thrown up a whole lot of ethical and legal questions on writing true crime/memoir about people that are still alive. It has shown me how important it is to read widely in this genre to understand where the boundaries lie between fiction and non-fiction. My goal over the next few months is to saturate myself in creative non-fiction writers and techniques, while continuing to write my first draft. I have also enrolled in the creative non-fiction self-paced AWC course.

It's an amazing course, especially if writing fiction, that will set you up with the skills, discipline and community to begin your manuscript.

Karen Makarucha 5 months ago

I commenced my Masters of Writing this year and it became apparent that part of being a writer is to be a published writer. Some of my classmates already had their own blogs and I thought blogging would be a great way to develop my writing skills and work towards being a published writer.

There was so much more content in this course than I expected. Thank you for being so helpful.

I enjoyed how each section was broken up into small achievable components. Also, the detail provided on developing a blog as opposed to just setting one up. The final section on gaining and maintaining a readership was great as well.

Kevin Lynch 5 months ago

I guess the most important thing for me, which surprised me, was that the course didn't attempt to give me a formula for how to write. Rather, it gave common sense general parameters and the encouragement to write in my own style and then relevant feedback.

The tutor was first class; very direct at times, but encouraging, which is the best style for this sort of endeavour.

It’s a funny thing to say but I found I just loved writing and the course forced me to write and not to be afraid.

I have had a story in my head for twenty years and now I'm confident it will be written. I have enrolled in the Write Your Novel course.

Kate Hecimovic 5 months ago

The section on creating an editorial plan got me excited about turning my writing into a business. It gave me the 'how-to' structure my time and planning.

I have all the information I need now to start creating my blog. There are no excuses anymore!

AWC has a wide range of relevant courses that are affordable, with strong content that will give you everything you need to start your writing business.

Linda Swadling 5 months ago

I went into the course with no expectations really but I have come out with a direction on where I want to go. I was umming and ahhing about freelance writing and blogging and whether they were for me but this course opened up various aspects of freelance writing I hadn't considered and that I am very interested in.

I enjoyed hearing from people who had worked through AWC courses and how they were applying these to their lives - what work they have secured because of the courses.

I have a direction in freelance writing that I had not previously considered and, when I develop my knowledge in those areas, that will allow me to reduce my work hours in my day time job.

If you are considering writing as a career option or a way for extra income or a hobby, then you won't regret doing one of these courses. They are very informative and will open up avenues you haven't even considered.

Melissa Lourey 5 months ago

I would say that the course is great in providing practical, up to date information on not only writing feature articles, but the business side of becoming a freelance writer.

I recently sent my first pitch to Essential Baby. I followed the instructions on the module on following up and I'm happy to say they published my article. This would not have happened if I hadn't have done the course.

Thank you, Valerie and Sue!

Jordan Charters 5 months ago

Creative writing is a passion of mine and I've always been interested in learning to write for young children. The course overview seemed very comprehensive and exactly what I was interested in learning. I work in environmental education and one of my 2021 projects is to develop two digital picture story books about conservation issues in Victoria. This course seemed like a fabulous starting point to learn more about the structure of picture story books and to practice writing :)

Zanni is very approachable and provides such thoughtful and constructive feedback. She made me feel very comfortable presenting assignments, having a go and trying again. It was a good experience being able to listen to an expert in the field :)

I enjoyed seeing how different everyone's writing style/topics were and being able to learn from each other in the feedback sessions. I also thought it was pretty cool that you could see a massive difference in your writing when you compared week 1 to week 5 assignment responses!

It really opened up my eyes to all the different ways you can write for children! Participating in this course has given me the confidence to continue writing and possibly even pursue writing for children in the future. It's also been great to feel a part of a community of writers :)

Australian Writers' Centre is a wonderfully supportive community that not only improved my understanding of writing for children, but made me feel comfortable to practice and present my work for feedback. My course provided me with real life examples, great advice/knowledge and a new network of like-minded people :)

Thank you Zanni for all your advice, tips and tricks for writing engaging stories. You're such an approachable tutor and your feedback was so thoughtful. Thank you for making the course so much fun :)

Amanda Maxwell 5 months ago

I thought that the feedback that Bronwyn gave was excellent. She was very thorough and constructive and went into great detail too with lots of good suggestions.

