Lesley Walker 1 week ago

I enjoyed the pace and the flexibility - being able to do the modules at my own pace and at times and periods that worked with my somewhat unusual life. Having Valerie as a constant with writers like Katrina Lobley contributing their experience. The tools and the example documents like how to pitch etc. Over the months I have worked with the course I have learned a lot about the industry and how it works and feel I now have the tools to restart writing. Now it is up to me!

I am going to put aside my hesitation and start to work with actually pitching. I am going independently to Albania for the first time in May and having started researching what's out there and doing lots of background reading, I feel there is a real opportunity to start my travel writing with this - an unusual destination, some Australian connections and lots of fascinating hooks in its recent and ancient history.

Valuable and professionally-run course which you can do at your own pace, providing industry insight and great tools and examples.

Trish Hansen 1 week ago

I enjoyed the assignment activities. Cathie's clear and concise feedback was incredibly valuable.

Mostly, the course has provided valuable insight into the structure and rhythm of children's picture books.

Do it. It's like reading Dr Suess - you go in, it gets messy, you come out changed.

Thank you for your enduring commitment to quality children's writing.

Julie Scanlon 1 week ago

Excellently presented course and feedback was valuable and constructive.

It has given me a depth of understanding into character development and writing structure.

Meenal Lal 1 week ago

Carli came across as really experienced and passionate about UX writing. She taught with ease and made the interactions fun and engaging.

The course content covered all crucial points and the tutor did not hover over obvious topics - she knew what needed attention and what could be quickly talked over.

Reaffirms most of my learnings through my work with content and other UX writers.

Deborah 1 week ago

I wasn't confident with writing dialogue. This course provided the direction both with information, learnings and exercises which I will now do before, within and after completing my drafts.

It highlighted that it was ok to just write, without being totally aware of what was going to happen, or having a total profile of characters, in the first draft, anyway!

The course helped me realise I was using extensive tags and adverbs in my writing, basically doing all the wrong things, so I look forward to using the exercises and examples to improve my writing moving forward. I appreciated the information on paralanguage, this was an eye-opener and provided great information to use moving forward.

The course is informative, easy to understand and the exercises provide resources that I can use to continue to improve my writing abilities.

Lauren Goh 1 week ago

I enjoyed everything about this course! Everything from the lessons, and assessments to the feedback sessions.

The tutor was very friendly, passionate and positive.

It has inspired me to start writing again. It has also taught me some valuable ways to make my writing and stories better.

I would say it's a great way to get started. It's also a fun, low-pressure way to learn more about writing.

Jane 1 week ago

It makes taking on the task of writing for our business so much less daunting as I can follow a template.

A practical and well-structured course that is easy to follow and can be put into use immediately!

Claire Baldwin 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed workshopping and reading genres I wouldn't usually read. I have a synopsis for my novel and now it doesn't feel so nebulous and unachievable. Nat was great.

The AWC offers affordable, professional and fun online writing courses pitched at various writing skill levels and genres. It's a great way to figure out what you want to write and, more importantly, IF you want to write, and what it takes to complete a manuscript and get published.

Connie Griffin 2 weeks ago

I wanted the structure and encouragement of a program with other writers to get stuck into writing my novel. I also wanted feedback on my opening, to make sure I was going on the right direction with my story regarding reader interest, worldbuilding and characterisation.

Nat Newman was fantastic. So friendly and encouraging even while pointing out improvements that could be made in your writing. I really got the impression that Nat understood my story and what it's like being a new writer. I would absolutely do a course with Nat again!

It was so fun each week sitting down and providing feedback on the work of the other course participants. Reading so many different types and genres of stories was so inspiring, and I loved the chance to maybe even help them make improvements.

I'm now in a Discord with other participants of the course so we can keep in touch. I also have a better sense of community and a better clarity on where to take my novel - both story wise and publishing wise.

Kate Myors 2 weeks ago

I've been wanting to do an AWC course for a long time, and the timing was perfect for this one. I've tried writing children's stories but needed instruction on specific structure etc.

There was a lot of information in 5 weeks, which was great. I like Cathie's style of giving feedback. She tells it like it is, but in a nice way.

I had a few ideas for children's stories and had thought about illustrating them, as I paint/draw. Almost in the first lesson it was pointed out not to do the things I had planned so it has saved me a lot of time and wasted effort!

Maddi 2 weeks ago

The course has helped me begin a story different to anything I've written before (I used to only write fantasy, but my most recent project is a young adult book set in London).

My aha moment would be realising that people actually planned scenes, instead of just writing them and seeing where they go.

I would say the course covers a variety of aspects of writing.

David Kurt Huppert 3 weeks ago

I enjoyed the interactions. Great feedback from the tutor. Nice and specific.

Easy to achieve tasks. Well set out. Nice progression.

Feedback is not something I have had in the past so really nice to get writing out there and receive comments.

A positive experience.

Jacqui Hawkins 3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the weekly exercises and feedback from the teacher. Jo was lovely, positive and constructive.

