Welcome to our FOCUS ON series. These seminars explore and dissect important aspects of the art of writing in an interactive, efficient way – enlightening you with expert tutorials and on-the-spot Q&As.

Each FOCUS ON seminar offers something a little different to our foundational courses – they build on the knowledge you’ve gained from those courses and hone your skills in craft of writing even further.

Your host for each of these seminars is Pamela Freeman, our Creative Writing Director and award-winning author. Pamela has published more than 40 books and knows a thing or ten about crafting a story!


Thursday 1 August 2024
7pm–8.30pm (Syd/Mel time)


“The seminar was fabulous. Packed with practical information. Pamela answered a burning question for me which has set me on a new and positive path. The seminar provided the information I needed to pave the way. You can't get much better than that.”

Robyn Pryor

You can gain immediate access to each of Pamela’s brilliant FOCUS ON seminars. Each seminar is priced at $65 and will provide you with access to the seminars and course materials for 12 months. There is so much valuable information packed in to each of these FOCUS ON seminars that you will find yourself referring to them again and again.

Here's what students had to say about our recent FOCUS ON seminars:

“Pamela is such a friendly presenter and so generous with her knowledge. It felt like I was sitting down with a writing mentor and being gently nudged in the right direction.”
– Julie Bowyer

“I thought Pamela was very clear in what she was saying. She repeated key points so that they could stick. She also has a lovely personality and comes across as extremely knowledgeable and affable. Even the way she answered the wide range of questions was done in a very thorough way. Thank you for an invaluable session.”
– Anjali Isaacs