How to use the Snip tool to save hours at work

We’re all celebrating right now at the Australian Writers’ Centre because we’ve finally launched our new-look website. If you haven’t had a peek, check it out. We hope it makes your journey with us easier to navigate so that you can achieve your goals faster. Believe... read more

Q&A: Let the games begin

Q: Hey AWC, are you excited about the Rio Olympics? A: Sure. Q: I’m excited about seeing what that crazy animated macaw and his buddies will get up to next. I loved the first two movies. A: Um, you do realise that… oh never mind. So, do you have... read more

COMPETITION: WIN literary prints!

This week you can win three limited edition literary prints – from Perth-based Hanaé Meyer of Sponthanaeity. Hanaé is a writer and artist, and combines the two disciplines in new and unusual ways. Painstaking in detail, there is nothing spontaneous about her pieces! These three artworks depict the popular retro... read more

Q&A: “One of the only?”

Q: ... which is how they ended up red! A: Wow, that’s actually quite fascinating. Oh, everyone’s here. Quick, get into character! Q: Ahem. So um, hey there AWC – I have a question for you. A: How can we help this week? Q: It’s a question from a... read more

Word of the week: Paean

Paean (noun) [pee-an] “This comes from Ancient Greece and refers to a song that gives thanks to a god (specifically Greek god Apollo). Since it’s not likely we are singing such things these days, it’s now used to describe a form of rapturous or extravagant praise. So... read more

Top 10: Crime and thriller competition winners and notables

Last month, in celebration of our Crime and Thriller month, we asked you all to submit a story in 149 words or fewer. The rules were to introduce us to a character of your creation. The story had to feature your character having committed a crime (any crime, big or... read more

Q&A: What’s the GO?

Q: Hi AWC, how’s it going? A: Good thanks. We’re busy with new and existing courses to help writers to achiev---- Ahhh, um. Why are there people everywhere here? Q: Yeah, I was going to say. Found them loitering outside. Turns out our Q&A is a... read more

COMPETITION: WIN a ‘Figgy’ book pack! (FIVE to be won)

The hot title on so many industry award shortlists in 2015 was Tamsin Janu’s debut young fiction novel, Figgy in the World. With the recent release of its sequel, Figgy and the President, we have FIVE packs of both books to give away! One of the reasons we love... read more

Word of the week: Antediluvian

Antediluvian (adjective) [anti-duh-LOO-vee-in] “This cute word means ‘in the period before the flood’ – as in the one Noah was in! But it can be also used in a humorous fashion to refer to something that is antiquated or old-fashioned or outdated. So you might say... read more

Q&A: The French connection

Q: Bonjour! A: G'day. Q: No, come on now. I want to celebrate all things French this week. Get into the spirit. A: Okay fine, hand us some of that brie then. Q: Wee wee, monamy. A: That is NOT how you spell that. It's "oui oui, mon... read more

Tamsin Janu’s award-winning start in children’s fiction

Tamsin Janu published her award-winning book Figgy in the World after completing a course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. After taking the book world by storm, she has now followed up with a sequel, Figgy and the President. And it all started when she enrolled in a writing course that would change her life. “On the second day of the course I remember that's when I came up with the idea for my first book!” said Tamsin.

Fiction edition of “The Big Issue” released

The Big Issue has just released its 12th annual fiction edition. The issue contains 12 stories from authors such as John Marsden, Miles Allinson, Gregory Day, Tegan Bennett Daylight, and Jennifer Down, just to name a few. This edition of The Big Issue isn’t just good for your fiction... read more

Dancing with the Tsars: Ninth time lucky for Evelyn Skye

Evelyn Skye’s debut novel is The Crown’s Game – a kind of Russia meets Westeros affair. Evelyn has been described as an avid pizza and cookie eater who was once offered a job in the CIA, yet actually wishes she could go on a dancing reality show. She seemed... read more