17 writing courses to do this summer!

Ahhhh summer – the sound of crashing waves, the gentle evening chirp of the cicadas, the sizzle of the BBQ, the tapping of the keyboard…

Wait, what?

That’s right. Summer is actually a GREAT time to learn a new writing skill, especially considering it coincides (here in the Southern Hemisphere at least) with the flipping over of a new year. So check out our upcoming selection of writing courses to whet your appetite for a terrific 2016!

(All dates below are for January–February 2016)

Creative Writing Stage 1

Sydney (9-10 January & from 20 January 2016), Melbourne (30-31 January), Perth (from 1 February), and Online (from 4 January)
One of our most popular courses – the creative force is strong in this one. We’ll help you unlock your ideas and bring them to life in your stories. It’s also the perfect place to begin your path to the New York Times Best Seller list!

Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1

Sydney (9-10 January 2016), Melbourne (6-7 February), Perth (6-7 February), Online (from 4 January)
Working from home as a freelance writer allows you the freedom to choose the hours you want and get paid for your own feature stories – appearing in newspapers, magazines or online. This course is the fastest way to get your foot in the door to a flexible new writing career – with practical steps and plenty of valuable industry information.

Travel Writing


travel writing image

Sydney (6-7 February 2016), Online (from 4 January)
The occupation of travel writer pops up on plenty of “dream job” lists – and this course will give you a real world view of the industry – planning your trips, working efficiently and structuring your stories. You’ll learn how to bring a destination to life in a way that captures readers’ imaginations and editors’ attentions!

Writing Picture Books

Sydney (16-17 January 2016), Melbourne (13-14 February), Online (from 4 January)
Have an idea for a picture book story but not sure how to bring it to life? Do you have to do the illustrations? How many pages should it have? How long does it take to produce? Are there specific rules you need to follow? We’ll help you answer all of these questions in this informative, fun and empowering course!

Writing Books for Children and Young Adults

Sydney (13-14 February 2016), Melbourne (5-6 March), Online (from 11 January)
Covering fiction for ages 8 through to 18, this course will help you refine your voice and the age range to which it's best suited. You will learn how to write characters that your young readers will love and stories they can relate to and want more of. A fantastic foundation for anyone wanting to write for tweens and teens!

Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques

Sydney (from 8 February 2016), Online (from 11 January)
It’s a course with a long name but a simple goal – to take your creative writing to the next level. Building on your existing fiction knowledge (this is stage 2), this course explores characters, dialogue, climax and structure further to really separate your writing from the pack. A must-do course if you’re heading towards writing that novel.

Blogging for Beginners

Sydney (21 January 2016), Melbourne (30 January), Perth (16 January)
Built to assist those who are completely new to blogging, this seminar shows you where to start, what to write about, when to post and how to structure your own little corner of the internet.

How to Create and Sell Your Ebook

Sydney seminar (18 January 2016)
In just two hours you’ll discover so much about the various platforms and pitfalls to marketing your own ebook to the masses. If you’re serious about publishing online, make sure you do it the right way, first time.

Write Your Novel

Online (from 18 January 2016)
This six-month program is not for the faint-hearted. This is a serious 2016 investment in getting your manuscript over the line – and provides the weekly motivation, support and practical workshopping to help make it happen. But it will turn your novel into a reality.

Copywriting Essentials

Online (from 18 January 2016)
As a copywriter, you use your writing skills to create “words that sell” – with clients paying good money for your services. The variety is huge – everything from brochures to website copy; press ads to annual reports; blogs to billboards; newsletters to radio scripts. This course will show you proven techniques to creating copy that gets results every time!

Life Writing


Life writing image

Sydney (23-24 January 2016)
Everyone has a story to tell – and in our memoir writing course, Patti Miller will help you find the time of your life and then bring it to the page in a way that is exciting to read. Young or old – it’s about how you tell the story, not how many years it took to live it.

Professional Business Writing

Sydney (3 February 2016)
Start 2016 off by adding extra weight to your writing skills. This course is ideal for those with roles that involve a lot of writing – from reports and proposals to long emails. In one day, you’ll be equipped with the golden rules to creating confident and error-free copy that will get you noticed. An excellent professional development opportunity.

Screenwriting Stage 1

Sydney (from 4 February 2016)
It’s Oscar season and just the time to feel inspired to pen your own award-winning screenplay! But first you must learn the language of writing great scripts – from the format and structure through to effective dialogue and efficient direction. This course will show you where to start and how to be successful.

Crime and Thriller Writing

Sydney (6-7 February 2016)
Learn the art of compelling, edge of the seat writing with this genre weekend course. You’ll learn the key similarities found in the world’s most popular crime and thriller books, and how to bring this to your own writing. If you want to write a book in this genre, this course is a great way to avoid the cliches and increase your chances of publishing.

Writing for the Web

Sydney (10 February 2016)
It’s true that people read things on screen in a different way to how they read print. So if you’re writing content for a website, blog, intranet or other online medium, this full day course will share some fantastic secrets to teach you how to use the medium and cut through the web clutter to get your words noticed.

Food Writing

Sydney (13-14 February 2016)
In this delicious weekend course – recommended for everyone from feature writers to food bloggers and budding food critics – you'll learn the descriptive art of non-fiction writing in a fun and practical environment. From the burst and crackle of flavours to the crunch, texture and finish of various dishes – no adjective will be left unturned. Step up to the plate!

Grammar and Punctuation Essentials

Sydney (23 February 2016)
Whether it’s in your workplace or simply your own writing life, having a confident grasp on correct grammar and punctuation is essential. This is your opportunity to learn the right way of doing things once and for all – with golden rules and common errors to avoid. You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn in just one day!

And that’s just the next two months! There are many more lining up already in March, including our Plotting and Planning course with author Kate Forsyth and Pamela Freeman’s popular Fantasy, Science Fiction and More course!

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