It was great to see the way that other people write. Our "stories" were all so varied. There was never one that was the same, so it was interesting to read genres that I would not normally read.

Lyndall Ryan 5 months ago

I have an interest in copywriting and looking at shifting into the area to supplement my income. I have completed various courses with the AWC and know they are great. Our tutor had a very solid background in this area so there was no doubt it would be worthwhile.

Our online tutor was excellent. We had great constructive feedback on all assignments, as well as additional tips and tricks and valuable handouts and information to move forward in this area. Greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed all of it, but I would say applying what we had covered in lessons to the assignments was really rewarding. Then getting the feedback on those was great.

It has made me realise that I am capable of taking up a path in Copywriting after completing this course, and just need to get out there and do it.

Kate Taylor 5 months ago

Bernadette is a true professional. She gives expert advice which really sticks with you - not only in the clear content she delivers, but also in her friendly, conversational tone. Her modules don't feel like stiff lectures at all, which I found really engaging and refreshing.

The downloadable audio format was great. I'm an auditory learner, so this suited me perfectly and really allowed me to get a lot out of the course. It also allowed me to listen to the modules any time - from train journeys to treadmill sessions - which was really convenient.

I've learnt to let go of the university essayist in me and be less "precious" about my writing. I now don't get so attached to what I write and I no longer feel the need to impress readers with big words and complex language. I've learnt that less is sometimes more and that plain English is more impressive than verbose academic English.

I'm looking forward to doing the Content Writing Course next and continuing to improve my writing skills.

Richard Regan 5 months ago

I have had trouble with the correct use of commas, colons and semi-colons, and wanted a quick refresher course.

I learned far more than I expected. Or to put that another way, I didn't know as much about punctuation, grammar and tenses as I thought I did.

This is an ideal course for those who need to brush up on their use of punctuation; especially in the use of commas and the correct way to punctuate dialogue.

Gail Turnham 5 months ago

The course is informative, well-structured and provides the tools for you to write your picture book. I enjoyed learning throughout the course. At the start of my picture book journey, I would never have believed how much work goes into creating a picture book.

Thank you for creating the Masterclass course. The information I have learnt is valuable and provides me with the tools to create my picture book.

Andrea Wilson 5 months ago

I liked hearing how the other authors manage to balance their jobs and families while finding time to write. It made me change my thinking and realise I am not the only busy person who wants to write. It made me examine my own time and strategies that would work for me.

I am actually writing again. My husband has overheard parts and I think he fully understands his role in helping this to happen!

If you 're having trouble getting started writing, take this course!

Alison Kuen 5 months ago

I had purchased this course some time ago but never got around to viewing it! However, now I have some projects that I want to start, I felt it was the best time.

Natasha was fantastic! She made it so easy to follow. I really enjoyed how she explained the different features of Scrivener and showed how they work using examples from her own projects.

This course is brilliant! In two hours, I learned so much. I am really inspired to use Scrivener for my writing projects in 2021.

Kayla Saddington 5 months ago

I started a blog years ago, wrote a couple of posts and have not touched it in years. After starting a new social media account on Instagram dedicated to sustainable living, I wanted to see if going back to blogging could be a good option for the future, now that I have a solid idea and plan.

I enjoyed exploring the references and going down a rabbit hole of blogs, discovering some I was very interested in and even went back to.

I think I'd like to start blogging again!

Having done 5 courses with AWC now, I'd say that it's just so much fun. Every module, I learn something new or have something reiterated to the point where I feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to. I always feel motivated and ready to apply what I've just learned.

Steve Cook 5 months ago

I was attracted to this course because it has an experienced journalist as course presenter.

I enjoyed the friendly, knowledgeable presenter and the easy-to-understand modules.

The course gave lots of templates and examples of different media release types.

I love the Australian Writers’ Centre's self-paced courses.

Natalie Devlin 5 months ago

I wanted to do this course to give myself a kick up the butt and write more. I just needed advice and some helpful tools to assist me as I have a busy and stressful job and family life.

