5 authors share their ‘writing superpowers’

In our interviews with authors, we often like to end on a question that is a little outside the box. And that question is: “What is your writing superpower?”

Writers can be rather humble beasts, but by putting a mask and cape on the question (and putting its underwear on the outside), we manage to get a response.

Here are five writing superheroes now, with their responses:

Allison Tait — author of the Mapmaker Chronicles series
“I think I have three: I write fast – not as fast as a speeding bullet, but I'm pretty speedy. I'm focussed – when I sit down at my computer, it's like a switch goes on and the words pour out. I'm fearless (but only when it comes to writing) – I'll give anything a go, even if I've never tried it before.“

Judith Rossell – illustrator and author of Withering-by-Sea
“I wish I had one!! I really do. The best I can think of is that I’m quite a fast typist. I’m a fast typist but a slow writer. It would be more helpful the other way around!”

James Phelps – author of Australia’s Hardest Prison: Inside Long Bay
“I used to think I could fly. I was wrong. FA-THUD! My body bounced, bones broke, and the pavement proved my power pie in the sky. Yep, I can't fly and I wouldn't call onomatopoeia a superpower, but it is a tool I like to use. I also love a bit of alliteration.”

Deborah Rodriguez – author of The House on Carnaval Street
“Living life to the fullest has been my inspiration, so I guess I have to say that’s my superpower. And, of course, my wonderful supportive family!”

Anna Romer – author of Lyrebird Hill
“Definitely the ability to persevere. Every writing adventure has its own unique challenges – my particular brand of Kryptonite is self-doubt. There were plenty of bleak moments over the years where I was tempted to concede defeat – but my super-human stubborn streak always rose up to save the day!”

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