Writing Podcast Episode 312 Val and Al reveal their top 10 interviews for the year (but perhaps they can’t count!)

In Episode 312 of So You Want To Be A Writer: Val and Al wrap up 2019, reveal their top 10 interviews for the year and wish you a wonderful holiday season! Plus, you could win one of three copies of The Strayan Dictionary by Dominic Knight.

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Show Notes


  1. Christian White episode 307
  2. Sarfraz Manzoor episode 303
  3. Stephanie Wood episode 302
  4. J.P. Pomare episode 269
  5. Renee Knight episode 279
  6. Alex Landragin episode 289
  7. Tony Park episode 293
  8. Patti Miller episode 296
  9. Special VIVID SYDNEY LIVE EVENT episode 284
  10. Tony Jones Coming!


  1. Megan Daley episode 288
  2. Melina Marchetta episode 282
  3. Bren MacDibble episode 272
  4. Dervla McTiernan episode 271
  5. Penny Flanagan episode 270
  6. R A Spratt episode 268
  7. Peter Rock episode 285
  8. Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios episode 291
  9. Jane Harper episode 265
  10. Amie Kaufman episode 276
  11. Kirli Saunders episode 306
  12. Pip Harry episode 301
  13. Caroline Overington episode 300
  14. Joe Gorman episode 297

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WIN: The Strayan Dictionary by Dominic Knight

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