Work from home as a copywriter

If you’re curious about the world of copywriting, or simply keen to take your professional skills to the next level – we have the courses to help.

Talented copywriters are highly sought-after. Businesses and brands are always on the hunt for wordsmiths who can craft compelling messages, web pages, marketing materials, social media posts and more. Working as a freelance copywriter is a flexible way to earn a healthy income – perfect if you crave freedom and variety in your role and would love to be paid to write words that ‘sell’.

Explore an area of interest below and supercharge your copywriting skills today…

Copywriting podcast

Join Australia’s most popular copywriting coach Bernadette Schwerdt, as she shares practical advice for succeeding as a professional copywriter. You'll discover insider tips on how to get started, find work, build a brand, make money, manage your mindset and more. The perfect pick-me-up for any writer who wants to earn a living doing what they love.

How to become a successful copywriter

Our online courses have been created by experts in the industry to give you the essential skills to enjoy this lucrative new revenue stream. Many copywriters try it out as a side-hustle, others pursue it as a full-time gig.

The choice is yours! Follow our pathway to copywriting success…

Copywriting Essentials

If you're looking to become a copywriter, then Copywriting Essentials is the perfect starting point. It’s our flagship course for novices, emerging and experienced writers wanting to become paid, professional copywriters.

Copy Club

Once you've completed Copywriting Essentials, you’ll want to keep the momentum up and get your burning questions answered as they arise. Joining Copy Club is the best way to do that. You’ll also be able to connect with other copywriters, access a host of training videos and templates, and clients and join a community of like-minded collaborators. 

How To Build A Freelance Copywriting Business

If you’re serious about becoming a freelance copywriter, your next step is to complete the How to Build a Freelance Copywriting Business. You’ll learn how to find clients, build your brand, automate your marketing and generate income.

SEO Copywriting

For deeper immersion into SEO Copywriting, this course will give you the skills to write copy that helps clients get on page one of Google, source more traffic and increase conversions. If you want to charge a premium for your service, offer a point of difference and build your confidence, this is the course to do next.

Email Marketing and Copywriting

For those who like long copy, and want to secure long-term clients, the Email Marketing and Copywriting course is the next port of call. This course does a deep dive into how to write email campaigns, landing pages and funnels and will set you up to become an expert.

Real Estate Copywriting

This course will give you the skills to write compelling listings that paint an ideal picture of the property for sale. Real Estate Copywriting ideal if you want an additional revenue stream, have a passion for homes and property, are looking to build a strong client base through regular work, would like to create a niche writing in this area and simply love sticky-beaking in other people’s houses!

Copywriting Business Kickstart Template Pack

Starting out as a copywriter? Need some templates to get you up and running? Don’t reinvent the wheel or waste time working it out for yourself.

Download the ‘Copywriting Business Kickstarter Template Pack’ and get access to these best practice templates today. These templates cover the essential pillars for your copywriting business and will help you launch your new career with confidence.