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Books are judged by their covers. Make yours the best it can be.

This course is ideal for: Self-published authors who want to stand out for all the right reasons

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First impressions count...

Imagine every house in your street was for sale at the same time. And the next street. And the next one. The whole town. Now picture potential buyers driving around the streets trying to decide which to inspect. Naturally, the houses with the best ‘street appeal’ will attract more interest.

It’s the same with your book. As an author, you have pages you want to share with as many readers as possible. And yet in such a competitive marketplace, you need your book to stand out. Luckily, there’s a formula to ensure your cover has the best ‘street appeal’ – balancing striking good looks with an ability to stand out on store bookshelves and online.

How do book covers sell?

Designing a book cover can be daunting task. Where should you start? How can you make it look good? What should you avoid? Is Comic Sans font really all that bad? (Answer: yes.)

Sure, creating a book cover may not be as complex as writing a novel, but it has its challenges. It’s easy to design a BAD cover. But your words deserve more – and you deserve to have high expectations.

To increase your chances of enjoying the book cover design process and the result, it’s important to put in the prep-work. In this course, respected designer Julia Kuris will help you take your first steps to your cover success. In it, you’ll discover:

  • The 5 must-haves on your cover
  • Designing for your target audience
  • The book cover rules for your specific genre
  • The 6 most common mistakes authors make with covers (don’t make them!)
  • How to choose the right font and visual imagery
  • Your 5-step plan to cover success
  • The psychology of colour
  • The difference between fiction and non-fiction cover designs
  • Deciding if you need to hire a designer, and how to brief them for success!

If you already have a great idea of what you want your cover to look like, this course will help you bring it to life. Or maybe you have no idea, and we can help you get there.

Usually it’s only fictional mafia-run Chinese restaurants that provide “the perfect cover”. But with our steps to success, you too can create covers that sell. We look forward to showing you how!

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About Julia Kuris

As the founder of Sydney-based design and branding studio,, Julia Kuris works with many self-published authors to create beautiful covers that sell! Julia has designed covers for some of Australia’s leading authors and entrepreneurs, as well as designing covers for Finch Publishing – an independent Australian publishing house. She regularly speaks and teaches about cover design and is passionate about helping authors like you connect with their readers.

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