Deborah 3 months ago

I wasn't confident with writing dialogue. This course provided the direction both with information, learnings and exercises which I will now do before, within and after completing my drafts.

It highlighted that it was ok to just write, without being totally aware of what was going to happen, or having a total profile of characters, in the first draft, anyway!

The course helped me realise I was using extensive tags and adverbs in my writing, basically doing all the wrong things, so I look forward to using the exercises and examples to improve my writing moving forward. I appreciated the information on paralanguage, this was an eye-opener and provided great information to use moving forward.

The course is informative, easy to understand and the exercises provide resources that I can use to continue to improve my writing abilities.

Camila Brendel 8 months ago

I always thought of dialogue as the easy part, but never felt it came out well. So I took this course to see what I've been doing wrong.

The great examples and light tone make the course easy to follow.

I now know the elements around dialogue (paralanguage especially) and how they affect the scene.

AWC tutors are published authors and it's welcoming and fun.

Mary Ann Ballard 11 months ago

I have done the course on Creative Writing Stage 1 and realised I knew nothing about dialogue. I have written a first draft of a manuscript and was so scared of dialogue I avoided it entirely.

Although I still have a long way to go, I feel more confident in giving it a try now. I have begun a second draft and have included dialogue on the first page! I am seeing my scenes in a whole new way. The characters are coming to life on the page.

Sign up for a course, you won't regret it.

Gillian M 11 months ago

The course exceeded my expectations. Very clear examples of new concepts, repetition where it was needed, well-structured exercises.

I am feeling much better equipped to write believable dialogue. The part on register made so much sense but I had never thought about how to intentionally express it in my dialogue before.

Whatever you need to make your writing better, whenever you need a firmer theoretical understanding of a concept or technique, AWC has a well-considered, well-paced course for you.

Alannah Durham 1 year ago

I knew this short course on dialogue would be packed full of helpful information that I could easily consume and apply to my work in progress - (I've done a previous course through AWC and was very impressed and knew this would be to a similar standard).

The handouts and audio format are very digestible and easy to follow. I feel more confident when it comes to writing dialogue scenes and all they involve (so much more than spoken words!)

The AWC provides an incredible amount of helpful information within each course. Lasting knowledge - I have notebooks full of tips from the courses I've done. Great value for money, and a worthwhile investment for any writer looking to improve their skills.

Danielle Phelan 1 year ago

I loved the dialogue examples, particularly the opportunity to rewrite examples for clarity, action etc. I now feel better equipped to write dialogue and look forward to building my confidence in this area.

The examples and writing exercises make the courses very practical, and the self-paced format allows you to revisit the course materials and exercises repeatedly to hone your skills and build confidence.

Meg Taylor 1 year ago

I enjoyed Valerie's narration, making it easier to understand the concepts, within what felt like a safe space. Also the interplay between oral dialogue and nonverbal, paralanguage and intonation etc.

It has helped me launch into another short story, with some real guts to it, and which has the possibility of being suitable as a novel. If this happens, it will be my first... and that's scary as hell!

If you want to write, then join in an AWC course. Start small if you like to get a feel for the tone, pace and content of the courses available. Then just go for it!

Rachael 1 year ago

The practical tips for writing were really useful and motivating - it gives you something to try, to work with, to practice with, rather than just focusing on theory and concepts.

I found the practical writing tips really useful and I have used them when writing my own dialogue.

I have done a number of the AWC courses and have highly recommended them to friends. I love the way the AWC courses explore important ideas and concepts about writing, but ground that by teaching practical writing skills. Those writing skills, along with tips about how to approach the writing process, have really helped me to get past blocks and get words on paper - they are helping me to get it written!

Tanya Allen 2 years ago

I was surprised at how much I didn't know (or had perhaps forgotten since school). I feel armed with a new collection of tools to refine my dialogue writing - just what I was looking for.

The self-paced design worked really well for me, as did the clearly scaffolded modules. The 'nuts and bolts' approach appealed to me: the don'ts in particular. It was just the right 'bite sized', user friendly length.

The clear delivery and examples are easy to apply. I feel ready to tackle scene writing with greater understanding of the importance of paralanguage. I also tend to overuse adverbs and speech tags in my writing...well, not anymore!

Julie Ward 2 years ago

This course has given me more to think about when writing dialogue. It has also reinforced the need to really know my characters. Plus, the course validates research, and I love researching.

AWC courses are great. They are easy to understand but are still challenging. If you put the effort in to listen, read and do the exercises, then the payoff is rewarding.

James Inglis 2 years ago

How I write my dialogue has improved greatly which was the goal, but there were a couple of tidbits in the course that have really helped: know your characters, don't be embarrassed by making a dialogue scene 'more' and finally just keep writing without worrying about redrafting until the first draft is complete.

Dialogue isn't all about speaking, but everything that goes around it. I now have tools to play with when writing dialogue.

Karen Young 2 years ago

After completing Creative Writing Stage 1 and Writing Workout, I wanted to delve deeper into each of the elements of writing discussed.

I loved learning more about the intricacies of writing great dialogue and was pleasantly surprised by how detailed the course material is.

I loved doing the exercises as I created a few more scenes for my book!

I’m loving building on my writing skills and doing the Fiction Essentials courses (I’m assuming the others I’ve purchased are going to be as fabulous as the one on dialogue!) is a wonderful way of building that knowledge and confidence.

I’ve been telling all my friends about the courses I’m doing and how much I’m getting out of them. I tell anyone who’s even slightly interested in writing to check out your website!

Jan Samuels 3 years ago

I’m more confident in developing dialogue. I have previously relied too much on scene setting and now understand that dialogue can move/change pace more quickly than longer passages

Highly practical, focused courses that build skills and knowledge quickly.

David McKenzie 3 years ago

I was looking for some guidance around dialogue for my novel, which has a lot of dialogue scenes. I enjoyed the resources and being able to learn at my own pace.

It made me realise how good I was at writing dialogue already, but gave me some additional tools for improving on this skill.

Easy to use courses full of useful and accessible information to make your writing better.


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