Writing Podcast Episode 610: Meet Kyra Geddes, author of ‘The Story Thief’

Meet Kyra Geddes, author of The Story Thief. Kyra discusses her journey from idea to publication, the importance of research, and the challenges of editing her manuscript. The episode concludes with writing tips and a book giveaway: The Wrong Man by Tim Ayliffe.

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00:00 Introduction
01:33 Nat Newman’s writing tips
09:10 Book giveaway: The Wrong Man by Tim Ayliffe
11:20 Word of the week: Fuscous
11:54 Interview with Kyra Geddes
28:48 The journey to starting the manuscript
29:53 Overcoming the fear of the blank page
30:56 The long writing process
31:54 The path to publication
32:51 Facing rejections and manuscript assessments
34:06 Pitching to publishers
35:45 The epiphany: Switching to first person
37:58 Securing a publishing deal
42:38 The structural edit challenge
50:01 Future writing plans
51:33 Top tips for aspiring writers
53:28 Conclusion and final thoughts

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Writer in residence: Kyra Geddes

Born in Adelaide as the daughter of German immigrants, Kyra Geddes spent her infancy in the South Australian opal fields before moving to Sydney. Following a successful career in marketing, Kyra returned to university to study English and pursue her life-long dream of writing, publishing two short stories and earning the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence. The Story Thief is her debut novel, and the culmination of almost a decade of research and writing. When not at her desk, Kyra can often be found visiting one of Sydney's many art galleries or daydreaming about future travel with her husband and two children.

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