Samantha Valentine 3 years ago

I wanted to build upon my existing skills, although I was a little bit nervous about sharing my story for the first time.

The tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoyed sharing stories with others, providing feedback and making some great friends.

I have made a really great friend and we are now reviewing each other's full manuscripts. And the course helped my writing improve immensely. I can do this!

Samantha Valentine 3 years ago

I was interested in learning more about the publishing industry. Plenty of content and resources. Helped me get my head around publishing, contracts and made me think about whether indie publishing is better for me. Indie publishing may be the way to go for my book.

Hannah Kissel 3 years ago

I loved working with the group and Bernadette! Bernadette was kind, firm, and a great instructor. I loved working with her and hope I get to work with her in the future.

I loved the ability to workshop with the other participants, even if it was on Zoom rather than in a classroom. The course ended up with 5-6 participants who showed up regularly which was the perfect amount.

It got me on the path of creativity again.

Debbie Guertin 3 years ago

The tutor was fabulous. Very knowledgeable and also very generous with her time.

I had completed shorter courses and felt this was a way to really commit to my story. I thought, how can I possibly workshop other student's work if I was unsure about the writing process, but I found out that as a reader I know what I like in a story. I enjoyed the workshopping and feedback.

I am committed to finishing my story.

Wayne Murphy 3 years ago

I have always wanted to write a picture book based on tales my father told me as a child and was encouraged to use my spare time (due to being made redundant from my job) to take the course. I was hesitant about the cost, but I soon learned it was worthwhile!

Zanni was a great tutor and provided some wonderful feedback. As with all writing, some was harder to take - critiques of creative writing always seem personal! - but the feedback was delivered in a professional and constructive and always was aimed to improve the quality of my work. Some of her feedback brought tears to my eyes, but in a good way!

I enjoyed the encouragement from Zanni and the other students, which was encouraged and supported by the course framework and structure.

I learned that things will not be as easy as I'd hoped! But I am encouraged to continue with my creative pursuits, thanks to the information and encouragement provided.

If you feel you have a good book waiting to come forth, find a course at the AWC and make the dream reality!

Thanks to Zanni for her wonderful advice and support.

Sophie Kilmartin 3 years ago

The format and structure works well with the mix of audio and reading material and class chat. Cat seems very professional whilst being honest and personable.

I realised I really looked forward to doing the class time and writing. I am beginning to think I could do this.

The course is well-structured, easy to digest and incorporate in normal life, and technically reliable.

Kaitlin Oliver-Parker 3 years ago

It helped me to focus in on the two areas of writing I'd like to continue to pursue. Everyone feels like an imposter sometimes. It will light a fire under your bottom and make your fingers itch with the desire to get writing!

Stephanie Newton 3 years ago

I have never written before and the course gave a good guide to how to start the process of writing a Picture Book.

I would recommend the course as it was very informative and enjoyable.

Rita Coleman 3 years ago

I have always wanted to write a novel but didn't know how to go about it. I knew that I needed help to get started. Just going on Google was not helping me, I needed structured help.

I want to start writing my novel now whereas before I was too scared to start.

Annabel was extremely helpful. I loved getting her input about what I had written. It really helped me improve.

... I am sad it's finished. It went so fast.

Christine Pike 3 years ago

I thought Cat was great and offered useful feedback and encouragement.

It was a really accessible and easy to navigate course. I feel much more confident to pitch an article to a magazine and how to do that.

A great way to get into the writing industry with fantastic insight and mentors.

Kate Mitchell 3 years ago

This course was really thorough. I didn't realise how much I didn't know and feel like I learnt so much.

Zanni was great! She knows what she's talking about and I really enjoyed her feedback via Loom. I also enjoyed reading other students’ stories and interacting with them online.

I already have recommended AWC to two other friends.

Madylene Planer 3 years ago

I liked that it's foundational and teaches the basics of good story writing

The online tutor was great; she gave good feedback. I enjoyed the lessons and the feedback on my assessments - so I could see where I went right or wrong.

I now want to explore other courses to expand my creative muscles.

I would say it's a great course where you can learn from quality teachers, get quality lessons/materials and feedback on your work.

Anne Farrell 3 years ago

I'd recently completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and wanted to continue the momentum. Getting my word count up to meet the entry requirements for Novel Writing Essentials was a good incentive, and I liked the idea of having writing targets to work towards during the course.