I really enjoyed the course. I now have more words on more pages and am working on something I'm enjoying. I now write almost every day, whether it is 200 words or a couple of paragraphs or a page, I can do it. I've also managed to find time in a busy day to fit writing in.

One major learning moment was using tools I already have access to (Google suite) but tweaking their use. And how successful people overcame challenges similar to mine. It was inspiring to know I'm not alone.

Wendy Cheek 5 months ago

I thought Bernadette was wonderful; her commentary was supportive, measured and extremely insightful. I appreciated her humour and how authentic the whole course was!

I enjoyed the practical aspects with current resources threaded throughout the modules.

I'd never considered this style of writing till now - after reading the reviews and doing the course - it's a real possibility.

I really liked all the resources that were provided - but again Bernadette was so easy to listen to - great presentations.

The AWC is a very comprehensive, professional organisation that provides you with so many potential opportunities - should you wish to take them.

Johanna Baker-Dowdell 5 months ago

I had used Scrivener previously but found I struggled with the functionality so knew I needed direction from an expert. I liked that I had access for a year so I could do the course when I was ready.

Natasha is a great tutor and clearly knows her stuff when it comes to Scrivener (and writing)!

I enjoyed the fact that it was geared towards writers. I tried to use it for an academic project previously and did not enjoy it until I could see how it worked for me creatively.

I can see the corkboard explanation will be valuable for me as I write in a messy way. Natasha showed how I can do that and then organise afterwards.

AWC has writing courses and writing tools that cut through to the nitty-gritty of actually doing the writing.

Valerie Miller 5 months ago

I wanted to be prepared as I write my first draft of a novel. I was also very curious.

It was an excellent and informative course. I learnt so much. I am more informed and feel that I have a clear direction. I am more at ease with the process, what it entails and how I can give my manuscript the best possible chance, and to know that rejection is normal and that perseverance is the key; as is knowledge.

If you are writing the first draft of a novel, you must do this course to help you become more informed. The most informative and helpful course for an emerging writer.

Artelle Lenthall 5 months ago

I love and write Picture Books and have for several years. I have seen this course offered many times, but 2020 finally made me bite the bullet and spend the money needed to do the course.

Zanni was lovely. She was gentle, upbeat and positive, but was still able to highlight areas in our manuscripts and pitches which needed attention, making suggestions as to how to improve these, where appropriate. We learned from each other’s work.

I loved seeing and hearing what other writers were writing and having our work used to illustrate improvements we could all make. I found the online format extremely beneficial as I did not have to retain copious amounts of information. I could return repeatedly to sift for more PB writing gold and take as many notes as I liked because I could stop and start the audio and video as often as I needed, without having to use half my mind to hear what was coming next, so as not to miss anything important.

It was sooo detailed and well set out; easy to follow, too.

Alexandra Katschke 5 months ago

I enjoyed the clear and precise delivery of the course from Linda. I am going to finish all of my unfinished manuscripts and hopefully self-publish!

I enjoyed the encouragement and inspiration to have full control by self-publishing.

Absolutely do it! Such a fantastic centre to be a part of and learn through.

Bridget White 5 months ago

Lesley Gibbes is a great presenter with heartfelt belief in her topic which is then passed on to course recipients.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm within each module.

This is my second course and I have felt supported in my learning. I think I have found my genre.

Madylene Planer 5 months ago

Pamela was a great tutor and provided a lot of insights.

I enjoyed getting feedback on my assignments - although daunting and nerve-wracking, it was really helpful for me to see where my strengths and weaknesses were.

The course helped me to see the children's books industry in a way I've never seen before, and removed my misconceptions.

I would say it is very informative, teachers are very helpful and the workshopping is invaluable.

Shayne Collier 5 months ago

Bronwyn is an accomplished author and editor. I've downloaded her feedback for everyone in the course because there's a lot to learn from her in-depth observations. She gave comprehensive, insightful and incredibly useful feedback that will inform the rest of my novel. Thanks, Bronwyn.

