Alumni Conversations

Here at AWC, we love to talk about how great our courses are and the positive effect we’ve had on so many lives. But sometimes it’s better to hear it straight from the people themselves – individuals just like you, who have found success through their writing.

Creative writers:

Shankari Chandran

Penelope Janu

Ingrid Alexandra

Margaret Morgan

Joanna Nell

Sarah Bailey

Shelly Unwin

Catherine Pelosi

Tania Blanchard

Tamsin Janu

Carmel Sealey

Penny Morrison

Freelance writers:

Jo Hartley

Heather Smith

Brad Kelly

Joy Adan

Jennifer Johnston

Lisa Schofield

Rob Grant

Susannah Hardy

Catherine Rodie

Libby Hakim

Avi Vince

Megan Blandford

Michaela Fox

Lindy Alexander

Josefa Pete

Gabrielle Martinovich

Emily Joyce