The NOVEMBER challenge has now closed. 
The next FURIOUS FICTION challenge will go live on Friday 1 December 2023.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So tell me – what is FURIOUS FICTION?
A: FURIOUS FICTION is a monthly short story challenge from the Australian Writers’ Centre.

Q: How does it work?
A: On the FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH, we will unveil a new story challenge. You then have 55 hours and a maximum of 500 words to wow us with your storytelling skills.

Q: So, how much is it to be part of this?
A: Please, put your wallet away. It’s free to participate.

Q: Wait. Did you just say it’s FREE?
A: We did. Do you need to get your hearing checked?

Q: Sorry, what?
A: Nothing.

Q: How can I be part of FURIOUS FICTION?
A: It’s easy. The challenge is open worldwide to participants aged 17 years and over. Sign up to the Furious Fiction Fan Club to be notified when the next challenge goes LIVE.