I enjoyed Bronwyn's feedback and the online chat where some interesting topics were raised. Also, everyone's different points of view/opinions and some good reading recommendations.

It gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get started, yet again, on this story that has been knocking around in my head for a long time. I also received encouraging feedback from most of the group members, which is motivating as I have very little confidence in my writing. It's nice to know fellow writers liked my work (or at least I think they did!)

I would say, go for it. The course content is good, and I like the balance between the notes and the audio. It is also a bonus to have access to the course for 12 months after completion - I had to rush through it and I still haven't listened to module 8 and some bits of the other modules. Also, our tutor Bronwyn Parry was incredibly professional.

Overall the course was enjoyable. The participants were from all over the place and from all walks of life, which kept the chats lively. Their work was accomplished too. There's a lot of talent out there!

Alexandra Katschke 5 months ago

I loved and really appreciated how the course was structured and delivered.

Lesley was thorough, professional, direct and informative. I really enjoyed having her as my tutor.

What I enjoyed most about the course was the way in which it was delivered. It was all online and self-paced. With 4 small children at home, I found I could dip in and out of the course whenever it was convenient for me to do so. While the kids had their sleeps, or delve deeper into the course later at night. I could do as much or as little of the course modules as I wanted in each sitting.

The course has given me that extra boost of creative energy to keep me going with my writing journey.

Absolutely go for it! Dive into one of their courses. Try the ones that really grab your attention first, then paddle over to look at the other courses on offer. I can guarantee these courses can be addictive!

Thankyou :)

Sarah Leov 5 months ago

Cathie is an excellent tutor. Her feedback is always clear and to the point. She's not afraid to say when something isn't working. She is excellent at answering questions promptly and with lots of detail and infographics. I felt in safe hands with her.

I enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the group and the chance to read and feedback on other people's work.

I feel I now have a handle on the structure of a novel. My innate knowledge gleaned from years as a reader is solidified with a concrete understanding of the building blocks of structure, POV, characterisation, use of the senses, creating a setting and writing good dialogue. Whereas with this manuscript I have been feeling my way, I feel confident about getting into the next one.

A major learning for me has been using limited third person POV effectively. I had to figure out how to tell a story without head hopping and it's strengthened my manuscript immeasurably.

The AWC provides quality content through professional tutors in an easily accessible way.

Matthew Buckley 5 months ago

I found the tutor very, very friendly, helpful and encouraging.

I enjoyed doing the assignments and getting the feedback on them.

The lectures were crammed full of information. There was a lot to take in. There is heaps and heaps of information that the course provides. In fact, all but one of the lectures took me literally hours to listen to as I would need to keep pausing to take notes. Thus, the course was exhausting, but worth it.

Thanks for providing such an informative course with such a friendly, encouraging tutor.

Debra Phillips-Webb 5 months ago

I enjoyed listening to the audio and completing the exercises.

It made me look at the little synchronicities within my story and cause and effect. The effect of an event on a character and then that effect to other characters and the tumbling effect onwards.

Excellent, practical and easy to follow content from experienced tutors. Always giving you many different approaches to problematic pitfalls.

Janelle Ballenden 5 months ago

I really liked Bernadette - very down to earth with a good sense of humour - easy to listen to and her presentations were easy to follow. She was a great tutor offering extensive and valuable feedback.

I loved the feedback - not just for my assignments but feedback on others' assignments, too.

It's given me confidence - I've never had any formal writing training - just worked off a bit of on-the-job training and a bit of intuition. Having someone critique my work is a great boost for my confidence. It means I'm on the right track.

I'd say, 'You should do this course because you learn quite a lot in a short time, and can access the material for 12 months so you can go over any of it again at your leisure.'

Rebekah Moore-Hart 5 months ago

I was moving into more copywriting at work, and wanted to know the essentials! I've also loved writing for a really long time, and have wanted to make it more of a career.

Thanks so much for this course! It was incredibly enjoyable, and there is so much value within it.

Bernadette is so engaging, incredibly knowledgeable and warm, and I so appreciated her humour and down to earth nature. I feel like she shared so much with us and am incredibly grateful for that generosity.

