Fiction Essentials: DIALOGUE

Fiction Essentials: DIALOGUE

Learn the secrets to crafting compelling conversations

This course is ideal for: Fiction writers who want to write powerful and compelling dialogue

You will:
Learn how to use dialogue to move your story forward
Discover the rules of great dialogue
Understand how to incorporate dialogue to make your scenes more powerful
Complete exercises to ensure your dialogue is believable and authentic






At your own pace

Good dialogue is at the heart of great novels. That's because dialogue advances the action, defines characters and entertains the reader. Some people have an ‘ear’ for it – but the basic principles of good dialogue can be learnt. And that's what this short course is all about.

In this course you will transform your understanding of the dialogue writing process and have new skills that will last you a life time.

You will:

  • master how to create dialogue that readers love
  • discover ways to use dialogue in your pacing and structure
  • understand the publishing trends that may affect the way you use dialogue in fiction
  • learn the rules for writing dialect, accents, jargon and acronyms in dialogue
  • understand the difference between good dialogue - and great dialogue
  • get the skills to edit and polish your dialogue including the right way to lay out and punctuate it in fiction
  • complete a comprehensive series of exercises to ensure that your dialogue is believable and authentic.

A great story can be weakened with stilted or ineffective dialogue. And yet you can master the art of writing great dialogue if you learn the right rules.

Compelling dialogue can also say a lot about a character. You'll learn how to develop a ‘voice’ for each of your characters. You'll also be able to incorporate your dialogue to reinforce paralanguage, body language and setting.

Presentation and punctuation of dialogue is crucial in allowing readers to understand your story, and in convincing editors that you are offering a professional manuscript. You'll learn a variety of dialogue punctuation formats, including the preferred format for Australian, UK and US publishers.

Ultimately, you'll also be equipped with the skills to edit and polish your dialogue. You need to know where you pare it back – and where you should add more. You'll learn how to do a ‘dialogue draft’ and have a clear framework on how to improve your dialogue writing.

Writing good dialogue is art as well as craft.

- Stephen King

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