7 publishing opportunities right now

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By Allison Tait

It's a wonderful time to become an author. Here are seven publishing opportunities you may not have considered.

Remember to give yourself the best possible chance of success by reading the publisher’s guidelines carefully, and prepare to be patient! With declared waiting times of up to six months, submitting a manuscript to a traditional publisher is not for the fainthearted, but fortune favours the brave.

Publishing also favours the prepared, so while you’re waiting to hear back on any manuscript, the best thing you can do is to start the next one!

Good luck!

One: Puffin Books Australia

Puffin Books Australia is open for children’s/YA manuscript submissions until 1 November 2022. Submissions must be received via email, and they are not accepting picture books, plays/scripts, poetry or educational texts. All details here.

Two: University of Queensland Press

University of Queensland Press is currently accepting unsolicited submissions for their literary fiction and non-fiction lists only. Submissions are accepted during the first week of every month only – manuscripts submitted outside of this time will not be considered. Send only one submission at a time. Full guidelines here.

Three: Allen & Unwin's Friday Pitch

Allen & Unwin’s Friday Pitch is open every week – and despite the name, it’s open to submissions all week. Submissions are accepted only through the electronic system. Find out more.

Four: Text Publishing

Text Publishing is open for submissions, but due to the volume of manuscripts being submitted, turnaround is approximately six months. Read the guidelines carefully to see what they’re currently not considering, and submit through the electronic system. Find out more.

Five: Magabala Books

Magabala Books welcomes submissions from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander storytellers, writers, artists or illustrators across a range of genres. Full details here.

Six: Affirm Press

Affirm Press accepts manuscript submissions on the first Monday of each month for their general list and quarterly on the first Monday of each new season for the children’s/YA list. Find out more.

Seven: Black Inc/Nero Books

Black Inc. and Nero Books accept proposals from Australian writers for general and commercial non-fiction, and for literary and YA fiction. They are currently not accepting submissions across a range of genres, including fantasy, poetry, middle grade and picture books, so read the guidelines carefully. All details here.


Author bio 

Author Allison Tait smilingAllison Tait is the author of three epic middle-grade adventure series for kids: The Mapmaker Chronicles, The Ateban Cipher and the Maven & Reeve Mysteries. A presenter at AWC and former co-host of the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast, Al is currently polishing a manuscript for submission. Find out more about her at allisontait.com.

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