Day: August 15, 2023

Alumni/Student success stories
Australian Writers' Centre Team

Jo Dabrowski gets three book deals as a children’s author

“I’m great at imagining things! I should also say that I’ve imagined winning an Oscar, but I’m yet to imagine what category it would be in,” Jo told us. “The part I struggle with is believing I’m a published author. I still feel like someone has made a mistake somewhere and I’m about to be found out.”

But it is definitely not a mistake! Since completing Writing Picture Books at the Australian Writers’ Centre, Jo has published two picture books, which she also illustrated, and her middle grade novel Get Your Act Together, Doris Kozlowski, is out now with Affirm Press.

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Podcast: So You Want to be a Writer
Australian Writers' Centre Team

WRITER 553: Lesley Gibbes, author of ‘Dinosaur Dads to the Rescue’

Lesley Gibbes, author of Dinosaur Dads to the Rescue. How to write like you’re at Hogwarts. And much more. You can listen to the episode below, on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or add the podcast RSS feed manually to your favourite podcast app.   Links mentioned in this episode Plotting and Planning

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