Created by Pamela Freeman – author of more than 40 books and the Australian Writers' Centre's Director of Creative Writing – Fiction Essentials is a set of flexible courses that provide the perfect companion to your writing journey. Each one takes a deep dive into six core areas of good storytelling.

Perhaps you’d like to create more memorable characters or use dialogue and scenes in a more compelling way? Maybe it’s your narrative structure or point of view that you struggle with? Or you’d simply like to brush up on your grammar and punctuation to make the best impression on agents and publishers? With Fiction Essentials, you select the area you’d like to focus on and start learning. Choose one course, two, three, all six … it’s completely up to you!

Each valuable self-paced guide gives you 12 months’ unlimited access to the course material – the ideal online reference right there at your fingertips.

Fiction Essentials: CHARACTERS

Engage readers through your cast of characters.

Use character development to create narrative tension.

Complete exercises to cement your new skills.



Fiction Essentials: DIALOGUE

Discover how to write compelling conversations.

Learn how to use dialogue to drive your story forward.

Complete exercises to ensure your dialogue is authentic.



Fiction Essentials: POINT OF VIEW

Master this vital skill in fiction writing.

Gain techniques to strengthen your narrative voice.

Complete exercises to solidify your storytelling.



Fiction Essentials: SCENES

Construct scenes that flow seamlessly through your story.

Craft vivid settings that evoke deep emotion.

Discover how to edit your scenes for maximum impact.



Fiction Essentials: STRUCTURE

Dramatically improve the framework of your stories.

Develop techniques for effective pace and tension.

Discover practical methods to achieve a strong narrative arc.




Master the art of punctuating dialogue correctly.

Know how to avoid common formatting and style mistakes.

Complete exercises and quizzes to reinforce your skills.