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Whatever your motivation, the Australian Writers’ Centre is the perfect place to take your writing to the next level. We proudly offer Australia’s most diverse range of writing courses – from memoirs to magazines, film scripts to food blogs, thrillers, travel writing, children’s books and much more. You’ll find a course that’s perfect for you!

With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or anywhere via our awesome online writing courses, we’ve taught thousands of students since 2005 from all ages and backgrounds. Whether you want a creative writing course, business writing seminar, or information on how to get your novel published, our industry experts can help you achieve your goals.

OK, so you love magazines. Whether it’s a lazy weekend with the lifestyle supplements or a midweek appointment with a thick glossy tome, they all offer a mix of views, stories and information from a variety of writers. And more than once you’ve probably found yourself thinking, “I could do that…”

Well, you can! And we want to show you how. Find out more…

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Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1


What everyone’s talking about this week:

brjournheadWhile the media landscape is peppered with announcements about print magazine closures, many writers are mourning the loss of opportunities in this space. At the same time, however, we’re also observing a rise in branded journalism opportunities with an increasing number of corporations adding “publishing” to their core activities.

So what is branded journalism anyway?
Branded journalism is an emerging medium of communication used by businesses, large and small, to tell stories about their business, their customers and industry. However, unlike old-school marketing messages, these stories rely heavily on traditional principles of journalism. They are short on “sales pitch” and heavy on storytelling…

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International writing tours

So if you're seeking a writing experience that transcends the classroom by literally (and literarily!) surrounding you with powerful inspiration, our international writing tours are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

At the Australian Writers' Centre, we love providing special, life-changing experiences. And that includes taking you to far away places, opening your eyes to new experiences and fuelling your imagination.

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  • “‘Life changing’ is a cliché – but what else do you say when a five-week online course paves the way for a future that a couple of years ago was simply a dream?” – Jocelyn Pride

  • “The Australian Writers’ Centre Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 course was perfect.” – Susannah Hardy

  • “The best thing is that I’m now making a living from what I love – all because I enrolled in an online course that day.” – Megan Blandford

  • “Without hesitation I can say that the course changed my life.” – Lindy Alexander

  • “The time when I took the first writing course was definitely a landmark time in my life – and the Australian Writers’ Centre was a part of that.” – Jessica Shirvington

  • “The course gave me a lot of writing skills, but it also gave me validation that I could do this.” – Geena Leigh

  • “As a young girl I wanted to be a writer, and I can’t believe I’m actually doing that now!” – Catherine Rodie

  • “I really enjoyed the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course” – Chris Muir

  • “The Australian Writers’ Centre is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to springboard into writing.” – Georgia Rickard

  • “The Australian Writers’ Centre has fantastic presenters who are truly generous with their knowledge.” – Mitch Lewis

  • “The ongoing support provided by AWC is invaluable and I think has been the key to my success. I truly am living my dream.” – Cassy Small

  • “Attending the course was a massive revelation” – Victoria Birch

  • “The best thing is getting paid to do what I enjoy.” - Aoife McGee

  • “I’ve carved out a career writing on travel, environment, well being and career.” - Sue White

  • “The courses are simple enough to feel like you aren’t being overwhelmed with information…and they are taught by some amazing people.” – Avi Vince

  • “The presenters at Australian Writers’ Centre have the ability to teach the intangible micro skills as well as the tangible macro skills of the craft.” – Sara Donovan