I also really enjoyed learning more about creative writing, completing the exercises and receiving weekly feedback.

I intend on doing more AWC courses and now want to write a novel.

There was so much I learnt that was new to me. Each lesson taught me something I didn't know and had 'aha' moments. I didn't know how much theory went into writing a novel. I also really liked the message that you won't ever write a book if you never sit down and put pen to paper. You actually have to sit down and dedicate yourself to the task.

I have already recommended AWC to some friends. It's a fantastic way to start learning about creative writing and it definitely gives you incentive to start and/or keep going with your writing dream.

I really enjoyed the course and have already started Novel Writing Essentials.

Charlotte Panton 3 weeks ago

Even as a child, I have always loved to be creative and have loved writing, but I've never pursued it. So, when I found the Australian Writer's Centre and looked through the courses, I couldn't help but enrol into the course.

I didn't really know what to expect, but it was more than I could've hoped for coming in with no experience in writing.

I thought Pamela was awesome. She gave great, clear feedback which I could easily understand and that allowed me to see my writing and the writings of other published authors differently.

This course has really helped me understand the basics on how a book is written. Learning to trust your readers will help me to go over my own work, rephrase sentences and think about how to describe things in future.

The major learning I had with this course was about the different points of view and the advantages and disadvantages they have with readers.

The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place to start, if anyone wants to learn how to write. The centre has numerous courses from the very basics to more advanced forms of writing and teachers that will help answer any questions and provide feedback on assignments.

I'm looking forward to doing more courses in future.

Jenna D 1 month ago

I learned so much! I admit that I did not appreciate the technical precision and sparkle required for a truly wonderful children's picture book.

Cathie had great feedback. It was clear yet supportive. The class feedback and the individual feedback was valuable.

It has made me understand the magic of picture books and has inspired me to keep writing and perhaps work together with my sister.

AWC was a great way to learn more about the whole life-cycle of writing a children's picture book - the technical drafting side, the sparkle, the teamwork required. The commitment to enrol gave me the motivation to write again.

Loved it! Thank you for providing me the tools to move forward with more confidence.

Naomi Ploos van Amstel 1 month ago

The combination of the templates, examples, and videos provided a great understanding of each module.

I've just finished it so it's still early days, but it did already provide me with some inspiration on how to structure the new blog posts we're planning on writing/what content to include and in what way to present it.

While not exactly applicable to my current job, it was great to see how to properly present an 'event wrap-up' text. I've never really given it that much thought and am now actually considering reading more of them/maybe writing some of my own after attending an event...

The AWC provides clear, easy to follow courses that nicely introduced me to content writing. The course I followed was short but full of information, which provided me with a better grip on the subject. I'd be happy to follow more and would recommend it to those who would like to improve their writing skills.

Michael Schaper 1 month ago

Useful info and ideas were provided. I enjoyed the opportunity to get some additional skills and see others at the same point of their writing odyssey.

It's given me more confidence to keep pressing on with my writing - others can do it successfully.

Maria Gillies 6 months ago

I got so much out of this course. I am so glad that I chose to do it!

Bernadette was wonderful. She is so personable, informative and has a great way of acknowledging value in all contributions.

The feedback aspect of it - it's invaluable! Feedback was always so thoughtful and constructive.

It's given me confidence in my ideas and the encouragement to keep going.

Plot and structure have always been real stumbling blocks for me but receiving constructive and positive feedback on ideas that I had developed in a short time showed me that I can move past my perceived plot and structure hurdles.

I would say that the content offered was engaging and exactly what you don't even know you need if you are wanting to develop your writing skills. Also, that the tutor and course participants will made such a supportive group.

Sally O'Meara 6 months ago

I'm interested in writing stories with multiple points of view and was keen to pick up some tips to avoid making things confusing for the reader.

Pamela was fantastic, and I liked having a mix of visual and auditory info. The comments from other writers in the chat were also great - and not too distracting. I liked seeing book recommendations from other writers.

I feel more confident about handling multiple points of view in my writing.

AWC courses are fantastic, practical and easy to access. There are so many options to choose from, regardless of what sort of writer you'd like to be. I love being able to develop my skills without having to enrol in a costly and time-consuming post graduate course.

Donna Munro 6 months ago

I've been getting the newsletter for ages and thought it was about time I did a course. I chose Cut, Shape, Polish because I have self-published books and want them perfect. I also have two manuscripts that I am submitting to traditional publishers. I wanted them polished before I went the submission rounds.

There was a lot packed into the course. Everything I needed to correct the parts of my story that weren't working, improve the overall plot and revise until I am happy with the results.

I'm now confident to submit when I do my final read-through and proofread. I had lost confidence and had let the MS sit for about a year.

I know a lot of writers who use critique groups and beta readers and think it's enough to fix a manuscript. I recommend this course to cut, shape and polish until your MS shines like a diamond. You'll still have to send it to beta readers but it will be a much cleaner copy and close to publication standards. Thanks, AWC, Angela Slatter and Pamela Freeman for creating this editing course, and Valerie Koo for the lovely audios.


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