I really enjoyed the structure of the course, the mercurial nature of Bernadette's delivery (because my mind works in a very similar way!), her openness, and loved the chance to connect with and learn from classmates as well. A fantastic course overall!

I feel like it is possible now to re-direct my course and choose the thing that fills me with contentment. Bernadette has made it feel possible to pursue writing as more than just a pastime, and it's incredibly inspiring to remember how bountiful it is as a path for constant learning and development.

It's an energising platform full of possibilities - you will find something that will light your light there!

Theresa Elmes 5 months ago

The tutor gave considered responses and focussed feedback. Really appreciated her time and input.

I enjoyed the feedback because, in order to understand whether I'm connecting or have potential to connect with an audience, I need feedback on what's working/not working. It's through and with that feedback that I grow as a writer.

Tonya Gastev 5 months ago

I liked how easily explained this course is. Something that a beginner, like myself, needed for a start into writing.

I really liked my tutor. Nicole's comments on my writing were honest and constructive. And she made me want to improve my writing every time.

I liked that the assignments weren't too intense or difficult. Although anyone, at any stage can do this course, I liked that it slowly eases you in to each assignment.

I've always had my idea for a novel, but never believed I could do it because I didn't really know where to start. But now that I have been practicing with the lessons and handouts, I feel more confident about finally starting.

If you want an easily accessible course, with realistic deadlines and a supportive tutor, this is the company for you.

Thank you so much for helping me to build a little more confidence in my writing, Nicole!

David Hall 5 months ago

I enjoyed learning the information that I didn't know regarding how agents and publishers operate and what actually happens after you've completed your manuscript.

It just reinforced what I expected: that a manuscript needs multiple rewrites and that family/friends aren't exactly the best judge of your work. Also, the work needed that goes into pitching and fully understanding the manuscript was invaluable.

If you want to write, or are already writing, definitely do a course at the AWC. You will improve your skills, learn a lot and have a fun time doing it.

Patsyanne Dudman 5 months ago

I have always had an interest in becoming a freelance writer and this course ticked all the boxes. The step-by-step tuition was fantastic and it deals with the now. Sue has an amazing wealth of knowledge and I like the fact that she does not beat around the bush.

Confidence was my biggest fear. I had that weighing heavily on my shoulders: can I do this? But once I knocked that away, I was fine. It was a fantastic course as there was so much to learn and take in.

Sue, poor woman, must have the patience of a saint. Her feedback is constructive and I appreciated that if she didn't like something, she was diplomatic about how she told you. Her knowledge is like finding a gold seam.

I enjoyed everything about the course, from start to finish. Plus the bonus of making new friends. No matter what level they were or niche they followed, we all contributed together.

I know I may not be the glossy mag feature writer; however now I know how to look for what I want and how to go about it with style instead of being a bull in a china shop. I am very thankful for what I have learnt and the teachings and feedback from Sue.

Wendy Banham 5 months ago

I enjoyed doing this course and felt that it prompted me to restructure and finish a story that I'd previously tried to write. The main aspect that made this work for me was learning about how to plan and plot. As a pantser, this was particularly valuable! Thank you.

Vanessa Love 5 months ago

The tutor was great! I could tell they actually read my work. They also gave me great feedback and pointed out some things I hadn't noticed about my writing and gave good advice for how to better shape my scene.

I enjoyed going through the content. I enjoyed writing excerpts for a specific purpose. The exercises were fun and could be adapted to my story or the one specified for the exercise.

I'm actually really excited to write again. That was the reason I took the course and it got me interested in my story again.

I would say it's a great course with supportive, friendly people and it's fun.

Gillian Meers 5 months ago

The tutor provided helpful feedback, and was really encouraging without sugar-coating anything - for me personally I am here to learn and honest feedback is greatly appreciated so I can grow. Pamela was obviously knowledgeable and yet I never felt like I was less-than for just starting out and making some mistakes.

I enjoyed learning new skills and brushing up on things I already knew but with greater understanding; being led step-by-step through the creative writing process (and beyond!); reading everyone's work and giving and getting feedback.

