Our Alumni Library

Having a book published is a dream for many writers. So when those in our community achieve this awesome accomplishment (sometimes going on to be published many times), we want to celebrate it! That's why we created this Alumni Library – and we're enormously proud of each and every one of these writers on this page. Will YOU be on here one day?

From soldier to storyteller: How M. Dane found his voice

How Richard Pritchard became a successful children’s author

Kell Woods finds international success with her novel ‘After the Forest'

How Kyra Geddes become a published author

Deborah Pike masters her storytelling skills in her novel ‘The Players’

Larissa Ferenchuk’s dream of becoming a picture book author came true

Laura Holloway turned her idea into a published picture book

Natalie Murray went from journalist to successful romance author

Amy Hutton scores two book deals

Bec Nanayakkara scores publishing deal for her first picture book

Kerryn Mayne went from police force to published author

How Amy Tan gained confidence to write her first novel

Astrid Scholte is now an award-winning author of young adult fiction

Sarah Bailey went from daydreamer to dream book deal

Liz Foster on the steps she took to get published
From research scientist to author: Nancy Cunningham’s debut novel

Meet Penelope Janu, the lawyer who became a bestselling romance novelist

How Ruth McGurk got her picture book contract for ‘The Dinosaur Did It’

Serra Rose | The Shadow Within

Michelle Upton goes from school teacher to successful author
Joanna Nell on her novel ‘Mrs Winterbottom Takes a Gap Year’
Ryan Abramowitz’s picture book ‘Elegy for an Elephant’

Amy Hutton | Sit, Stay, Love

How Alli Parker’s tweet resulted in her book deal

Bronwyn Hall's thriller ‘The Chasm'

Karina May published ‘Never Ever Forever'

Vikki Marmaras scores three book deals after AWC course
Apsara Baldovino’s picture book ‘The Lucky Shack’
Lucy Lever’s journey from aspiring writer to published author
Chenée Marrapodi goes from hobby writer to published children’s author

Fiona Lloyd’s debut novel ‘Being Jimmy Baxter’

Claire Thompson fulfils her dream to be a published picture book author

Megan White went from physiotherapist to published novelist

Jo Dabrowski gets three book deals as a children’s author

Carla Francis loves cats – and is making a career out of writing about them

How Jennifer Mackenzie Dunbar went from writing student to published novelist

Judy Wollin’s creative collaboration leads to her middle grade novel
Heidi Walkinshaw’s new career as a picture book author and copywriter

Miranda Young’s biography on Olivia Newton-John

Sarah Rodgers releases her novel ‘In the End’

Vikki Marmaras | Poppy, the Queen and the Seat

Philippa Kaye | Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun
Carolyn Swindell’s brilliant novel ‘We Only Want What’s Best’
Karina May is set to be the Next Big Thing in rom-com writing

Racquel Collard publishes her book ‘Marketing Launchpad'

Sarah Wallace | Emma's Freckles
Dannielle Viera | The Leftover Lemon Dilemma

Ky Garvey’s picture book ‘Easy Peasy' is published

How AWC courses helped Luke Rutledge get his book deal for ‘A Man And His Pride’

Penelope Janu| Shelter from the Storm

Pete Mitchell | Darwin's Wake
How Gabriella Margo became a published romance writer
Anna Spargo-Ryan on writing beautiful sentences
How Reece Carter became a full-time children’s novelist

How Louise Bassett found success writing murder and mayhem

How Miranda Luby achieved her dreams of becoming a YA fiction author
My Big Break: Author Carla Fitzgerald on how she got her book deals
Debra Clewer | Ah-Fur, Super Sleuth – The Case of The Missing Moggies
Deb Frenkel | Naturopolis
Veronica Lando is an ‘unmissable new voice on the Australian crime fiction scene’

Seth Haddon published his novel ‘Reforged'

Seth Haddon's novel ‘Reborn' has been published.

