AWC presents
Furious Fiction
55 hours. 500 words. 500 dollars.

On the first weekend of every month, you are invited to put your storytelling skills to the test in the ultimate writer-takes-all short story competition. Armed only with our simple brief, your job is to race the clock to come up with your best 500 words-or-fewer story and be in to win a tasty $500 – every single month.

It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s free... Welcome to Furious Fiction!

Live now!

The next FURIOUS FICTION challenge will go live 5pm Friday 7 December 2018.

On the first Friday of every month, a new set of story prompts will be revealed. You will have 55 hours to submit your best 500-word (or fewer) story for the chance to win... (drumroll)... $500!

That's right. The winning story EVERY month comes with a cash prize of AUD$500. 

Furious Fiction is open to anyone 17 years and older, anywhere in the world.

Be sure to sign up to the Furious Fiction Fan Club (click on the big orange button) so you can be notified as soon as each competition goes live.

November's Furious Fiction winner will be announced on Wednesday 21 November – good luck!


This month, your story must follow these criteria:

  1. Your story must begin with a sentence containing just TWO words.
  2. Your entire story must take place at a SUPERMARKET.
  3. Your story must include SOMETHING BREAKING.

That’s it!

You might think you don’t have time or don’t have an idea, but give it a go – challenge yourself to SUBMIT something. Winner or not, you’ll love the feeling you get from completing a creative challenge.

We can’t wait to see the original ways you interpret the criteria!

Maximum 500 words – hyphenated compounds count as just one word.
You must be 17 or older to enter and you can only enter ONCE.
The deadline is 11:59:59pm Sunday 4 November 2018 (Sydney/Melbourne time).
The first prize is $500, winner will be announced Wednesday 21 November.



“I am thrilled to win the June Furious Fiction competition and the generous prize offered by the Australian Writers' Centre. The monthly competition offers amateur writers plenty of encouragement, motivation and inspiration to continue on their writing journeys. Thank you to the Australian Writers' Centre for supporting Australia's writing community so generously.”

- Jacqueline Trott

Furious Fiction FAQ

Q: So tell me – what is FURIOUS FICTION?
A: FURIOUS FICTION is a monthly short story competition from the Australian Writers' Centre.

Q: How does it work?
A: On the FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH, we will unveil a new story challenge. You then have 55 hours and a maximum of 500 words to wow us with your storytelling skills.

Q: Can I win stuff?
A: You can TOTALLY win stuff. Every month, the story we judge to be the best WILL WIN AUD$500 CASH. We'll also publish our favourites on our website for thousands to see.

Q: Did you just say $500 cash, EVERY month?
A: We did.

Q: So, how much is it to enter?
A: It's free to enter.

Q: Wait. Did you just say it's FREE to enter?
A: We did. And you really need to get your hearing checked.

Q: What did you say?
A: Never mind.

Q: How can I be part of FURIOUS FICTION?
A: It's easy. Just head to our website and start writing! The competition is open worldwide to entrants aged 17 years and over. Or sign up to the Furious Fiction Fan Club to be notified when the next challenge goes LIVE.

Q: Is this my new favourite thing in the whole world?
A: Yes. Yes it is.

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