Agatha Christie wishes AWC a happy 10th birthday

We received an unexpected message from beyond from famous whodunnit author Agatha Christie. She wanted to congratulate us on our excellent milestone here at the Australian Writers’ Centre (we turned 10!).

“I have gathered myself here to the drawing room to announce the conclusion I have come to. It is a curious case – beginning some 10 years earlier. Along the way, many darlings were killed, whole chapters vanishing without a trace. And yet thousands of writers thrived.

“At first, I thought it a rather curious coincidence – but as the evidence mounted, I realised the clues were in front of me all along. Ultimately, it was their world class quality that gave them away. For it was indeed the Australian Writers’ Centre that had committed these acts; had inspired these people. Did this solution explain everything? Yes it did.”

Agatha Christie



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