Karen Young 1 month ago

After completing Creative Writing Stage 1 and Writing Workout, I wanted to delve deeper into each of the elements of writing discussed.

I loved learning more about the intricacies of writing great dialogue and was pleasantly surprised by how detailed the course material is.

I loved doing the exercises as I created a few more scenes for my book!

I’m loving building on my writing skills and doing the Fiction Essentials courses (I’m assuming the others I’ve purchased are going to be as fabulous as the one on dialogue!) is a wonderful way of building that knowledge and confidence.

I’ve been telling all my friends about the courses I’m doing and how much I’m getting out of them. I tell anyone who’s even slightly interested in writing to check out your website!

Jan Samuels 6 months ago

I’m more confident in developing dialogue. I have previously relied too much on scene setting and now understand that dialogue can move/change pace more quickly than longer passages

Highly practical, focused courses that build skills and knowledge quickly.

David McKenzie 10 months ago

I was looking for some guidance around dialogue for my novel, which has a lot of dialogue scenes. I enjoyed the resources and being able to learn at my own pace.

It made me realise how good I was at writing dialogue already, but gave me some additional tools for improving on this skill.

Easy to use courses full of useful and accessible information to make your writing better.

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