Writing Podcast Episode 596: Carrie Sun on her memoir ‘Private Equity’

Meet Carrie Sun, whose memoir Private Equity explores her journey from a high-paced finance role to embracing a writing career. Carrie discusses her writing process, the challenges of memoir writing, and the transformation she underwent during her time in the finance industry.

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00:00 Welcome to the world of writing and publishing
00:Tackling procrastination and achieving goals
03:24 Unlocking the secrets of effective writing: Courses and tips
05:11 A candid conversation with Nat Newman and her writing tip for the week
12:21 WIN: Anna O by Matthew Blake
15:11 Exploring the art of creative nonfiction
16:43 Carrie Sun's memoir Private Equity
27:54 The intriguing world of memoir writing
28:52 Deciding to write a memoir: The journey begins
30:19 Exploring the depths of personal transformation
32:15 The art of memoir: personal growth and reflection
33:19 Navigating the challenges of memoir writing
38:33 From concept to manuscript: The writing process
49:29 The impact of feedback and the editing process
53:18 Life after the memoir: New beginnings and reflections
56:44 Final thoughts and writing tips for aspiring memoirists
01:08:39 A fun fact to wrap up: The Historic Book Odour Wheel

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Writer in residence: Carrie Sun

Carrie Sun was born in China and raised in Michigan. She holds an MFA in creative writing from The New School. She lives in Jersey City with her husband. Private Equity is her first book.

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