19 haiku poems about Autumn

April 17 was International Haiku Poetry Day and in our recent AWC newsletter, we threw out a challenge for our community have a go at writing one, on the subject of AUTUMN.

What is a “haiku”? Well, there are many forms and they have a lot of complexities – but at its SIMPLEST form, it is a three-line Japanese verse that follows a syllable-based rhythm, usually 5-7-5. Word count isn’t important; it’s all about capturing a mood.

Haikus were traditionally written about nature, so our request for poems about autumn fit this nicely. We received many responses to our request and we’re sharing some of our favourites below. We hope you’ll agree that there is a simplicity and beauty about such small, carefully packaged poems like these…

She calls us outside
To tumble in crunchy leaves.
She's here! Autumn's here!
– Angela Heffer

Gentle breezes blow
Coloured hues of red and gold
cloak the waiting earth.
– Mary Serenc

The dying season.
Autumn brings a blazing end.
The long night begins.
– Natasha Illsley

Raindrops on the roof.
Golden leaves crunching underfoot.
Snuggle with a book.
– Ann Southall

Spider webs stroke me
In the expanding darkness
Of morning dog walks
– Rananda Rich

Fluttering of colors
grey skies, warm clothes, softer smiles
nostalgic musings.
– Srivalli Pavan Rekha

In the roaring wind
trees dance to an unheard song
and sway to the tune
– Eloise Guthrie

Mantis prays for hours,
Lime green on scarlet maple,
Camouflage destroyed.
– Paula Morton

Leaves like feathers fall
Blood-red on a snow-white sky
Serenity reigns
– Cecilia Clennell

Sun arcs overhead,
Pendulous apple trees glow,
Winter overleaf.
– Andrew Carter

The vibrant season.
Chroma of amber and rust.
Nature’s masterpiece.
– Robyn Noble

Missing in Sydney
Cool days, dry armpits, good sleep
Autumn, where are you?
– Shayne Denford

Autumn colours flame
Sunset leaves drift slowly down
Winter's quilts in place
– Chris Marcic

Softly falls the light
Of Autumn's mellowing sun
Across fields and hills.
– Julie Edmonds

Leaves start to turn shade
But the mercury sits high
Climate changed and stalled
– Nicholas Ellis

Golden autumn ways
Falling leaves and sunny rays
Perfect writing days
– Sharon Jones

My love fell like leaves
He the cold wind in my face
I the crying sky.
– Jo Brick

Nature takes a sigh,
The air lets out a deep breath.
We reach for blankets.
– Judy Collis

Our winter is near.
Discontent to fear but wait!
This season comes first.
– Mitch Lewis

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