Taryn Lindsay 2 weeks ago

The final Module on Setting was FANTASTIC and a huge help to me. It will be one of my most revisited aspects of the course and was really inspiring in terms of helping me visualise the elements of my story I'd been wanting to convey. It totally hit the spot, and I'll be telling my writing buddies about this course.

I enjoyed Valerie's voice - ha ha! I'm so used to hearing her now that I feel very relaxed about being educated by her (no matter who's behind the material). I'm used to the way she speaks and it makes me slide into the info. I also find the handouts enjoyable because they are thorough, and that makes me relax because I don't have to panic about getting the words down as they are spoken. My brain has time to process all that's being said.

I feel like I've had a breakthrough in understanding scenes and settings, and that is GOLD. I've been writing a long time and some of it is organic for me, but other parts feel like corrupted files in my brain. It's helped iron out the data by using a great input method. Settings has been a strength and a weakness, and this has truly helped iron that out in a positive way. Also, to be reminded to 'enjoy the process of writing' and not to 'rush the setting to get to the story' - words I needed to hear. I work full time and it's important to be patient sometimes. With great ideas comes great responsibility ;)

I've already been recommending AWC, and have advised they simply check out the options on the website to see which course would suit them best. If we're honest, we often know our own weak points, but there's enough 'links' mentioned in each course and references to the other courses on offer that it's impossible to do just one.

Go get your eyes on the site and check it out, have a trawl and consider all the options. It really explains itself perfectly. I reckon it just keeps getting better.

Joanne Van Raaphorst 1 month ago

This course made me feel better about my writing. There were many aspects of the course that were 'Yes!' moments for me. But there were also some points I can use to improve my character's interactions within the scenes and settings. Reminders such as write the scene/setting from the POV of your character, not your own.

As I went through the how-to's - I thought about the scenes I have already written and planned how I might change them in the second draft. Planning ahead to the next scenes to be written. The course itself was easy to follow, and the handouts excellent.

This course is the perfect tool to add depth to your characters, the plot, and your story as a whole. It helps you recognise when to summarise a scene and when to give a detailed description. Set up in earlier scenes for events that happen in later scenes and ensure your scenes are written in the voice of the POV character. This course can be used as you write your first draft or as an editing tool if you are at that stage. I highly recommend it.

Michael Paulsen 1 month ago

I loved the colour coding idea of scenes and the realisation that my scenes often lacked ample setting.

Excellent courses for beginner writers like myself.

Helena Rawlins 2 months ago

I am in the process of editing my book, and I have my structure working for me. Now am editing at the scene level and I want my scenes to zing! My experience with Fiction Essentials: Structure gave me confidence this course would be excellent - and it was.

All the tips about what new writers often do and how to fix those mistakes were like gold dust scattered through the course - I recognised so many of those mistakes in my writing, and now I know what to watch for AND how to fix it!

Naomi Shippen 3 months ago

I have just finished writing my novel on Scrivener and I wanted to check that I have included everything in my scenes that I needed to.

The Scenes course with AWC covered all aspects of writing scenes that help move the story along including character, pacing and setting. I now feel confident to edit my novel and ensure that all the scenes that make up the whole are earning their keep.

Dave Clark 4 months ago

It's shown me in practical ways what I need to do to improve my writing. I had a gut feel before that, but this has highlighted specific ways I can improve. That's a relief.

Do it. It's a great resource to help write better.

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