I enjoyed the pressure of showing my work to my classmates but I also feared it at the same time, if that makes sense! It made me try much harder to bring out my best writing. I enjoyed reading my classmates' stories too, and learning how to read and review as a writer.

Bronwyn is knowledgeable, kind and sensitive in how she provides feedback. She obviously put a lot of effort into critiquing our work, and I enjoyed reading what she wrote about my own writing as well as my classmate's. I've learned a lot from this.

Before doing courses at the AWC, I'd listened to or read dozens of books on the art of storytelling. I thought I knew quite a lot about how to approach writing a novel. But doing 'How to Write for Children and Young Adults', 'Creative Writing Stage 1' and 'Novel Writing Essentials' has shone a light on many gaps in my knowledge and skillset, and provided me with tools and insights to fix this. The encouragement and camaraderie of my classmates and teachers have been highlights too.

Amanda Bower 3 years ago

I have a lot of ideas for children's picture books and wanted to learn more about the industry and the 'rules'. I thought I'd come out of the course with a story idea ready to submit to a publisher, or at least ready to start thinking about that. But it's clear I've still got a lot of work to do!

Zanni was great. Her feedback was helpful. She clearly has a good understanding of the industry.

The idea that you have to convey so much in so few words actually means it's very difficult! New respect for picture book authors!

I will make more time to write as I found I really enjoy it. A great way to study and learn and write in your own time while still feeling like you have classmates. Thanks for the course!

Kathi Satchel 3 years ago

Someone on a FB graphic design course mentioned it as a good course for anyone wanting to start a small business. I also remembered a friend spoke positively of AWC when she did one of your writing courses a few years ago. Word of mouth testimonials for the win!

The content of the course is balanced and spot on. I feel like I have the knowledge, I have a kick start in motivation and now I just need to keep going on this trajectory to get my business running and successful. There are also enough bits to go back to when motivation flags, to re-motivate me.

Bernadette is excellent. It feels like you're in a room with her and she's talking to you. She is the right mix of professional and down to earth. She shares her broad and extensive knowledge generously. I also got a lot out of assignment feedback.

Annie Downes 3 years ago

It got the creative juices flowing and took me out of my comfort zone. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, although I have fantasised about writing many times. I surprised myself by how I was actually able to come up with anything. It was not easy and automatic but I certainly enjoyed the journey.

The tutor was always positive and helpful.

I am taking on board writing every day, or at least as often as possible, for 10 minutes or maybe more if the inspiration takes me. I'll write about anything just to get the practice of writing. Anything that piques my interest on the day.

The AWC has heaps of great courses facilitated by writers. There is a course for everyone, all types of writers and even non-writers.

Sage Glasgow 3 years ago

With my plans for 2020 totally changing I figured it might be time to pursue my writing career.

This course made me feel like I could make a career out of writing and I love that.

Cat was very supportive and helpful and catered to any needs that me or my fellow peers had throughout the course.

I now feel like this is something I can pursue as a career, where once it used to just be a dream that I could never achieve.

... it is great for people who lack the confidence in writing and feel like they are unsure if this is something they want to pursue as a career because it is a really well done and supportive course.

Angela Emmerton 3 years ago

FANTASTIC. Cat seemed to know exactly what was in my head. Her feedback was always helpful, constructive and spot on.

I understand how to write a profile piece now. How to analyse a publication. I understand that my stories need to be current, that for a feature article your content has to be unique or new.

The AWC is professional and has a wealth of knowledge of the industry.

Lynette Wallace 3 years ago

The tutor gave detailed and constructive comments without making us feel hopeless. I enjoyed the challenge, the fact that something had to be done each week, and the constructive criticism.

It made me feel more confident in pursuing writing as a hobby. I think that the way I write dialogue has improved greatly.

I certainly would recommend the AWC. In fact, I gave my 11 year old grandson one of your courses for his birthday. Keep up the good work.

Sharon Wild 3 years ago

I was attracted to this course by the desire to launch a part-time career in wine writing. I have been published in the past and am now keen to pursue this with greater focus.

The tutor is super inspiring, thorough and prompt with feedback. I enjoyed the actual learning and also hearing of real-life examples of course attendees who are now writers. It's given me skills to use and inspiration to pursue writing as a career.

I'd say the courses are super-practical, in chunks that allow me to fit it in around my daily life.


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