What Publishers Want

What Publishers Want

Give your book the best chance. Learn the steps to success.

This course is ideal for: Anyone who wants to navigate the publishing industry

You will learn:
Real insights from an actual publisher
How to write a winning cover letter
The importance of a good synopsis
How to manage expectations and time
And much more






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Learn from an experienced publisher

Have you written a novel manuscript? Perhaps you have a great idea for a non-fiction book? But you have no idea what the next step is? Nodding your head at one of these? Read on then.

For all you manuscript makers, don’t let it sit in your bottom drawer. Put aside three hours and discover what you need to do to make sure it becomes a printed book in your local bookstore or published as an ebook by a traditional publisher.

In this course, you’ll discover how to get your book in front of the right publisher – and the steps you need to take to convince them it’s not just the real deal, but worthy of a book deal.

Bernadette Foley is your guide on this half-day journey, having spent the last 10 years as an editor at publishing giant, Hachette.

I enjoyed all of the course but found the elevator pitch section extremely helpful. I have read a lot of books and have made lots of attempts but came up with my best pitch for my story so far.

- Maryanne Murphy

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to determine which publisher is right for you.
  • How to approach them (and who you should approach).
  • What makes a winning cover letter and how to pitch.
  • What you need to do to hook them in.
  • How to write a good synopsis.
  • The importance of an outstanding first chapter.
  • Tips for self-editing.
  • Social media for emerging writers.
  • Your media kit.
  • An insight into the Australian publishing industry.
  • Did we mention how important a great first chapter is?
  • What to expect when you receive an offer from a publishing company.
  • The two-way relationship with author and publisher.
  • Managing your expectations and your time.
  • The life of a professional writer today.

What Publishers Want was informative and interactive. We all came away with clear ideas of what we will do next in our steps towards publication. The Australian Writers' Centre is a very professional organisation.

- Kerry Littrich

This half-day course will answer your questions and show you the path to publication glory via both print and ebook by a traditional mainstream publisher.


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