Writing Podcast Episode 561: Simon Higgins on his novel ‘Dragons of Dusk and Dawn’

Simon Higgins on his novel Dragons of Dusk and Dawn. Using moodboards to help create your characters. And win The Chasm by Bronwyn Hall.

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Writer in residence: Simon Higgins

Simon Higgins is a former police officer, prosecutor and private investigator specialising in murder cases. A history and reading buff, his international publishing career spans 25 years, 15 novels, and several foreign language editions. Simon has been an Australian Government Ambassador for Asia Literacy and an Endeavour Award Recipient, plus the first westerner to write and program an interactive Visual Novel published in both Chinese and English.

A long-term martial arts enthusiast, he has been a guest student at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China, and holds a black belt in the samurai art of Iaido. In 2008 on a mountaintop near Kyoto, Japan, watched by a Japanese prince, he competed for Australia in the Great Taikai, the sword art's world championships, placing 5th in his Dangai Class event.

Simon has also authored short stories, plays and screenplays for internationally-awarded films and animated TV shows, mentored emerging authors, and appeared at numerous writers' festivals. He's taught creative writing, intercultural empathy and critical thinking in schools and universities around the world, and currently lives in southern China, where he lectures tertiary students and writes for television.

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