It has given me skills, and discipline, and I feel enabled to write in a more intelligent, intentional way. I will be undertaking many other AWC courses!

Jess Wright 5 months ago

I am grateful that the AWC does on-demand courses to suit schedules. I like the ability to pause the audio, download the audio and download the handout. I like the summary of each point that is raised at each time during the audio - this is helpful for revisiting. I like that the content was concise.

The course has made me appreciate back story so much more and, as a result of fleshing out the back story of my three characters, I know additional plot events that I need to explore. It also emphasized how I want the reader to first feel about a character and how that changes over the course of the story (and therefore what I need to do to in terms of plot to bring about the change in the character and therefore the change in the reader's feelings).

I would recommend this course as it is concise and very helpful and informative. It is also ideal as it is on-demand for 12 months (with audio and hands outs being downloadable) so you can go through the course in your own time and at your own pace.

Joanne Roberts 5 months ago

I just attended a 5- week Copywriting Essentials course.

Here's what happened.

    • Eyes opened - tick
    • New skills learnt - tick
    • Provided with tips and tricks of the trade to get you started - tick

(sorry, I couldn't resist trying it with a headline formula!)

I've been a teacher trainer for a long time and have been looking for a new direction for freelance work. I saw a few adverts and Facebook posts for copywriting and it piqued my interest. I was attracted to this course in particular as it was through the AWC.

The course was comprehensive and I loved how you could download all the audio files, handouts and the slides easily.

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and willing to share her experience with us. I loved how she is so enthusiastic about her industry. It was very encouraging to hear from her all the time that this is a growth industry and that anyone can do it (with some training and skill!).

Her feedback was very useful and detailed. I loved how we got to hear all the feedback of all the course members. I listened to all of them and wrote notes for each one.

I've really enjoyed being creative with words and realising that maybe this is a job that I could do. The course has given me a taste of the industry and I feel excited about maybe becoming a part of it.

Josephine Gagliardi 5 months ago

The tutor was great! Sue was really helpful and was obviously very knowledgeable. It was fantastic being tutored by her.

I loved listening to the module lessons with Valerie Khoo talking. I learnt a lot and it was really helpful to be able to listen when and where I wanted.

It has made me feel like this is something I really can do and really pursue. I'm excited to start!

Shannon Benton 5 months ago

Bernadette is an absolute copywriting superstar! Couldn't have asked for a better person to guide me on my copywriting journey.

I enjoyed her practical advice, paired with her sense of humour. She's delightful.

Kayla Saddington 5 months ago

Valerie Khoo's video explanations and audio lessons were fantastic.

The course has taught me many things and I've learned about so many different styles of writing, as well as how the short story format changes and evolves over time. Since I have not fully completed the course (feedback to be given), I say this course has very well met my expectations. I'm really looking forward to the feedback and love that this course offers the opportunity for an established and experienced writer to offer feedback. This part has definitely exceeded my expectations and probably could be made more prominent in the description of the course.

I now have much better writing habits. And I don't feel guilty when I'm not writing, because I know that even when I'm out for a walk or in the shower, I'm still in the author state of mind, thinking of titles and characters and what's next. I also feel a lot better about having various works on the go at once, and that this is normal and encouraged.

I used to spend so much time editing as I went, and now I know that I just need to get started and write until the end, then come back and polish it later.

I would say that the Australian Writers' Centre really set me up with all that I needed to know, or was unsure about, when it came to writing and what makes a good story. I felt included and like there were so many others out there just like me, not knowing where to start. If only I'd known, just start at the beginning. There were tips and frameworks to change my line of thinking about what it meant to be a writer. Writers write. And that's all there is to it.

Alinta Boyce 5 months ago

As a Mum to three young children, I’ve barely got a spare second left in my day so I was looking for an online course that wasn’t too pressing timewise. One assignment a week was achievable on top of my other commitments.

I was nervous about sharing my work in an online forum, but did not find it daunting once the course kicked off.

I loved Zanni’s video feedback. She was very supportive and gave constructive advice.

I enjoyed building the confidence and knowledge in an area I’d been wanting to explore for a long time ... and writing first drafts for two children’s picture books in the process!