Naomi Hart publishes her memoir

Gabriella Margo | Tulips from Mal

Al Campbell went from full-time mum and carer to published author of ‘The Keepers’

How workshopping helped Bronwyn Hall achieve publishing success

Vikki Conley’s path to becoming an award-winning author

How Julie Fison learnt to build suspense in her novel ‘One Punch’

How Richard Pritchard became a successful children’s author

Paula Stevenson publishes her picture book ‘Buster Follows His Nose’

Bettina Deda publishes her memoir ‘Dare to Dance’
Cathrine Mahoney quit her day job and wrote her memoir on divorce and dating
Millie Lewis finds success with her picture book ‘Mr Price’s Pet Emporium’
Penelope Janu | On the Same Page
Rebecca Marshallsay on ‘Facing the Wave’ and becoming a published children’s author
Valerie G Miller | Everything in Between

Kerryn Mayne | Lenny Marks Gets Away With Murder

Susea Spray | A Big Blue Boat

Jeanette Stampone becomes a published author with her picture book ‘Shadow and the Girl'

Monica Lunin | What She Said

Vikki Conley | Amira's Suitcase

My Big Break: Author Carla Fitzgerald on how she got her book deals
Charlotte Barkla | From My Head to My Toes I Say What Goes
AWC alumna Dinuka McKenzie is an award-winning published author
Young adult sensation Astrid Scholte on novel ‘League of Liars’.

Penelope Janu | Clouds on the Horizon

Shankari Chandran went from lawyer to award-winning author

Sarah Epstein | Sugarcoated
Ali Berg knew she wanted to be an author from the age of three
Jacinta Froud: From teacher to published children’s author
How Rashida Tayabali became a freelance writer and author
Sarah Epstein | Small Spaces

Stef Gemmill’s picture book finds a home

Joanna Nell discusses her novel ‘The Tea Ladies of St Jude’s Hospital’

Anika Molesworth shares her powerful story with ‘Our Sunburnt Country’

Freda Chiu combines her creative talents with debut picture book ‘A Trip to the Hospital’

Gary Nunn | The Psychic Tests

Jenna Guillaume | The Deep End
Linda King | The Smart Travelista's Guide: How to protect your travel health & safety
Sandhya Parrappukkan | The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name
Sarah Bailey: Daydreamer to dream book deal
Samera Kamaleddine fulfils her publishing dreams

Sandhya Parappukkara published ‘Stay For Dinner'

Chelsea Davies | Where I Love to Be
Chelsea Davies | Come Home Ella
Gabriella Kelly-Davies becomes a published biographer with debut book
Pat Simmons | The Cat Thief
How Rebekah Campbell’s 138 dates led to a publishing deal with Allen & Unwin
Children’s author Victoria Mackinlay releases two remarkable picture books
Children’s author Victoria Mackinlay releases two remarkable picture books
Author-illustrator Mandy Foot shares the creative process behind her gorgeous picture books
Rachel Givney | Secrets My Father Kept
Rachel Givney | Jane in Love
How Susannah Hardy’s new year’s resolution turned into a new career
Graci Kim becomes a published children’s author with her middle grade adventure
Sandie Docker reveals her inspiration and writing process

Amy Suiter Clarke |Girl, 11

Meet Sam Buckerfield, co-author of ‘Generation Alpha’
Fiona Murphy becomes a published author with her debut memoir ‘The Shape of Sound’
Gaiti Rabbani becomes a published business book author in just one year
Inda Ahmad Zahri achieves her childhood dream to become a published author
Magnolia Cardona | When the Time Comes
Sandie Jessamine becomes a published memoirist with her powerful story
Sylvia Petter | All the Beautiful Liars

Multi-talented Amy Adeney finds success as a children’s book author

Amy Adeney | Tilda Teaches Drawing

Craig Sheather reinvents his career to become a picture book author

Vikki Conley | Tomorrow Girl

Larissa Collins | Be Brave Beatrice

Penelope Janu | Starting from Scratch

Rae Cairns | The Good Mother

Sandy Barker | The Christmas Swap
CJ Fentiman discovers her perfect career path writing about pets
Joanna Nell | The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home

Penelope Janu | The Six Rules of Christmas

Teacher Krys Saclier publishes a picture book about Australia’s electoral system

How Felicity McVay reignited her creative passion to become a published book author

Speech pathologist Sonya Bates finds license to thrill with debut novel

Stef Gemmill | In my Dreams

Maggie Hutchings | Your Birthday Was the BEST!

Astrid Scholte wins Sisters in Crime Davitt Award for Best YA Crime Novel

Sandie Docker | The Banksia Bay Beach Shack
Renee Irving Lee | Rosie Leads the Way

Charlotte Barkla | Edie's Experiments: How to Make Friends

Rick Foster | Why Worry Wally?

Katie Jones went from a career in finance to children’s book author.

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