8 books by Australian authors to buy for kids aged 0 to 8 this Christmas

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With Christmas coming up, you may be starting to feel the pressure of needing to find the perfect gift for your all the amazing young people on your list. With so much technology around, it’s nice to get back to a simple children’s book for that special child in your life. AWC has done the thinking for you and we’ve put together a list of the top books to buy for 0 to 8 year olds this Christmas.

Perfect by Danny Parker
Perfect is winner of the CBCA Book of the Year Award, it’s the story of three siblings inspired by his own daughter, he writes about their perfect summer day. Danny creates a touching tale of the freedom of an idyllic childhood.

Lola’s Toy Box: Party at Cuddleton Castle by Danny Parker
Follow Lola in her latest adventure in the Toy Box series. Lola’s magical toy box always takes her to different places and today it’s taken her to the Great High Bear’s birthday party!

Platypus by Sue Whiting
The latest book on Sue Whiting’s Nature Storybooks series is about one of Australia’s favourite native animals, the platypus! The story is a beautifully illustrated informative and creative perspective on the life of the platypus.

HotDog! by Anh Do
Hotdog! is a fun tale filled with the adventures of the sausage dog, Hotdog and his friends, a sure-fire way to get a good laugh out of the kids.

Lulu Bell series by Belinda Murrell
The Lulu Bell series centres the fun-loving heroine Lulu. Jam-packed with family, friends, animals and adventures, there are so many books in the Lulu Bell series to choose from and they always promise an adventure-filled tale sure to keep your kids interested.

My Friend Ernest by Emma Allen
It's the first day of school and Ernest seems so mean and scary. But is he really as scary as he seems? This is a sweet tale of finding where you fit in and letting go of prejudices that the kids are sure to love.

Sad, the Dog by Sandy Fussell
A clever dog calls himself ‘Sad’ when his owners fail to name him. This clever story teaches children to appreciate the people around them. Sad, the Dog is an ode to finding the one who brings out the best in you—and makes you feel as special as you are.

The 78-storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths
As the sixth book in this bestselling series, readers can expect 13 new additions to the treehouse including a drive-thru car wash, a combining machine, a scribbletorium and an open-air movie theatre. With all these exciting new additions your kids are sure to love this book. 

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