I feel confident now to give writing picture books a red hot go. I’ve already enrolled in your Masterclass!

Give it a go. It’s great fun!

Tania Cox 5 months ago

Cathie was phenomenal! Fantastic! Fabulous! Inspiring! Honest! It's a wonderful opportunity for writers to work along Cathie Tasker. Her experience in the publishing industry is priceless to any writer. AWC has excellent tutors, but Cathie is in a league of her own. No one comes close. I'm definitely booking more courses with her.

After writing many years of very short texts, I was struggling to write this particular longer text. I was in 'Ice age' mode! This course got me out of it. While I was struggling, it was good to know I was not alone, especially with Cathie at the helm.

I feel positive about the story instead of waking up frustrated about it. Such a BIG relief! When I changed my POV, the ice melted and Spring arrived! Hooray! It's obvious, but I'd dug myself into such a dark place, I'd lost my way.

These courses are a necessary part of the writing process in today's world. I can't imagine a year going by without AWC being part of my writing life.

Thank you, Cathie! Thank you, fellow work shoppers! Thank you AWC!

Elizabeth McClenaghan 5 months ago

This course actually got me excited about writing for SEO purposes, and helped me to see just how valuable it is for a business. It gave me practical skills that I can now take back to my employer and hopefully use to improve our SEO rankings and onsite traffic.

The course also helped me understand how valuable my skills are as a writer. Bernadette really has a way of making you feel important and needed and good about yourself for having these skills and for pursuing them further. In my experience, people don't always appreciate the value of good copy and can make you feel like your career choice was a waste.

Bernadette is obviously an expert in the field and gave excellent insight and feedback.

I was taking my learnings back to my manager and to my current role and I was able to point out things we should be doing and things we can do better, and he now calls me an "seo expert" even though I've only done this one course!

Courtney Gould 6 months ago

I loved having Cathie as my tutor. She is kind, insightful, and provides detailed feedback that generally includes helpful resources as well.

I enjoyed swapping submissions, giving and providing feedback. I found this aspect very valuable. Also, I loved hearing from different authors in the audio classes for each module.

When I first started writing, I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy, was I wrong! This course (+ the others I've completed) have opened my eyes and taught me the essential fundamentals of writing that I was missing.

I learned that I am actually a good writer - the feedback I received was amazing and I'll always be thankful that this was my starting point.

Thank you for this course - it's wonderful! HIGHLY recommended. Can't praise these courses enough. I'll definitely be back for more!

Megan Ralfe 6 months ago

The course provided a complete toolkit to enter the workforce as a copywriter. It was super practical, the information was generous and well-delivered, and left me at the end feeling like I could make the step into paid work.

Bernadette was excellent. She is very knowledgeable in her profession, and generous in sharing that knowledge. She communicates effectively, and in a down-to-earth way. She has developed useful templates and strategies for effective copywriting which she stepped me through logically - this built me up to a sense of competency and confidence in my ability to work as a copywriter.

I enjoyed writing creatively. I loved the excitement of new horizons and learning new skills, after a long time of same-same. I also really liked the dynamic nature of tailoring ideas to hook different target markets, and doing this quickly (challenging my tendency towards perfectionism).

Doing this course has ignited the spark of new adventure within me. It reminds me of when I was younger, when I felt there were lots of exciting things waiting to open up to me. It has made me realise how long it's been since I have felt that excitement for the unknown. Being a Mum has both expanded and contracted my universe in profound ways. The contraction has been tough, so it is great to feel inspired by new horizons!

It is a great kicking off point to begin working as a copywriter. It is a small time and financial investment to then be able to work and earn writing copy. Within the profession there is a lot of scope to start small, be flexible, and build your business as you build your skills.

Thank you, I have really enjoyed this course :)

Mandy Heath 6 months ago

Sue gave great feedback, keeping her comments upbeat and positive. I always looked forward to reading her feedback.

It's achievable to complete in the time given. The content is very interesting and you walk away with tools to achieve your travel writing dreams.

I now have direction and motivation to start writing my travel book.

Thank you, Sue, for your feedback and encouragement. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.