Month: December 2013

Krissy Kneen: Author of fearlessly honest works

Acclaimed for the 'fearless honesty of her work', Krissy Kneen has worked across a number of different writing genres. The author of Steeplechase (2013), she has also written a collection of erotica Swallow the Sound (2007), a memoir Affection: A Memoir of Love, Sex & Intimacy (2009), which was shortlisted... read more

Michael Robotham: Australian crime fiction writer

Michael Robotham is an Australian crime fiction writer. His latest book is Watching You, a terrifying thriller featuring clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin who has appeared in many of Michael's previous books. Michael began his writing life as a journalist, then moved into ghost writing. As a ghost writer... read more

Jane Gleeson-White: Australian author and blogger

Jane Gleeson-White is an Australian author and blogger. Her latest book is Double Entry: How the merchants of Venice shaped the modern world – and how their invention could make or break the planet, an exploration of the history of double-entry bookkeeping. She has also published two books about... read more