WRITER 591: Jane Tara on her novel ‘Tilda is Visible’.

Meet Jane Tara, who discusses her latest novel Tilda is Visible, where the female protagonist is diagnosed with invisibility as she progresses into her 50s. Jane discusses experiences of feeling invisible, implications on self-perception, the way society views aging, and the healing journey of self-discovery.

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00:00 Introduction
02:18 Chat with Nat Newman: Writing tips and app recommendations
03:22 The importance of invoicing and professionalism
06:38 Understanding the drafting process in writing
11:20 Sarah Bailey's success story
14:38 Jane Tara's novel: Tilda is Visible
21:16 Experiencing invisibility: A personal journey
21:54 The impact of invisibility on relationships
22:49 The commonality of invisibility among women
24:06 Strategies to overcome invisibility
24:30 The power of meditation and self-reflection
26:48 The writing process: From idea to manuscript
29:21 The challenges of writing a personal story
31:05 The journey to publication
33:56 Overcoming invisibility: A personal triumph
41:44 The future of writing: A new project
42:17 Top writing tips for aspiring authors
44:45 Conclusion: The power of storytelling

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Writer in residence: Jane Tara

Jane Tara has published over a hundred children's books, several plays and five novels. She's a daily meditator, a sucker for a rescue mutt and, most of all, a front-row cheerleader for her two sons. She spent thirteen years wandering the world and lived in five countries but is now happily at home in Sydney. Jane is the general manager at Australia's largest book review community, Better Reading.

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