Writing Podcast Episode 393 Meet Roland Perry, author of ‘The Shaman’.

In Episode 393 of So You Want To Be A Writer: Meet Roland Perry, author of The Shaman. Congrats to those kicking big goals in the AWC community. Plus, we have 3 copies of The Chase by Candice Fox to give away.

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Show Notes

CBCA Shortlist 2021

Shankari Chandran’s newest manuscript acquired by Ultimo Press

Writer in Residence

Roland Perry

Roland Perry is one of Australia's best known authors. He has written 28 books, many of them going on to become bestsellers, including The Queen, Her Lover and the Most Notorious Spy in History, Horrie the War Dog, Bill the Bastard, Bradman's Invincibles, The Changi Brownlow, The Australian Light Horse and Monash: The Outsider Who Won a War.

His latest book is The Shaman, published by Allen & Unwin.

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WIN: The Chase by Candice Fox

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